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12019Synthesis of Double-Rocker Mechanisms for Motion Generation Using Fourier DescriptorHsieh C.-Y.; Shieh W.-B.; Chen C.-K.; Lee J.-J. Book Chapter00
22019Motion analysis of planar flexible mechanisms using vector form methodWang M.-L.; Wu T.-Y.; Lee J.-J. Book Chapter00
32018Transmission errors and backlash analysis of a single–stage cycloidal drive using tooth contact analysisShih Y.-P.; Sheen B.-T.; Wu K.-Y.; Lee J.-J. Conference Paper00
42018Kinematic error analysis and tolerance allocation of cycloidal gear reducersLin K.-S.; Chan K.-Y.; Lee J.-J. Journal Article1415
52018Synthesis of Discontinuously Movable Mechanisms with BifurcationLo T.-C.; Yang T.-N.; Lee J.-J. Conference Paper00
62017Design of a reciprocal hip mechanism with adjustable flexion-extension coupling ratios for prosthetic applicationsChen K.-H.; Lee J.-J. Conference Paper00
72017Design of a spatial compliant translational jointYang T.-S.; Shih P.-J.; Lee J.-J. Journal Article55
82016Design Optimization of a Compliant Revolute JointWu J.-M.; Shih P.-J.; Lee J.-J. Journal Article0
92015Computer-aided kinematic error analysis of a two-stage cycloidal driveKao W.-P.; Hsieh C.-C.; Lee J.-J. Conference Paper30
102015On the kinematics of a new parallel mechanism with Schoenflies motionJYH-JONE LEE journal article86
112014Neural substrates of behavioral variability in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: Based on ex-Gaussian reaction time distribution and diffusion spectrum imaging tractographyHSIANG-YUAN LIN ; Sheu, Jinn-Biau; Lin, H. -Y.; SUSAN SHUR-FEN GAU ; Huang, Jyun-Jheng; Gau, S. S. -F.; Huang-Gu, S. L.; Lee, Jyh-Jone ; CHI-YUNG SHANG ; WEN-YIH TSENG ; Shang, C. -Y.; Shang, C. -Y.; Wu, Y. -H.; Wu, Y. -H.; Tseng, W. -Y. I.; Tseng, W. -Y. I.journal article2222
122014Force Analysis for the Cycloidal Gear Reducer Using Finite Element MethodTse-Yu Chen; Jyh-Jone Lee ; Chang-Chia HsiehConference Paper
132014以凸輪運動曲線規劃Delta機器人之運動蔡維玲; 李志中 ; 黃俊弘Conference Paper
142014Design of a two-stage cycloidal gear reducer with tooth modificationsJYH-JONE LEE journal article3627
152013Precision Analysis and Verification of A Five-Bar Linkage with Compliant JointsChing-Shin Lin; Jyh-Jone Lee Conference Paper
162013新型二階擺線減速機之運動誤差分析與設計林灣松; 李志中 Conference Paper
172013Residual stress of curvature sapphire substrate with GaN film released by the application of trench structuresJYH-JONE LEE journal article00
182013The demonstration of nonlinear analytic model for the strain field induced by thermal copper filled TSVs (through silicon via)JYH-JONE LEE conference paper00
192012Analysis of An Underactuated Passively Adaptive Finger MechanismChing-Wei Chuang; Jyh-Jone Lee ; Kuan-Chou ChenConference Paper
202012Design of A Cross-Type Compliant Translation JointTai-Shen Yang; Jyh-Jone Lee Conference Paper
212012擺線輪減速器之構造合成邱卓群; 李志中 Conference Paper
222012On the fail-safe design of tendon-driven manipulators with redundant tendonsJYH-JONE LEE ; Sheu, Jinn-Biau; Liu, Tyng ; TYNG LIU ; Lee, Jyh-Jone journal article43
232012Optimization design of tendon-driven manipulators with high fault toleranceSheu, Jinn-Biau; JYH-JONE LEE ; Lee, Jyh-Jone journal article00
242012Singularity and workspace analysis of three isoconstrained parallel manipulators with schoenflies motionJYH-JONE LEE journal article150
252011Development of mechanism, machine science and technology in TaiwanYan H.-S.; Fong Z.H.; Tsai Y.C.; Sung C.K.; Kuang J.H.; Tsay C.B.; Tsai S.J.; Chen D.Z.; Liu T.; Lee J.J. ; Chang S.H.Book Chapter00
262011Jacobian and Singularity Analysis of Three Parallel Manipulators with the Schoenflies MotionP.C. Lee; J.J. Lee Conference Paper
272011以向量式有限元分析具潤滑間隙接頭之平面機構運動詹治榮; 李志中 ; 吳東岳Conference Paper
282011不足驅動被動適應手指機構之設計許文杰; 莊景崴; 李志中 Conference Paper
292011具撓性接頭五連桿組之精度分析與驗證林景新; 李志中 Conference Paper
302011Topological Synthesis of Underactuated Passively Adaptive Finger MechanismsChing-Wei Chuang; J-J. Lee Conference Paper
312011運動中平面?桿機構機件斷??為之研究詹治榮; 吳東岳; 李志中 Conference Paper
322010In-plane crushing analysis of cellular materials using vector form intrinsic finite elementJYH-JONE LEE journal article
332010Four novel pick-and-place isoconstrained manipulators and their inverse kinematicsJYH-JONE LEE conference paper40
342010Kinematic synthesis of tendon-driven robotic manipulators using singular value decompositionSheu, Jinn-Biau; JYH-JONE LEE ; Huang, Jyun-Jheng; Lee, Jyh-Jone journal article109
352010Forward Kinematics and Numerical Verification of Four Novel Parallel Manipulators with Schoenflies MotionPo-Chih Lee; Jyh-Jone Lee Conference Paper
362010In-plane Crushing Analysis of Cellular Materials Using Vector Form Intrinsic Finite ElementWu, T.Y.; Tsai, W.C.; Lee, J.J.; WuTY ; TsaiWCLeeJJ journal article
372009Dynamic elastic–plastic and large deflection analyses of frame structures using motion analysis of structures,” Thin-Walled StructuresWu, Tung-Yueh; Tsai, Wen-Chang; Lee, Jyh-Jone journal article
382009Design of Geneva mechanisms with curved slots for non-undercutting manufacturingLee, Jyh-Jone ; Jan, Bin-Hengjournal article1110
392009Synthesis of tendon-driven manipulators with high fault toleranceJYH-JONE LEE conference paper20
402009Dynamic elastic-plastic and large deflection analyses of frame structures using motion analysis of structuresJYH-JONE LEE journal article1712
412009應用田口方法於晶圓盒門體閂鎖機構之潔淨度分析林耀馨; 吳宗明; 李志中 Conference Paper
422009Synthesis of Tendon-Driven Manipulators with High Fault ToleranceJ. B. Sheu; Jyh-Jone Lee Conference Paper
432009撓性旋轉接頭之最佳化設計吳介民; 李志中 Conference Paper
442009Dynamic elastic–plastic and large deflection analyses of frame structures using motion analysis of structuresTung-YuehWu*; Wen-ChangTsai; Jyh-JoneLee Journal Article
452008人工肌肉驅動機器人之研究與其實驗平台建構 (新制多年期第1年)李志中 report
462008人工肌肉驅動機器人之研究與其實驗平台建構 (新制多年期第2年)李志中 report
472008Kinematic synthesis of a four-link mechanism with rolling contacts for motion and function generationSheu, J.-B.; JYH-JONE LEE ; Sheu, Jinn-Biau; Lee, Jyh-J.; Hu, Sheng-Lun; Lee, Jyh-Jone ; Hu, S.-L.journal article22
482008Motion analysis of structures (MAS) for flexible multibody systems: Planar motion of solidsWu, Tung-Yueh; JYH-JONE LEE ; Lee, Jyh-Jone ; Ting, Edward C.journal article1610
492008運動解析法在平面剛架結構彈塑性大變形之應用蔡文昌; 吳東岳; 李志中 Conference Paper
502008以運動解析法分析撓性機構含間隙接頭問題廖奕翔; 吳東岳; 李志中 Conference Paper
512006On the design of the latch mechanism for wafer containers in a SMIF environmentJYH-JONE LEE journal article00
522006Workpiece holder for clean containerPai Wei-Ming; Chen Dar-Zen ; Lee Jyh-Jone ; Wu Tzong-Ming; Lin Hui-ChihPatent
532006Workpiece Holder for Clean Container李志中 Patent
542006On the design of the latch mechanism for wafer containers in a SMIF environmentJ.J. Lee ; D.Z. Chen; W.M. PaiJournal Article
552005潔淨容器內固持組件白維銘; 陳達仁 ; 李志中 ; 吳宗明; 林彗芝Patent
562005Latching mechanism for locking /unlocking the door of a wafer containerPai Wei-Ming; Chen Dar-Zen ; Wu Tzong-Ming; Lee Jyh-Jone ; Lin Ching-KoPatent
572005Latching Mechanism for Locking/unlocking the Door of a Wafer ContainerPai. W. M.; Chen,D. Z. ; Wu,T.; Lee,J. ; Lin C.Patent
582005Latching Mechanism for Locking/Unlocking the Door of a Wafer李志中 Patent
592005潔淨容器內固持元件李志中 Patent
602005Path synthesis of a finger-type gripping mechanismLee, Jyh-Jone ; Lee, J.J.; JYH-JONE LEE ; Tsai, Y.W; Tsai, Yu-Weijournal article33
612005Motion synthesis of a chopstick-type gripping mechanismJYH-JONE LEE conference paper
622005Kinematic and compliance analysis for tendon-driven robotic mechanisms with flexible tendonsJYH-JONE LEE journal article2723
632004具撓性腱腱驅動機構動力模式之研究李志中 report
642004晶片盒門體的閂鎖機構白維銘; 陳達仁 ; 李志中 ; 吳宗明; 林清格|Patent
652004潔淨容器內固持組件白維銘; 陳達仁 ; 李志中 ; 吳宗明; 林彗芝|Patent
662004Geometry Analysis and Optimal Design of Geneva Mechanisms with Curved SlotsLee, J.J.; Huang, K.F.; LeeJJ journal article
672004Geometry analysis and optimal design of Geneva mechanisms with curved slotsJYH-JONE LEE journal article
682003On The Design of An Innovative Latch Mechanism in SMIFed Wafer ContainersPai, Wei-Ming; Chen, Dar-Zen ; Lee, Jyh-Jone ; Ho, Chi-Cherjournal article
692003人工輔助卸載台車技術分析李岳樺; 李志中 ; 陳達仁 ; 吳宗明; 楊東芳journal article
702003A Decomposition Methodology for the Creation of Mechanisms According to Its Functional and Structural CharacteristicsPai, Wei-Ming; Chen, Dar-Zen ; Lee, Jyh-Jone ; Wu, Tzong-Mingjournal article
712003Topological Synthesis of Non-Fractionated Differential Geared Mechanisms for AutomotivesChen, Dar-Zen ; Yao, Kang-Li; Lee, Jyh-Jone journal article00
722003智慧型高速真圓度測定儀之設計與發展─子計畫一:機械設計與誤差分析(3/3)李志中 report
732003Force Transmissibility Performance of Parallel ManipulatorsW.T. Chang; C.C. Lin; J.J. Lee Journal Article
742003Dynamic Analysis of Tendon-Driven Robotic MechanismsJ.-J. Lee* ; Y. H. LeeJournal Article
752003Dynamic Analysis of Tendon-Driven Robotic MechanismsLee, J.-J.; Lee, Y. H.; LeeJJ journal article
762003Kinematic Analysis of Mechanisms with Rolling Pairs using Matrix Transformation MethodLee, J.-J.; Lin, C.C.; Chen, C.P.; LeeJJ journal article
772003Dynamic analysis of tendon driven robotic mechanismsJYH-JONE LEE journal article1415
782003Modeling of the dynamics of tendon-driven robotic mechanisms with flexible tendonsJYH-JONE LEE journal article1816
792003Kinematic analysis of mechanisms with rolling pairs using matrix transformation methodJYH-JONE LEE journal article
802003Force Transmissibility Performance of Parallel ManipulatorsJYH-JONE LEE journal article2519
812003A decomposition methodology for design of mechanisms from functional and structural perspectivesJYH-JONE LEE journal article
822002晶圓傳送盒閂鎖機構之美國專利分析陳達仁 ; 白維銘; 李志中 ; 吳宗明journal article
832002智慧型高速真圓度測定儀之設計與發展(2/3)─子計畫一:機械設計與誤差分析李志中 report
842002Improving kinematic and structural performance of Geneva mechanisms using the optimal control methodJYH-JONE LEE journal article75
852002Structural synthesis of multi-fingered handsJYH-JONE LEE journal article1715
862002Improving Kinematic and Structural Performance of Geneva Mechanisms Using Optimal Control MethodLee, J.-J.; Cho, C.-C.; LeeJJ journal article
872002Structural Synthesis of Multi-Fingered HandsLee, J.-J.; Tsai, L.-W.; LeeJJ journal article
882001智慧型高速真圓度測定儀之設計與發展(1/3)─子計畫一:機械設計與誤差分析李志中 report
892001轉換矩陣法用於具多Holonomic運動對機構之運動分析陳鈞泊; 李志中 ; 林鎮洲journal article
902000多指式機械手之構造合成與幾何關係之研究李志中 report
911998Topological synthesis and geometry analysis for hand-object mechanismsJYH-JONE LEE journal article
921998SMIF內空氣流場之數值模擬陳新全; 陳希立 ; 李志中 journal article
931994Automated system for cam design and manufactureJYH-JONE LEE conference paper
941993Torque resolver design for tendon-driven manipulatorsJYH-JONE LEE journal article
951992Torque resolver design for tendon-driven manipulatorsJYH-JONE LEE conference paper
961991Structural synthesis of tendon-driven manipulators having a pseudotriangular structure matrixJYH-JONE LEE journal article
971989Kinematic analysis of tendon-driven robotic mechanisms using graph theoryTsai, L.-W.; Lee, J.-J.; JYH-JONE LEE journal article12
981988Kinematic analysis of tendon-driven robotic mechanisms using graph theoryJYH-JONE LEE conference paper