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12019Preparation of Fe-SBC from Urban Sludge for Organic and Inorganic Arsenic RemovalLin, Min-Fa; Nguyen, Nhat-Thien; Chang, Chang-Tang; Chen, Po-Han; PO-HAN CHEN journal article02
22019Comparison of assessment systems for green building and green civil infrastructureLiu, T.-Y.; Chen, P.-H.; Chou, N.N.S.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article50
32019A BIM-WMS integrated decision support tool for supply chain management in constructionChen, P.-H.; Nguyen, T.C.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article97
42019Sustainability-Based Construction of the Restoration Projects for the Guguan Hydropower StationLiu, T.; Chen, P.; Chou Nelson, N.S.; PO-HAN CHEN conference paper00
52019A Grey-BPNN Model for Evaluating the Competitiveness of Chinese Contractors in the High-Speed Rail Market in EuropeLin, Y.-H.; Shi, B.; Chen, P.-H.; Xu, Z.; Liu, H.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article00
62019Sustainability Practices for the Suhua Highway Improvement Project in TaiwanShau, H.-J.; Liu, T.-Y.; Chen, P.-H.; Chou, N.N.S.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article11
72019Review of Critical Success Factors (CSFs) for green building projectsLi, Y.; Song, H.; Sang, P.; Chen, P.-H.; Liu, X.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article85
82019Numerical simulation and experiments with green roofs for increasing indoor thermal comfortLei, K.-T.; Tang, J.-S.; Chen, P.-H.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article21
92018Comprehensive assessment of the long-term energy harvest capabilities for PV systems with different tilt angles: Case study in TaiwanKuo, Kun-Chang; Liao, Min-Sheng; Wang, Jen-Cheng; Lee, Yeun-Chung; Huang, Chen-Kang; Chou, Cheng-Ying; Liu, Cheng-Yue; Hsu, Hsuan-Hshiang; Chen, Po-Han; Jiang, Joe-Air; PO-HAN CHEN journal article11
102018Human-visual-perception-like intensity recognition for color rust images based on artificial neural networkShen, H.-K.; Chen, P.-H.; Chang, L.-M.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article53
112018Preparation of iron mesoporous catalysis from hazardous waste for acetone treatmentKao, C.-Y.; Nguyen, N.-T.; Lin, M.-F.; Tsai, H.-H.; Chang, C.-T.; Chang, L.-M.; Chen, P.-H.; PO-HAN CHEN conference paper00
122018Value-at-Risk Model Analysis of Taiwanese High-Tech Facility ConstructionChen, P.-H.; Peng, T.-T.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article11
132018The Moderating Effect of Guanxi on the Dynamic Capacity and Competitive Advantage of Chinese International ContractorsLin, Y.-H.; Chen, Q.; Liao, P.-C.; Chen, P.-H.; Cheng, S.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article11
142018Hexamethyldisilazane Removal with Mesoporous Materials Prepared from Calcium Fluoride SludgeKao, Ching-Yang; Lin, Min-Fa; Nguyen, Nhat-Thien; Tsai, Hsiao-Hsin; Chang, Luh-Maan; Chen, Po-Han; Chang, Chang-Tang; PO-HAN CHEN journal article01
152017Effects of silicon Interface and frequency dependence in solution-processed high-K poly(vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene-chlorotrifluoroethylene) dielectric characteristicsChen, Po-Han; Lin, Chih-Ting; PO-HAN CHEN journal article00
162017Building carbon footprint(BCF) evaluation for Social amenities and education center in TaipeiChiu, Y.-C.; Chen, P.-H.; PO-HAN CHEN conference paper0
172017A review of studies on green building assessment methods by comparative analysisLi, Y.; Chen, X.; Wang, X.; Xu, Y.; Chen, P.-H.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article5449
182017Integrating web map service and building information modeling for location and transportation analysis in green building certification processChen, P.-H.; Nguyen, T.C.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article1514
192017Transmission network price setting model for the promotion of liberalized market for the power industry in TaiwanChen, P.-H.; Tsay, I.-S.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article11
202016Integrating BIM and Web Map Service (WMS) for Green Building CertificationChen, P.-H.; Nguyen, T.-C.; PO-HAN CHEN conference paper60
212016Understanding the relationships between environmental management practices and financial performances of multinational construction firmsChen, P.-H.; Ong, C.-F.; Hsu, S.-C.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article3428
222016The linkages between internationalization and environmental strategies of multinational construction firmsChen, P.-H.; Ong, C.-F.; Hsu, S.-C.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article2017
232016Conditional knockout of breast carcinoma amplified sequence 2 (BCAS2) in mouse forebrain causes dendritic malformation via β-cateninHuang, C.-W.; Chen, Y.-W.; Lin, Y.-R.; Chen, P.-H.; Chou, M.-H.; Lee, L.-J.; Wang, P.-Y.; Wu, J.-T.; Tsao, Y.-P.; Chen, S.-L.; LI-JEN LEE; Huang, Chu-Wei; Chen, Yi-Wen ; PEI-YU WANG ; Lin, Yi-Rou; Chen, Po-Han ; Chou, Meng-Hsuan; Lee, Li-Jen; Wang, Pei-Yu ; Wu, June-Tai; Tsao, Yeou-Ping; Chen, Show-Li journal article22
242015Credit enhancement factors for the financing of independent power producer (IPP) projects in AsiaChowdhury, A.N.; Chen, P.-H.; Tiong, R.L.K.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article109
252015Credit enhancement and its risk factors for IPP projects in Asia: An analysis by network theoryChowdhury, A.N.; Chen, P.-H.; Tiong, R.; PO-HAN CHEN conference paper00
262015BCAS2 regulates delta-notch signaling activity through Delta Pre-mRNA splicing in Drosophila wing developmentChou, M.-H.; Hsieh, Y.-C.; Huang, C.-W.; Chen, P.-H.; Chan, S.-P.; Tsao, Y.-P.; Lee, H.-H.; Wu, J.-T.; Chen, S.-L.; HSIU-HSIANG LEE ; Chou, Meng-Hsuan; Hsieh, Yi-Chen; SHIH-PENG CHAN ; Huang, Chu-Wei; Chen, Hsuan-Yu; Chen, Po-Han ; Chan, Shih-Peng ; Tsao, Yeou-Ping; Lee, Hsiu-Hsiang ; Wu, June-Tai; Chen, Show-Li journal article36
272014Exploration of critical resources and capabilities of design firms for delivering green building projects: Empirical studies in SingaporeLi, Y.Y.; Chen, P.-H.; Chew, D.A.S.; Teo, C.C.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article3732
282013Automated steel bridge coating rust defect recognition method based on color and texture featureShen, H.-K.; Chen, P.-H.; Chang, L.-M.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article4632
292013Cost analysis of green buildings using Building Information Modeling (BIM)Chen, P.-H.; Chan, L.; Lee, Y.-C.; Kan, M.-S.; PO-HAN CHEN conference paper00
302013A steel bridge rust discrimination approach combining support vector machine and neural networksChen, P.-H.; Shen, H.-K.; Chang, L.-M.; PO-HAN CHEN conference paper00
312013Project management factors affecting green building projects: Case study of SingaporeLi, Y.Y.; Chen, P.-H.; Chew, D.A.S.; Teo, C.C.; Xu, Y.Q.; PO-HAN CHEN conference paper10
322013A framework for an automated and integrated project scheduling and management systemChen, S.-M.; Griffis, F.H.; Chen, P.-H.; Chang, L.-M.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article3022
332012Support-vector-machine-based method for automated steel bridge rust assessmentChen, Po-Han ; Shen, Heng-Kuang; Lei, Chi-Yang; Chang, Luh-Maanjournal article5041
342012Establishing SPV for power projects in Asia: an analysis of critical financial and legal factorsChowdhury, Abu Naser; Chen, Po-Han ; Tiong, Robert Lee Kongjournal article22
352012Simulation and analytical techniques for construction resource planning and schedulingChen, S.-M.; Griffis, F.H.; Chen, P.-H.; Chang, L.-M.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article3524
362012Exploration of critical external partners of Architecture/Engineering/Construction (AEC) firms for delivering green building projects in SingaporeLi, Y.Y.; Chen, P.-H.; Seng Chew, D.A.; Teo, C.C.; Ding, R.G.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article86
372011Critical Project Management Factors of AEC Firms for Delivering Green Building Projects in SingaporeLi, Yuan Yuan; Chen, Po-Han ; Chew, David Ah Seng; Teo, Chee Chong; Ding, Rong Guijournal article8268
382011Fourier-Transform-based method for automated steel bridge coating defect recognitionChen, P.H.; Shen, H.K.; Lei, C.Y.; Chang, L.M.; PO-HAN CHEN conference paper100
392011Analysing the structure of public-private partnership projects using network theoryChowdhury, A.N.; Chen, P.-H.; Tiong, R.L.K.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article510
402010Box-and-Ellipse-Based ANFIS for Bridge Coating AssessmentChen, Po-Han ; Yang, Ya-Ching; Chang, Luh-Maanjournal article1711
412010Illumination adjustment for bridge coating images using BEMD-Morphology Approach (BMA)Chen, Po-Han ; Yang, Ya-Ching; Chang, Luh-Maanjournal article87
422010Critical factors influencing learning effectiveness in international construction joint venturesZhang, L.; Wong, W.F.; Chen, P.-H.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article40
432010Enhanced Mechanical Properties of Injection Molded 17-4PH Stainless Steel through Reduction of Silica Particles by Graphite AdditionsChang, Che-Wei; Chen, Po-Han ; Hwang, Kuen-Shyangjournal article42
442009A fast flow control algorithm for real-time emergency evacuation in large indoor areasChen, P.-H.; Feng, F.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article4836
452009Hybrid of genetic algorithm and simulated annealing for multiple project scheduling with multiple resource constraintsChen, P.-H.; Shahandashti, S.M.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article8780
462009A two-phase GA model for resource-constrained project schedulingChen, P.-H.; Weng, H.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article7458
472009Systematic procedure of determining an ideal color scheme on 4D modelsChang, H.-S.; Kang, S.-C.; Chen, P.-H.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article1817
482009Automated bridge coating defect recognition using adaptive ellipse approachChen, P.-H.; Yang, Y.-C.; Chang, L.-M.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article2015
492008Integration of cost and schedule using extensive matrix method and spreadsheetsChen, P.-H.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article1611
502007買賣關係發展歷程與其影響因素以資訊系統委外關係為例陳柏翰 ; Chen, Po-Henother
512006Effectiveness of neuro-fuzzy recognition approach in evaluating steel bridge paint conditionsChen, P.-H.; Chang, L.-M.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article88
522006A kinetic study on the aggregation behavior of β-amyloid peptides in different initial solvent environmentsWang, Steven S.-S.; Chen, Ya-Ting; Chen, Po-Han ; Liu, Kuan-Nanjournal article
532006Effects of p-benzoquinone and melatonin on amyloid fibrillogenesis of hen egg-white lysozymeWang, Steven S.-S.; Chen, Po-Han ; Hung, Ying-Tzjournal article4140
542005Globalization challenges, legacies, and civil engineering curriculum reformCheah, C.Y.J.; Chen, P.-H.; Ting, S.K.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article2115
552005Performance comparison of bridge coating defect recognition methodsLee, S.; Chang, L.-M.; Chen, P.-H.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article159
562005Implementation of IFC-based web server for collaborative building design between architects and structural engineersChen, P.-H.; Cui, L.; Wan, C.; Yang, Q.; Ting, S.K.; Tiong, R.L.K.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article6354
572004Augmented IDEF1-based process-oriented information modelingChen, P.-H.; Wan, C.; Tiong, R.L.K.; Ting, S.K.; Yang, Q.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article2316
582003Artificial intelligence application to bridge painting assessmentChen, P.-H.; Chang, L.-M.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article67
592002Application of Multiresolution Pattern Classification to Steel Bridge Coating AssessmentChen, P.-H.; Chang, Y.-C.; Chang, L.-M.; Doerschuk, P.C.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article1511
602002Intelligent steel bridge coating assessment using neuro-fuzzy recognition approachChen, P.-H.; Chang, L.-M.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article1914
612001BOT financial model: Taiwan high speed rail caseChang, L.-M.; Chen, P.-H.; PO-HAN CHEN journal article3833