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12021Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) Monitoring for Landslides: Case Study in the Lantai Area, Yilan Taiping Mountain, Northeast TaiwanTsai W.-N; Chen C.-C; Chiang C.-W; Chen P.-Y; Kuo C.-Y; Wang K.-L; Lin M.-L; Chen R.-F.; MEEI-LING LIN Frontiers in Earth Science108
22021Investigation of geological structures using uav lidar and its effects on the failure mechanism of deep-seated landslide in lantai area, TaiwanLin M.-L; Chen Y.-C; Tseng Y.-H; Chang K.-J; Wang K.-L.; MEEI-LING LIN Applied Sciences (Switzerland)22
32020Estimating volume of deep-seated landslides and mass transport in Basihlan river basin, TaiwanLin, M.-L.; Chen, T.-W.; MEEI-LING LIN Engineering Geology106
42020Long term effects of landslides induced by catastrophic eventsLin, M.-L.; Chiang, T.K.; MEEI-LING LIN 16th Asian Regional Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, ARC 20190
52020專輯序言:新興科技在環境永續及智慧防災之應用林美聆; MEEI-LING LIN 土木水利0
62017Review of landslide occurrence and climate change in TaiwanLin, M.-L.; Lin, S.-C.; Lin, Y.-C.; MEEI-LING LIN Slope Safety Preparedness for Impact of Climate Change70
72017Sediment transportation caused by deep-seated landslide in a debris flow river basin-a case study of Typhoon MorakotLin M.-L; Chen T.-W; Chen Y.-S; Jhuang H.-S.; MEEI-LING LIN ICSMGE 2017 - 19th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering2
82016Geotechnical Engineering: PrefaceLin, M.L.; MEEI-LING LIN Geotechnical Engineering0
92015Numerical simulation of debris flow affected area caused by different precipitationsLin, M.-L.; Chen, T.-W.; Chung, Y.; Chen, T.-C.; Su, C.-Y.; Wang, K.-L.; Huang, S.-Y.; Chen, M.-J.; MEEI-LING LIN Engineering Geology for Society and Territory - Volume 2: Landslide Processes10
102015Monitoring of the evolution of a deep-seated 231 landslide in Lushan area, TaiwanWang, K.-L.; Lin, M.-L.; Lin, J.-T.; Huang, S.-C.; Liao, R.-T.; Chen, C.-W.; MEEI-LING LIN Engineering Geology for Society and Territory - Volume 2: Landslide Processes20
112015Near real-time landslide monitoring with the smart soil particlesOoi, G.L.; Tan, P.S.; Lin, M.-L.; Wang, K.-L.; Zhang, Q.; Wang, Y.-H.; MEEI-LING LIN 15th Asian Regional Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, ARC 2015: New Innovations and Sustainability90
122014Landslide seismic signal recognition and mobility for an earthquake-induced rockslide in Tsaoling, TaiwanChen, T.C.; Lin, M.L.; Wang, K.L.; MEEI-LING LIN Engineering Geology3937
132013Detecting large-scale landslides using lidar data and aerial photos in the Namasha-Liuoguey area, TaiwanLin, M.-L.; Chen, T.-W.; Lin, C.-W.; Ho, D.-J.; Cheng, K.-P.; Yin, H.-Y.; Chen, M.-C.; MEEI-LING LIN Remote Sensing3027
142011Initiation and displacement of landslide induced by earthquake-a study of shaking table model slope testWang, Kuo-Lung; Lin, Meei-Ling Engineering Geology 11295
152011The case study of debris flow hazard caused by typhoon Morakot in Taiwan, 2009Lin, M.-L.; Wang, K.-L.; Chen, T.-C.; Lin, S.-C.; MEEI-LING LIN International Conference on Debris-Flow Hazards Mitigation: Mechanics, Prediction, and Assessment10
162010Development of shallow seismic landslide potential map based on Newmark's displacement: the case study of Chi-Chi earthquake, TaiwanWang, Kuo-Lung; Lin, Meei-Ling Environmental Earth Sciences 3630
172009A probability based early warning system for rain-induced landslides - A case study of Taipei CityLin, M.L.; Kao, T.C.; Chen, T.C.; MEEI-LING LIN Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering: The Academia and Practice of Geotechnical Engineering10
182008Statistical approach to storm event-induced landslides susceptibilityLee, C.-T.; Huang, C.-C.; Lee, J.-F.; Pan, K.-L.; Lin, M.-L.; MEEI-LING LIN ; MING-LANG LIN Natural Hazards and Earth System Science8978
202006土石流潛勢溪流潛勢分析與處理優先順序評估林美聆 ; 溫惠鈺地工技術 
212006Seismic Slope Behavior In Large-Scale Shaking Table Model TestLin, Meei-Ling ; Wang, Kuo-LungEngineering Geology 
222006Landslides and Rainfall Characteristics Analysis in Taipei City during the Typhoon Nari EventYu, Fan-Chieh; Chen, Tien-Chien; Lin, Meei-Ling ; Chen, Chien-Yuan ; Yu, Wen-HaiNatural Hazards3931
232006Seismic slope behavior in a large-scale shaking table model testLin, M.-L.; Wang, K.-L.; MEEI-LING LIN Engineering Geology27194
242005Debris Flow Run-Off Simulation and Verification – Case Study Of Chen-You-Lan Watershed, TAIWANLin, Meei-Ling ; Wang, Kuo-Lung; Huang, Jih-JenNatural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 
252005台灣土砂災害防災科技發展與防災政策之演進林美聆 ; 陳天健地工技術 
262005Wetting weakening of tertiary sandstones - Microscopic mechanismMEEI-LING LIN ; FU-SHU JENG ; Tsai, L.S.; Huang T.H.Environmental Geology147110
272005Characterizing the Deformation Behavior of Tertiary SandstonesWeng, M.C.; Jeng, F.S.; Huang, T.H.; FU-SHU JENG ; MEEI-LING LIN International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences 42: 4134
292004臺灣坡地與土石災害防治之回顧與展望陳榮河 ; 林美聆 ; 廖洪鈞; 林三賢; 廖瑞堂; 周南山; 李維峰地工技術 
302004A GIS-based potential analysis of the landslides induced by the Chi-Chi earthquakeLin, M.-L.; Tung, C.-C.; MEEI-LING LIN Engineering Geology9685
312004Pseudostatic analysis of Tsao-Ling rockslide caused by Chi-Chi earthquakeChen, T.-C.; Lin, M.-L.; Hung, J.-J.; MEEI-LING LIN Engineering Geology4942
322004大甲溪流域之初步勘災結果及建議林美聆 ; 陳正興 ; 林銘郎 ; 陳宏宇 ; 林俊全 ; 許銘熙土木水利
332004Influence of petrographic parameters on geotechnical properties of tertiary sandstones from TaiwanJeng, F.S.; Weng, M.C.; Lin, M.L.; FU-SHU JENG ; MEEI-LING LIN Engineering Geology 73: 10090
372002Dynamic Characteristics of Soils in Yuan-Lin Liquefaction AreaUeng,T. S.; Lin, M. L. I.; Li, Y.; Chu, C. M.; MEEI-LING LIN Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers 10
382002Characteristics of seismic energy release of subduction zones-examples from TaiwanJeng, F.S.; Lin, M.L.; Lu, C.Y.; FU-SHU JENG ; MEEI-LING LIN ; MING-LANG LIN Engineering Geology22
392001LandslidesSitar, N.; Bardet, J.P.; Lin, M.-L.; Hu, J.; Hung, J.-J.; Khazai, B.; Kramer, S.L.; Perkins, W.J.; Wright, R.H.; MEEI-LING LIN Earthquake Spectra10
402001桃芝風災後的省思鄧慰先; 林美聆 ; 許銘熙營建知訊
432000Characteristics of hazards induced by extremely heavy rainfall in Central Taiwan -- typhoon herbLin, M.L, Jeng, F.S; FU-SHU JENG ; MEEI-LING LIN ; MING-LANG LIN Engineering Geology9481
442000集集震後土石流二次災害危險性之評估林美聆; 游繁結; 林炳森; 范正成; 王國隆林美聆; 游繁結; 林炳森; 范正成; 王國隆; JEN-CHEN FAN ; 林美聆 地工技術 
452000天塹可以飛渡、崩山足以斷流(草嶺順向坡滑動)洪如江; 李錫堤; 林美聆 ; 林銘郎 ; 鄭富書 ; 陳正興 地工技術
481997台西至麥寮地區地層下陷與地下水補注之研究─子計畫一 台西至麥寮地區地盤下陷模型分析研究(2)林美聆 
501997台灣地區道路落石坍方之危險度分級準則及防治改善工法研究陳榮河; 林美聆 ; 林銘郎 
521996The effects of frequency on damping properties of sandLin, M.-L.; Huang, T.-H.; You, J.-C.; MEEI-LING LIN Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering2116
541995八十三年度臺北盆地地地下地質與工程環境綜合調查研究--地層壓密之現地監測研究林美聆 ; 黃燦輝; 陳志雄; 許錦森; 賴彥旭; Lin, Meei-Ling 
551994山坡地土壤性質在水土保持工程之應用線地質調查(III)陳榮河; 林美聆 ; 陳榮河; Lin, Meei-Ling 
561994Mechanism of Initiation of Debris FlowChen, R. H.; 林美聆 ; Chen, H.; Chen, R. H.; Lin, Meei-Ling ; Chen, H.The 4th US-Taiwan Multiple Hazard Mitigation 
571994銅門村土石流材料特性及模擬研究林美聆 ; 張世勳; Lin, Meei-Ling ; 張世勳中國地質學會八十三年年會暨學術研討會論文集 
581994花蓮地區土石流之研究(二)陳榮河 ; 黃燦輝; 蔡丁貴; 范正成 ; 林美聆 ; 陳宏宇 
591994台北盆地地層壓密監測研究林美聆 「臺灣之第四紀」第五次研討會暨「台北盆地地下地質與工程環境綜合調查研究」成果發表會論文集 
601993銅門村土石流材料特性之初步研究HONGEY CHEN ; 陳榮河 ; 林美聆 ; 陳宏宇 ; 陳榮河 ; 林美聆 ; Chen, Hongey 中華水土保持學報 
611993花蓮地區土石流之研究性質(二)黃燦輝; 蔡丁貴; 范正成 ; 林美聆 ; 陳宏宇 ; 黃燦輝; Lin, Meei-Ling ; 陳宏宇 
621993八十二年度臺北盆地地下地質與工程環境綜合調查研究─地層壓密之現地監測研究林美聆 ; 黃燦輝; 王泰典 ; Lin, Meei-Ling ; 黃燦輝
631993八十一年度臺北盆地地下地質與工程環境綜合調查研究─地層壓密之現地監測研究林美聆 ; 洪如江; 黃燦輝; 莊睦雄; 王泰典 ; Lin, Meei-Ling ; 洪如江
641993山坡地土壤性質在水土保持工程上之應用(II)─土壓力與擋土牆陳榮河; 林美聆 ; 陳榮河; Lin, Meei-Ling 
651993砂土阻尼特性之初步研究游振棋; 林美聆 ; 黃燦輝; Lin, Meei-Ling ; 黃燦輝第五屆大地工程學術研討會論文集 
661993暫時解壓對台北盆地粉土質黏土動態性質之影響林美聆 ; 蔡明欣; Lin, Meei-Ling 國立台灣大學工程學刊 
671992台北盆地粉土質黏土之動態性質及剪力模數之長期效應林美聆 ; 蔡明欣; Lin, Meei-Ling 中國土木水利季刊 
681992Modelling of Material Used in Debris Flow Model Test林美聆 ; Chen, R. H.; Lin, G. Y.; Lin, Meei-Ling ; Chen, R. H.2nd Ku-Kaist-Ntu Trilateral Seminar/Worksop on Civil 
701991次紅土及次紅土與醫漏膠混合材料滲透性質研究報告林美聆 ; 周英豪; 蔡明欣; Lin, Meei-Ling ; 周英豪; 蔡明欣
711991海底邊坡穩定問題之探討林美聆 地工技術雜誌 
721991土壩受急速洩降之滲流研究(II)林美聆 ; 陳聰海; Lin, Meei-Ling 
731991共振柱試驗─土壤動態性質,高雄捷運紅線地質調查林美聆 ; 游振棋; 周英豪; Lin, Meei-Ling 
741991花蓮地區土石流之研究(一)陳榮河; 黃燦輝; 蔡丁貴; 范正成 ; 林美聆 ; 陳宏宇 ; 陳榮河; 蔡丁貴; Lin, Meei-Ling 
751991長期效應與解壓擾動對台北盆地粉土質黏土動態剪力模數之影響郭寶生; 林美聆 ; Lin, Meei-Ling 第四屆大地工程學術研討會論文集 
761991模型土壩穩態滲流行為之探討陳聰海; 林美聆 ; 陳聰海; Lin, Meei-Ling 第四屆大地工程學術研討會論文集 
771991Degradation Behavior of Normally Consolidated Clay Under Cyclic Loading Condition林美聆 ; Chen, Jiang-Yuan; Lin, Meei-Ling ; Chen, Jiang-YuanSecond International Conference on Recent Advances in Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and Soil 
781991解壓及長期效應對台北盆地沉泥質黏土動態剪力模數之影響林美聆 ; 郭寶生; Lin, Meei-Ling ; 郭寶生
801989火力發電廠海岸築堤填灰之環境影響研究--填灰地之承載力評估林美聆 ; 陳振川 ; Lin, Meei-Ling 
811989土壩受急速洩降之滲流研究(I)林美聆 ; 陳進發; Lin, Meei-Ling ; 陳進發
821989洩降下土壩滲流之邊界元素分析薛仲修; 林美聆 ; Lin, Meei-Ling 第十三屆全國力學會議論文集 
831988Characterization of Material Damping in Soil林美聆 ; Ni, S. H.; Wright, S. G.; Stokoe, K. H.; Lin, Meei-Ling ; Stokoe, K. H.Ninth World Conference on Earthquake Engineering