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12019利用衛星影像以有理函數物像對應解算水位面高程及水下物點三維坐標張雅博; JEN-JER JAW journal article
22018Dense Stereo Matching with Edge-Constrained Penalty TuningChuang, T.-Y.; Ting, H.-W.; Jaw, J.-J.; JEN-JER JAW journal article33
32018Effective implementation of fisheye lens calibration based on geometric projection modelYang, H.; Jaw, J.-J.; JEN-JER JAW conference paper0
42017Multi-feature registration of point cloudsChuang, T.-Y.; Jaw, J.-J.; JEN-JER JAW journal article33
52016Hybrid-based dense stereo matchingChuang, T.Y.; Ting, H.W.; Jaw, J.J.; JEN-JER JAW conference paper30
62016RETRACTION: AUTOMATED 3D FEATURE MATCHING (Retraction of vol 30, pg 8, 2015)Chuang, Tzu-Yi; Jaw, Jen-Jer; JEN-JER JAW journal article00
72015Automated 3d feature matchingChuang, T.-Y.; Jaw, J.-J.; JEN-JER JAW journal article44
82015LiDAR data processing and applicationsChio, S.H.; Chuang, T.-Y.; Hsu, P.-H.; Jaw, J.-J.; Lin, S.-Y.; Lin, Y.-C.; Teo, T.-A.; Tsai, F.; Tseng, Y.-H.; Wang, C.-K.; Wang, C.-K.; Wang, M.; Yang, M.-D.; JEN-JER JAW book chapter00
92013Solving a similarity transformation between two reference frames using hybrid geometric control featuresHan, J.-Y.; Jaw, J.-J.; JEN-JER JAW journal article64
1020123-D FEATURE-BASED MATCHING by RSTG APPROACHJaw, J.-J.; Chuang, T.-Y.; JEN-JER JAW conference paper00
112010Profile-image method for measuring tunnel profile - Improvements and proceduresWang, T.-T.; Jaw, J.-J.; Hsu, C.-H.; Jeng, F.-S.; JEN-JER JAW journal article2016
122009Data fusion towards building roof reconstruction based on CSR approachJaw, J.-J.; Cheng, C.-C.; JEN-JER JAW conference paper00
132009Application and validation of profile-image method for measuring deformation of tunnel wallWang, T.-T.; Jaw, J.-J.; Chang, Y.-H.; Jeng, F.-S.; JEN-JER JAW journal article4338
142008Registration of ground-based LiDAR point clouds by means of 3D line featuresJaw, J.-J.; Chuang, T.-Y.; JEN-JER JAW journal article4536
152008Line feature correspondence between object space and image spaceJaw, J.-J.; Perny, N.-H.; JEN-JER JAW journal article76
162007建構含幾何定位及波形分析的光達模擬器解析光達點位誤差及高精度邊緣定位趙鍵哲 report
172007線型特徵之應用研究(I)趙鍵哲 report
182007使用CSR演算法重建屋頂面模型趙鍵哲 ; 鄭傑中journal article
192007以影像控制區塊解算航攝影像外方位參數實用策略陳詹閔; 趙鍵哲 journal article
202006Control patches for automatic single photo orientationJaw, J.-J.; Wu, Y.-S.; JEN-JER JAW journal article98
212005以光達資料之控制直線求解單張像片外方位參數之模式探討與可行性評估趙鍵哲 ; 彭念豪journal article
222005雷射掃描點雲資料結構化作業分析、幾何品質評估及應用領域之研究(I)趙鍵哲 report
232004以特徵物為主的攝影測量物型重建-系統整合(III)趙鍵哲 report
242003以特徵物為主的攝影測量物形重建(II)趙鍵哲 report
252002以統計模式進行地形資料的融合及變遷偵測黃宗仁; 趙鍵哲 journal article
262002以特徵物為主的攝影測量物形重建(I)趙鍵哲 report
271995The effect of pyrolysis on the properties of stabilized PAN fabric reinforced phenolic resins for 2D carbon carbon compositesKo, T. H.; Jaw, J. J.; Chen, Y. C.; JEN-JER JAW journal article1816
281986A Heuristic Algorithm for the Multivehicle Advance Request Dial-a-Ride Problem with Time WindowsJaw, Jj; Odoni, Ar; Psaraftis, Hn; Wilson, Nhm; JEN-JER JAW journal article276240