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12021Neuromuscular control of the ankle during pre-landing in athletes with chronic ankle instability: Insights from statistical parametric mapping and muscle co-contraction analysisTretriluxana, Jarugool; Nanbancha, Ampika; Sinsurin, Komsak; Limroongreungrat, Weerawat; HSING-KUO WANG Physical therapy in sport : official journal of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports Medicine3
22020Ultrasound tissue characteristics of diabetic muscles and tendons: Associations with strength and laboratory blood testsKuo, C. Y.; Lee, W. N.; Fong, S. S.M.; Chaiyawat, P.; Bashford, G.; Shih, Tiffany T.F.; Chuang, L. M.; HSING-KUO WANG Muscles, Ligaments and Tendons Journal0
32020Using neuromuscular electrical stimulation in conjunction with ultrasound imaging technique to investigate lumbar multifidus muscle activation deficitWattananon, Peemongkon; Sungnak, Panakorn; Songjaroen, Sranya; Kantha, Phunsuk; Hsu, Wei-Li; HSING-KUO WANG Musculoskeletal science & practice2
42019Balance control, agility, eye-hand coordination, and sport performance of amateur badminton players: A cross-sectional studyWong T.K.K.; Ma A.W.W.; Liu K.P.Y.; Chung L.M.Y.; Bae Y.-H.; Fong S.S.M.; Ganesan B.; HSING-KUO WANG Medicine (United States)24
52019Chinese Martial Art Training Failed to Improve Balance or Inhibit Falls in Older AdultsMa A.W.W.; HSING-KUO WANG ; Chen D.-R.; Chen Y.-M.; Chak Y.T.C.; Chan J.W.Y.; Yam T.T.T.; Cheng Y.T.Y.; Ganesan B.; Fong S.S.M.Perceptual and Motor Skills11
62019Effects of kinesiology taping on shoulder girdle muscle activity and sports performance during badminton forehand overhead strokes in amateur badminton players with shoulder impingement syndromeFong S.-M.; Ng L.-K.; Ma W.-W.; HSING-KUO WANG ; Bae Y.-H.; Yam T.-T.; Kam W.-K.; Chung W.-Y.Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness01
72019Acute and Long-Term Effects of Mechanotherapy on the Outcome After an Achilles Repair: A Prospective Cohort Study With Historical ControlsWang P.-Y.; Shih K.-S.; Ma H.-L.; Chiang H.; Chen P.-Y.; Chao Y.-H.; Rolf C.; HSING-KUO WANG Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation00
82019Muscular Morphomechanical Characteristics After an Achilles RepairPeng W.-C.; Chao Y.-H.; Fu A.S.N.; Fong S.S.M.; Rolf C.; Chiang H.; Chen S.; HSING-KUO WANG Foot and Ankle International46
92018Hyperglycemia augments the adipogenic transdifferentiation potential of tenocytes and is alleviated by cyclic mechanical stretchWu Y.-F.; Huang Y.-T.; HSING-KUO WANG ; Yao C.-C.J.; Sun J.-S.; Chao Y.-H.International Journal of Molecular Sciences64
102018A novel method for assessing regional tendon stiffness and its significanceFu S.N.; HSING-KUO WANG ; Huang C.Applied Sciences (Switzerland)00
112017High glucose alters tendon homeostasis through downregulation of the AMPK/Egr1 pathwayWu Y.-F.; HSING-KUO WANG ; Chang H.-W.; Sun J.; Sun J.-S.; Chao Y.-H.Scientific Reports1719
122017Morphomechanical alterations in the medial gastrocnemius muscle in patients with a repaired Achilles tendon: Associations with outcome measuresPeng W.-C.; Chang Y.-P.; Chao Y.-H.; Fu S.N.; Rolf C.; Shih T.T.; Su S.-C.; HSING-KUO WANG Clinical Biomechanics1518
132017Characteristics of Intratendinous Microcirculation Shortly After an Achilles Rupture and Subsequent Treatment OutcomesChang Y.-P.; Shih K.-S.; Chiang H.; Ma H.-L.; Lin L.-C.; Peng W.-C.; Wen C.-S.; HSING-KUO WANG PM and R21
142017Microcirculation at the supraspinatus tendon and shoulder external rotation explosive strength and fatigue are correlatedHSING-KUO WANG ; Yu C.-W.; Hsu C.-Y.; Chen B.-B.; Chen H.-C.; Chen C.-Y.; Lee Y.-H.; Shih T.T.-F.Isokinetics and Exercise Science01
152016Home-based virtual reality balance training and conventional balance training in Parkinson's disease: A randomized controlled trialYang W.-C.; HSING-KUO WANG ; Wu R.-M.; Lo C.-S.; Lin K.-H.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association5046
162015Multi-muscle coordination during a challenging stanceYang W.-C.; Cheng C.-H.; HSING-KUO WANG ; Lin K.-H.; Hsu W.-L.European Journal of Applied Physiology108
172015Effects of therapeutic physical agents on Achilles tendon microcirculationChang Y.-P.; Chiang H.; Shih K.-S.; Ma H.-L.; Lin L.-C.; Hsu W.-L.; Huang Y.-C.; HSING-KUO WANG Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy65
182015Neuromechanical characteristics in the knees of patients who had primary conservative treatment for a torn cruciate ligament and reconstruction afterwardWang J.-H.; Hsu W.-L.; Lee S.-C.; Wang T.-G.; Rolf C.; Su S.-C.; Shih T.T.F.; HSING-KUO WANG Journal of the Formosan Medical Association22
192014Effect of a combination of whole-body vibration and low resistance jump training on neural adaptationHSING-KUO WANG ; Un C.-P.; Lin K.-H.; Chang E.-C.; Shiang T.-Y.; Su S.-C.Research in Sports Medicine33
202014Increased patellar tendon microcirculation and reduction of tendon stiffness following knee extension eccentric exercisesYin N.-H.; Chen W.-S.; Wu Y.-T.; Shih T.T.; Rolf C.; HSING-KUO WANG Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy911
212013Comparative and reliability studies of neuromechanical leg muscle performances of volleyball athletes in different divisionsUn C.-P.; Lin K.-H.; Shiang T.-Y.; Chang E.-C.; Su S.-C.; HSING-KUO WANG European Journal of Applied Physiology1415
222013Early neuromechanical outcomes of the triceps surae muscle-tendon after an Achilles' tendon repairHSING-KUO WANG ; Chiang H.; Chen W.-S.; Shih T.T.; Huang Y.-C.; Jiang C.-C.Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation2224
232013Minimally invasive knee arthroplasty with the subvastus approach allows rapid rehabilitation: A prospective, biomechanical and observational studyLin T.-C.; HSING-KUO WANG ; Chen J.-W.; Chiu C.-M.; Chou H.-L.; Chang C.-H.Journal of Physical Therapy Science65
242012Effects of tendon viscoelasticity in Achilles tendinosis on explosive performance and clinical severity in athletesHSING-KUO WANG ; Lin K.-H.; Su S.-C.; Shih T.T.-F.; Huang Y.-C.Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports3944
252011Evoked spinal reflexes and force development in elite athletes with middle-portion achilles tendinopathyHSING-KUO WANG ; Lin K.-H.; Wu Y.-K.; Chi S.-C.; Shih T.T.-F.; Huang Y.-C.Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy1519
262011Conduction and morphological changes in wrist nerves immediately after bilateral sanding exercises in hemiparetic subjects.Huang Y.C.; Lee L.C.; Lieu F.K.; Fu M.Y.; Chang C.W.; HSING-KUO WANG PM & R : the journal of injury, function, and rehabilitation11
272010Evaluating Displacement of the Coracoacromial Ligament in Painful Shoulders of Overhead Athletes Through Dynamic Ultrasonographic ExaminationWu C.-H.; Wang Y.-C.; HSING-KUO WANG ; Chen W.-S.; Wang T.-G.Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation2117
282010Ultrasonographic guided botulinum toxin type a for plantar fasciitis: An outcome-based investigation for treating pain and gait changesHuang Y.-C.; Wei S.-H.; HSING-KUO WANG ; Lieu F.-K.Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine5042
292010Relationships between three potentiation effects of plyometric training and performanceWu Y.-K.; Lien Y.-H.; Lin K.-H.; Shih T.T.-F.; Wang T.-G.; HSING-KUO WANG Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports4654
302009The Accuracy of Ultrasonographic Examination of Injured Posterior Cruciate LigamentWang C.-Y.; Shih T.T.F.; HSING-KUO WANG ; Chiu Y.-N.; Wang T.-G.Journal of Medical Ultrasound10
312009Dynamic Visualization of the Coracoacromial Ligament by UltrasoundWang Y.-C.; HSING-KUO WANG ; Chen W.-S.; Wang T.-G.Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology2318
322009Relationship Between Chest Wall Motion and Diaphragmatic Excursion in Healthy Adults in Supine PositionHSING-KUO WANG ; Lu T.-W.; Liing R.-J.; Shih T.T.-F.; Chen S.-C.; Lin K.-H.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association2720
332009Noninvasive analysis of fascicle curvature and mechanical hardness in calf muscle during contraction and relaxationHSING-KUO WANG ; Wu Y.-K.; Lin K.-H.; Shiang T.-Y.Manual Therapy1110
342008Real-time morphologic changes of the iliotibial band during therapeutic stretching; an ultrasonographic studyHSING-KUO WANG ; Ting-Fang Shih T.; Lin K.-H; Wang T.-G.Manual Therapy1010
352007Measurement of segmental cervical multifidus contraction by ultrasonography in asymptomatic adultsLee J.-P.; Tseng W.-Y.; Shau Y.-W.; Wang C.-L.; HSING-KUO WANG ; Wang S.-F.Manual Therapy6559
362007Role of Sonographic Examination in Traumatic Knee Internal DerangementWang C.-Y.; HSING-KUO WANG ; Hsu C.-Y.; Shieh J.-Y.; Wang T.-G.; Jiang C.-C.Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation1716
372006Assessment of Stretching of the Iliotibial Tract With Ober and Modified Ober Tests: An Ultrasonographic StudyWang T.-G.; Jan M.-H.; Lin K.-H.; HSING-KUO WANG Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation1917
382006Risk-Factor Analysis of High School Basketball-Player Ankle Injuries: A Prospective Controlled Cohort Study Evaluating Postural Sway, Ankle Strength, and FlexibilityHSING-KUO WANG ; Chen C.-H.; Shiang T.-Y.; Jan M.-H.; Lin K.-H.Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation101101
392005Sonographic evaluations in elite college baseball athletesHSING-KUO WANG ; Lin J.-J.; Pan S.-L.; Wang T.-G.Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports3335
402004Isokinetic performance and shoulder mobility in Taiwanese elite junior volleyball playersHSING-KUO WANG ; Juang L.-G.; Lin J.-J.; Wang T.-G.; Jan M.-H.Isokinetics and Exercise Science8
412004Psychometric evaluation of the Taiwan version of the Disability of the Arm, Shoulder, and Hand (DASH) questionnaireLiang H.-W.; HSING-KUO WANG ; Yao G.; Horng Y.-S.; Hou S.-M.Journal of the Formosan Medical Association3532
422001A descriptive epidemiological study of shoulder injury in top level english male volleyball playersHSING-KUO WANG ; Cochrane T.International Journal of Sports Medicine4536
432001Mobility impairment, muscle imbalance, muscle weakness, scapular asymmetry and shoulder injury in elite volleyball athletesHSING-KUO WANG ; Cochrane T.Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness103114
442000Isokinetic performance and shoulder mobility in elite volleyball athletes from the United KingdomHSING-KUO WANG ; Macfarlane A.; Cochrane T.British Journal of Sports Medicine7465