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12020The structural changes of the mutated ankyrin repeat domain of the human TRPV4 channel alter its ATP binding abilityLi, D.; Kao, T.-H.; Chang, S.-W.; SHU-WEI CHANG journal article00
22019Thermally-enhanced current gain of quantum-well heterojunction bipolar transistorChang, Yun-Hsuan; Chou, Yung-Lin; Chang, Shu-Wei; Wu, Chao-Hsin; SHU-WEI CHANG journal article00
32019Molecular Structures and Mechanisms of Waterborne Biodegradable Polyurethane NanoparticlesWen, C.-H.; Hsu, S.-C.; Hsu, S.-H.; Chang, S.-W.; SHU-WEI CHANG journal article22
42019Targeting ROS and cPLA2/COX2 Expressions Ameliorated Renal Damage in Obese Mice with EndotoxemiaChang, J.-F.; Yeh, J.-C.; Ho, C.-T.; Liu, S.-H.; Hsieh, C.-Y.; Wang, T.-M.; Chang, S.-W.; Lee, I.-T.; Huang, K.-Y.; Wang, J.-Y.; Lin, W.-N.; SHU-WEI CHANG journal article43
52019Effects of deformation rate on the unbinding pathway of the MMP8-Aggrecan_IGD complex in cartilageLi, D.; Chang, S.; SHU-WEI CHANG journal article11
62019Self-Healing Nanophotonics: Robust and Soft palmi Random LasersHsu, Yun-Tzu; Tai, Chia-Tse; Wu, Hsing-Mei; Hou, Cheng-Fu; Liao, Yu-Ming; Liao, Wei-Cheng; Haider, Golam; Hsiao, Yung-Chi; Lee, Chi-Wei; Chang, Shu-Wei; Chen, Ying-Huan; Wu, Min-Hsuan; Chou, Rou-Jun; Bera, Krishna Prasad; Lin, Yen-Yu; Chen, Yi-Zih; Kataria, Monika; Lin, Shih-Yao; Inbaraj, Christy Roshini Paul; Lin, Wei-Ju; Lee, Wen-Ya; Lin, Tai-Yuan; Lai, Ying-Chih; Chen, Yang-Fang; SHU-WEI CHANG journal article33
72019Thickness variations in electrolytes for planar solid oxide fuel cellsKao, Ching-Ti; Tuan, Wei-Hsing; Chang, Shu-Wei; SHU-WEI CHANG journal article10
82018Microcrack patterns control the mechanical strength in the biocompositesHuang, T.-H.; Chen, C.-S.; Chang, S.-W.; SHU-WEI CHANG journal article44
92018Inkjet-Printed Random LasersLiao, Yu-Ming; Liao, Wei-Cheng; Chang, Shu-Wei; Hou, Cheng-Fu; Tai, Chia-Tse; Su, Chen-You; Hsu, Yun-Tzu; Wu, Min-Hsuan; Chou, Rou-Jun; Lee, Yao-Hsuan; Lin, Shih-Yao; Lin, Wei-Ju; Chang, Cheng-Han; Haider, Golam; Kataria, Monika; Roy, Pradip Kumar; Bera, Krishna Prasad; Paullnbaraj, Christy Roshini; Hu, Han-Wen; Lin, Tai-Yuan; Chen, Yang-Fang; SHU-WEI CHANG journal article65
102018Plasmonic Carbon-Dot-Decorated Nanostructured Semiconductors for Efficient and Tunable Random Laser ActionLiao, Wei-Cheng; Liao, Yu-Ming; Su, Chuan-Tsung; Perumal, Packiyaraj; Lin, Shih-Yao; Lin, Wei-Ju; Chang, Cheng-Han; Ling, Hung-I.; Haider, Golam; Chang, Chiao-Yun; Chang, Shu-Wei; Tsai, Cheng-Yen; Lu, Tien-Chang; Lin, Tai-Yuan; Chen, Yang-Fang; SHU-WEI CHANG journal article88
112018Phase-Field Modeling of Microstructural Evolution by Freeze-CastingHuang, T.-H.; Huang, T.-H.; Lin, Y.-S.; Chang, C.-H.; Chen, P.-Y.; Chang, S.-W.; Chen, C.-S.; SHU-WEI CHANG journal article32
122018Integration of high-resolution laser displacement sensors and 3D printing for structural health monitoringChang, S.-W.; Lin, T.-K.; Kuo, S.-Y.; Huang, T.-H.; SHU-WEI CHANG journal article22
132018Ultrasound-responsive NIPAM-based hydrogels with tunable profile of controlled release of large moleculesWu, C.-H.; Sun, M.-K.; Shieh, J.; Chen, C.-S.; Huang, C.-W.; Dai, C.-A.; Chang, S.-W.; Chen, W.-S.; Young, T.-H.; SHU-WEI CHANG journal article108
142018A White Random LaserChang, Shu-Wei; Liao, Wei-Cheng; Liao, Yu-Ming; Lin, Hung-I.; Lin, Hsia-Yu; Lin, Wei-Ju; Lin, Shih-Yao; Perumal, Packiyaraj; Haider, Golam; Tai, Chia-Tse; Shen, Kun-Ching; Chang, Cheng-Han; Huang, Yuan-Fu; Lin, Tai-Yuan; Chen, Yang-Fang; SHU-WEI CHANG journal article2223
152018Transient and Flexible Hyperbolic Metamaterials on Freeform SurfacesLin, Hung-; Shen, Kun-Ching; Lin, Shih-Yao; Haider, Golam; Li, Yao-Hsuan; Chang, Shu-Wei; Chen, Yang-Fang; SHU-WEI CHANG journal article76
162017Molecular dynamics simulations of waterborne biodegradable for 3D printingWen, C.-H.; Kuan, Y.-H.; Hsu, S.-H.; Chang, S.-W.; SHU-WEI CHANG conference paper0
172017Structural Insights into the Glycine Pair Motifs in Type III CollagenAn, B.; Chang, S.-W.; Hoop, C.; Baum, J.; Buehler, M.J.; Kaplan, D.L.; SHU-WEI CHANG journal article00
182016Full-atomistic simulations of poly(epsilon-caprolactone) diol models with CVFF and CGenFFChang, Yin; Chang, Shu-Wei; SHU-WEI CHANG journal article01
192016Multiscale modeling of nano-biosensorsChen, C.-S.; Shih, Y.-C.; Chou, C.-C.; Chang, S.-W.; Liou, C.; SHU-WEI CHANG book chapter00
202016Studies of chain substitution caused sub-fibril level differences in stiffness and ultrastructure of wildtype and oim/oim collagen fibers using multifrequency-AFM and molecular modelingLi, T.; Chang, S.-W.; Rodriguez-Florez, N.; Buehler, M.J.; Shefelbine, S.; Dao, M.; Zeng, K.; SHU-WEI CHANG journal article87
212015Structure-mechanics relationships of collagen fibrils in the osteogenesis imperfecta mouse modelAndriotis, O.G.; Chang, S.W.; Vanleene, M.; Howarth, P.H.; Davies, D.E.; Shefelbine, S.J.; Buehler, M.J.; Thurner, P.J.; SHU-WEI CHANG journal article2321
222015Osmotic pressure induced tensile forces in tendon collagenMasic, A.; Bertinetti, L.; Schuetz, R.; Chang, S.-W.; Metzger, T.H.; Buehler, M.J.; Fratzl, P.; SHU-WEI CHANG journal article8787
232014Molecular biomechanics of collagen moleculesChang, S.-W.; Buehler, M.J.; SHU-WEI CHANG journal article4843
242013Molecular mechanics of mineralized collagen fibrils in boneNair, A.K.; Gautieri, A.; Chang, S.-W.; Buehler, M.J.; SHU-WEI CHANG journal article196188
252013Nanoindentation study of size effects in nickel-graphene nanocompositesChang, S.-W.; Nair, A.K.; Buehler, M.J.; SHU-WEI CHANG journal article3533
262013Multiscale analysis of adsorption-induced surface stress of alkanethiol on microcantileverChen, C.-S.; Chou, C.-C.; Chang, S.-W.; SHU-WEI CHANG journal article75
272013A New State of Charge Estimation Method for LiFePO4 Battery Packs Used in RobotsChang, Ming-Hui; Huang, Han-Pang; Chang, Shu-Wei; SHU-WEI CHANG journal article2628
282012Structural and mechanical differences between collagen homo-and heterotrimers: Relevance for the molecular origin of brittle bone diseaseChang, S.-W.; Shefelbine, S.J.; Buehler, M.J.; SHU-WEI CHANG journal article6462
292012Geometry and temperature effects of the interfacial thermal conductance in copper- and nickel-graphene nanocompositesChang, S.-W.; Nair, A.K.; Buehler, M.J.; SHU-WEI CHANG journal article6560
302012Molecular mechanism of force induced stabilization of collagen against enzymatic breakdownChang, S.-W.; Flynn, B.P.; Ruberti, J.W.; Buehler, M.J.; SHU-WEI CHANG journal article4242
312011Microcantilever biosensor: sensing platform, surface characterization and multiscale modelingChen, Chuin-Shan ; Kuan, Shu; Chang, Tzu-Hsuan; Chou, Chia-Ching; Chang, Shu-Wei ; Huang, Long-Sunjournal article43
322010First-principles study on variation of lattice parameters of mullite Al4+ 2xSi2− 2xO10− x (x= 0.125, 0.250, 0.375)Chen, Chuin-Shan ; Chou, Chia-Ching; Chang, Shu-Wei ; Fischer, Reinhard X.; Schneider, Hartmutjournal article00
332010First-principles study on variation of lattice parameters of mullite Al4<inf>+2x</inf>Si<inf>2-2x</inf>O<inf>10-x</inf> (x = 0.125, 0.250, 0.375)Chen, C.-S.; Chou, C.-C.; Chang, S.-W.; Fiscscher, R.X.; Schneider, H.; SHU-WEI CHANG journal article88
342010Ab-initio and multiscale study of surface stresses from alkanethiolate self-assembled monolayers on goldChen, C.-S.; Chou, C.-C.; Chang, S.-W.; SHU-WEI CHANG conference paper00
352008A non-iterative derivation of the common plane for contact detection of polyhedral blocksChang, S.-W.; Chen, C.-S.; SHU-WEI CHANG journal article1514
362007原子計算與有限元素的耦合分析陳俊杉 ; 張書瑋 journal article
372007Modelling diagnosis of heavy metal (copper) transport in an estuaryLIANG-SAW WEN ; Liu, Wen-Cheng; Chang, Shu-Wei ; Jiann, Kuo-Tung; Wen, Liang-Saw ; Liu, Kon-Keejournal article2120
382001Electroluminescence at silicon band gap energy from mechanically pressed indium-tin-oxide/Si contactLin, Ching-Fuh; Chen, Miin-Jang; Chang, Shu-Wei; Chung, Peng-Fei; Liang, Eih-Zhe; Su, Ting-Wien; Liu, C. W.; Lin, Ching-Fuh ; Chen, Miin-Jang ; Chang, Shu-Wei ; Chung, Peng-Fei; Liang, Eih-Zhe; Su, Ting-Wien; Liu, C. W.journal article43
392001Model for Band-Edge Electroluminescence from Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Silicon Tunneling DiodesChen, Miin-Jang ; Liang, Eih-Zhe; Chang, Shu-Wei ; Lin, Ching-Fuh journal article1714
40SepMetal-oxide-semiconductor light-emitting diodes at Si bandgap energyChen, Miin-Jang ; Lin, Ching-Fuh ; Chiu, Jiann Jong; Liu, Cheewee; Chang, Shu-Wei conference paper00
41-Novel Photoinduced Recovery of OFET Memories Based on Ambipolar Polymer Electret for Photorecorder ApplicationChen, Chia-Hui; Wang, Yang; Tatsumi, Hiroki; Michinobu, Tsuyoshi; Chang, Shu-Wei; Chiu, Yu-Cheng; Liou, Guey-Sheng; SHU-WEI CHANG journal article56