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12019A rapid and green method for the fabrication of conductive hydrogels and their applications in stretchable supercapacitorsShih, Chien Chung; Lin, Yan Cheng; Gao, Mengyao; Wu, Mercedes; Hsieh, Hui Ching; NAE-LIH WU ; WEN-CHANG CHEN journal article76
22019A novel non-porous separator based on single-ion conducting triblock copolymer for stable lithium electrodepositionLiu, Kun Lin; Chao, Chung Hsiang; Lee, Hsin Chieh; Tsao, Cheng Si; Fang, Jason; NAE-LIH WU ; CHI-YANG CHAO journal article44
32019Tetragonal LiMn2O4 as dual-functional pseudocapacitor-battery electrode in aqueous Li-ion electrolytesAbdollahifar M.; Huang S.-S.; Lin Y.-H.; Sheu H.-S.; Lee J.-F.; Lu M.-L.; Liao Y.-F.; Wu N.-L. journal article65
42019Engineering Rice Husk into a High-Performance Electrode Material through an Ecofriendly Process and Assessing Its Application for Lithium-Ion Sulfur BatteriesHuang S.-S.; Tung M.T.; Huynh C.D.; Hwang B.-J.; Bieker P.M.; Fang C.-C.; Wu N.-L. journal article33
52019A novel non-porous separator based on single-ion conducting triblock copolymer for stable lithium electrodepositionLiu K.-L.; Chao C.-H.; Lee H.-C.; Tsao C.-S.; Fang J.; Wu N.-L. ; Chao C.-Y.journal article44
62019TiO 2 -B nanowires: Via topological conversion with enhanced lithium-ion intercalation propertiesZhang W.; Zhang Y.; Yu L.; Wu N.-L. ; Huang H.; Wei M.journal article75
72019A rapid and green method for the fabrication of conductive hydrogels and their applications in stretchable supercapacitorsShih, C.-C.; Lin, Y.-C.; Gao, M.; Wu, M.; Hsieh, H.-C.; Wu, N.-L.; Chen, W.-C.; NAE-LIH WU journal article76
82019Sulfur-Doped Anatase TiO<inf>2</inf> as an Anode for High-Performance Sodium-Ion BatteriesZhang, W.; Luo, N.; Huang, S.; Wu, N.-L.; Wei, M.; NAE-LIH WU journal article33
92019SEI Grown on MCMB-Electrode with Fluoroethylene Carbonate and Vinylene Carbonate Additives as Probed by In Situ DRIFTSYohannes, Yonas Beyene; Lin, Shawn D.; Wu, Nae-Lih; Hwang, Bing-Joe; NAE-LIH WU journal article0
102018Micrometer-Sized Nanoporous Sb/C Anode with High Volumetric Capacity and Fast Charging Performance for Sodium-Ion BatteriesSelvaraj B.; Huang S.-S.; Wu C.-E.; Lin Y.-H.; Wang C.-C.; Song Y.-F.; Lu M.-L.; Sheu H.-S.; Wu N.-L. journal article86
112018Brookite TiO2 mesocrystals with enhanced lithium-ion intercalation propertiesZhang W.; Shen D.; Liu Z.; Wu N.-L. ; Wei M.journal article910
122018A proof-of-concept graphite anode with a lithium dendrite suppressing polymer coatingLuo J.; Wu C.-E.; Su L.-Y.; Huang S.-S.; Fang C.-C.; Wu Y.-S.; Chou J.; Wu N.-L. journal article88
132018Synthesis of High-Performance Titanium Sub-Oxides for Electrochemical Applications Using Combination of Sol-Gel and Vacuum-Carbothermic ProcessesHuang S.-S.; Lin Y.-H.; Chuang W.; Shao P.-S.; Chuang C.-H.; Lee J.-F.; Lu M.-L.; Weng Y.-T.; Wu N.-L. journal article109
142018Hierarchical TiO 2-: X imbedded with graphene quantum dots for high-performance lithium storageZhang W.; Xu T.; Liu Z.; Wu N.-L. ; Wei M.journal article2825
152018High Polarity Poly(vinylidene difluoride) Thin Coating for Dendrite-Free and High-Performance Lithium Metal AnodesLuo J.; Fang C.-C.; Wu N.-L. journal article8568
162018Porous silicon and li-ion batteriesWu N.-L. ; Huang chapter00
172018High-performance carbon-coated ZnMn2O4 nanocrystallite supercapacitors with tailored microstructures enabled by a novel solution combustion methodAbdollahifar M.; Huang S.-S.; Lin Y.-H.; Lin Y.-C.; Shih B.-Y.; Sheu H.-S.; Liao Y.-F.; Wu N.-L. journal article3730
182018Optimizing the Lithium Phosphorus Oxynitride Protective Layer Thickness on Low-Grade Composite Si-Based Anodes for Lithium-Ion BatteriesChen C.-J.; Mori T.; Jena A.; Lin H.-Y.; Yang N.-H.; Wu N.-L. ; Chang H.; Hu S.-F.; Liu R.-S.journal article44
192018Electrochemical Properties of Al3+/Cl- Doped-0.2Li(2)MnO(3)center dot 0.8LiNiO(2) Cathode Materials for Lithium-Ion BatteriesLiu, Yu-Cheng; Wu, Nae-Lih; Liu, Wei-Ren; NAE-LIH WU journal article3
202017A New Type of Supercapacitor Oxide ZnMn2O4 Showing Combined Pseudocapacitance and Battery BehaviorsNae-Lih Wu conference paper
212017Insight into microstructural and phase transformations in electrochemical sodiation-desodiation of a bismuth particulate anodeLim C.-H.; Selvaraj B.; Song Y.-F.; Wang C.-C.; Jin J.-T.; Huang S.-S.; Chuang C.-H.; Sheu H.-S.; Liao Y.-F.; Wu N.-L. journal article77
222017Magn?li Phase Titanium Oxides as A New Class of Supercapacitor MaterialsNae-Lih Wu conference paper
232017Rutile TiO2mesocrystals with tunable subunits as a long-term cycling performance anode for sodium-ion batteriesLan T.; Wang T.; Zhang W.; Wu N.-L. ; Wei M.journal article1313
242017Nb-Doped Rutile TiO2 Mesocrystals with Enhanced Lithium Storage Properties for Lithium Ion BatteryLan T.; Zhang W.; Wu N.-L. ; Wei M.journal article2120
252017In situ DRIFTS analysis of solid electrolyte interphase of si-based anode with and without fluoroethylene carbonate additiveYohannes Y.B.; Lin S.D.; Wu N.-L. journal article88
262017In situ analysis of solid electrolyte interface over si based anodes using diffuse reflectance infrared fourier transform spectroscopyYohannes Y.B.; Wu N.-L. ; Lin S.D.conference paper10
272017A dual-functional polymer coating on a lithium anode for suppressing dendrite growth and polysulfide shuttling in Li-S batteriesLuo J.; Lee R.-C.; Jin J.-T.; Weng Y.-T.; Fang C.-C.; Wu N.-L. journal article3430
282017Carbon coated anatase TiO2 mesocrystals enabling ultrastable and robust sodium storageZhang W.; Lan T.; Ding T.; Wu N.-L. ; Wei M.journal article2425
292017Ni-Mn composite oxalate powder, lithium transition metal composite oxide powder and lithium ion secondary battery,吳弘俊; 陳語婷; 吳乃立 ; 陳文勤; 廖世傑; 吳亦晴patent
302017A New Pseudocapacitve SpinelOxide: ZnMn2O4Nae-Lih Wu conference paper
312017鎳錳複合草酸鹽粉體、鋰鎳錳複合氧化物粉體及鋰離子二次電池吳弘俊; 陳語婷; 吳乃立 ; 陳文勤; 廖世傑; 吳亦晴patent
322017Novel Polymeric Artificial Solid Electrolyte Interphases for Enhancing Performance of Li-Ion Battery CathodesNae-Lih Wu conference paper
332017High-Capacity and Cycle-Stable Graphite Based Anodes Enabled by Polymeric CoatingsNae-Lih Wu conference paper
342016Composite films of carbon black nanoparticles and sulfonated-polythiophene as flexible counter electrodes for dye-sensitized solar cellsLi C.-T.; Lee C.-T.; Li S.-R.; Lee C.-P.; Chiu I.-T.; Vittal R.; Wu N.-L. ; Sun S.-S.; Ho K.-C.journal article4137
352016Experimental Study on Sodiation of Amorphous Silicon for Use as Sodium-Ion Battery AnodeLim C.-H.; Huang T.-Y.; Shao P.-S.; Chien J.-H.; Weng Y.-T.; Huang H.-F.; Hwang B.J.; Wu N.-L. journal article3535
362016Research Toward High Energy Pseudocapacitive OxidesNae-Lih Wu conference paper
372016Polymeric Electrode Modification for Enhanced Performances of Li-Ion BatteriesNae-Lih Wu conference paper
382016Progress Toward High Energy Nanocrystalline Oxide SupercapacitorsNae-Lih Wu conference paper
392016High-Rate Capability Enabled by Polysulfide Chemistry for Li-S BatteriesNae-Lih Wu conference paper
402016Multifunctional co-poly(amic acid): A new binder for Si-based micro-composite anode of lithium-ion batteryLin C.-T.; Huang T.-Y.; Huang J.-J.; Wu N.-L. ; Leung M.-K.journal article76
412016Exploring an Interesting Si Source from Photovoltaic Industry Waste and Engineering It as a Li-Ion Battery High-Capacity AnodeHuang T.-Y.; Selvaraj B.; Lin H.-Y.; Sheu H.-S.; Song Y.-F.; Wang C.-C.; Hwang B.J.; Wu N.-L. journal article1712
422015Studies on graphene enfolded olivine composite electrode material via polyol technique for high rate performance lithium-ion batteriesMuruganantham R.; Sivakumar M.; Subadevi R.; Ramaprabhu S.; Wu N.-L. journal article1011
432015An unexpected large capacity of ultrafine manganese oxide as a sodium-ion battery anodeWeng Y.-T.; Huang T.-Y.; Lim C.-H.; Shao P.-S.; Hy S.; Kuo C.-Y.; Cheng J.-H.; Hwang B.-J.; Lee J.-F.; Wu N.-L. journal article2221
442015Spatially Confined MnO<inf>2</inf> Nanostructure Enabling Consecutive Reversible Charge Transfer from Mn(IV) to Mn(II) in a Mixed Pseudocapacitor-Battery ElectrodeWeng Y.-T.; Pan H.-A.; Lee R.-C.; Huang T.-Y.; Chu Y.; Lee J.-F.; Sheu H.-S.; Wu N.-L. journal article2529
452015Polymeric artificial solid/electrolyte interphases for Li-ion batteriesWu N.-L. ; Weng Y.-T.; Li F.-S.; Yang N.-H.; Kuo C.-L.; Li D.-S.journal article1614
462015Investigating mechanisms underlying elevated-temperature-induced capacity fading of aqueous MnO2 polymorph supercapacitors: Cryptomelane and birnessitePan H.-A.; Ghodbane O.; Weng Y.-T.; Sheu H.-S.; Lee J.-F.; Favier F.; Wu N.-L. journal article1716
472015Silicon oxide-on-graphite planar composite synthesized using a microwave-assisted coating method for use as a fast-charging lithium-ion battery anodeYang N.-H.; Wu Y.-S.; Chou J.; Wu H.-C.; Wu N.-L. journal article1314
482015Titanium carbide nanocube core induced interfacial growth of crystalline polypyrrole/polyvinyl alcohol lamellar shell for wide-temperature range supercapacitorsWeng Y.-T.; Pan H.-A.; Wu N.-L. ; Chen G.Z.journal article2828
492015A dimensionally stable and fast-discharging graphite-silicon composite Li-ion battery anode enabled by electrostatically self-assembled multifunctional polymer-blend coatingLi F.-S.; Wu Y.-S.; Chou J.; Wu N.-L. journal article2624
502015Spatial Distributions of Discharged Products of Lithium-Oxygen Batteries Revealed by Synchrotron X-ray Transmission MicroscopyOlivares-Mar?n M.; Sorrentino A.; Lee R.-C.; Pereiro E.; Wu N.-L. ; Tonti D.journal article3536
512015A facile synthesis and characterization of LiFePO4/C using simple binary reactants with oxalic acid by polyol technique and other high temperature methodsMuruganantham R.; Sivakumar M.; Subadevi R.; Wu N.-L. journal article1313
522015Dimensionally Stable and High Rate Graphite-Silicon Composite Li-ion Battery AnodesNae-Lih Wu conference paper
532015Research on Polymeric Artificial Solid-Electrolyte-Interphase for Enhanced Performance of Li-ion Battery AnodesNae-Lih Wu conference paper
542015具複數層自組裝修飾膜之碳基材電池負極結構及其製備方法李富生; 吳乃立 ; 周憲聰; 吳玉祥; 陳伯坤patent
552015Mechanically Robust and Highly Ion-Conductive Polymer-Blend artificial SEI for High-Power and Long-Life Lithium-Ion Battery AnodesNae-Lih Wu conference paper
562015碳矽複合電極材料及其製備方法李富生; 吳乃立 ; 周憲聰; 吳玉祥; 陳伯坤patent
572015鎳錳複合草酸鹽粉體、鋰鎳錳複合氧化物粉體及鋰離子二次電池吳弘俊; 陳語婷; 吳乃立 ; 陳文勤; 廖世傑; 吳亦晴patent
582014Effects of a graphene nanosheet conductive additive on the high-capacity lithium-excess manganese¡Vnickel oxide cathodes of lithium-ion batteriesChen W.-C.; Hsieh C.-Y.; Weng Y.-T.; Li F.-S.; Wu H.-C.; Wu N.-L. journal article88
592014高性能電流收集裝置吳乃立 ; 吳憲昌patent
602014Investigating the synthesis¡Vmicrostructure-performance relationship of layered Li-excess nickel¡Vmanganese oxide as a Li-ion battery cathodeNae-Lih Wu conference paper
612014On material and application issues of layered Li-excess Mn-Ni oxide cathode.Nae-Lih Wu conference paper
622014Understanding dynamics of polysulfide dissolution and re-deposition in working lithium-sulfur battery by in-operando transmission X-ray microscopyLin C.-N.; Chen W.-C.; Song Y.-F.; Wang C.-C.; Tsai L.-D.; Wu N.-L. journal article5053
632014Porous silicon and Li-ion batteriesWu N.-L. book chapter00
642014A mechanically robust and highly ion-conductive polymer-blend coating for high-power and long-life lithium-ion battery anodesLi F.-S.; Wu Y.-S.; Chou J.; Winter M.; Wu N.-L. journal article8479
652014Synthesis of high-performance MnOx/carbon composite as lithium-ion battery anode by a facile co-precipitation method: Effects of oxygen stoichiometry and carbon morphologyLee R.-C.; Lin Y.-P.; Weng Y.-T.; Pan H.-A.; Lee J.-F.; Wu N.-L. journal article4038
662014One-step fast synthesis of Li 4 Ti 5 O 12 particles using an atmospheric pressure plasma jetChang S.-M.; Rodr?guez Tolava E.F.; Yang Y.-J.; Li H.-C.; Lee R.-C.; Wu N.-L. ; Hsu C.-C.journal article1514
672013Capacity and SEI Issues for High-Capacity AnodesNae-Lih Wu conference paper
682013Toward Enhanced Energy Storage Capacity and Cycling Stability for Manganese Oxide SupercapacitorsNae-Lih Wu conference paper
702013Study on the synthesis-microstructure-performance relationship of layered Li-excess nickel-manganese oxide as a Li-ion battery cathode prepared by high-temperature calcinationChen W.-C.; Song Y.-F.; Wang C.-C.; Liu Y.; Morris D.T.; Pianetta P.A.; Andrews J.C.; Wu H.-C.; Wu N.-L. journal article1514
712013Titanium carbide@polypyrrole core-shell nanoparticles prepared by controlled heterogeneous nucleation for rechargeable batteriesWeng Y.-T.; Wu N.-L. journal article99
722013High-performance poly(3,4-ethylene-dioxythiophene):polystyrenesulfonate conducting-polymer supercapacitor containing hetero-dimensional carbon additivesWeng Y.-T.; Wu N.-L. journal article4038
732013Investigation on suppressed thermal runaway of Li-ion battery by hyper-branched polymer coated on cathodeLin C.-C.; Wu H.-C.; Pan J.-P.; Su C.-Y.; Wang T.-H.; Sheu H.-S.; Wu N.-L. journal article2625
742013Polypyrrole/carbon supercapacitor electrode with remarkably enhanced high-temperature cycling stability by TiC nanoparticle inclusionWeng Y.-T.; Tsai C.-B.; Ho W.-H.; Wu N.-L. journal article2424
752013Lithium storage in reduced graphene oxidesKuo S.-L.; Liu W.-R.; Kuo C.-P.; Wu N.-L. ; Wu H.-C.journal article5850
7620132nd International Conference on Materials for Energy May 12-16, 2013 Convention Center Karlsruhe, Germany AbstractsDeYoreo, Jim; Fleischer, Maximilian; Hahn, Horst; Volkert, Cynthia A.; Wu, Nae-Lih; NAE-LIH WU journal article0
772012Enhanced high-temperature cycle-life of mesophase graphite anode with styrene-butadiene rubber/carboxymethyl cellulose binderYen J.-P.; Lee C.-M.; Wu T.-L.; Wu H.-C.; Su C.-Y.; Wu N.-L. ; Hong J.-L.journal article2019
782012Synthesis of porous Si particles by metal-assisted chemical etching for li-ion battery applicationLin C.-C.; Yen Y.-C.; Wu H.-C.; Wu N.-L. journal article75
792012Structural and electrochemical properties of manganese substituted nickel cobaltite for supercapacitor applicationChang S.-K.; Lee K.-T.; Zainal Z.; Tan K.-B.; Yusof N.A.; Yusoff W.M.D.W.; Lee J.-F.; Wu N.-L. journal article3231
802012Development and characterizations of PVdF-PEMA gel polymer electrolytesSubadevi R.; Sivakumar M.; Rajendran S.; Wu H.-C.; Wu N.-L. journal article1111
812012In situ crystallographic investigations of charge storage mechanisms in MnO 2-based electrochemical capacitorsGhodbane O.; Ataherian F.; Wu N.-L. ; Favier F.journal article8077
822012Photocatalytic degradation of methyl orange by a multi-layer rotating disk reactorLin C.-N.; Chang C.-Y.; Huang H.J.; Tsai D.P.; Wu N.-L. journal article1615
832012Effects of current collectors on power performance of Li 4Ti 5O 12 anode for Li-ion batteryWu H.-C.; Lee E.; Wu N.-L. ; Jow T.R.journal article3532
842012Electrochemical capacitances of a nanowire-structured MnO 2 in polyacrylate-based gel electrolytesNam H.-S.; Wu N.-L. ; Lee K.-T.; Kim K.M.; Yeom C.G.; Hepowit L.R.; Ko J.M.; Kim J.-D.journal article1413
852011Studies on the effect of anions of various lithium salts in PEMA gel polymer electrolytesSubadevi R.; Sivakumar M.; Rajendran S.; Wu H.-C.; Wu N.-L. journal article22
862011In situ transmission X-ray microscopy study on working SnO anode particle of Li-ion batteriesChao S.-C.; Yen Y.-C.; Song Y.-F.; Sheu H.-S.; Wu H.-C.; Wu N.-L. journal article3639
872011Comparative study on nanostructured MnO2/carbon composites synthesized by spontaneous reduction for supercapacitor applicationLin Y.-P.; Tsai C.-B.; Ho W.-H.; Wu N.-L. journal article2421
8820111.2 Volt manganese oxide symmetric supercapacitorAtaherian F.; Wu N.-L. journal article1918
892011Long-term charge/discharge cycling stability of MnO 2 aqueous supercapacitor under positive polarizationAtaherian F.; Wu N.-L. journal article2525
902011Characterization of MnFe2O4/LiMn2O 4 aqueous asymmetric supercapacitorLin Y.-P.; Wu N.-L. journal article108101
912011Study on microstructural deformation of working Sn and SnSb anode particles for li-ion batteries by in situ transmission X-ray microscopyChao S.-C.; Song Y.-F.; Wang C.-C.; Sheu H.-S.; Wu H.-C.; Wu N.-L. journal article6468
922010Process analysis on photocatalyzed dye decomposition for water treatment with TiO2-coated rotating disk reactorChang C.-Y.; Wu N.-L. journal article1313
932010Superabsorbent polymer binder for achieving MnO2 supercapacitors of greatly enhanced capacitance densityLee K.-T.; Tsai C.-B.; Ho W.-H.; Wu N.-L. journal article2832
942010A study on the interior microstructures of working Sn particle electrode of Li-ion batteries by in situ X-ray transmission microscopyChao S.-C.; Yen Y.-C.; Song Y.-F.; Chen Y.-M.; Wu H.-C.; Wu N.-L. journal article103101
952010High-temperature carbon-coated aluminum current collector for enhanced power performance of LiFePO4 electrode of Li-ion batteriesWu H.-C.; Wu H.-C.; Lee E.; Wu N.-L. journal article5755
962010Long-term electrochemical behaviors of manganese oxide aqueous electrochemical capacitor under reducing potentialsAtaherian F.; Lee K.-T.; Wu N.-L. conference paper4141
972010Long-term electrochemical behaviors of manganese oxide aqueous electrochemical capacitor under reducing potentialsAtaherian, Fatemeh; Lee, Kuang-Tsin; Wu, Nae-Lih; NAE-LIH WU journal article41
982009Electrochemical characterizations on MnO2 supercapacitors with potassium polyacrylate and potassium polyacrylate-co-polyacrylamide gel polymer electrolytesLee, KT; Lee, JF; 吳乃立 journal article3032
992009Nano-porous SiO/carbon composite anode for lithium-ion batteriesLiu, WR; Yen, YC; Wu, HC; Winter, M; WU NAE-LIH journal article6967
1002009Study on Solid-Electrolyte-Interphase of Si and C-Coated Si Electrodes in Lithium CellsYen, YC; Chao, SC; Wu, HC; WU NAE-LIH journal article131133
1012009High-performance carbon-based supercapacitors using Al current-collector with conformal carbon coatingWu H.-C.; Lin Y.-P.; Lee E. ; Lin W.-T.; Hu J.-K.; Chen H.-C.; WU NAE-LIH journal article3932
1022009Plasmonic nanostructures for photo-catalytic reactorsChiu K.P.; Wu N.L. ; Wu C.S.; Fu Y.H.; Chu C.H.; Chung H.Y.; Chen F.H.; Lin L.D.; Huang L.H.; Shue C.D.; Tsai D.P.conference paper10
1032009Photo-catalytic chemical reactor with plasmonic nanostructureChiu K.P.; Wu N.L. ; Wu C.S.; Fu Y.H.; Chu C.H.; Chung H.Y.; Chen F.H.; Lin L.D.; Huang L.H.; Shue C.D.; Tsai D.P.conference paper00
1042008Enhanced high-temperature cycle performance of LiFePO4/carbon batteries by an ion-sieving metal coating on negative electrodeChang, Hao-Hsun; Wu, Hung-Chun; Wu, Nae-Lih journal article
1052008Study on dynamics of structural transformation during charge/discharge of LiFePO4 cathodeChang, Hao-Hsun; Chang, Chun-Chih; Wu, Hung-Chun; Yang, Mo-Hua; Sheu, Hwo-Shuenn; Wu, Nae-Lih journal article
1062008Effects of TiO2 coating on high-temperature cycle performance of LiFePO4-based lithium-ion batteriesChang, Hao-Hsun; Chang, Chun-Chih; Su, Ching-Yi; Wu, Hung-Chun; Yang, Mo-Hua; Wu, Nae-Lih journal article
1072008Investigation on capacity fading of aqueous MnO2?nH2O electrochemical capacitorHsieh, Yi-Chien; Lee, Kuang-Tsin; Lin, Yen-Po; Wu, Nae-Lih ; Donne, Scott W.journal article
1082008Manganese oxide electrochemical capacitor with potassium poly(acrylate) hydrogel electrolyteLee, Kuang-Tsin; Wu, Nae-Lih journal article6869
1092008Enhanced high-temperature cycle performance of LiFePO<inf>4</inf>/carbon batteries by an ion-sieving metal coating on negative electrodeChang, H.-H.; Wu, H.-C.; Wu, N.-L.; NAE-LIH WU journal article3937
1102008Characterization of a new type of asymmetric supercapacitors: LiMn <inf>2</inf>O<inf>4</inf>/MnFe<inf>2</inf>O<inf>4</inf>Wu, N.-L.; Chen, Y.-H.; NAE-LIH WU conference paper30
1112008Manganese oxide supercapacitors with aqueous hydrogel electrolytesLee, K.-T.S.; Wu, N.-L.; NAE-LIH WU conference paper00
1122008Effects of TiO<inf>2</inf> coating on high-temperature cycle performance of LiFePO<inf>4</inf>-based lithium-ion batteriesChang, H.-H.; Chang, C.-C.; Su, C.-Y.; Wu, H.-C.; Yang, M.-H.; Wu, N.-L.; NAE-LIH WU journal article108100
1132008Study on dynamics of structural transformation during charge/discharge of LiFePO <inf>4</inf> cathodeChang, H.-H.; Chang, C.-C.; Wu, H.-C.; Yang, M.-H.; Sheu, H.-S.; Wu, N.-L.; NAE-LIH WU journal article5448
1142008Investigation on capacity fading of aqueous MnO<inf>2</inf>·nH<inf>2</inf>O electrochemical capacitorHsieh, Y.-C.; Lee, K.-T.; Lin, Y.-P.; Wu, N.-L.; Donne, S.W.; NAE-LIH WU journal article8480
1152007鋰離子二次電池新型矽銅複合負極材料之研發(III)吳乃立 report
1162007氧化錳超高電容的機制研究與性能的提升 (新制多年期第2年)吳乃立 report
1172007氧化錳超高電容的機制研究與性能的提升 (新制多年期第1年)吳乃立 report
1182007Electrochemical Capacitor of MnFe2O4 with Organic Li-Ion ElectrolyteKuo, Shin-Liang; Wu, Nae-Lih journal article
1192007Compositional effect of PVdF–PEMA blend gel polymer electrolytes for lithium polymer batteriesSivakumar, M.; Subadevi, R.; Rajendran, S.; Wu, H.-C.; NAE-LIH WU journal article
1202007Study on Pseudocapacitance Mechanism of Aqueous MnFe2O4 SupercapacitorKuo, Shin-Liang; Lee, Jyh-Fu; Wu, Nae-Lih journal article
1212007Electrochemical Investigations on the Effect of Dispersoid in PVA Based Solid Polymer ElectrolytesRajendran, S.; Sivakumar, M.; Subadevi, R.; NAE-LIH WU ; Lee, J.-Y.journal article1617
1222007Synthesis and Characterization of Nanoporous NiSi-Si Composite Anode for Lithium-Ion BatteriesLiu, Wei-Ren; Wu, Nae-Lih ; Shieh, Deng-Tswen; Wu, Hung-Chun; Yang, Mo-Hua; Korepp, Christiane; Besenhard, J. O.; Winter, Martinjournal article8074
1232007Compositional effect of PVdF-PEMA blend gel polymer electrolytes for lithium polymer batteriesSivakumar, M.; Subadevi, R.; Rajendran, S.; Wu, H.-C.; Wu, N.-L.; NAE-LIH WU journal article5551
1242007Structure effect of Si-based powder on cycle performance of lithium ion batteryShieh, D.T.; Yang, M.H.; Guo, Z.Z.; Hsieh, P.S.; Tsao, S.; Lin, M.W.; Liu, W.R.; Wu, N.L.; NAE-LIH WU conference paper10
1252007Study on pseudocapacitance mechanism of aqueous MnFe <inf>2</inf> O <inf>4</inf> supercapacitorKuo, S.-L.; Lee, J.-F.; Wu, N.-L.; NAE-LIH WU journal article6564
1262007Electrochemical capacitor of MnFe2 O4 with organic Li-ion electrolyteKuo, S.-L.; Wu, N.-L.; NAE-LIH WU journal article2726
1272007Investigation on cycling stability of Mn-containing oxide supercapacitorsWu, N.-L.; Kuo, S.L.; NAE-LIH WU conference paper40
1282006Investigation of Pseudocapacitive Charge-Storage Reaction of MnO2?nH2O Supercapacitors in Aqueous ElectrolytesKuo, Shin-Liang; Wu, Nae-Lih journal article
1292006Enhanced High-Temperature Cycle Life of LiFePO4-Based Li-Ion Batteries by Vinylene Carbonate as Electrolyte AdditiveWu, Hung-Chun; Su, Ching-Yi; Shieh, Deng-Tswen; Yang, Mo-Hua; Wu, Nae-Lih journal article
1302006Electrochemical studies on [(1 ? x)PVA–xPMMA] solid polymer blend electrolytes complexed with LiBF4Sivakumar, M.; Subadevi, R.; Rajendran, S.; NAE-LIH WU ; Lee, J.-Y.journal article
1312006Electrochemical characterization on MnFe2O4/carbon black composite aqueous supercapacitorsKuo, Shin-Liang; Wu, Nae-Lih journal article
1322006Kinetic study on low-temperature synthesis of LiFePO4 via solid-state reactionChang, Hao-Hsun; Chang, Chun-Chih; Wu, Hung-Chun; Guo, Zheng-Zhao; Yang, Mo-Hua; Chiang, Yung-Ping; Sheu, Hwo-Shuenn; Wu, Nae-Lih journal article
1332006Investigation on Capacitance Mechanisms of Fe3O4 Electrochemical CapacitorsWang, Shih-Yu; Ho, Kuo-Chuan ; Kuo, Shin-Liang; Wu, Nae-Lih journal article163160
1342006Electrochemical characterization on MnFe<inf>2</inf>O<inf>4</inf>/carbon black composite aqueous supercapacitorsKuo, S.-L.; Wu, N.-L.; NAE-LIH WU journal article7365
1352006Enhanced high-temperature cycle life of LiFePO<inf>4</inf>-based Li-ion batteries by vinylene carbonate as electrolyte additiveWu, H.-C.; Su, C.-Y.; Shieh, D.-T.; Yang, M.-H.; Wu, N.-L.; NAE-LIH WU journal article7869
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1382006Investigation of pseudocapacitive charge-storage reaction of MnO <inf>2</inf> ?nH <inf>2</inf>O supercapacitors in aqueous electrolytesKuo, S.-L.; Wu, N.-L.; NAE-LIH WU journal article172164
1392006Photoinduced currents in carbon nanotube/metal heterojunctionsSun, J. L.; Wei, J.; Zhu, J. L.; Xu, D.; Liu, X.; Sun, H.; Wu, D. H.; Wu, N. L.; NAE-LIH WU journal article37
1402005Hydrothermal Synthesis of ZnO/ZnO2 Composite and Its Photocatalytic ActivityHsu, Chin-Cheng; Wu, Nae-Lih journal article
1412005Study on Surface Electrochemical Properties of Magnetite in Aqueous Sulfite SolutionWang, S.Y.; Wu, Nae-Lih journal article
1422005Electrochemical Capacitor of MnFe2O4 with NaCl ElectrolyteKuo, Shin-Liang; Wu, Nae-Lih journal article
1432005Enhanced High-Rate Cycling Stability of LiMn2O4 Cathode by ZrO2 Coating for Li-Ion BatteryLin, Yong-Mao; Wu, Hung-Chun; Yen, Yu-Chan; Guo, Zheng-Zhao; Yang, Mo-Hua; Chen, Hui-Min; Sheu, Hwo-Shuen; Wu, Nae-Lih journal article
1442005氧化鐵超高電容材料表面性質之鑑定與電容性能的提昇(2/3)吳乃立 report
1452005Synthesis and photocatalytic activity of ZnO/ZnO2 compositeHsu, Chin-Cheng; NAE-LIH WU journal article8381
1462005Electrochemical Characterizations on Si and C-Coated Si Particle Electrodes for Lithium-Ion BatteriesLiu, Wei-Ren; Wang, Jen-Hao; Wu, Hung-Chun; Shieh, Deng-Tswen; Yang, Mo-Hua; Wu, Nae-Lih journal article131129
1472005Effect of electrode structure on performance of Si anode in Li-ion batteries: Si particle size and conductive additiveLiu, Wei-Ren; Guo, Zheng-Zao; Young, Wen-Shiue; Shieh, Deng-Tswen; Wu, Hung-Chun; Yang, Mo-Hua; Wu, Nae-Lih journal article163160
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1512005Electrochemical capacitor of MnFe<inf>2</inf>O<inf>4</inf> with NaCl electrolyteKuo, S.-L.; Wu, N.-L.; NAE-LIH WU journal article7668
1522004氧化鐵超高電容材料表面性質之鑑定與電容性能的提昇(1/3)吳乃立 report
1532004Enhanced TiO2 photocatalysis by Cu in hydrogen production from aqueous methanol solutionWu, Nae-Lih ; Lee, Min-Shueijournal article
1542004鋰離子二次電池新型矽銅複合負極材料之研發吳乃立 report
1552004Effect of calcination atmosphere on TiO<inf>2</inf> photocatalysis in hydrogen production from methanol/water solutionWu, N.-L.; Lee, M.-S.; Pon, Z.-J.; Hsu, J.-Z.; NAE-LIH WU journal article10892
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1572004Evolution in microstructural properties of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide-templated mesoporous tin oxide upon thermal crystallizationWu, N.-L.; Tung, C.-Y.; NAE-LIH WU journal article1514
1582003金屬-氧化鈦複合觸媒微結構之控制與改良(2/2)吳乃立 report
1592003Effect of oxygenation on electrocatalysis of La0.6Ca0.4CoO3?x in bifunctional air electrodeWu, Nae-Lih ; Liu, Wei-Ren; Su, Sern-Jeijournal article
1602003奈米晶型氧化鐵超高電容器之研發吳乃立 report
1612003高功率超高電容器之研發(2/2)吳乃立 report
1622003Electrochemical capacitor of magnetite in aqueous electrolytesWu, Nae-Lih ; Wang, Shi-Yu; Han, Chih-Yu; Wu, Dien-Shi; Shiue, Lih-Renjournal article206201
1632003Effect of oxygenation on electrocatalysis of La<inf>0.6</inf>Ca<inf>0.4</inf>CoO<inf>3-x</inf> in bifunctional air electrodeWu, N.-L.; Liu, W.-R.; Su, S.-J.; NAE-LIH WU journal article6259
1642003Mesoporous crystalline SnO<inf>2</inf> of large surface areaTung, C.-Y.; Wu, N.-L.; Rusakova, I.A.; NAE-LIH WU journal article97
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1662003Operating characteristics of aqueous magnetite electrochemical capacitorsWang, S.-Y.; Wu, N.-L.; NAE-LIH WU journal article6056
1672002金屬-氧化鈦複合觸媒微結構之控制與改良(1/2)吳乃立 report
1682002高功率超高電容器之研發(1/2)吳乃立 report
1692002Conductivity percolation in carbon–carbon supercapacitor electrodesNAE-LIH WU ; Wang, S. Y.journal article
1702002Enhanced performance of SnO2 xerogel electrochemical capacitor prepared by novel crystallization processNAE-LIH WU ; Han, C. Y.; Kuo, S. L.journal article
1712002氧化鐵超高電容器“偽電容”機制的探討吳乃立 report
1722002Preparation and optimization of RuO2-impregnated SnO2 xerogel supercapacitorWu, Nae-Lih ; Kuo, Shin-Liang; Lee, Ming-Hsuehjournal article5959
1732002Nanocrystalline oxide supercapacitorsWu, Nae-Lih journal article224221
1742002Microwave-assisted solution synthesis of SnO nanocrystallitesWu, Dien-Shi; Han, Chih-Yu; Wang, Shi-Yu; Wu, Nae-Lih ; Rusakova, I. A.journal article5449
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1762002Conductivity percolation in carbon-carbon supercapacitor electrodesWu, N.L.; Wang, S.Y.; NAE-LIH WU journal article3939
1772002Nanocrystalline oxide supercapacitorsWu, N.-L.; NAE-LIH WU conference paper227221
1782001正方晶型奈米氧化鋯的製備吳乃立 report
1792001氧化鐵超高電容器“偽電容”機制的探討吳乃立 report
1802001鋰離子二次電池新型負極材料的製備與測試(Ⅱ)吳乃立 report
1812001Synthesis and Characterization of Sb-Doped SnO<inf>2</inf> Xerogel Electrochemical CapacitorWu, N.L.; Hwang, J.Y.; Liu, P.Y.; Han, C.Y.; Kuo, S.L.; Liao, K.H.; Lee, M.H.; Wang, S.Y.; NAE-LIH WU journal article2621
1822001Thermodynamic stability of tetragonal zirconia nanocrystallitesWu, N.-L.; Wu, T.-F.; Rusakova, I.A.; NAE-LIH WU journal article4948
1832000超高電容器氧化物電極電容特性與微結構關係的探討吳乃立 report
1842000電雙層超高電容器電池電極材料之研發(II)吳乃立 report
1852000Enhanced phase stability for tetragonal zirconia in precipitation synthesisWu, N.-L.; Wu, T.-F.; NAE-LIH WU journal article4142
1862000Hydrothermal synthesis of submicron SnO crystallitesWu, D.-S.; Wu, N.-L.; NAE-LIH WU journal article1515
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1881999鋰離子電池新型負極材料的製備與測試吳乃立 report
1891999電雙層超高電容器電池電極材料之研發吳乃立 report
1901999石油工業污染防治與資源回收之研究─子計畫十二:常溫型二氧化錫氣體偵測器之研發吳乃立 report
1911999Observation and identification of a 107 K superconducting family in the CaBa<inf>2</inf>Ca<inf>2</inf>Cu<inf>3</inf>O<inf>9-δ</inf> systemWu, N.L.; Du, Z.L.; Xue, Y.Y.; Rusakova, I.; Ross, D.K.; Gao, L.; Cao, Y.; Sun, Y.Y.; Chu, C.W.; Hervieu, M.; Raveau, B.; NAE-LIH WU journal article53
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1951999Preparation of tin oxide gels with versatile pore structuresWu, N.-L.; Wang, S.-Y.; NAE-LIH WU journal article88
1961998釔鋇銅氧系統低氧壓之相圖研究吳乃立 report
1971998Tin oxide gel shrinkage during CO2 supercritical dryingWang, S. -Yen; Wu, Nae-Lih journal article
1981998熔融組織超導塊材磁束釘紮力的改良研究吳乃立 report
1991998Tin oxide gel shrinkage during CO<inf>2</inf> supercritical dryingWang, S.-Y.; Wu, N.-L.; NAE-LIH WU journal article1413
2001998Phase identification of the new 126 K Ba-Ca-Cu-O superconductorXue, Y.Y.; Sun, Y.Y.; Rusakova, I.; Ross, D.K.; Du, Z.L.; Wu, N.L.; Cao, Y.; Gao, L.; Hickey, B.; Chu, C.W.; NAE-LIH WU journal article2118
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2021998A possible companion to Proxima CentauriSchultz, A. B.; Hart, H. M.; Hershey, J. L.; Hamilton, F. C.; Kochte, M.; Bruhweiler, F. C.; Benedict, G. F.; Caldwell, J.; Cunningham, C.; Wu, N. L.; Franz, O. G.; Keyes, C. D.; Brandt, J. C.; NAE-LIH WU journal article10
2031998Reduced cracking in melt-grown RBa2Cu3O7 (R=Nd,Sm) gold compositesWu, N. L.; Hsu, C. C.; Lee, C. H.; NAE-LIH WU journal article3
2041997鈣鋇銅硫氧化物相圖及晶體結構之研究吳乃立 report
2051997The structures of the 126 K Ba<inf>2</inf>Ca<inf>2</inf>Cu<inf>3</inf>(Ca<inf>x</inf>Cu<inf>y</inf>)O <inf>8+δ</inf>, the 116 K Ba<inf>2</inf>Ca<inf>3</inf>Cu<inf>4</inf>(Ca<inf>x</inf>Cu<inf>y</inf>)O <inf>10+δ</inf> and their transformed productsXue, Y.Y.; Sun, Y.Y.; Du, Z.L.; Rusakova, I.; Ross, K.; Wu, N.L.; Cao, Y.; Gao, L.; Chu, C.W.; NAE-LIH WU journal article21
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2081996應用超臨界流體改良粉體性質之研究─子計畫三:超臨界乾燥法製備陶瓷氣膠塊材之研究吳乃立 report
2091996低壓熔融組織法運用於YBa2Cu3O7/Ag複合材料(Ⅱ)吳乃立 report
2101996Sub-solidus relations in CaO---BaO---CuO with and without carboxyl contaminationLin, Sern-Hau; Wu, Nae-Lih journal article55
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2141995銀在釔鋇銅氧化物製程之化學特性(II)吳乃立 report
2151995Melting and resolidification of YBa2Cu3O7 ? x/silver compositesLin, Sern-Hau; Wu, Nae-Lih journal article
2161995Low-temperature melt growth of YBa2Cu3O7?x/silver composites in partial vacuumWu, Nae-Lih ; Zern, H. H.; Chen, Chi-Liangjournal article
2171995Low-temperature melt growth of YBa<inf>2</inf>Cu<inf>3</inf>O<inf>7-x</inf>/silver composites in partial vacuumWu, N.-L.; Zern, H.H.; Chen, C.-L.; NAE-LIH WU journal article1821
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2211994高溫超導氧化物/金屬複合導線的製作吳乃立 report
2221994Low-Temperature YBa2Cu408-to-YBa2Cu3O7 Decomposition Process for Enhanced Intra- and Inter-grain Jcs in Y-Ba-Cu-OYu, Hon-Da; 吳乃立 ; Wu, Nae-Lih journal article
2231994銀在釔鋇銅氧化物製程中之化學特性(中型儀器)吳乃立 report
2241994銀在釔鋇銅氧化物製程中之化學特性吳乃立 report
2251994低溫熔融組織法運用於高溫超導複合材之研究吳乃立 report
2261994Bitter pattern study of flux pinning in melt-grown YBa<inf>2</inf>Cu<inf>3</inf>O<inf>7-x</inf>Wu, N.-L.; Zheng, H.-H.; Tarn, K.-L.; NAE-LIH WU journal article22
2271994The stability of YBa2Cu3O7-x in contact with silverLin, S.-H.; Wu, N.-L.; NAE-LIH WU journal article32
2281994Cold Electrode Materials for Electric-Discharge Co LasersZhang, J.; Wu, Nl; Wang, Jw; Zhao, J.; Xu, Yz; NAE-LIH WU journal article3
2291994Coaxial Fast Recirculated Flow Tunable Cw Co LaserZhang, J.; Wu, Nl; Wang, Jw; Zhao, J.; Xu, Yh; Zhong, Qh; NAE-LIH WU journal article4
2301993Silver-Accelerated Phase Transformation from YbBaCu307-x to YBa2Cu408Yu, Hon-Da; Lin, Sheng-Hau; 吳乃立 ; Yu, Hon-Da; Wu, Nae-Lih report
2311993Low-temperature YBa<inf>2</inf>Cu<inf>4</inf>O<inf>8</inf>-to-YBa<inf>2</inf>Cu<inf>3</inf>O<inf>7</inf>decomposition process for enhanced intra- and intergrain critical current densities in Y-Ba-Cu-O/Ag compositesWu, N.-L.; Yu, H.-D.; Yao, Y.D.; Ruckenstein, E.; NAE-LIH WU journal article01
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2341992Reaction Mechanism in Non-Isothermal Synthesis of High-Tc Superconducting Oxide YBba2Cu307Chang, Ying-Chih; 吳乃立 ; Wu, Nae-Lih report
2351992高溫超導氧化物/金屬複合導線的製作吳乃立 report
2361992High-Tc Superconducting Oxide-Metal Composite RibbonsWang, Yong-Kang; Lin, Shen-Hau; 吳乃立 ; Wang, Yong-Kang; Lin, Shen-Hau; Wu, Nae-Lih report
2371992Preparation and Characterization of Superconducting YBa2Cu7307/Epoxy CompositesLee, Sern-Nan; 吳乃立 ; Lee, Sern-Nan; Wu, Nae-Lih report
2381992T1Ba2Ca2Cu3Ox在氧氣中之製程特行朱亨通; 吳乃立 ; 朱亨通; Wu, Nae-Lih report
2391992Reaction mechanism in non-isothermal synthesis of high-tc superconducting oxide YBa2Cu3O7Wu, Nae-Lih ; Chang, Ying-Chihjournal article65
2401992Silver-accelerated phase transformation from YBa<inf>2</inf>Cu<inf>3</inf>O<inf>7-x</inf> to YBa<inf>2</inf>Cu<inf>4</inf>O<inf>8</inf>Wu, N.-L.; Yu, H.-D.; Lin, S.-H.; NAE-LIH WU journal article1010
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2421991T1Ba2Ca2Cu3Ox在氧氣中之製程特行朱亨通; 吳乃立 ; Wu, Nae-Lih journal article
2431991Kinetic Study and Modelling of the Solid-State Reaction Y2Bacu05 +3 Bacu02Wei, T. C.; Hou, S. Y.; Wang, S. Y.; 吳乃立 ; Wu, Nae-Lih report
2441991高溫超導創新技術基礎研究子計劃吳乃立 report
2451991Synthesis of High-Tc Superconducting Oxide PowdersWu, Nae-Lih report
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2491990高溫超導氧化物吳乃立 report
2501990高溫超導氧化物/金屬複合導線的製作(Ⅲ)吳乃立 report
2511990Kinetic Study and Modelling of the Solid-State Reaction Y2Bacu05 +3 Bacu02Wei, T. C.; Hou, S. Y.; Wang, S. Y.; 吳乃立 ; Wei, T. C.; Hou, S. Y.; Wang, S. Y.; Wu, Nae-Lih journal article
2521990Kinetic Study and Modeling of The Solid-State Reaction Y<inf>2</inf>BaCuO<inf>5</inf> + 3BaCuO<inf>2</inf> + 2CuO → 2YBa<inf>2</inf>Cu<inf>3</inf>O<inf>6.5?A</inf> + xO<inf>2</inf>Wu, N.-L.; Wei, T.-C.; Hou, S.-Y.; Wong, S.-Y.; NAE-LIH WU journal article3535
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2591989New Reaction Routes for Preparing Single-Phase T12Caba2Cu208 and T12Ca2Ba2Cu3010 Powders from Stoichiometric MixturesLee, Sern-Nan; Yao, Yeong-Der; 吳乃立 ; Yao, Yeong-Der; Wu, Nae-Lih journal article
2601989A New Method for the Preparation of the Superconducting Tl2CaBa2Cu208 CompoundRuckenstein, Eli; 吳乃立 ; Ruckenstein, Eli; Wu, Nae-Lih journal article
2611989New reaction routes for preparing single-phase tl<inf>2</inf>caba<inf>2</inf>cu<inf>2</inf>o<inf>8</inf>and tl<inf>2</inf>ca<inf>2</inf>ba<inf>2</inf>cu<inf>3</inf>o<inf>10</inf>powders from stoichiometric mixturesWu, N.L.; Wu, S.N.; Yao, Y.D.; NAE-LIH WU journal article33
2621989Synthesis of Tl<inf>2</inf>Ca<inf>n</inf>Ba<inf>2</inf>Cu<inf>n+1</inf>O<inf>6+2n</inf> (n=1, 2) from stoichiometric reactant mixturesWu, N.-L.; Yao, Y.D.; Lee, S.-N.; Wong, S.-Y.; Ruckenstein, E.; NAE-LIH WU journal article1210
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2641989Reaction pathways for the formation of the YBa<inf>2</inf>Cu<inf>3</inf>0<inf>7-x</inf> compoundRuckenstein, E.; Narain, S.; Wu, N.-L.; NAE-LIH WU journal article5452
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2661988Sintering of Si02-Supported Platinum Catalysts During Ethylene OxidationPhillips, J.; 吳乃立 ; Phillips, J.; Wu, Nae-Lih journal article
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