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12019Assessment of liver cirrhosis for patients with Child's A classification before hepatectomy using dynamic contrast-enhanced MRIYUNN-SHIUAN LIAO ; Lee, L. W.; Yang, P. H.; Kuo, L. M.; Kuan, L. Y.; WEN-YIH ISAAC TSENG ; Hwang, D. W.journal article00
22018Study of the EDM performance to produce a stable process and surface modificationLiang, J.F.; Liao, Y.S.; Kao, J.Y.; Huang, C.H.; Hsu, C.Y.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article5
32018A Study of the Debris Exclusion for Various Cross-section Electrodes in Linear Motor Equipped Deep Cavity EDM ProcessLiao, Y.S.; Liang, F.Y.; Tsai, Y.Y.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO conference paper0
42017Study of oil-water ratio and flow rate of MQL fluid in high speed milling of Inconel 718Liao, Y.-S.; Liao, C.-H.; Lin, H.-M.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article11
52016Study of Vibration Assisted Inclined feed Micro-EDM DrillingLiao, Y.S.; Liang, H.W.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO conference paper0
620153D printing bioceramic porous scaffolds with good mechanical property and cell affinityChang, C.-H.; Lin, C.-Y.; Liu, F.-H.; Chen, M.H.-C.; Lin, C.-P.; Ho, H.-N.; Liao, Y.-S.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article19
72014Optimal parameters of dental ultrasonic instrument diamond coating for enamel removalLiao, Yunn-Shiuan ; CHUN-PIN LIN ; Lin, Ting-Chang; Lee, Ming-Shu; Su, Po-Yuan; Chen, Yen-Liang; Chang, Hao-Hueng; Lin, Chun-Pin journal article11
82014Cutting performance of diamond-like carbon coated tips in ultrasonic osteotomyCHUN-PIN LIN ; Liao, Yunn-Shiuan ; Lin, Ting-Chang; Lai, Cheng-Yu; Chen, Yen-Liang; Chang, Hao-Hueng; Lin, Chun-Pin journal article22
92014Erosive potential of soft drinks on human enamel: An invitro studyChih-Wen Chi ; Wang, Yin-Lin ; Chang, Chia-Chieh; CHUN-PIN LIN ; Chi, Chih-Wen ; Chang, Hao-Hueng; Chiang, Yu-Chih ; Chuang, Yueh-Chiao; Chang, Hsiao-Hua ; Huang, Guay-Fen; Liao, Yunn-Shiuan ; Lin, Chun-Pin journal article1511
102014Study of machining parameters optimization for different materials in WEDMLiao, Y.-S.; Chuang, T.-J.; Yu, Y.-P.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article10
112014Methods to measure wire deflection in wire EDM machiningLiang, J.-F.; Liao, Y.S.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article0
122013An approach to improve machined surface finish in micro millingLiao, Y.S.; Huang, C.L.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO conference paper0
132013A study of a strategy for threading titanium alloyLiao, Y.-S.; Chen, C.-N.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO conference paper0
142013A method for determining the nose radius of an unequal nose radius multi-point threading toolChen, C.-N.; Liao, C.-H.; Liao, Y.-S.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article0
152013On-line workpiece height estimation and its application in servo feed control of WEDM processLiao, Y.-S.; Chuang, T.-J.; Yu, Y.-P.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO conference paper0
162013A study to improve drilling quality of electrochemical discharge machining (ECDM) processLaio, Y.S.; Wu, L.C.; Peng, W.Y.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO conference paper0
172013Study of debris exclusion effect in linear motor equipped die-sinking EDM processLiao, Y.S.; Wu, P.S.; Liang, F.Y.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO conference paper0
182013An improved CVDD bur used in ultrasonic dental system for enamel removalLiao, Y.S.; Lee, C.L.; Liao, K.T.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO conference paper0
192013Selective laser sintering of bio-metal scaffoldLiu, F.-H.; Lee, R.-T.; Lin, W.-H.; Liao, Y.-S.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO conference paper0
202012Ultrasonic vibration assisted mechanical chemical polishing (MCP) of silicon carbideLiao, Y.S.; Yu, Y.P.; Huang, C.W.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO conference paper0
212011Selective laser gelation of ceramic-matrix compositesLiu, Fwu-Hsing; Shen, Yung-Kang; Liao, Yunn-Shiuan journal article1410
222011A study of the tool change timing in turning micro V-grooves rollerLiao, Y.-S.; Lin, Z.-Z.; Hung, Y.-A.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO conference paper0
232010Fabrication of micro ball joint by using micro-EDM and electroformingLin, Chang-Sheng; Liao, Yunn-Shiuan ; Cheng, Yi-Ting; Lai, Yunn-Chengjournal article44
242010Cutting force prediction in ball-end milling with inclined feed by means of geometrical analysisTsai, Chung-Liang; Liao, Yunn-Shiuan journal article1514
252010Fabrication of inner complex ceramic parts by selective laser gellingLiu, Fwu-Hsing; Liao, Yunn-Shiuan journal article3126
262010Advanced Materials Research: PrefaceLiao, Y.-S.; Chen, C.-C.A.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO others
272010Diamond pad conditioners with oriented polycrystalline diamond cubesLin, T.-W.; Chen, Y.-T.; Liao, Y.-S.; Chen, J.-S.; Lin, C.-Y.; Sung, J.C.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO conference paper0
282010Vibration assisted scribing process on LCD glass substrateLiao, Y.S.; Yang, G.M.; Hsu, Y.S.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article2
292010CIMDW - A new technique of corona ignited micro-discharge in microweldingLiao, Y.S.; Lin, J.Y.; Chung, Y.C.; Yang, T.Y.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO conference paper0
302010Rapid manufacturing of metal-ceramic compositesLiu, F.-H.; Ni, T.-Y.; Liao, Y.-S.; Shen, Y.-K.; Ting, K.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO conference paper0
312010Effects of cutting fluid with nano particles on the grinding of titanium alloysLiao, Y.S.; Yu, Y.P.; Chang, C.H.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO conference paper0
322009Novel diamond conditioner dressing characteristics of CMP polishing padTsai, M.-Y.; Chen, S.-T.; Liao, Y.-S.; Sung, J.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article41
332009An on-line pulse trains analysis system of the wire-EDM processLiao, Y.S.; Cheng, M.P.; Liao, K.W.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article8
342009A method of etching and powder blasting for microholes on brittle materialsLiao, Y.S.; Chen, L.C.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article8
352009Investigation of the wear of the pad conditioner in chemical mechanical polishing processLiao, Y.S.; Yang, C.T.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO conference paper0
362009Development of a micro hole measuring system based on the capacitance principleChang, T.-Y.; Liao, Y.-S.; Liu, W.-C.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article1
372009Dressing characteristics of oriented single diamond on cmp polyurethane padTsai, M.Y.; Liao, Y.S.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article19
382009Effect of geometrical characteristics of a scribing wheel on the bending strength of LCD glass substratesLiao, Y.S.; Yang, G.M.; Hsu, Y.S.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO conference paper4
392008多工型臥式高精密微小4軸CNC加工機之研發及其應用-總計畫:多工型臥式高精密微小4軸CNC加工機之研發及其應用(3/3)廖運炫 report
402008線切割放電加工精度 - 鼓形量改善之研究 (新制多年期第1年)廖運炫 report
412008微放電加工機高效能與高精度化技術之研究 (新制多年期第2年)廖運炫 report
422008Prediction of cutting forces in ball-end milling by means of geometric analysisTsai, Chung-Liang; Liao, Yunn-Shiuan journal article
432008Efficient techniques for BEM rank-deficiency electrostatic problemsChyuan, Shiang-Woei; Liao, Yunn-Shiuan ; Chen, Jeng-Tzongjournal article
442008Diffractive beam splitting microlens for fiber coupling fabricated by UV imprinting processYang, Jauh Jung; Chen, Chi-Feng; Liao, Yunn-Shiuan journal article
452008Formability of the Layer Additive Ceramic PartLiu, Fwu Hsing; Liao, Yunn Shiuan ; Wang, Hsiu Pingjournal article00
462008Behaviors of end milling Inconel 718 superalloy by cemented carbide toolsLiao, Y.S.; Lin, H.M.; Wang, J.H.; LiaoYS journal article
472008Wear Behaviors in Turning High Hardness Alloy Steel by CBN ToolLiao, Y.S.; Wei, C.C.; LiaoYS journal article
482008A dual-directional light-control film with a high-sag and high-asymmetrical-shape microlens array fabricated by a UV imprinting processLin, T.-W.; Chen, C.-F.; Yang, J.-J.; Liao, Y.-S.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article14
492008Robust optimum designs of fibre-reinforced composites with design-variable and non-design-variable uncertaintiesLiao, Y.-S.; Chiou, C.-Y.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article3
502008An on-line monitoring system for a micro electrical discharge machining (micro-EDM) processLiao, Y.S.; Chang, T.Y.; Chuang, T.J.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article23
512008Wear behavior in turning high hardness alloy steel by CBN toolLin, H.M.; Liao, Y.S.; Wei, C.C.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article44
522008Formability of the layer additive ceramic partLiu, F.-H.; Liao, Y.-S.; Wang, H.-P.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO conference paper0
532007微放電加工機高效能與高精度化技術之研究 (新制多年期第1年)廖運炫 report
542007多工型臥式高精密微小4軸CNC加工機之研發及其應用-子計畫一:微奈米加工技術研發(3/3)廖運炫 report
552007Servo design of a vertical axis drive using dual linear motors for high speed electric discharge machiningHsieh, Min-Fu; Tung, Chin-Juei; Yao, Wu-Sung; Wu, Meng-Chieh; Liao, Yunn-Shiuan journal article
562007Fabrication of long hexagonal micro-lens array by applying gray-scale lithography in micro-replication processYang, Jauh-Jung; Liao, Yunn-Shiuan ; Chen, Chi-Fengjournal article
572007非接觸式清潔系統及其清潔方法廖運炫 Patent
582007微陣列探針的製作方法廖運炫 Patent
592007Feasibility study of the minimum quantity lubrication in high-speed end milling of NAK80 hardened steel by coated carbide toolLiao, Y.S.; Lin, H.M.; Chen, Y.C.; LiaoYS journal article
602007Mechanism of minimum quantity lubrication in high-speed milling of hardened steelLiao, Y.S.; Lin, H.M.; LiaoYS journal article
612007Adaptive control of the WEDM process using a self-tuning fuzzy logic algorithm with grey predictionLiao, Y.S.; Chen, Y.M.; LiaoYS journal article
622007The study of rapid prototyping process with embedded functional insertsLiao, Y.S.; Li, H.C.; Chen, M.T.; LiaoYS journal article
632007Feasibility study of the ultrasonic vibration assisted drilling of Inconel superalloyLiao, Y.S.; Chen, Y.C.; Lin, H.M.; LiaoYS journal article
642007Single diamond dressing characteristics of CMP polyurethane padLiao, Y.S.; Tsai, M.Y.; Sung, J.C.; Pai, Y.L.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article0
652006Robust optimum designs of fiber-reinforced composites using constraints with sensitivityLiao, Yunn Shiuan ; Chiou, Chwei Yuhjournal article
662006微細線張力控制機構廖運炫 ; 陳順同; 林常盛Patent
672006複合式模具製作方法廖運炫 Patent
682006線切割放電加工機構廖運炫 Patent
692006微細線張力控制機構廖運炫 Patent
702006線切割放電加工機構廖運炫 ; 陳順同; 林常盛Patent
712006Determination of Mask Opening Size in Creating Fluid Hole on Brittle Material by Double-Side Sand BlastingLiao, Y.S.; Chen, L.C.; LiaoYS ; ChenLC journal article
722006Study of laminated object manufacturing with separately applied heating and pressingLiao, Y.S.; Li, H.C.; Chiu, Y.Y.; LiaoYS journal article
732006Erratum: A novel technique for the fabrication of herringbone grooves in a dynamic thrust bearing combining UV-LIGA with electro-discharge machining (Microsyst Technol (2006) 12 (529-536)DOI: 10.1007/s00542-005-0053-3)Kuo, J.S.; Chiu, K.T.; Hsu, S.W.; Chen, P.H.; Liao, Y.S.; Yang, C.R.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO others0
742006A novel technique for the fabrication of herringbone grooves in a dynamic thrust bearing combining UV-LIGA with electro-discharge machiningKuo, J.S.; Chiu, K.T.; Hsu, S.W.; Chen, P.H.; Liao, Y.S.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article3
752006Eight-phase-level diffractive microlens for beam splitting using LIGA-lIke ProcessYang, J.-J.; Liao, Y.-S.; Chen, C.-F.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article1
762006Determination of mask opening size in creating a fluid hole on brittle material by double-side sand blastingLiao, Y.S.; Chen, L.C.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article4
772006Fabrication of diffractive optical lens for beam splitting using LIGA processYang, J.J.; Liao, Y.S.; Chen, C.F.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO conference paper0
782006Autoresonant Tuning and Control in Ultrasonic Vibration Assisted Drilling ProcessChen, Yu Chieh; Liao, Yunn Shiuan; Fan, J.D.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article3
792006Development of a Novel Micro Wire-EDM Mechanism for the Fabricating of Micro PartsLin, Chang Sheng; Liao, Yunn Shiuan; Chen, Shun Tong; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article2
802006Study of Hole-Machining on Pyrex Wafer by Electrochemical Discharge Machining (ECDM)Liao, Yunn Shiuan; Peng, Wen Yang; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article11
812005Surface Morphology and Sub-surface Damaged Layer of Various Glasses Machined by 193nm ArF Excimer LaserLiao, Yunn-shiuan ; Maher, Mary-Ann; Stewart, Harold D.; Chen, Ying-Tung; Chao, Choung-Lii; Liu, Yih-Mingjournal article100
822005複合式加工機構廖運炫 ; 林清章; 陳順同; 林常盛Patent
832005複合式加工機構廖運炫 Patent
842005Development of a High Precision Tabletop Versatile CNC Wire-EDM for Making Intricate Micro PartsLiao, Y.S.; Chen, S.T.; Lin, C.S.; LiaoYS journal article
852005Computational Study of the Effect of Finger Width and Aspect Ratios for the Electrostatic Levitating Force of MEMS CombdriveLiao, Y.S.; Chyuan, S,W.; Chen, J.T.; LiaoYS journal article
862005Ablation of transparent materials using excimer lasers for photonic applicationsChen, Y.-T.; Naessens, K.; Baets, R.; Liao, Y.-S.; Tseng, A.A.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article27
872005Fabrication of high aspect ratio microstructure arrays by micro reverse wire-EDMLiao, Y.-S.; Chen, S.-T.; Lin, C.-S.; Chuang, T.-J.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article26
882005Surface morphology and sub-surface damaged layer of various glasses machined by 193 nm ArF excimer laserLiao, Y.-S.; Chen, Y.-T.; Chao, C.-L.; Liu, Y.-M.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO conference paper0
892005Precision fabrication of an arrayed micro metal probe by the laser-LIGA processLiao, Y.-S.; Chen, Y.-T.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article11
902004An efficient technique for solving the arbitrarily multilayered electrostatic problems with singularity arising from a degenerate boundaryChyuan, Shiang-Woei; Liao, Yunn-Shiuan ; Chen, Jeng-Tzongjournal article
912004金屬薄殼快速模具技術之研究廖運炫 report
922004多工型精密微放電創成加工機之研發與相關製程技術之研究(1/3)廖運炫 report
932004精密線切割放電加工之研究(1/3)廖運炫 report
942004快速原型之架橋式層狀成形方法廖運炫 ; 邱雲堯; 侯健材Patent
952004快速原型之架橋式層狀成形方法廖運炫 Patent
962004Waste Removal Laminate Layering Rapid Prototyping Machine廖運炫 Patent
972004Efficaciously Modeling Exterior Electrostatic Problems with Singularity for Electron DevicesLiao, Y.S.; Chyuan, S,W.; Chen, J.T.; LiaoYS journal article
982004Study of Specific Discharge Energy in WEDM and its ApplicationLiao, Y.S.; Yu, Y.P.; LiaoYS journal article
992004A Study to Achieve a Fine Surface Finish in Wire-EDMLiao, Y.S.; Huang, J.T.; Chen, Y.H.; LiaoYS journal article
1002004An alternatively efficient method (DBEM) for simulating the electrostatic field and levitating force of a MEMS combdriveLiao, Y.S.; Chyuan, S.W.; Chen, J.T.; LiaoYS journal article
1012004Numerical studies of variations in the gap and finger width ratio and travelled distance for the driving force of a radio-frequency microelectromechanical system device using the dual boundary element methodLiao, Y.S.; Chyuan, S,W.; Chen, J.T.; LiaoYS journal article
1022004The Energy Aspect of Material Property in WEDM and its ApplicationLiao, Y.S.; Yu, Y.P.; LiaoYS journal article
1032004An efficient technique for solving the arbitrarily multilayered electrostatic problems with singularity arising from a degenerate boundaryChyuan, S.-W.; Liao, Y.-S.; Chen, J.-T.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article2
1042004Computational study of variations in gap size for the electrostatic levitating force of MEMS device using dual BEMChyuan, S.-W.; Liao, Y.-S.; Chen, J.-T.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article9
1052004Slicing strategies to obtain accuracy of feature relation in rapidly prototyped partsChiu, Y.Y.; Liao, Y.S.; Lee, S.C.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article12
1062004Study of electrochemical discharge machining technology for slicing non-conductive brittle materialsPeng, W.Y.; Liao, Y.S.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO conference paper57
1072004A study to achieve a fine surface finish in Wire-EDMLiao, Y.S.; Huang, J.T.; Chen, Y.H.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO conference paper83
1082004FEM versus BEMLiao, Y.-S.; Chyuan, S.-W.; Chen, J.-T.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article0
1092004The energy aspect of material property in WEDM and its applicationLiao, Y.S.; Yu, Y.P.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO conference paper10
1102003金屬薄殼與樹脂填充內襯之快速模具製程研究廖運炫 report
1112003高速銑削模具鋼之研究(3/3)廖運炫 report
1122003放電銑削製程之研究(3/3)廖運炫 report
1132003Study on wear mechanisms in drilling of Inconel 718 superalloyLiao, Y.S.; Chen, Y.C.; LiaoYS journal article
1142003A New Approach of Online Waste Removal Process for Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM)Liao, Y.S.; Chiu, L.C.; Chiu, Y.Y.; LiaoYS journal article
1152003Self-tuning fuzzy control with a grey prediction for wire rupture prevention in WEDMLee, W.M.; Liao, Y.S.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article8
1162003Study of electrical discharge machining technology for slicing silicon ingotsPeng, W.Y.; Liao, Y.S.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO conference paper36
1172003Optimization of machining parameters of Wire-EDM based on Grey relational and statistical analysesHuang, J.T.; Liao, Y.S.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article106
1182003An efficient method for solving electrostatic problemsChyuan, S.-W.; Liao, Y.-S.; Chen, J.-T.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article0
1192003A new approach of online waste removal process for laminated object manufacturing (LOM)Liao, Y.S.; Chiu, L.C.; Chiu, Y.Y.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO conference paper9
1202003Automatic fabrication for bridged laminated object manufacturing (LOM) processChiu, Y.Y.; Liao, Y.S.; Hou, C.C.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO conference paper13
1212003Laser path planning of burn-out rule for LOM processChiu, Y.Y.; Liao, Y.S.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article4
1222003Study on wear mechanisms in drilling of Inconel 718 superalloyChen, Y.C.; Liao, Y.S.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO conference paper67
1232003Automatic fabrication for bridged laminated object manufacturing (LOM) processChiu, Y. Y.; Liao, Y. S.; Hou, C. C.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article13
1242003Study of electrical discharge machining technology for slicing silicon ingotsPeng, W. Y.; Liao, Y. S.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article36
1252002放電銑削製程之研究(2/3)廖運炫 report
1262002高速銑削模具鋼之研究(2/3)廖運炫 report
1272002A Neural Network Approach for the On-line Estimation of Workpiece Height in WEDMLiao, Y.S.; Yan, M.T.; Chang, C.C.; LiaoYS journal article
1282001放電銑削製程之研究(1/3)廖運炫 report
1292001高速銑削模具鋼之研究(1/3)廖運炫 report
1302001頂面具有黏膠之薄片基層快速原型方法及其裝置廖運炫 Patent
1312001薄片基層快速原型方法及其裝置廖運炫 Patent
1322001選擇性撥除廢料之薄片積層快速原型製造方法及裝置廖運炫 Patent
1332001可調法布里- 珀羅截光器之可行性研究顏國安; 周正三; 廖運炫 ; 顏國安; 周正三; 廖運炫 journal article
1342001線切割放電加工工件厚度之線上估測廖運炫 ; 余永平journal article
1352001Adaptive crosshatch approach for the laminated object manufacturing (LOM) processLiao, Y.S.; Chiu, Y.Y.; LiaoYS journal article
1362001A New Slicing Procedure for Rapid Prototyping SystemsLiao, Y.S.; Chiu, Y.Y.; LiaoYS journal article
1372001On-line estimation of workpiece height by using neural networks and hierarchical adaptive control of WEDMYan, M.T.; Liao, Y.S.; Chang, C.C.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article8
1382000產學合作計畫:智慧型線切割式放電加工機之研發(3/3)廖運炫 report
1392000人工智能化的形雕放電加工廖運炫 report
1402000搖動式放電加工參數自動設定系統廖運炫 ; 陳益原journal article
1412000快速原型加工之新的切層策略研究廖運炫 ; 邱雲堯journal article
1422000球型銑刀之三維立體銑削分析廖運炫 ; 蔡忠良journal article
1432000A thermal model of the wet grinding processLiao, Y.S.; Luo, S.Y.; Yang, T.H.; LiaoYS journal article
1442000Design of a Fuzzy Controller for the Adaptive control of WEDM ProcessLiao, Y.S.; Woo, J.C.; LiaoYS journal article
1452000A wire-EDM maintenance and fault-diagnosis expert system integrated with an artificial neural networkHuang, J.T.; Liao, Y.S.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article10
1462000Thermal model of the wet grinding processLiao, Y.S.; Luo, S.Y.; Yang, T.H.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article22
1471999智慧型線切割式放電加工機之研發(2/3)廖運炫 report
1481999人工智能化的形雕放電加工(II)廖運炫 report
1491999Determination of finish-cutting operation number and machining-parameters setting in wire electrical discharge machiningHuang, J.T.; Liao, Y.S.; Hsue, W.J.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article69
1501999Fundamental geometry analysis of wire electrical discharge machining in corner cuttingHsue, W.J.; Liao, Y.S.; Lu, S.S.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article32
1511999Wear characteristics in turning high hardness alloy steel by ceramic and CBN toolsLuo, S.Y.; Liao, Y.S.; Tsai, Y.Y.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article92
1521998線鋸切削加工之研究廖運炫 report
1531998人工智能化的形雕放電加工(I)廖運炫 report
1541998放電加工波形資料處理與監控裝置電路改良廖運炫 Patent
1551998Adaptive Control of the WEDM Process Using the Fuzzy Control StrategyYan, M.T.; Liao, Y.S.; YUNN-SHIUAN LIAO journal article27
1561997機械及金屬材料領域赴東歐及俄羅斯參訪廖運炫 report
1571997智慧型線切割式放電加工機之研發(1/3)廖運炫 report
1581997模具設計與製造整合性研究(III)─總計畫廖運炫 report
1591997CNC銑床切削最佳化之研究(III)廖運炫 report
1601997模具設計與製造整合性研究(III)─子計畫二:放電加工參數設定最佳化系統廖運炫 report
1611997The effects of machining settings on the behavior of pulse trains in the WEDM processLiao, Y. S.; Woo, J. C.; LiaoYS journal article
1621997Study of wire breaking process and monitoring of WEDMLiao, Y. S.; Chu, Y. Y.; Yan, M. T.; LiaoYS journal article
1631997A study on the machining-parameters optimization of wire electrical discharge machiningLiao, Y. S.; Huang, J. T.; Su, H. C.; LiaoYS journal article
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219-切割結構廖運炫 Patent