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12021Anaerobic enrichment of bacillus alkylbenzene remedial consortia from waste biomass melanoid sourcesChang H; Wan X; Huang H; Chen Y; Chen C.; CHAO-YING CHEN AIMS Environmental Science00
22020LsGRP1, a class II glycine-rich protein of Lilium, confers plant resistance via mediating innate immune activation and inducing fungal programmed cell deathLin, C.-H.; Pan, Y.-C.; Ye, N.-H.; Shih, Y.-T.; Liu, F.-W.; Chen, C.-Y.; CHAO-YING CHEN Molecular Plant Pathology42
32020The ptsG gene encoding the major glucose transporter of Bacillus cereus C1L participates in root colonization and beneficial metabolite production to induce plant systemic disease resistanceLin, C.-H.; Lu, C.-Y.; Tseng, A.-T.; Huang, C.-J.; Lin, Y.-J.; Chen, C.-Y.; CHAO-YING CHEN Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions11
42018Correction to: Prokaryotic expression and action mechanism of antimicrobial LsGRP1C recombinant protein containing a fusion partner of small ubiquitin-like modifierLin, Chia-Hua; Pan, Ying-Chieh; Liu, Fang-Wei; Chen, Chao-Ying; CHAO-YING CHEN Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology00
52018Correction to: Prokaryotic expression and action mechanism of antimicrobial LsGRP1C recombinant protein containing a fusion partner of small ubiquitin-like modifier (Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, (2017), 101, 22, (8129-8138), 10.1007/s00253-017-8530-z)Lin C.-H.; Pan Y.-C.; Liu F.-W.; Chen C.-Y.; CHAO-YING CHEN Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology00
62017Prokaryotic expression and action mechanism of antimicrobial LsGRP1 C recombinant protein containing a fusion partner of small ubiquitin-like modifierLin C.-H.; Pan Y.-C.; Liu F.-W.; Chen C.-Y.; CHAO-YING CHEN Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology88
72017The pathogen-inducible promoter of defense-related LsGRP1 gene from Lilium functioning in phylogenetically distinct species of plantsLin C.-H.; Chen C.-Y.; CHAO-YING CHEN Plant Science54
82017Comparative and population genomic landscape of Phellinus noxius: A hypervariable fungus causing root rot in treesChung, Chia-Lin; Lee, Tracy J.; Akiba, Mitsuteru; Lee, Hsin-Han; Kuo, Tzu-Hao; Liu, Dang; Ke, Huei-Mien; Yokoi, Toshiro; Roa, Marylette B.; Lu, Mei-Yeh J.; Chang, Ya-Yun; Ann, Pao-Jen; Tsai, Jyh-Nong; Chen, Chien-Yu; Tzean, Shean-Shong; Ota, Yuko; Hattori, Tsutomu; Sahashi, Norio; Liou, Ruey-Fen; Kikuchi, Taisei; Tsai, Isheng J.; CHAO-YING CHEN Molecular Ecology1920
92017Complete genome sequence of Bacillus cereus C1L, a plant growthpromoting rhizobacterium from the rhizosphere of Formosa lily in TaiwanHuang C.-J.; Zheng P.-X.; Ou J.-Y.; Lin Y.-C.; Chen C.-Y.; CHAO-YING CHEN Genome Announcements22
102016Feasible management of southern corn leaf blight via induction of systemic resistance by Bacillus cereus C1L in combination with reduced use of dithiocarbamate fungicidesLai Y.-R.; Lin P.-Y.; Chen C.-Y.; Huang C.-J.; CHAO-YING CHEN Plant Pathology Journal55
112016The Genetic Structure, Virulence, and Fungicide Sensitivity of Fusarium fujikuroi in TaiwanChen, Yu-Chia; Lai, Ming-Hsin; Wu, Chia-Yi; Lin, Tsung-Chun; Cheng, An-Hsiu; Yang, Chin-Cheng; Wu, Hsin-Yuh; Chu, Sheng-Chi; Kuo, Chien-Chih; Wu, Yea-Fang; Lin, Guo-Cih; Tseng, Min-Nan; Tsai, Yi-Chen; Lin, Chun-Chi; Chen, Chi-Yu; Huang, Jenn-Wen; Lin, Heng-An; Chung, Chia-Lin; CHAO-YING CHEN Phytopathology1312
122015Evaluation of chlorophyll and anti-oxidative components harvested from the anaerobic digestion of fruit and vegetable wasteChang, H.-D.; Cho, P.-Y.; Hsieh, C.-M.; Yang, C.-M.; Chen, Y.-S.; Chen, C.-Y.; CHAO-YING CHEN Environmental Technology and Innovation 11
132014Characterization of the dual subcellular localization of Lilium LsGRP1, a plant class II glycine-rich proteinLin, C.-H.; Chen, C.-Y.; CHAO-YING CHEN Phytopathology 87
142014Expression and functional characterization of the Agrobacterium VirB2 amino acid substitution variants in T-pilus biogenesis, virulence, and transient transformation efficiencyWu, H.-Y.; Chen, C.-Y.; Lai, E.-M.; CHAO-YING CHEN PLoS ONE 86
152014A potent antimicrobial peptide derived from the protein LsGRP1 of LiliumLin, C.-H.; Chang, M.-W.; Chen, C.-Y.; CHAO-YING CHEN Phytopathology 77
162014AGROBEST: An efficient Agrobacterium-mediated transient expression method for versatile gene function analyses in Arabidopsis seedlingsWu, H.-Y.; Liu, K.-H.; Wang, Y.-C.; Wu, J.-F.; Chiu, W.-L.; Chen, C.-Y.; Wu, S.-H.; Sheen, J.; Lai, E.-M.; CHAO-YING CHEN Plant Methods 112103
172014Composting of Biosolids Enhanced by a Combined Pretreatment with Hydrogen Peroxide and Triton X-100Chang, H.-D.; Chen, C.-Y.; CHAO-YING CHEN Waste and Biomass Valorization 43
182013Chitinase and the encoding gene may increase antifungal activity of the antagonistic bacteriaChen C.-Y.; Wang Y.-H.; Chang H.-D.; CHAO-YING CHEN Applications of Microbial Genes in Enzyme Technology0
192013臺灣北部十字花科作物鏈格孢菌屬分離株之菌落特徵及種群鑑定M. W. Chang; C. Y. Chen; CHAO-YING CHEN 植物病理學會刊 
202013Chitinase and the encoding gene may increase antifungal activity of the antagonistic bacteriaChen, C.-Y.; Wang, Y.-H.; Chang, H.-D.; CHAO-YING CHEN Applications of Microbial Genes in Enzyme Technology 
212012Physiological response of Bacillus cereus C1L-induced systemic resistance in lily against Botrytis leaf blightHuang, C.-J.; Liu, Y.-H.; Yang, K.-H.; Chen, C.-Y.; CHAO-YING CHEN European Journal of Plant Pathology 78
222012細菌製劑在植物病害防治之應用陳昭瑩; CHAO-YING CHEN 2011海峡两岸生物防治研讨会 
232012A chitin-binding domain of bacterial chitinase ehhances antifungal activity of the derived recombinant chitinaseChen, C.-Y.; Huang, C.-J.; CHAO-YING CHEN Biotechnology of Microbial Enzymes 
242012Dimethyl disulfide is an induced systemic resistance elicitor produced by Bacillus cereus C1LHuang, C.-J.; Tsay, J.-F.; Chang, S.-Y.; Yang, H.-P.; Wu, W.-S.; Chen, C.-Y.; CHAO-YING CHEN Pest Management Science 9992
252012Application of PVA-derived porous media to accelerate biodegradation (composting) of organic solid substratesChang, H.-D.; Chen, C.-Y.; CHAO-YING CHEN Biotechnology Letters 66
262012The Arabidopsis short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase 3, an ABSCISIC ACID DEFICIENT 2 homolog, is involved in plant defense responses but not in ABA biosynthesisHwang, S.-G.; Lin, N.-C.; Hsiao, Y.-Y.; Kuo, C.-H.; Chang, P.-F.; Deng, W.-L.; Chiang, M.-H.; Shen, H.-L.; Chen, C.-Y.; Cheng, W.-H.; NAI-CHUN LIN ; CHAO-YING CHEN Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 1714
272011Efficacy of probenazole for control of southern corn leaf blightYang, K.-H.; Huang, C.-J.; Liu, Y.-H.; Chen, C.-Y.; CHAO-YING CHEN Journal of Pesticide Science 116
282010Suppression of southern corn leaf blight by a plant growth-promoting rhizobacterium Bacillus cereus C1LHuang, C.-J.; Yang, K.-H.; Liu, Y.-H.; Lin, Y.-J.; Chen, C.-Y.; CHAO-YING CHEN Annals of Applied Biology 2319
292009Analysis of the involvement of chitin-binding domain of ChiCW in antifungal activity, and engineering a novel chimeric chitinase with high enzyme and antifungal activitiesHuang, C.-J.; Guo, S.-H.; Chung, S.-C.; Lin, Y.-J.; Chen, C.-Y.; CHAO-YING CHEN Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 1210
312008Synergistic interactions between chitinase ChiCW and fungicides against plant fungal pathogensCHAO-YING CHEN Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 12
322008過氧化氫對灰黴病菌侵染百合過程之影響Y. H. Liu; C. J. Huang; K. H. Yang; C. Y. Chen; CHAO-YING CHEN 植物病理學會刊 
332008Evidence of induced systemic resistance against Botrytis elliptica in lilyLiu, Y. H.; Huang, C. J.; Chen, C. Y.; Liu, Y. H.; CHAO-YING CHEN ; Huang, C. J.; Chen, C. Y.Phytopathology 3126
342007Disease resistance to bacterial pathogens affected by the amount of ferredoxin-I protein in plantsHuang, H. E.; Ger, M. J.; Chen, C. Y.; Pandey, A. K.; Yipi, M. K.; Chou, H. W.; Feng, T. Y.; CHAO-YING CHEN ; Huang, H. E.; Ger, M. J.; Chen, C. Y.; Pandey, A. K.; Yipi, M. K.; Chou, H. W.; Feng, T. Y.Molecular Plant Pathology 2930
352007Stomatal closure, callose deposition, and increase of LsGRP1-corresponding transcript in probenazole-induced resistance against Botrytis elliptica in lilyLu, Y. Y.; Liu, Y. H.; Chen, C. Y.; CHAO-YING CHEN ; Lu, Y. Y.; Liu, Y. H.; Chen, C. Y.Plant Science 2018
362007First Report of White Root Rot of Japanese Serissa Caused by Rosellinia necatrix in TaiwanHsiao, W. W.; Fu, C. H.; Chen, C. Y.; Sun, E. J.; CHAO-YING CHEN Plant Disease00
372007First Report of Southern Blight of Silvery Messerschmidia Seedlings in TaiwanChen, C. Y.; Fu, C. H.; Hsiao, W. W.; Sun, E. J.; CHAO-YING CHEN Plant Disease02
382006Functions of the C-terminal region of chitinase chiCW from Bacillus cereus 28-9 in substrate-binding and hydrolysis of chitinCHAO-YING CHEN Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 3
392006Plant ferredoxin-like protein (PFLP) exhibits an anti-microbial ability against soft-rot pathogen Erwinia carotovora subsp. carotovora in vitro and in vivoHuang, H.-E.; Ger, M.-J.; Chen, C.-Y.; Yip, M.-K.; Chung, M.-C.; Feng, T.-Y.; CHAO-YING CHEN ; Hsiang-En Huang; Mang-Jye Ger; Mei-Kuen Yip; Mei-Chu Chung; Teng-Yung FengPlant Science 1818
402005Identification of an antifungal chitinase from a potential biocontrol agent, Bacillus cereus 28-9CHAO-YING CHEN Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 114
412005Molecular analysis of lily leaves in response to salicylic acid effective towards protection against Botrytis ellipticaLu, Y. Y.; Chen, C. Y.; Lu, Y. Y.; CHAO-YING CHEN ; Chen, C. Y.Plant Science 3436
422005High-level expression and characterization of two chitinases, ChiCH and ChiCW, of Bacillus cereus 28-9 in Escherichia coliHuang, C.-J.; Chen, C.-Y.; CHAO-YING CHEN Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 3026
442004Gene cloning and biochemical characterization of chitinase CH from Bacillus cereus 28-9CHAO-YING CHEN Annals of Microbiology 18
452004Two-step purification of Bacillus circulans chitinase A1 expressed in Escherichia coli periplasmChen, C.-T.; Huang, C.-J.; Wang, Y.-H.; Chen, C.-Y.; CHAO-YING CHEN Protein Expression and Purification 97
462004A hypersensitive response was induced by virulent bacteria in transgenic tobacco plants overexpressing a plant ferredoxin-like protein (PFLP)Huang, H.-E.; Ger, M.-J.; Yip, M.-K.; Chen, C.-Y.; Pandey, A.-K.; Feng, T.-Y.; CHAO-YING CHEN Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 4744
472004Enhancement of the antifungal activity of Bacillus subtilis F29-3 by the chitinase encoded by Bacillus circulans chiA geneChen, C.-Y.; Wang, Y.-H.; Huang, C.-J.; CHAO-YING CHEN Canadian Journal of Microbiology 2720
492003Early Stages of Infection of Lily Leaves by Botrytis elliptica and B. cinereaPing-Fu Hou; Chao-Ying Chen; CHAO-YING CHEN 植物病理學會刊 
502002紫外線對慢性傷口之療效-病例報告周惠眉; 林渝沁; 陳昭瑩 中華民國物理治療學會雜誌
522002行政院國家科學委員會補助專題研究計畫成果報告:手術前居家運動對人工膝關節置換患者-High flexed knee 型-功能恢復之影響陳昭瑩 
532001臺灣玫瑰及紫花宿苑癌腫病菌之特性H. L Liao; T. C Huang; C. Y Chen; CHAO-YING CHEN 植物病理學會刊 
542001Characteristics of rose and aster strains of Agrobacterium in Taiwan廖惠玲; 黃德昌; 陳昭瑩 Plant Pathology Bulletin 
571999Botrytis elliptica-induced systemic resistance in lilyChen, C-Y. ; Chung, J.-C.The Thirteen John Innes Symposium-Attack and Defense in Plant Disease
591998幾丁質分解酵素應用於枯草桿菌拮抗性之改良陳昭瑩 首屆兩岸植物分子生物學研討會
601998Probenazole-induced resistance of lily leaves against Botrytis ellipticaLu, Y.-Y.; Chen, C.-Y. Plant Pathology Bulletin 
641997植物腫瘤病菌OPINE合成型及寄主範圍之鑑別陳昭瑩 ; 鍾瑞洲第三屆海峽兩岸植物病理學術研討會 
651997Probenazole誘導百合抗病性分析路幼妍; 陳昭瑩 中華民國植物病理學會刊 
671996Osa protein encoded by plasmid pSa is localized at the inner membrane but not inhibit membrane association of VirB and V_TTS.DATEChen, C.-Y. ; Kado, C. I.FEMS Microbiology Letters
681996Osa protein encoded by plasmid pSa is located at the inner membrane but does not inhibit membrane association of VirB and VirD virulence proteins in Agrobacterium tumefaciensChen C.-Y.; Kado C.I.; CHAO-YING CHEN FEMS Microbiology Letters80
691996水楊酸與百合系統性抗灰黴病相關性之研究黃祥恩; 陳昭瑩 中華民國植物病理學會刊 
701996系統性誘導抗病在植物病害防治上之應用陳昭瑩 ; 路幼妍健康清潔植物培育研習會 
711995Methyl jasmonate-induced resistance in lily plantYuan, Y.-F.; Chen, C.-Y. Plant Pathology Bulletin 
721995Molecular cloning of gene cluster for the degradation of naphthalene to salicylic acid from Pseudomonas putida陳昭瑩 
7319952,6-dihydroxy benzoic acid-induced resistance in lily plantsWang, T.; Yuan, Y.-F; Chen, C.-Y. Plant Pathology Bulletin 
741995Pseudomonas putida 分解奈生成水楊酸基因群之選殖陳昭瑩 
751994質體pSa抑制植物腫瘤病之分子基礎陳昭瑩 植物分子生物研討會 
761994Inhibition of Agrobacterium tumefaciens oncogenicity by the osa gene of pSaCHAO-YING CHEN Journal of Bacteriology 2019
771989原生杜鵑之病害調查張雅君 ; 陳昭瑩 
781987花生葉斑病陳昭瑩 興農