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12018A Study of Integrating Support-Vector-Machine (SVM) Model and Market-based Model in Predicting Taiwan Construction Contractor DefaultHuang, H.-T.; Tserng, H.-P.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article11
22017An integrated methodology for construction BIM & ERP by using UML toolChen, Y.-R.; Tserng, H.P.; HUI-PING TSERNG conference paper1
32016Research of Equity Value Distribution and Calculation in Urban RenewalWang, S.-M.; Tserng, H.-P.; Huang, H.-T.; Lin, H.-C.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article00
42016The measurement factor of employee participation for Knowledge Management System in engineering consulting firmsTserng, H.P.; Lee, M.-H.; Hsieh, S.-H.; Liu, H.-L.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article54
52015A grey system theory-based default prediction model for construction firmsTserng, H.P.; Ngo, T.L.; Chen, P.C.; Quyen Tran, L.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article2219
62015Research on the earned value management system applied in consultancy project performanceTserng, H.P.; Lin, W.-S.; Li, C.-C.; Weng, K.-W.; Loisel, D.C.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article12
72015Strategic governance for modeling institutional framework of public-private partnershipsChou, J.-S.; Tserng, H.P.; Lin, C.; Huang, W.-H.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article129
82014Developing BIM-assisted as-built schedule management system for general contractorsTserng, H.-P.; Ho, S.-P.; Jan, S.-H.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article1510
92014Dynamic threshold cash flow-based structural model for contractor financial prequalificationHuang, W.-H.; Tserng, H.P.; Jaselskis, E.J.; Lee, S.-Y.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article33
102014A grey system theory in construction industry default predictionHuang, W.-H.; Tserng, H.-P.; Chen, P.-C.; Nguyen, M.D.; HUI-PING TSERNG conference paper00
112014Proactive measures of governmental debt guarantees to facilitate Public-Private Partnerships projectTserng, H.P.; Ho, S.-P.; Chou, J.-S.; Lin, C.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article117
122014Web-based real time bridge scour monitoring system for disaster management [Internetin?s prieigos tilto i?plovimo steb?jimo realiuoju laiku sistema stichin?ms nelaim?ms valdyti]Skibniewski, M.; Tserng, H.-P.; Ju, S.-H.; Feng, C.-W.; Lin, C.-T.; Han, J.-Y.; Weng, K.-W.; Hsu, S.-C.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article42
132014An implementation of light-weight compression algorithm for wireless sensor network technology in structure health monitoringHsu, C.-H.; Lin, C.-T.; Tserng, H.-P.; Han, J.-Y.; HUI-PING TSERNG conference paper90
142014An improved approach to the subcontracting procurement process in a lean construction settingYin, S.Y.-L.; Tserng, H.P.; Toong, S.N.; Ngo, T.L.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article127
152014Prediction of default probability for construction firms using the logit modelTserng, H.P.; Chen, P.-C.; Huang, W.-H.; Lei, M.C.; Tran, Q.H.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article1814
162013Contractor financial prequalification using simulation method based on cash flow modelHuang, W.-H.; Tserng, H.P.; Liao, H.-H.; Yin, S.Y.L.; Chen, P.-C.; Lei, M.C.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article107
172013GPS-Based real-time guidance information system for marine pier constructionTserng, H.-P.; Han, J.-Y.; Lin, C.-T.; Skibniewski, M.; Weng, K.-W.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article00
182013Enhancing knowledge sharing management using BIM technology in constructionHo, S.-P.; Tserng, H.-P.; Jan, S.-H.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article2418
192013A lean prebid planning model for construction contractors: A case study in VietnamTserng, H.P.; Yin, S.Y.-L.; Ngo, T.L.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article11
202012High efficient synchronization-on-demand protocol of IEEE 802.15.4 wireless sensor network for construction monitoringHuang, J.-D.; Wu, W.-J.; Lin, C.-T.; CHIH-TING LIN ; Huang, Ji-De; Wu, Wen-Jong ; Han, Jen-Yu ; Tserng, Hui-Ping ; Lin, Chih-Ting journal article00
212012Critical factors and risk allocation for PPP policy: Comparison between HSR and general infrastructure projectsChou, J.-S.; Ping Tserng, H.; Lin, C.; Yeh, C.-P.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article7160
222012Analyzing the role of national PPP units in promoting PPPs: Using new institutional economics and a case studyTserng, H.P.; Russell, J.S.; Hsu, C.-W.; Lin, C.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article3230
232012Predicting construction contractor default with barrier option modelTserng, H.P.; Liao, H.-H.; Jaselskis, E.J.; Tsai, L.K.; Chen, P.-C.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article1413
242012A novel dynamic progress forecasting approach for construction projectsChiao Lin, M.; Ping Tserng, H.; Ping Ho, S.; Young, D.L.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article97
252012Integration of accounting-based and option-based models to predict construction contractor defaultTsai, L.-K.; Tserng, H.-P.; Liao, H.-H.; Chen, P.-C.; Wang, W.-P.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article810
262012Comparison analysis of emergency evacuation between computer simulations and real exercises for large-space buildingsTserng, H.P.; You, J.-Y.; Chang, C.-Y.; Hsiung, K.-H.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article33
272011The hot area evacuation model application in large scale gymnasiumsTserng, Hui Ping ; You, Jia Yi; Chang, Chih Yuan; Hsiung, Kuang Huajournal article33
282011Developing a Construction-Duration Model Based on a Historical Dataset for Building ProjectLin, Ming-Chiao; Tserng, Hui Ping ; Ho, Shih-Ping ; Young, Der-Liang journal article1714
292011Predicting construction contractor default with option-based credit models-models' performance and comparison with financial ratio modelsTserng, H.P.; Liao, H.-H.; Tsai, L.K.; Chen, P.-C.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article1310
302011Quality assessment for LiDAR point cloud registration using in-situ conjugate featuresHan, J.-Y.; Tserng, H.-P.; Lin, C.-T.; CHIH-TING LIN ; Han, Jen-Yu ; Tserng, Hui-Ping ; Lin, Chih-Ting conference paper10
312011Modularization and assembly algorithm for efficient MEP constructionTserng, H.P.; Yin, Y.L.; Jaselskis, E.J.; Hung, W.-C.; Lin, Y.-C.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article1110
322011An enforced support vector machine model for construction contractor default predictionTserng, H.P.; Lin, G.-F.; Tsai, L.K.; Chen, P.-C.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article3934
332010The use of knowledge map model in construction industryPing Tserng, H.; Yin, S.Y.-L.; Lee, M.-H.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article1714
342010A production modeling with genetic algorithms for a stationary pre-cast supply chainLi, S.H.A.; Tserng, H.P.; Yin, S.Y.L.; Hsu, C.W.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article1716
352010Developing an ARIS-house-based method from existing information systems to project-based enterprise resource planning for general contractorTserng, H.P.; Yin, S.Y.L.; Skibniewski, M.J.; Lee, M.H.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article66
362009Exploring the effectiveness of chinese-to-english machine translation for clir applications in earthquake engineeringLin, K.Y.; Chou, K.W.; Lin, H.T.; Hsieh, S.H.; Tserng, H.P.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article23
372009A study of ontology-based risk management framework of construction projects through project life cycleTserng, H.P.; Yin, S.Y.L.; Dzeng, R.J.; Wou, B.; Tsai, M.D.; Chen, W.Y.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article9079
382009Maintenance strategy for bridge components on the basis of performanceTserng, H.P.; Yin, S.Y.-L.; Chung, C.-L.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article53
392009Analysing dispute mediation cases of infrastructure projects through project life cycleTserng, H.P.; Teng, W.-K.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article43
402009Developing a precast production management system using RFID technologyYin, S.Y.L.; Tserng, H.P.; Wang, J.C.; Tsai, S.C.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article10073
412008Enabling the creation of domain-specific reference collections to support text-based information retrieval experiments in the architecture, engineering and construction industriesLin, K.Y.; Hsieh, S.H.; Tserng, H.P.; Chou, K.W.; Lin, H.T.; Huang, C.P.; Tzeng, K.F.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article108
422008A model of integrating the cycle of construction knowledge flows: Lessons learned in TaiwanYin, S.Y.L.; Tserng, H.P.; Tsai, M.D.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article1211
432008Developing a project knowledge management framework for tunnel construction: Lessons learned in TaiwanTserng, H.P.; Chang, C.-H.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article76
442008Closure to "Developing a Resource Supply Chain Planning System or Construction Projects" by H. Ping Tserng, Samuel Y. L. Yin, and Sherman H. A. LiTserng, H. Ping; Yin, Samuel Y. L.; Sherman, H. a. U.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article11
452008Distilling and managing engineers' experience in construction projects using a pattern approachChang, C.-H.; Lin, Y.-C.; Tserng, H.P.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article80
462008Closure to "developing a Resource Supply Chain Planning System for Construction Projects" by H. Ping Tserng, Samuel Y. L. Yin, and Sherman H. A. LiTserng, H.P.; Yin, S.Y.L.; Li, S.H.A.; HUI-PING TSERNG other11
472007營建工程知識地圖自動擷取模式之發展及地圖建置之研究曾惠斌 report
482007應用資訊檢索技術於建構營建知識萃取模式之研究曾惠斌 report
492007Establishing domain testing resources to support advance text-based information retrieval applications for architecture, engineering, construction and facility management (AEC/FM)Lin, K.Y.; Hsieh, S.H.; Tserng, H.P.; Chou, K.W.; Lin, H.T.; Huang, C.P.; Tzeng, K.F.; HUI-PING TSERNG conference paper10
502007Health Assessment and Maintenance Strategy for Bridge Management Systems: Lessons Learned in TaiwanTserng, H. Ping; Chung, Chin-Lung; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article98
512006Automated construction of the Paghuashan tunnel for Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) projectLin, P.H.; Tserng, H.P.; Lin, C.C.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article99
522006Developing a resource supply chain planning system for construction projectsTserng, H.P.; Yin, S.Y.L.; Li, S.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article4429
532006Enhancing knowledge exchange through web map-based knowledge management system in construction: Lessons learned in TaiwanLin, Y.-C.; Wang, L.-C.; Tserng, H.P.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article7056
542006Object-oriented scheduling for repetitive projects with soft logicsFan, S.-L.; Tserng, H.P.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article2218
552005Mobile construction supply chain management using PDA and Bar CodesTserng, H.P.; Dzeng, R.-J.; Lin, Y.-C.; Lin, S.-T.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article4028
562005Automating schedule review for expressway constructionDzeng, R.J.; Tserng, H.P.; Wang, W.C.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article73
572005營造業建置企業資源規劃(ERP)導入模式之建構與研究曾惠斌 report
582004Developing an activity-based knowledge management system for contractorsTserng, H.P.; Lin, Y.-C.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article7354
592004專案式供應鏈管理之模擬平台建構(I)曾惠斌 report
602004Module-based construction schedule administration for public infrastructure agenciesDzeng, R.J.; Wang, W.C.; Tserng, H.P.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article22
612003Development of an object-oriented scheduling model for construction projectsFan, S.-L.; Tserng, H.P.; Wang, M.-T.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article1516
622003不固定作業關係最佳化排程模式之研究(I)曾惠斌 report
632003Developing an electronic acquisition model for project scheduling using XML-based information standardTserng, H.P.; Lin, W.Y.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article1812
642002An accelerated subcontracting and procuring model for construction projectsTserng, H.P.; Lin, P.H.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article6447
652002A 3-D graphical database system for landfill operations using GPSTserng, H.P.; Russell, J.S.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article31
662002供應鏈理論應用於營建業電子商務之研究曾惠斌 report
672002營建業經驗累積與學習模式之建立(2/2)曾惠斌 report
682002A framework of electronic tendering for government procurement: A lesson learned in TaiwanLiao, T.S.; Wang, M.T.; Tserng, H.P.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article5033
692001營建工程資訊運籌管理系統之研究(2/2)─子計畫二:施工資訊運籌管理系統之研究曾惠斌 report
702001Interactive path planning for multi-equipment landfill operations (vol 10, pg 155, 2000)Tserng, H. P.; Ran, B.; Russell, J. S.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article00
712001營建業經驗累積與學習模式之建立(1/2)曾惠斌 report
722000院頒砂石車安全管理方案執行成效評估制度之研擬周家蓓 ; 曾惠斌 journal article
732000營建工程資訊運籌管理系統之研究(1/2)─子計畫二:施工資訊運籌管理系統之研究曾惠斌 report
742000Determining minimum contract time for highway projectsShr, J.-F.; Thompson, B.P.; Russell, J.S.; Ran, B.; Tserng, H.P.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article60
752000Determining minimum contract time for highway projectsShr, J. F.; Thompson, B. P.; Russell, J. S.; Ran, B.; Tserng, H. P.; HUI-PING TSERNG book chapter3
762000利用衛星定位(GPS)建立工程施工作業路徑即時管控系統之研究曾惠斌 report
772000Interactive path planning for multi-equipment landfill operationsTserng, H.P.; Ran, B.; Russell, J.S.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article118
781999營建工程施工機具作業現場及時管控系統之研究曾惠斌 report
791999營建工程資訊運籌管理之整合型研究─子計畫三:施工資訊運籌管理系統之研究(I)曾惠斌 report
801998AutoPave: Towards an automated paving system for asphalt pavement compaction operationsKrishnamurthy, B.K.; Tserng, H.-P.; Schmitt, R.L.; Russell, J.S.; Bahia, H.U.; Hanna, A.S.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article380
811998Computer-integrated collaborative design and operation in the construction industryVeeramani, D.; Tserng, H.P.; Russell, J.S.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article170
821996OPSALC: A computer-integrated operations planning system for autonomous landfill compactionTserng, H.-P.; Veeramani, D.; Kunigahalli, R.; Russell, J.S.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article70
831995Motion Planning for an Autonomous Compactor in a Waste Landfill SiteKunigahalli, R.; Russell, J.S.; Tserng, H.?P.; HUI-PING TSERNG journal article00