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12020Vector transmission of konjac mosaic virus to calla lily (Zantedeschia spp.) by aphidsLiao, M.-T.; Mou, D.-F.; Chang, Y.-C.; Tsai, C.-W.; CHI-WEI TSAI ; YA-CHUN CHANG Annals of Applied Biology31
22015A strategy for generating a broad-spectrum monoclonal antibody and soluble single-chain variable fragments against plant potyvirusesLiu, H.-L.; Lin, W.-F.; Hu, W.-C.; Lee, Y.-A.; Chang, Y.-C.; YA-CHUN CHANG Applied and Environmental Microbiology66
32015Detection of orchid viruses by analyzing Brownian diffusion of nanobeads and virus-immunobead associationFan, Y.-J.; YA-CHUN CHANG ; Teng, C.-T.; Liao, T.-Y.; Hu, W.-C.; HORN-JIUNN SHEEN Analytical Methods22
42015Characterization and application of a common epitope recognized by a broad-spectrum C4 monoclonal antibody against capsid proteins of plant potyvirusesLiu, H.-L.; Liu, Y.-W.; Shen, T.-L.; Hsu, C.-H.; Chang, Y.-C.; YA-CHUN CHANG ; TANG-LONG SHEN ; CHUN-HUA HSU Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology11
52015Application of an integrated omics approach for identifying host proteins that interact with Odontoglossum ringspot virus capsid proteinLin P.-C.; Hu W.-C.; Lee S.-C.; Chen Y.-L.; Lee C.-Y.; Chen Y.-R.; Liu L.-Y.D.; Chen P.-Y.; Lin S.-S.; YA-CHUN CHANG ; SHIH-SHUN LIN ; LI-YU LIU ; YING-LIEN CHEN Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions1212
62011Using a CMOS-biomems cantilever sensor for orchid virus detectionYA-CHUN CHANG 15th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences 2011, MicroTAS 20110
72009對抗植物病毒的新利器-微小RNA分子王熙宇; 張雅君 動植物防疫檢疫季刊
82009Detection of four calla potyviruses by multiplex RT-PCR using nad5 mRNA as an internal controlHu, W. C.; Huang, C. H.; Lee, S. C.; Wu, C. I.; Chang, Y. C.; Hu, W. C.; YA-CHUN CHANG ; Huang, C. H.; Lee, S. C.; Wu, C. I.; Chang, Y. C.European Journal of Plant Pathology1919
102008Unsymmetrical bidentate ligands of α-aminoaldimines leading to sterically controlled selectivity of geometrical isomerism in square planar coordinationLee, Jen-Jeh et al.; Feng-Zhao Yang; Ya-Fan Lin; YA-CHUN CHANG ; Kuo-Hsuan Yu; MU-CHIEH CHANG ; Gene-Hsiang Lee; Yi-Hung Liu; Yu Wang; SHIUH-TZUNG LIU ; Chen, J.-T.Dalton Transactions1214
112008Performances and application of antisera produced by recombinant capsid proteins of Cymbidium mosaic virus and Odontoglossum ringspot virusLee, S. C.; Chang, Y. C.Lee, S.-C.; Chang, Y.-C.; YA-CHUN CHANG ; Lee, S. C.; Chang, Y. C.European Journal of Plant Pathology 3326
122007Zantedeschia mild mosaic virus, a new widespread virus in calla lily, detected by ELISA, dot-blot hybridization and IC-RT-PCRHuang, C. H.; Hu, W. C.; Yang, T. C.; Chang, Y. C.; Huang, C. H.; YA-CHUN CHANG ; Hu, W. C.; Yang, T. C.; Chang, Y. C.Plant Pathology1310
132006Multiplex RT-PCR Detection of Two Orchid Viruses with an Internal Control of Plant nad5 mRNAShu-Chuan Lee; Ya-Chun Chang; YA-CHUN CHANG 植物病理學會刊 
142006Study and cloning of a Taiwan isolate of Hibiscus chlorotic ringspot virusLi, S.-C.; Chang, Y.-C.; YA-CHUN CHANG Acta Horticulturae
152006First identification of Alstroemeria mosaic virus in TaiwanCHIH-YUAN WANG ; YA-CHUN CHANG Plant Pathology31
162006Basella rugose mosaic virus, a new potyvirus infecting Basella rubraHuang, C. H.; YA-CHUN CHANG Plant Pathology1510
172006Study and cloning of a Taiwan isolate of Hibiscus chlorotic ringspot virusLi S.-C.; YA-CHUN CHANG ; YA-CHUN CHANG Acta Horticulturae10
182006Cucumber mosaic virus in New Guinea impatiens in TaiwanHu W.-C.; YA-CHUN CHANG ; YA-CHUN CHANG Acta Horticulturae40
192006Cucumber mosaic virus in New Guinea impatiens in TaiwanHu, W.-C.; Chang, Y.-C.; YA-CHUN CHANG Acta Horticulturae
202005First identification of Tobacco mild green mosaic virus on Capsicum annuum in TaiwanLi, C. Y.; Chang, Y. C.Li, C.-Y.; Chang, Y.-C.; Li, C. Y.; YA-CHUN CHANG ; Chang, Y. C.Plant Pathology31
212005Identification and molecular characterization of Zantedeschia mild mosaic virus, a new calla lily-infecting potyvirus: Brief reportHuang, C. H.; Chang, Y. C.Huang, C.-H.; Chang, Y.-C.; Huang, C. H.; YA-CHUN CHANG ; Chang, Y. C.Archives of Virology2419
222005A new combination of RT-PCR and reverse dot blot hybridization for rapid detection and identification of potyvirusesHsu, Y. C.; Yeh, T. J.; Chang, Y. C.; YA-CHUN CHANG ; Hsu, Y. C.; Yeh, T. J.; Chang, Y. C.Journal of Virological Methods3826
232005First report of bacterial leaf blight of white-flowered calla lily caused by Xanthomonas campestris pv. zantedeschiae in TaiwanLee, Y. A.; Chen, K. P.; Chang, Y. C.; YA-CHUN CHANG ; Lee, Y. A.; Chen, K. P.; Chang, Y. C.Plant Pathology54
242005Integrated minimum-set primers and unique probe design algorithms for differential detection on symptom-related pathogensHuang, Yu-Cheng; Chang, Chun-Fan; Chan, Chen-hsiung; Yeh, Tze-Jung; Chang, Ya-Chun; Chen, Chaur-Chin; Kao, Cheng-Yan; YA-CHUN CHANG ; Huang, Y. C.; Huang, Yu-Cheng; Chang, Chun-Fan; Chang, C. F.; Chan, C. H.; Chan, Chen-hsiung; Yeh, T. J.; Yeh, Tze-Jung; Chang, Ya-Chun ; Chang, Y. C.; Chen, C. C.; Chen, Chaur-Chin; Kao, Cheng-Yan; Kao, C. Y.Bioinformatics1915
252004A new mosaic disease of Amazon lily in TaiwanHu, W. C.; YA-CHUN CHANG Plant Pathology54
262002First report of Hibiscus chlorotic ringspot virus in TaiwanLi, S. C.; YA-CHUN CHANG Plant Pathology119
272002First Report of Bacterial Soft Rot of White Flowered Calla Lily Caused by Erwinia chrysanthemi in TaiwanLee, Y.-A.; Chen, K.-P.; YA-CHUN CHANG ; YA-CHUN CHANG Plant Disease00
292001Mosaic Disease of Calla Lily Caused by a New Potyvirus in TaiwanChang, Y.-C.; Chen, Y.-L.; YA-CHUN CHANG ; YING-LIEN CHEN Plant Disease011
321999A defective RNA associated with bamboo mosaic virus and the possible common mechanisms for RNA recombination in potexvirusesYeh, T.-Y.; Lin, B.-Y.; Chang, Y.-C.; Hsu, Y.-H.; Lin, N.-S.; YA-CHUN CHANG Virus Genes1211
361996竹嵌紋病毒的分子生物學(Molecular biology of bamboo mosaic virus)─竹嵌紋病毒的缺失干擾性 RNA 之分子生物學研究(2/3)張雅君 
371995Host Effects and Sequences Essential for Accumulation of Defective Interfering RNAs of Cucumber Necrosis and Tomato Bushy Stunt TombusvirusesChang, Y.C.; Borja, M.; Scholthof, H.B.; Jackson, A.O.; Morris, T.J.; YA-CHUN CHANG Virology5353
401989原生杜鵑之病害調查張雅君 ; 陳昭瑩