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12019Empirical Approach to Identify Operational Critical Success Factors for BIM ProjectsChegu Badrinath A.; Hsieh S.-H. Journal Article10
22019A Preliminary Case Study on Circular Economy in Taiwan's ConstructionChang Y.-T.; Hsieh S.-H. Conference Paper00
32019Editorial on 3rd ICCBEI 2017(Patrick) Hsieh S.-H. ; (Jessy) Kang S.-C.Editorial00
42019Developing base domain ontology from a reference collection to aid information retrievalChi N.-W.; Jin Y.-H.; Hsieh S.-H. Journal Article1
52018Parameter identification for on-line model updating in hybrid simulations using a gradient-based methodChuang M.-C.; Hsieh S.-H. ; Tsai K.-C.; Li C.-H.; Wang K.-J.; Wu A.-C.Journal Article22
62017Anticipatory Imagination as a Tool for Rethinking Engineering EducationBussey M.; Song M.M.; Hsieh S.-H. Review11
72017The journey to one: Teachers' transformation in multidisciplinary cooperation on engineering educationSong M.-M.; Hsieh S.-H. ; Lai S.-Y.Conference Paper0
82017Preliminary contractual framework for BIM-enabled projectsChong H.-Y.; Fan S.-L.; Sutrisna M.; Hsieh S.-H. ; Tsai C.-M.Journal Article1410
92017The development of engineering creativity scaleChang T.S.; Wang H.C.; Hsieh S.H. ; Song M.M.; Lai S.Y.Conference Paper0
102016A review of tertiary BIM education for advanced engineering communication with visualizationChegu Badrinath A.; Chang Y.T.; Hsieh S.H. Review150
112016Editorial: Special Issue for 2015 Conference on Computer Applications in Civil and Hydraulic EngineeringTsai V.J.D.; Hsieh S.-H. Journal Article0
122016A verification study for energy analysis of BIPV buildings with BIMKuo H.-J.; Hsieh S.-H. ; Guo R.-C.; Chan C.-C.Journal Article2118
132016Incorporating futures thinking in a civil engineering cornerstone courseSong M.-M.; Hsieh S.-H. Conference Paper0
142016The measurement factor of employee participation for Knowledge Management System in engineering consulting firmsTserng H.P.; Lee M.-H.; Hsieh S.-H. ; Liu H.-L.Journal Article43
152016Evaluating the strength of text classification categories for supporting construction field inspectionChi N.-W.; Lin K.-Y.; El-Gohary N.; Hsieh S.-H. Journal Article34
162016A parallel VOF IB pressure-correction method for simulation of multiphase flowsLin S.-Y.; Chen Y.-C.; Yang F.-L.; Chen C.-S.; Hsieh S.-H. Journal Article32
172016Attention-Based User Interface Design for a Tele-Operated CraneChen Y.-C.; Chi H.-L.; Kang S.-C.; Hsieh S.-H. Journal Article96
182015Domain knowledge-based information retrieval for engineering technical documentsHsieh S.H. ; Lin K.-Y.; Chi N.-W.; Lin H.-T.Book Chapter00
192015Studying the weak effect of particle friction on the velocity profile of steady dry granular flows in a rotating drumLo W.-L.; Yang F.-L.; Chen C.-S.; Hsieh S.-H. Journal Article11
202015A unified wall-boundary condition for the lattice boltzmann method and its application to force evaluationLin S.-Y.; Chin Y.-H.; Yang F.-L.; Lin J.-F.; Hu J.-J.; Chen C.-S.; Hsieh S.-H. Journal Article11
212015Applying a reference collection to develop a domain ontology for supporting information retrievalChi N.-W.; Jin Y.-H.; Hsieh S.-H. Conference Paper0
222014Design and implementation of BIM collaboration cloud platformKuo R.-C.; Hsieh S.-H. ; Chen Y.-W.; Yang C.-E.; Jean T.-F.Journal Article4
232014Using ontology-based text classification to assist Job Hazard AnalysisChi N.-W.; Lin K.-Y.; Hsieh S.-H. Conference Paper1311
242014Lessons learnt from customization of a BIM tool for a design-build companyTsai M.-H.; Kang S.-C.; Hsieh S.-H. Journal Article1424
252014Optimization and evaluation of automatic rigging path guidance for tele-operated construction craneChi H.L.; Kang S.C.; Hsieh S.H. ; Wang X.Conference Paper0
262014A test bed for verifying and comparing BIM-based energy analysis toolsWen Y.-H.; Kuo H.-J.; Hsieh S.-H. Conference Paper20
272014Workflow re-engineering of design-build projects using a BIM toolTsai M.-H.; Md A.M.; Kang S.-C.; Hsieh S.-H. Journal Article87
282014A BIM-enabled approach for construction inspectionTsai Y.-H.; Hsieh S.-H. ; Kang S.-C.Conference Paper80
292014Developing critical success factors for the assessment of BIM technology adoption: Part I. Methodology and surveyTsai M.-H.; Mom M.; Hsieh S.-H. Journal Article263
302014Design of a versatile engineering simulation environment for coupled continuous-discontinuous simulationChang W.-T.; Wang R.-Z.; Hsieh S.-H. ; Wang C.-Y.; Chang K.-C.Conference Paper00
312014Developing critical success factors for the assessment of BIM technology adoption: Part II. Analysis and resultsMom M.; Tsai M.-H.; Hsieh S.-H. Journal Article1511
322013On effective text classification for supporting job hazard analysisChi N.W.; Lin K.Y.; Hsieh S.H. Conference Paper2
332013Dual-light inspection method for automatic pavement surveysSu Y.-S.; Kang S.-C.; Chang J.-R.; Hsieh S.-H. Conference Paper77
342013Dry granular avalanche down a flume: Choice of discrete element simulation parametersYang F.-L.; Chang W.T.; Huang Y.T.; Hsieh S.H. ; Chen C.S.Journal Article53
352013Visualization of CCTV coverage in public building space using BIM technologyChen H.-T.; Wu S.-W.; Hsieh S.-H. Journal Article260
362012Is FS Tau B Driving an Asymmetric Jet?Liu, Chun-Fan; Shang, Hsien ; Pyo, Tae-Soo; Takami, Michihiro; Walter, Frederick M.; Yan, Chi-Hung; Wang, Shiang-Yu; Ohashi, Nagayoshi; Hayashi, Masahikojournal article109
372012A framework for facilitating multi-dimensional information integration, management and visualization in engineering projectsWu I.-C.; Hsieh S.-H. Journal Article2113
382012Persuasive feedback model for inducing energy conservation behaviors of building users based on interaction with a virtual objectChen H.-M.; Lin C.-W.; Hsieh S.-H. ; Chao H.-F.; Chen C.-S.; Shiu R.-S.; Ye S.-R.; Deng Y.-C.Journal Article3227
392012A concept-based information retrieval approach for engineering domain-specific technical documentsLin H.-T.; Chi N.-W.; Hsieh S.-H. Journal Article2115
402012Development of user interface for tele-operated cranesChi H.-L.; Chen Y.-C.; Kang S.-C.; Hsieh S.-H. Journal Article2615
412012Improving parallel substructuring efficiency by using a multilevel approachYang Y.-S.; Hsieh S.-H. ; Hsieh T.-J.Journal Article1510
422011Modeling systematic errors for the angle measurement in a virtual surveying instrumentShiu R.-S.; Kang S.-C.; Han J.-Y.; Hsieh S.-H. Journal Article22
432011Using virtual instruments to teach surveying courses: Application and assessmentKuo H.-L.; Kang S.-C.; Lu C.-C.; Hsieh S.-H. ; Lin Y.-H.Review32
442011A smart crane operations assistance system using augmented reality technologyChen Y.-C.; Chi H.-L.; Kangm S.-C.; Hsieh S.-H. Conference Paper11
452011A translator approach for distributed earthquake engineering hybrid simulation across heterogeneous environmentsYang Y.-S.; Yang C.-T.; Hsieh S.-H. ; Lin L.-X.; Tsai K.-C.Journal Article22
462011The use of a VRS-based pioneer 3-AT robot in assisting pavement inspectionsChang J.-R.; Yu F.-C.; Huang T.-C.; Kang S.-C.; Hsieh S.-H. Conference Paper0
472011Enabling the development of base domain ontology through extraction of knowledge from engineering domain handbooksHsieh S.-H. ; Lin H.-T.; Chi N.-W.; Chou K.-W.; Lin K.-Y.Journal Article3628
482011The use of a VRS-Based pioneer 3-AT robot in pavement inspectionsChang J.-R.; Yu F.-C.; Huang T.-C.; Kang S.-C.; Hsieh S.-H. Journal Article11
492010Ne II Fine-structure Line Emission from the Outflows of Young Stellar ObjectsShang, Hsien ; Glassgold, Alfred E.; Lin, Wei-Chieh; Liu, Chun-Fan J.journal article1615
502010Virtual Reference Station (VRS)-based intelligent robot (pioneer 3-at) to assist in pavement inspectionsChang J.-R.; Yu F.-C.; Huang T.-C.; Kang S.-C.; Hsieh S.-H. Conference Paper0
512010A three-stage framework for introducing a 4D tool in large consulting firmsTsai M.-H.; Kang S.-C.; Hsieh S.-H. Conference Paper129
522010A pattern-oriented approach to development of a real-time storm sewer simulation system with an SWMM modelLin S.-S.; Liao Y.-P.; Hsieh S.-H. ; Kuo J.-T.; Chen Y.-C.Journal Article63
532010A simple method for estimating solar irradiation on inclined surface at any location using data analysis techniquesChan C.-C.; Kuan K.-S.; Hsieh S.-H. Journal Article00
542009Revit在建築工程的應用謝尚賢 ; 康仕仲 ; 葉鎧禎; 蔡孟涵 ; 李敬賢; 馬俊強book
552009Construction of engineering domain ontology through extraction of knowledge from domain handbooksLin H.-T.; Hsieh S.-H. ; Chou K.-W.; Lin K.-Y.Conference Paper50
562009Exploring the effectiveness of chinese-to-english machine translation for clir applications in earthquake engineeringLin K.Y.; Chou K.W.; Lin H.T.; Hsieh S.H. ; Tserng H.P.Journal Article22
572009Workflow Re-engineering for Implementing a 4D Construction Management Tool in a Design-Build ProjectTsai M.-H.; Md A.M.; Kang S.-C.; Hsieh S.-H. Conference Paper0
582009Parallelization of discrete element simulationChang W.-T.; Hsieh S.-H. Journal Article53
592009Measurement of the International Roughness Index (IRI) using an autonomous robot (P3-AT)Chang J.-R.; Su Y.-S.; Huang T.-C.; Kang S.-C.; Hsieh S.-H. Conference Paper10
602009Improvement of a computer-based surveyor-training tool using a user-centered approachLu C.-C.; Kang S.-C.; Hsieh S.-H. ; Shiu R.-S.Journal Article1812
612008智慧型機器人於營建產業之應用分析張家瑞; 康仕仲 ; 謝尚賢 ; 陳茂南journal article
622008An autonomous robot equipped with the gps virtual reference station (VRS) system to perform pavement distress surveysChang J.-R.; Liu P.M.; Kang S.-C.; Hsieh S.-H. ; Huang T.-C.; Lin P.-H.Conference Paper3
632008Implement case of 4D construction management toolsPei T.-J.; Kang S.-C.; Hsieh S.-H. ; Tasi M.; Yeh K.-C.Conference Paper0
642008Enabling the creation of domain-specific reference collections to support text-based information retrieval experiments in the architecture, engineering and construction industriesLin K.Y.; Hsieh S.H. ; Tserng H.P.; Chou K.W.; Lin H.T.; Huang C.P.; Tzeng K.F.Journal Article105
652008VisPMIS: A visual project management information systemWu I.C.; Hsieh S.H. Conference Paper0
662008Discrete Element Simulation of Collision-Rich Dynamics of Wet Granular Flows Down an Inclined ChannelChang W.-T.; Hsieh S.-H. ; Yang F.-L.; Chen C.-S.Journal Article40
672008Developing the workflow for implementing a 4D construction management tool in a construction firmTsai M.H.; Kang S.C.; Hsieh S.H. Conference Paper0
682007以工程資源為主體之工程施工品質管制e化模型吳崇弘; 謝尚賢 ; 宋裕祺; 蔡益超journal article
692007自主式機器人於道路鋪面智慧化檢測系統之研究-總計畫 (新制多年期第1年)謝尚賢 report
702007自充填混凝土流動行為之三維離散元素模擬參數研究謝尚賢 report
712007自主式機器人於道路鋪面智慧化檢測系統之研究-子計畫一:自主式機器人於道路鋪面智慧化檢測系統之研究 (新制多年期第1年)謝尚賢 report
722007鋼筋混凝土建築物耐震能力評估輔助分析系統之發展研究盧明德; 謝尚賢 ; 宋裕祺; 蔡益超journal article
732007Establishing domain testing resources to support advance text-based information retrieval applications for architecture, engineering, construction and facility management (AEC/FM)Lin K.Y.; Hsieh S.H. ; Tserng H.P.; Chou K.W.; Lin H.T.; Huang C.P.; Tzeng K.F.Conference Paper10
742007Transformation from IFC data model to GML data model: Methodology and tool developmentWu I.-C.; Hsieh S.-H. Journal Article2118
752007Color schemes in 4D construction management toolsChang H.S.; Kang S.C.; Hsieh S.H. Conference Paper30
762007Using a user-centered approach to redesign the user interface of a computer-based surveyor training toolShiu R.-S.; Lu C.-C.; Kang S.-C.; Hsieh S.-H. Conference Paper20
772007Lessons learned from user interface development and evaluation on an engineering softwareChoi S.-W.; Hsu D.C.; Chi H.-L.; Kang S.-C.; Hsieh S.-H. Conference Paper00
782007ISEE: Internet-based simulation for earthquake engineering - Part I: Database approachYang Y.-S.; Hsieh S.-H. ; Tsai K.-C.; Wang S.-J.; Wang K.-J.; Cheng W.-C.; Hsu C.-W.Journal Article2515
792006圖形編程在工程計算分析後處理視覺化之設計與應用莊勝欽; 陳俊杉 ; 謝尚賢 ; 陳詩華journal article
802006Network system for a transnational collaborative pseudodynamic experiment on a DSCFT-pier bridge systemYang Y.S.; Wang S.J.; Wang K.J.; Lin M.L.; Weng Y.T.; Cheng W.C.; Chang Y.Y.; Tsai K.C.; Lau D.T.; Hsieh S.H. ; Lin F.P.; Lin S.Y.Conference Paper3
812006Design of a schema-driven environment for facilitating application of construction information standardsLin H.-T.; Hsieh S.-H. Conference Paper0
822006Integrating legacy components into a software system for storm sewer simulationLin S.-S.; Hsieh S.-H. ; Kuo J.-T.; Liao Y.-P.; Chen Y.-C.Journal Article97
832006A resource-based quality control e-model for construction projectsWu C.-H.; Hsieh S.-H. ; Tserng H.-P.; Yi L.-S.Conference Paper1
842006Collaborative engineering software development: Ontology-based approachHsieh S.-H. ; Lu M.-D.Conference Paper4
852005土木+資訊 無限延伸謝尚賢 journal article
862005傳統中小學教室建築案例式推理耐震能力初步評估專家系統謝尚賢 ; 鄧彬斌; 王學誠journal article
872005都市雨水下水道即時控制系統之研究(II)謝尚賢 report
882005An object-oriented framework for versatile discrete objects simulation using design patternsYang C.-T.; Hsieh S.-H. Journal Article53
892004都市雨水下水道即時控制系統之研究謝尚賢 report
9020042004工程力學與數學創意教學研討會謝尚賢 report
912004─整合性工程力學與數學教學課程之規劃、設計與發展(3/3)謝尚賢 report
922004An integrated approach for inundation simulation in an urban areaLin S.-S.; Chang H.-K.; Hsieh S.-H. ; Kuo J.-T.; Lai J.-S.Conference Paper6
932004A prelab tutoring system for strength of materials experimentChen C.-S.; Hsieh S.-H. ; Chuang S.-C.; Lin S.-S.Journal Article75
942004應用概念圖發展課程管理系統之研究周雲虎; 謝尚賢 ; 徐新逸journal article
952004以數值案例庫研究傳統中小學教室建築耐震能力影響因子之相對影響度鄧彬斌; 謝尚賢 journal article
962004應用網路輔助教學於土木工程教育之實例研究謝尚賢 ; 謝尚賢 journal article
972003離散元素法運動機制簡化與適用性之探討研究謝尚賢 report
982003─整合性工程力學與數學教學課程之規劃、設計與發展(2/3)謝尚賢 report
992002─整合性工程力學與數學教學課程之規劃、設計與發展(1/3)謝尚賢 report
1002002導入網路教學共享機制之探討與實作王學誠; 涂文祥; 游文淮; 陳俊杉 ; 謝尚賢 journal article
1012002Web-based案例式推理專家系統在中小學校舍建築耐震評估上之應用研究謝尚賢 report
1022002Iterative mesh partitioning strategy for improving the efficiency of parallel substructure finite element computationsHsieh S.-H. ; Yang Y.-S.; Tsai P.-L.Journal Article21
1032002Iterative mesh partitioning optimization for parallel nonlinear dynamic finite element analysis with direct substructuringYang Y.-S.; Hsieh S.-H. Journal Article129
1042002Integration of general sparse matrix and parallel computing technologies for large-scale structural analysisHsieh S.-H. ; Yang Y.-S.; Hsu P.-Y.Journal Article76
1052002AWRC: A web-based Reinforced Concrete design adaptive testing systemChou Y.-H.; Hsieh S.-H. Conference Paper0
1062001營建工程資訊運籌管理系統之研究(2/2)─子計畫一:規畫設計與施工圖說資訊交換標準與機制之研究謝尚賢 report
1072001建築物安全初步評估研究陳清泉; 蔡益超; 謝尚賢 ; 呂良正 ; 盧明德journal article
1082001應用XML技術於通用型有限元素後處理系統之發展研究謝尚賢 report
1092001Integration of capacity planning techniques for tool portfolio planning in semiconductor manufacturingChou Y.-C.; Wu C.-S.; Kao C.-E.; Hsieh S.-H. Journal Article5
1102000個人電腦網路上之物件導向平行有限元素非線性結構動力分析研究謝尚賢 report
1112000營建工程資訊運籌管理系統之研究(1/2)─子計畫一:規畫設計與施工圖說資訊交換標準與機制之研究謝尚賢 report
1122000An integrated design environment for 3-D geometric modeling of shipbuilding engineeringHsu C.-H.; Young D.-L.; Hsieh S.-H. ; Lin J.-Y.Journal Article00
1131999營建工程資訊運籌管理系統之整合型研究─子計畫一:規劃設計與施工圖說資訊交換標準與機制之研究(I)謝尚賢 report
1141999平行子結構有限元素計算之效率研究謝尚賢 report
1151999淺談應用地理資訊系統於公共工程之規劃吳崇弘; 謝尚賢 ; 林峰田journal article
1161998FRP補強RC結構之電腦輔助分析與設計謝尚賢 report
1171998物件導向平行有限元素計算環境之發展研究謝尚賢 report
1181998Distributed finite element computations using object-oriented techniquesMukunda G.R.; Sotelino E.D.; Hsieh S.-H. Journal Article2011
1191997平行有限元素計算之網格分割研究謝尚賢 report
1201997Evaluation of automatic domain partitioning algorithms for parallel finite element analysisHsieh S.-H. ; Paulino G.H.; Abel J.F.Journal Article24
1211997A parallel matrix class library in C++ for computational mechanics applicationsModak S.; Sotelino E.D.; Hsieh S.H. Journal Article00
1221997A message-passing class library C+ + for portable parallel programmingHsieh S.H. ; Sotelino E.D.Journal Article1613
1231997MUIApp: An object-oriented graphical user interface application frameworkRajagopala M.G.; Hsieh S.-H. ; Sotelino E.D.; White D.W.Journal Article3
1241995Comparison of two finite element approaches for analysis of rotating bladed-disk assembliesHsieh S.-H. ; Abel J.F.Journal Article169
1251995Object-oriented parallel programming tools for structural engineering applicationsHsieh S.-H. ; Modak S.; Sotelino E.D.Journal Article63
1261995Recursive spectral algorithms for automatic domain partitioning in parallel finite element analysisHsieh S.-H. ; Paulino G.H.; Abel J.F.Journal Article3028
1271994Mesh partitioning tool and its applications to parallel processingHsieh Shang-Hsien Conference Paper3