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12021Fusarium solani species complex infection in elasmobranchs: A case report for rough-tail stingray with valid antifungal therapyHsu L.-H; Su C.-Y; Sun P.-L; Chen Y.-L.; YING-LIEN CHEN Medical Mycology Case Reports0
22020Fungal kinases and transcription factors regulating brain infection in Cryptococcus neoformansLee, K.-T.; Hong, J.; Lee, D.-G.; Lee, M.; Cha, S.; Lim, Y.-G.; Jung, K.-W.; Hwangbo, A.; Lee, Y.; Yu, S.-J.; Chen, Y.-L.; Lee, J.-S.; Cheong, E.; Bahn, Y.-S.; YING-LIEN CHEN Nature Communications12
32020Calcineurin Regulates Conidiation, Chlamydospore Formation and Virulence in Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersiciHou, Y.-H.; Hsu, L.-H.; Wang, H.-F.; Lai, Y.-H.; Chen, Y.-L.; YING-LIEN CHEN Frontiers in Microbiology0
42020Biological activity of quaternary ammonium salts and their derivativesKwa?niewska, D.; Chen, Y.-L.; Wieczorek, D.; YING-LIEN CHEN Pathogens21
52020Gemini quaternary ammonium compound PMT12-BF4 inhibits Candida albicans via regulating iron homeostasisHsu, L.-H.; Kwa?niewska, D.; Wang, S.-C.; Shen, T.-L.; Wieczorek, D.; Chen, Y.-L.; YING-LIEN CHEN ; TANG-LONG SHEN Scientific Reports4
62020Antifungal activity of morpholine and piperidine based surfactantsWieczorek, D.; Kwa?niewska, D.; Hsu, L.-H.; Shen, T.-L.; Chen, Y.-L.; YING-LIEN CHEN ; TANG-LONG SHEN Tenside, Surfactants, Detergents2
72019小麥赤黴病菌與番茄萎凋病菌之PSD2基因影響磷脂質組成、生長與產孢賴于歆(Lai, Y.-H.); 徐立航(Hsu, L.-H.); 陳穎練(Chen, Y.-L.); YING-LIEN CHEN 植物醫學0
82019Efficient identification of fungal antimicrobial principles by tandem MS and NMR databaseLee M.-S.; Yang Y.-L.; Wu C.-Y.; Chen Y.-L.; Lee C.-K.; Tzean S.-S.; Lee T.-H.; YING-LIEN CHEN Journal of Food and Drug Analysis14
92019Overproduction of phospholipids by the kennedy pathway leads to hypervirulence in Candida albicansTams R.N.; Cassilly C.D.; Anaokar S.; Brewer W.T.; Dinsmore J.T.; Chen Y.-L.; Patton-Vogt J.; Reynolds T.B.; YING-LIEN CHEN Frontiers in Microbiology37
102019The histone acetyltransferase GcnE regulates conidiation and biofilm formation in Aspergillus fumigatusLin, Chi-Jan; Hou, Yi-Hsuan; Chen, Ying-Lien; YING-LIEN CHEN Medical Mycology03
112019Repurposing the thrombopoietin receptor agonist eltrombopag as an anticryptococcal agentKo, Hao-Tai; Hsu, Li-Hang; Yang, Sheng-Yung; Chen, Ying-Lien; YING-LIEN CHEN Medical Mycology03
122019Harnessing calcineurin-FK506-FKBP12 crystal structures from invasive fungal pathogens to develop antifungal agentsJuvvadi, P.R.; Fox, D.; Bobay, B.G.; Hoy, M.J.; Gobeil, S.M.C.; Venters, R.A.; Chang, Z.; Lin, J.J.; Averette, A.F.; Cole, D.C.; Barrington, B.C.; Wheaton, J.D.; Ciofani, M.; Trzoss, M.; Li, X.; Lee, S.C.; Chen, Y.-L.; Mutz, M.; Spicer, L.D.; Schumacher, M.A.; Heitman, J.; Steinbach, W.J.; YING-LIEN CHEN Nature Communications30
132018Conserved and Divergent Functions of the cAMP/PKA Signaling Pathway in <i>Candida albicans</i> and <i>Candida tropicalis</i>YING-LIEN CHEN; YING-LIEN CHEN Journal of Fungi 817
142018Biological control of potato common scab by Bacillus amyloliquefaciens Ba01YING-LIEN CHEN; YING-LIEN CHEN PLOS ONE 1016
152018Deletion of ADA2 increases antifungal drug susceptibility and virulence in Candida glabrataYING-LIEN CHEN; YING-LIEN CHEN Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 1015
162018Protein kinase A governs growth and virulence in Candida tropicalisChi-Jan Lin; Chia-Yen Wu; Shang-Jie Yu; Ying-Lien Chen; YING-LIEN CHEN Virulence 814
172018孟寧素具有抑制鐮孢菌之能力賴于歆(Lai, Y. H.); 楊聖永(Yang, S. Y.); 陳穎練(Chen, Y. L.); YING-LIEN CHEN 植物醫學0
182017The antibiotic polymyxin B exhibits novel antifungal activity against Fusarium speciesLi-Hang Hsu; Hsuan-Fu Wang; Pei-Lun Sun; Fung-Rong Hu; Ying-Lien Chen; YING-LIEN CHEN ; FUNG-RONG HU International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents 814
192017殺真菌劑得克利能抑制馬鈴薯瘡痂病原細菌林芝(Lin, C.); 馮如瑩(Feng, R.-Y.); 蔡佳欣(Tsai, C.-H.); 陳穎練(Chen, Y.-L.); YING-LIEN CHEN 植物醫學0
202017New facets of antifungal therapyChang Y.-L.; Yu S.-J.; Heitman J.; Wellington M.; Chen Y.-L.; YING-LIEN CHEN Virulence2951
212016Surface and Antimicrobial Activity of SulfobetainesWieczorek, D.; Gwiazdowska, D.; Staszak, K.; Chen, Y.-L.; Shen, T.-L.; YING-LIEN CHEN ; TANG-LONG SHEN Journal of Surfactants and Detergents 1217
222015Candida albicans OPI1 regulates filamentous growth and virulence in vaginal infections, but not inositol biosynthesisChen, Y.-L.; De Bernardis, F.; Yu, S.-J.; S; ini, S.; Kauffman, S.; Tams, R.N.; Bethea, E.; Reynolds, T.B.; YING-LIEN CHEN PLoS ONE 34
232015Application of an Integrated Omics Approach for Identifying Host Proteins That Interact With Odontoglossum ringspot virus Capsid ProteinLin, Pin-Chun; Hu, Wen-Chi; Lee, Shu-Chuan; Chen, Ying-Lan; Lee, Chi-Ying; Chen, Yet-Ran; Liu, Li-Yu Daisy; Chen, Po-Yen; Lin, Shih-Shun; Chang, Ya-Chun; YING-LIEN CHEN Molecular plant-microbe interactions78
242015Calcineurin signaling: Lessons from Candida speciesYu S.-J.; Chang Y.-L.; Chen Y.-L.; YING-LIEN CHEN FEMS Yeast Research2832
252015Calcineurin signaling: Lessons from Candida speciesYu, S.-J.; Chang, Y.-L.; Chen, Y.-L.; YING-LIEN CHEN FEMS Yeast Research 2832
262015Network-assisted genetic dissection of pathogenicity and drug resistance in the opportunistic human pathogenic fungus Cryptococcus neoformansKim, H.; YING-LIEN CHEN et al. Scientific Reports 1919
272014Calcineurin controls hyphal growth, virulence, and drug tolerance of Candida tropicalisChen, Y.-L.; Yu, S.-J.; Huang, H.-Y.; Chang, Y.-L.; Lehman, V.N.; Silao, F.G.S.; Bigol, U.G.; Bungay, A.A.C.; Averette, A.; Heitman, J.; YING-LIEN CHEN Eukaryotic Cell 2630
282013Calcineurin governs thermotolerance and virulence of cryptococcus gattiiChen, Y.-L.; Lehman, V.N.; Lewit, Y.; Averette, A.F.; Heitman, J.; YING-LIEN CHEN G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 3235
292013Synthesis and antifungal activities of miltefosine analogsRavu, R.R.; Chen, Y.-L.; Jacob, M.R.; Pan, X.; Agarwal, A.K.; Khan, S.I.; Heitman, J.; Clark, A.M.; Li, X.-C.; YING-LIEN CHEN Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters 1518
302013Cryptococcus neoformans copper detoxification machinery is critical for fungal virulenceDing, C.; Festa, R.A.; Chen, Y.-L.; Espart, A.; Palacios, ?scar; Esp?n, J.; Capdevila, M.; Atrian, S.; Heitman, J.; Thiele, D.J.; YING-LIEN CHEN Cell Host and Microbe 100113
312013Posaconazole Exhibits In Vitro and In Vivo Synergistic Antifungal Activity with Caspofungin or FK506 against Candida albicansChen, Y.-L.; Lehman, V.N.; Averette, A.F.; Perfect, J.R.; Heitman, J.; YING-LIEN CHEN PLoS ONE 3240
322012Comparative analysis of calcineurin signaling between Candida dubliniensis and Candida albicansZhang, J.; Heitman, J.; Chen, Y.-L.; YING-LIEN CHEN Communicative and Integrative Biology 110
332012Calcineurin Is Required for Pseudohyphal Growth, Virulence, and Drug Resistance in Candida lusitaniaeZhang, J.; Silao, F.G.S.; Bigol, U.G.; Bungay, A.A.C.; Nicolas, M.G.; Heitman, J.; Chen, Y.-L.; YING-LIEN CHEN PLoS ONE 3428
342012Global analysis of the evolution and mechanism of echinocandin resistance in Candida glabrataSingh-Babak, S.D.; Babak, T.; Diezmann, S.; Hill, J.A.; Xie, J.L.; Chen, Y.-L.; Poutanen, S.M.; Rennie, R.P.; Heitman, J.; Cowen, L.E.; YING-LIEN CHEN PLoS Pathogens 100111
352012Convergent evolution of calcineurin pathway roles in thermotolerance and virulence in Candida glabrataChen, Y.L.; YING-LIEN CHEN et al. G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 4955
362011Unique evolution of the UPR pathway with a novel bZIP transcription factor, HxL1, for controlling pathogenicity of cryptococcus neoformansCheon, S.A.; Jung, K.-W.; Chen, Y.-L.; Heitman, J.; Bahn, Y.-S.; Kang, H.A.; YING-LIEN CHEN PLoS Pathogens 6877
372011Calcineurin controls drug tolerance, hyphal growth, and virulence in Candida dubliniensisChen, Y.-L.; YING-LIEN CHEN et al. Eukaryotic Cell 6767
382010On the roles of calcineurin in fungal growth and pathogenesisChen, Y.-L.; Kozubowski, L.; Cardenas, M.E.; Heitman, J.; YING-LIEN CHEN Current Fungal Infection Reports 330
392010Phosphatidylserine synthase and phosphatidylserine decarboxylase are essential for cell wall integrity and virulence in Candida albicansChen, Y.-L.; Montedonico, A.E.; Kauffman, S.; Dunlap, J.R.; Menn, F.-M.; Reynolds, T.B.; YING-LIEN CHEN Molecular Microbiology 7381
402008Candida albicans uses multiple mechanisms to acquire the essential metabolite inositol during infectionChen, Y.-L.; Kauffman, S.; Reynolds, T.B.; YING-LIEN CHEN Infection and Immunity 3234
412005感染海芋之芋頭嵌紋病毒檢測方法之研發與比較W.-Z. Huang; F.-C. Chung; Y.-L. Chen; C.-H. Huang; Y.-C. Chang; YING-LIEN CHEN 植物病理學會刊 
422005Differential integration rates of hepatitis B virus DNA in the liver of children with chronic hepatitis B virus infection and hepatocellular carcinomaHuang H.-P.; Tsuei D.-J.; Wang K.-J.; Chen Y.-L.; Ni Y.-H.; Jeng Y.-M.; Chen H.-L.; Hsu H.-Y.; Chang M.-H.; YING-LIEN CHEN Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology66
432001Mosaic Disease of Calla Lily Caused by a New Potyvirus in TaiwanChang, Y.-C.; Chen, Y.-L.; Chung, F.-C.; YING-LIEN CHEN Plant Disease011