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12018Integrated Operation of Renewable Energy Sources and Water ResourcesTsai, Y.-C.; Chan, Y.-K.; Ko, F.-K.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article1211
22017Development of a simple static microwell array with uniform cell seeding and a chemical concentration gradientYeh, S.I.; Hau, C.C.; Huang, C.J.; Chang, H.C.; Hsu, C.H.; Yang, J.T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article32
32017An investigation of fuel mixing and reaction in a CH<inf>4</inf>/syngas/air premixed impinging flame with varied H<inf>2</inf>/CO proportionChiu, C.-P.; Yeh, S.-I.; Tsai, Y.-C.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article10
42016The swimming patterns and energy-saving mechanism revealed from three fish in a schoolChen, S.-Y.; Fei, Y.-H.J.; Chen, Y.-C.; Chi, K.-J.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article75
52016Strategies for the development of offshore wind technology for far-east countries - A point of view from patent analysisTsai, Y.-C.; Huang, Y.-F.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article1412
62016Importance of body rotation during the flight of a butterflyFei, Y.-H.J.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article108
72016Development of a millimetrically scaled biodiesel transesterification device that relies on droplet-based co-axial fluidicsYeh, S.I.; Huang, Y.C.; Cheng, C.H.; Cheng, C.M.; Yang, J.T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article98
82016Desalination plants and renewables combined to solve power and water issuesTsai, Y.-C.; Chiu, C.-P.; Ko, F.-K.; Chen, T.-C.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article1612
92016Continuous production of biodiesel by a passive millimeter-micrometer fluidic systemChen, I.-L.; Yeh, S.-I.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG conference paper0
102016The visual colorimetric detection of multi-nucleotide polymorphisms on a pneumatic droplet manipulation platformYeh, S.-I.; Fang, W.-F.; Huang, C.-J.; Wang, T.-M.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article22
112015Mechanism of enhancement of heat transfer for plate-fin heat sinks with dual piezoelectric fansMa, S.-L.; Chen, J.-W.; Li, H.-Y.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article66
122015Enhanced stabilization of multiple premixed flames with a compressive vortex pair on a stratified burnerChen, J.-W.; Li, C.-C.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article11
132015Effect of air coflow on lean premixed flames on a stratified burnerChen, J.-W.; Li, C.-C.; Lin, H.-W.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article20
142015Combustion characteristics of premixed propane flame with added H<inf>2</inf> and CO on a V-shaped impinging burnerChen, J.-W.; Chiu, C.-P.; Mo, S.-H.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article88
152015Enhanced thrust and speed revealed in the forward flight of a butterfly with transient body translationFei, Y.-H.J.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article1110
162015Detection of an amphiphilic biosample in a paper microchannel based on lengthChen, Y.-T.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article910
172015Chemical reaction and mixing inside a coalesced droplet after a head-on collisionYeh, S.-I.; Sheen, H.-J.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article2018
182014Colorimetric determination of DNA concentration and mismatches using hybridization-mediated growth of gold nanoparticle probesFang, W.-F.; Chen, W.-J.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article1615
192014A portable microfluidic device for the rapid diagnosis of cancer metastatic potential which is programmable for temperature and CO <inf>2</inf>Yu, I.F.; Yu, Y.H.; Chen, L.Y.; Fan, S.K.; Chou, H.Y.E.; Yang, J.T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article1311
202014Design and testing of a novel catalytic reactor to generate hydrogenLi, H.-Y.; Chen, Y.-T.; Lu, M.-T.; Lai, Y.-H.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article44
212014Origami paper-based fluidic batteries for portable electrophoretic devicesChen, S.-S.; Hu, C.-W.; Yu, I.-F.; Liao, Y.-C.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article2424
222014A biocompatible open-surface droplet manipulation platform for detection of multi-nucleotide polymorphismHuang, C.J.; Fang, W.F.; Ke, M.S.; Chou, H.Y.E.; Yang, J.T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article2221
232013Thermal performance of plate-fin heat sinks with piezoelectric cooling fanLi, H.-Y.; Chao, S.-M.; Chen, J.-W.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article4435
242013A pneumatic open-surface microfluidic platform for droplet manipulationHuang, C.J.; Ke, M.S.; Yang, J.T.; JING-TANG YANG conference paper00
252013Ventral-clap modes of hovering passerinesChang, Y.-H.; Ting, S.-C.; Su, J.-Y.; Soong, C.-Y.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article88
262013The dependence of propulsive performance on the slip number in an undulatory swimming fishYu, C.-L.; Hsu, Y.-H.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article11
272013Analysis of the aerodynamic force in an eye-stabilized flapping flyerSu, J.-Y.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article11
282013Droplets coalescence and mixing with identical and distinct surface tension on a wettability gradient surfaceYeh, S.-I.; Fang, W.-F.; Sheen, H.-J.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article2322
292013DNA diagnosis in a microseparator based on particle aggregationChen, Y.-T.; Liu, Y.-C.; Fang, W.-F.; Huang, C.-J.; Fan, S.-K.; Chen, W.-J.; Chang, W.-T.; Huang, C.-H.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article22
302013A numerical investigation on the ground effect of a flapping-flying birdSu, J.; Tang, J.; Wang, C.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article1818
312012Mechanical capability and timing of a fish to maneuver from a steady straight-line swimming stateYu, Cheng-Lun; Ting, Shang-Chieh; Hsu, Yu-Han; Yeh, Meng-Kao; Yang, Jing-Tang journal article41
322012Locally enhanced concentration and detection of oligonucleotides in a plug-based microfluidic deviceFang, Wei-Feng; Ting, Shang-Chieh; Hsu, Ching-Wen; Chen, Yu-Tzu; Yang, Jing-Tang journal article1817
332012Numerical investigation of the ground effect for a small birdTang, J.-H.; Su, J.-Y.; Wang, C.-H.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article87
342012Stabilization of double flames interacting with the intersecting flow on a V-shaped burnerLi, C.-C.; Chen, J.-W.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article107
352012Particle chain display - An optofluidic electronic paperFan, S.-K.; Chiu, C.-P.; Hsu, C.-H.; Chen, S.-C.; Huang, L.-L.; Lin, Y.-H.; Fang, W.-F.; Chen, J.-K.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article88
362012How a Small Bird Executes a Sharp Turning Maneuver: A Mechanical PerspectiveSu, J.-Y.; Ting, S.-C.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article65
372012Fission and fusion of droplets in a 3-D crossing microstructureChen, Y.-T.; Chang, W.-C.; Fang, W.-F.; Ting, S.-C.; Yao, D.-J.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article96
382012Microflow synthesis of saccharide nucleoside diphosphate with cross-coupling reactions of monophosphate componentsChen, K.-H.; Fang, W.-F.; Chen, Y.-T.; Fang, J.-M.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article44
392012A passerine spreads its tail to facilitate a rapid recovery of its body posture during hoveringSu, Jian-Yuan; Ting, Shang-Chieh; Chang, Yu-Hung; Yang, Jing-Tang journal article2119
402011Aerodynamic trick for visual stabilization during downstroke in a hovering birdSu, Jian-Yuan; Ting, Shang-Chieh; Chang, Yu-Hung; Yang, Jing-Tang journal article99
412011Three-dimensional numerical simulation of hydrodynamic interactions between pectoral-fin vortices and body undulation in a swimming fishYu, Cheng-Lun; Ting, Shang-Chieh; Yeh, Meng-Kao; Yang, Jing-Tang journal article1714
422011An unconventional mechanism of lift production during the downstroke in a hovering bird (Zosterops japonicus)Chang, Yu-Hung; Ting, Shang-Chieh; Liu, Chieh-Cheng; Yang, Jing-Tang ; Soong, Chyi-Yeoujournal article1412
432011Analysis of chaos and FRET reaction in split-and-recombine microreactorsChen, Yu-Tzu; Fang, Wei-Feng; Liu, Yen-Cheng; Yang, Jing-Tang journal article1512
442011Characterization of microfluidic mixing and reaction in microchannels via analysis of cross-sectional patternsFang, Wei-Feng; Hsu, Miao-Hsing; Chen, Yu-Tzu; Yang, Jing-Tang journal article99
452011Flash synthesis of carbohydrate derivatives in chaotic microreactorsChen, Yu-Tzu; Chen, Kuan-Hong; Fang, Wei-Feng; Tsai, Sheng-Hung; Fang, Jim-Min; Yang, Jing-Tang; JIM-MIN FANG ; Yang, Jing-Tang journal article1413
462010An innovative indicator of carbon dioxide emissions for developing countries: A study of TaiwanHuang, Yu-Fen; Lin, Yu-Chun; Yang, Jing-Tang journal article44
472010Enhanced mobile hybridization of gold nanoparticles decorated with oligonucleotide in microchannel devicesHsu, Miao-Hsing; Fang, Wei-Feng; Lai, Yu-Hsuan; Yang, Jing-Tang ; Tsai, Tsung-Lin; Shieh, Dar-Binjournal article118
482010A microchip fabricated with a vapor-diffusion self-assembled-monolayer method to transport droplets across superhydrophobic to hydrophilic surfacesLai, Yu-Hsuan; Yang, Jing-Tang ; Shieh, Dar-Binjournal article6663
492010Enhanced mixing of droplets during coalescence on a surface with a wettability gradientLai, Yu-Hsuan; Hsu, Miao-Hsing; Yang, Jing-Tang journal article3331
502010Simultaneous measurement of concentrations and velocities of submicron species using multicolor imaging and microparticle image velocimetryYang, Jing-Tang ; Lai, Yu-Hsuan; Fang, Wei-Feng; Hsu, Miao-Hsingjournal article32
512009Cooling transients in a sudden-expansion channel with varied rates of wall transpirationTsai, G.-L.; Lin, Y.C.; Wang, H.W.; Lin, Y.F.; Su, Y.C.; Yang, J.T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article21
522009Low-frequency oscillation of a non-premixed flame on a bluff-body burnerPan, K.-L.; Li, C.-C.; Juan, W.-C.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article1310
532009Transitional flow patterns behind a backstep with porous-based fluid injectionTsai, G.-L.; Lin, Y.C.; Ma, W.J.; Wang, H.W.; Yang, J.T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article33
542009Investigation and application of an ultrahydrophobic hybrid-structured surface with anti-sticking characterYang, Z.-H.; Chiu, C.-Y.; Yang, J.-T.; Yeh, J.A.; JING-TANG YANG journal article2924
552009Transient flame spread during convective ignition of solid fuel in a sudden-expansion combustorYang, J.T.; Hsiao, F.C.; Lin, Y.C.; JING-TANG YANG journal article43
562009Extracting energetically dominant flow features in a complicated fish wake using singular-value decompositionTing, S.-C.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article1312
572009Mixing and hydrodynamic analysis of a droplet in a planar serpentine micromixerTung, K.-Y.; Li, C.-C.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article6158
582009Vortical structure of reacting flow in a sudden-expansion combustor with solid fuelHsiao, F.C.; Lai, Y.H.; Yang, J.T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article00
592009Planar liquid confinement for optical centering of dielectric liquid lensesTsai, C.G.; Chen, C.-N.; Cheng, L.-S.; Cheng, C.-C.; Yang, J.-T.; Yeh, J.A.; JING-TANG YANG journal article1717
602009An innovative technique for simultaneous measurement of three-dimensional kinematics and induced flow of a swimming fishTing, S.-C.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article11
612009A novel microreactor with 3D rotating flow to boost fluid reaction and mixing of viscous fluidsFang, W.-F.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article5549
622008Pitching stabilization via caudal fin-wave propagation in a forward-sinking parrot cichlid (Cichlasoma citrinellum x Cichlasoma synspilum)Ting, S.C.; Yang, J.T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article1614
632008Conversion of surface energy and manipulation of a single droplet across micropatterned surfacesYang, J.-T.; Yang, Z.-H.; Chen, C.-Y.; Yao, D.-J.; JING-TANG YANG journal article6861
642008Design and analysis of a chaotic micromixer with vortices modulationTung, K.Y.; Yang, J.T.; JING-TANG YANG conference paper00
652008Fluids mixing in devices with connected-groove channelsYang, J.-T.; Fang, W.-F.; Tung, K.-Y.; JING-TANG YANG journal article4141
662008雙渦漩調控式微混合器黃科志; 楊鏡堂 ; 陳建安Patent
672008Analysis of a chaotic micromixer by novel methods of particle tracking and FRETTung, K.-Y.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article1314
682008High performance microreactor for rapid fluid mixing and redox reaction of ascorbic acidFang, W.F.; Yang, J.T.; JING-TANG YANG conference paper10
692008包覆式電潤濕液滴操控裝置楊鏡堂 ; 陳琮瑜; 方偉峰Patent
702007A novel fluidic oscillator incorporating step-shaped attachment wallsYang, Jing-Tang ; Chen, Chi-Ko; Tsai, Kun-Jyh; Lin, Wei-Zhih; Sheen, Horn-Jiunn 4539
712007A novel fluidic oscillator incorporating step-shaped attachment wallsYang, J. T.; Chen, C. K.; Tsai, K. J.; Lin, W. Z.; Sheen, H. J.; YangJT journal article
722007Design of a self-flapping microfluidic oscillator and diagnosis with fluorescence methodsYang, J.-T.; Chen, C.-K.; Hu, I.-C.; Lyu, P.-C.; JING-TANG YANG journal article2018
732007Chaotic mixing of fluids in a planar serpentine channelLin, K.-W.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article2219
742007A chaotic micromixer modulated by constructive vortex agitationYang, J.-T.; Huang, K.-J.; Tung, K.-Y.; Hu, I.-C.; Lyu, P.-C.; JING-TANG YANG journal article2825
752007An overlapping crisscross micromixerWang, L.; Yang, J.-T.; Lyu, P.-C.; JING-TANG YANG journal article3128
762006Mixing and separation of two-fluid flow in a micro planar serpentine channelYang, J.-T.; Lin, K.-W.; JING-TANG YANG journal article2423
772006An overlapping crisscross micromixer using chaotic mixing principlesWang, L.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article3128
782006Experimental and computational analysis of periodic flow structure in oscillatory gas flow metersChen, C.-K.; Wang, L.; Yang, J.-T.; Chen, L.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article1815
792006Droplet manipulation on a hydrophobic textured surface with roughened patternsYang, J.-T.; Chen, J.C.; Huang, K.-J.; Yeh, J.A.; JING-TANG YANG journal article6759
802006Separation of amino acids by aqueous two-phase electrophoresis on the micro-pillar chipsChen, C.-Y.; Fang, W.-F.; Chen, C.; Yang, J.-T.; Lyu, P.-C.; JING-TANG YANG conference paper10
812005Geometric Effects on Fluid Mixing in Passive Grooved MicromixersYang, J. T.; Huang, K. J.; Lin, Y. C.; YangJT journal article
822005Rapid mixing in an overlapping crisscross micromixerWang, L.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG conference paper00
832005A novel asymmetric microfluidics oscillatorChen, C.; Yang, J.-T.; Ho, C.-H.; JING-TANG YANG conference paper20
842004Microfabrication and laser diagnosis of pressure-swirl atomizersYang, J.-T.; Huang, K.-J.; Chen, A.C.; JING-TANG YANG journal article117
852003Ferroelectric and pyroelectric properties of sol-gel derived PbCaTiO <inf>3</inf> thin films using low-temperature annealingPan, H.-C.; Chou, C.-C.; Yang, J.-T.; Tsai, H.-L.; JING-TANG YANG journal article10
862003Analysis of entrainment in a sudden-expansion channel with wall mass transferYang, J.-T.; Lee, S.-C.; Chao, Y.-C.; JING-TANG YANG journal article00
872002Thermal analysis and PLIF imaging of reacting flow behind a disc stabilizer with a central fuel jetYang, J.-T.; Chang, C.-C.; Pan, K.-L.; Kang, Y.-P.; Lee, Y.-P.; JING-TANG YANG journal article2318
882002Flow structures and mixing mechanisms behind a disc stabilizer with a central fuel jetYang, J.-T.; Chang, C.-C.; Pan, K.-L.; JING-TANG YANG journal article2617
892001Transient cooling effect by wall mass injection after backstep in high temperature flow fieldYang, J.-T.; Gu, J.-D.; Ma, W.-J.; JING-TANG YANG journal article74
901998Flame lift-off and stabilization mechanisms of nonpremixed jet flames on a bluff-body burnerChen, Y.-C.; Chang, C.-C.; Pan, K.-L.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article7764
911997Flame and flow characteristics of double concentric jetsHuang, R.F.; Yang, J.-T.; Lee, P.-C.; JING-TANG YANG journal article1712
921997Effects of inlet configuration on ignition and fuel regression behind a backstepWu, C.Y.-Y.; Yang, J.-T.; Yang, H.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article32
931996Reacting flow over a non-traditional flame stabilizerYang, J.-T.; Yen, C.-W.; JING-TANG YANG journal article22
941996High temperature heat transfer of separated flow over a sudden-expansion with base mass injectionYang, J.-T.; Tsai, C.-H.; JING-TANG YANG journal article117
951995Continuous monitoring of acid stratification during charge/discharge by holographic laser interferometryChao, C.W.; Lin, S.P.; Wang, Y.Y.; Wan, C.C.; Yang, J.T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article1210
961995Controlling mechanisms of ignition of solid fuel in a sudden-expansion combustorYang, J.-T.; Wu, C.Y.Y.; JING-TANG YANG journal article128
971994Solid-fuel regression during ignition transient in a ramjetYang, J.-T.; Yuh-Yih Wu, C.; JING-TANG YANG journal article30
981994Numerical Analysis of Convective Ignition and Flame Development over a Porous SphereTsai, G.-T.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article57
991994Ignition transient of a polymethylmethacrylate slab in a sudden-expansion combustorYang, J.-T.; Wu, C.Y.-Y.; Din, S.-J.; JING-TANG YANG journal article109
1001994Near-wake characteristics of various v-shaped bluff bodiesYang, J.T.; Tsai, G.L.; Wang, W.B.; JING-TANG YANG journal article95
1011994Effects of combustor aerodynamics on the ignition of solid fuelYang, J.-T.; Wu, C.Y.-Y.; Yang, H.-T.; JING-TANG YANG conference paper00
1021994Separated-reattaching flow over a backstep with uniform normal mass bleedYang, J.-T.; Tsai, B.-B.; Tsai, G.-L.; JING-TANG YANG journal article3131
1031994Flame stabilization in the wake flow behind a slit V-gutterYang, J.-T.; Yen, C.-W.; Tsai, G.-L.; JING-TANG YANG journal article1914
1041993Dynamics of flow stretch on coal ignition mechanismYang, J.-T.; Tsai, G.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article32
1051993Near-wake flow of a V-gutter with slit bleed: (Data bank contribution)Yang, J.-T.; Tsai, G.-L.; JING-TANG YANG journal article133
1061993Pressure fluctuation in correlation with velocity fluctuations in turbulent wake flowTsai, G.-L.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article90
1071992The wake flow structure of an open-slit V gutterYang, J.-T.; Tsai, G.-L.; JING-TANG YANG journal article43
1081992Convective thermal ignition of an individual polymethylmethacrylate particleWang, G.-G.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article116
1091991The Effect of Intake Manifolds On Cylinder-To-Cylinder Variations of Performance and Emissions of A Four-Cylinder EngineYang, J.-T.; Jeng, M.-H.; Tsai, G.-L.; JING-TANG YANG journal article00
1101990The effect of heat transfer on coal devolatilizationYang, J.-T.; Wang, G.-G.; JING-TANG YANG journal article1413
1111990Ignition mechanism of subbituminous coal combustion in the stretched-flow fieldYang, J.-T.; Tsai, G.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article53
1121990Modeling of the convective thermal ignition process of solid fuel particlesYang, J.-T.; Wang, G.-G.; Li, H.-Y.; JING-TANG YANG journal article23
1131989Combustion and gasification of individual coal particle during pyrolysisYang, J.-T.; Wang, G.-G.; JING-TANG YANG journal article00
1141985Combustion of millimeter sized coal particles in convective flowRagland, K.W.; Yang, J.-T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article3225
1151981Coal combustion at high reynolds numberRagland, K.W.; Jehn, T.C.; Yang, J.T.; JING-TANG YANG journal article150