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12020Human Tracking for Facility SurveillanceWen, S.-Y.; Yen, Y.; Chen, A.Y.; ALBERT CHEN conference paper
22019In-building automated external defibrillator location planning and assessment through building information modelsLee, C.-T.; Lee, Y.-C.; Chen, A.Y.; ALBERT CHEN journal article
32019Automation for construction equipment request and deployment for emergency responseChen, A.Y.; Pe?a-Mora, F.; ALBERT CHEN conference paper
42018Transcriptional Responses to ppGpp and DksAGourse, Richard L.; Chen, Albert Y.; Gopalkrishnan, Saumya; Sanchez-Vazquez, Patricia; Myers, Angela; Ross, Wilma; ALBERT CHEN book chapter
52018The Effect of Successful Intubation on Patient Outcomes After Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest in TaipeiChiang, W.-C.; Hsieh, M.-J.; Chu, H.-L.; Chen, A.Y.; Wen, S.-Y.; Yang, W.-S.; Chien, Y.-C.; Wang, Y.-C.; Lee, B.-C.; Wang, H.-C.; Huang, E.P.-C.; Yang, C.-W.; Sun, J.-T.; Chong, K.-M.; Lin, H.-Y.; Hsu, S.-H.; Chen, S.-Y.; Ma, M.H.-M.; ALBERT CHEN journal article
62018Modulation of extracytoplasmic function (ECF) sigma factor promoter selectivity by spacer region sequenceGaballa, Ahmed; Guariglia-Oropeza, Veronica; Duerr, Franziska; Butcher, Bronwyn G.; Chen, Albert Y.; Chandrangsu, Pete; Helmann, John D.; ALBERT CHEN journal article
72017Variable guidance for pedestrian evacuation considering congestion, hazard, and compliance behaviorChu, J.C.; Chen, A.Y.; Lin, Y.-F.; ALBERT CHEN journal article
82017TraR directly regulates transcription initiation by mimicking the combined effects of the global regulators DksA and ppGppGopalkrishnan, Saumya; Ross, Wilma; Chen, Albert Y.; Gourse, Richard L.; ALBERT CHEN journal article
92016Network based temporary facility location for the Emergency Medical Services considering the disaster induced demand and the transportation infrastructure in disaster responseChen, A.Y.; Yu, T.-Y.; ALBERT CHEN journal article
102016TDVRP and BIM integrated approach for in-building emergency rescue routingChen, A.Y.; Chu, J.C.; ALBERT CHEN journal article
112016Freeway Travel Time Prediction Based on Seamless Spatio-temporal Data Fusion: Case Study of the Freeway in TaiwanChang, T.-H.; Chen, A.Y.; Hsu, Y.-T.; Yang, C.-L.; ALBERT CHEN conference paper
122016Demand Forecast Using Data Analytics for the Preallocation of AmbulancesChen, A.Y.; Lu, T.-Y.; Ma, M.H.-M.; Sun, W.-Z.; ALBERT CHEN journal article
132016ppGpp Binding to a Site at the RNAP-DksA Interface Accounts for Its Dramatic Effects on Transcription Initiation during the Stringent ResponseRoss, Wilma; Sanchez-Vazquez, Patricia; Chen, Albert Y.; Lee, Jeong-Hyun; Burgos, Hector L.; Gourse, Richard L.; ALBERT CHEN journal article
142015Ambulance service area considering disaster-induced disturbance on the transportation infrastructureChen, A.Y.; Yu, T.-Y.; Lu, T.-Y.; Chuang, W.-L.; Lai, J.-S.; Yeh, C.-H.; Oyang, Y.-J.; Ma, M.H.-M.; Sun, W.-Z.; ALBERT CHEN journal article
152015Toward BIM-Enabled Decision Making for In-Building Response MissionsChen, A.Y.; Huang, T.; ALBERT CHEN journal article
162015Physical infrastructure assessment for emergency medical responseLiu, H.-H.; Chen, A.Y.; Dai, C.-Y.; Sun, W.-Z.; ALBERT CHEN journal article
172015Crosslink Mapping at Amino Acid-Base Resolution Reveals the Path of Scrunched DNA in Initial Transcribing ComplexesWinkelman, Jared T.; Winkelman, Bradford T.; Boyce, Julian; Maloney, Michael F.; Chen, Albert Y.; Ross, Wilma; Gourse, Richard L.; ALBERT CHEN journal article
182014Brain tumor detection and segmentation in a CRF (conditional random fields) framework with pixel-pairwise affinity and superpixel-level featuresWu, Wei; Chen, Albert Y. C.; Zhao, Liang; Corso, Jason J.; ALBERT CHEN journal article
192014A review of rotorcraft unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) developments and applications in civil engineeringLiu, P.; Chen, A.Y.; Huang, Y.-N.; Han, J.-Y.; Lai, J.-S.; Kang, S.-C.; Wu, T.-H.; Wen, M.-C.; Tsai, M.-H.; ALBERT CHEN journal article
202014Distributed decision-making for real-time in-building evacuation guidanceChen, A.Y.; Lin, C.-H.; ALBERT CHEN conference paper
212014A GIS-based demand forecast using machine learning for emergency medical servicesChen, A.Y.; Lu, T.-Y.; ALBERT CHEN conference paper
222014BIM-enabled decision making for in-building rescue missionsChen, A.Y.; Huang, T.; ALBERT CHEN conference paper
232014Traffic speed estimation through data fusion from heterogeneous sources for first response deploymentChang, T.-H.; Chen, A.Y.; Chang, C.-W.; Chueh, C.-H.; ALBERT CHEN journal article
242014Ambulance service area considering the disturbance of disasters on transportation infrastructureChen, A.Y.; Yu, T.-Y.; Chuang, W.-L.; Lai, J.-S.; Yeh, C.-H.; Ma, H.-M.M.; Sun, W.-Z.; ALBERT CHEN conference paper
252014Curation accuracy of model organism databasesKeseler, Ingrid M.; Skrzypek, Marek; Weerasinghe, Deepika; Chen, Albert Y.; Fulcher, Carol; Li, Gene-Wei; Lemmer, Kimberly C.; Mladinich, Katherine M.; Chow, Edmond D.; Sherlock, Gavin; Karp, Peter D.; ALBERT CHEN journal article
262013Equipment distribution for structural stabilization and civilian rescueChen, A.Y.; Pe?a-Mora, F.; Mehta, S.J.; Foltz, S.; Plans, A.P.; Brauer, B.R.; Nacheman, S.; ALBERT CHEN book chapter
272012Supporting Urban Search and Rescue with digital assessments of structures and requests of response resourcesChen, A.Y.; Pe?a-Mora, F.; Plans, A.P.; Mehta, S.J.; Aziz, Z.; ALBERT CHEN journal article
282011Decentralized Approach Considering Spatial Attributes for Equipment Utilization in Civil Engineering Disaster ResponseChen, Albert Y.; Pena-Mora, Feniosky; ALBERT CHEN journal article
292011A collaborative GIS framework to support equipment distribution for civil engineering disaster response operationsChen, A.Y.; Pe?a-Mora, F.; Ouyang, Y.; ALBERT CHEN journal article
302011Decentralized approach considering spatial attributes for equipment utilization in civil engineering disaster responseChen, A.Y.; Pe?a-Mora, F.; ALBERT CHEN conference paper
312011Coordination of converging construction equipment in disaster responseChen, A.Y.; Pe?a-Mora, F.; ALBERT CHEN conference paper
322010Failure of Mesenteric Defect Closure After Roux-en-Y Gastric BypassHope, William W.; Sing, Ronald F.; Chen, Albert Y.; Lincourt, Amy E.; Gersin, Keith S.; Kuwada, Timothy S.; Heniford, B. Todd; ALBERT CHEN journal article
332010Mobile ad hoc network-enabled collaboration framework supporting civil engineering emergency response operationsPea-Mora, F.; Chen, A.Y.; Aziz, Z.; Soibelman, L.; Liu, L.Y.; El-Rayes, K.; Arboleda, C.A.; Lantz, T.S.; Plans, A.P.; Lakhera, S.; Mathur, S.; ALBERT CHEN journal article
342010A GIS framework for construction equipment request and deployment during emergency responseChen, A.Y.; Pena-Mora, F.; ALBERT CHEN conference paper
352009Collaborative gis for request of construction equipment in disaster responseChen, A.Y.; Pe?a-Mora, F.; ALBERT CHEN conference paper
362009Supporting urban emergency response and recovery using RFID-based building assessmentAziz, Z.; Pea-Mora, F.; Chen, A.; Lantz, T.; ALBERT CHEN journal article
372007A collaborative framework for supporting civil engineering emergency response with mobile ad-hoc networksChen, A.Y.; Tsai, M.-H.; Lantz Jr.; T.S.; Plans, A.P.; Mathur, S.; Lakhera, S.; Kaushik, N.; Pe?a-Mora, F.; ALBERT CHEN conference paper