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12018Fouling-Resistant and Self-Cleaning Aliphatic Polyketone Membrane for Sustainable Oil-Water Emulsion SeparationCHENG-LIANG CHEN ; Shaikh, Abdul Rajjak; Fang, Li Feng; Jeon, Sungil; Liu, Cui Jing; Zhang, Lei; Wu, Hao Chen; DA-MING WANG ; Matsuyama, Hidetojournal article42
22018Direct wet deposition of zeolite FAU thin films using stabilized colloidal suspensionsHuang, Pei Sun; Su, Chien You; Lam, Chon Hei; Lee, Wen Ya; Wang, Da Ming ; Hua, Chi Chung; DUN-YEN KANG journal article33
32018Scalable Wet Deposition of Zeolite AEI with a High Degree of Preferred Crystal OrientationHuang, Pei Sun; Lam, Chon Hei; Su, Chien You; Chen, Yen Ru; Lee, Wen Ya; Wang, Da Ming ; Hua, Chi Chung; DUN-YEN KANG journal article31
42018Incorporation and selective removal of space-forming nanofibers to enhance the permeability of cytocompatible nanofiber membranes for better cell growthKuo, Ting Yun; Lin, Che Min; Hung, Shih Chieh; Hsien, Tzu-Yang; Wang, Da Ming ; HSYUE-JEN HSIEH journal article11
52018Dual Superlyophobic Aliphatic Polyketone Membranes for Highly Efficient Emulsified Oil-Water Separation: Performance and MechanismCHENG-LIANG CHEN ; Wang, Da Ming ; Shaikh, Abdul Rajjak; Fang, Li Feng; Jeon, Sungil; Saeki, Daisuke; Zhang, Lei; Liu, Cui Jing; Matsuyama, Hidetojournal article83
62018Preparation and characterization of polyvinylidenedifluoride-co-chlorotrifluoroethylene hollow fiber membranes with high alkaline resistanceKarkhanechi, Hamed; Vaselbehagh, Mahboobeh; Jeon, Sungil; Shaikh, Abdul Rajjak; WANG DA-MING ; Matsuyama, Hidetojournal article43
72018Adsorption of Bovine Serum Albumin on Poly(vinylidene fluoride) Surfaces in the Presence of Ions: A Molecular Dynamics SimulationShaikh, Abdul Rajjak; Karkhanechi, Hamed; Yoshioka, Tomohisa; Matsuyama, Hideto; Takaba, Hiromitsu; Wang, Da Ming journal article51
82017Polymer inclusion membranes with strip dispersionLi, Yueh Hsien; Wang, Da Ming ; Hsien, Tzu-Yang; Chan, Kuan Ying; Lai, Juin Yihjournal article00
92017Critical residence time in metastable region – a time scale determining the demixing mechanism of nonsolvent induced phase separationSu S.-L.; Wang D.-M. ; Lai J.-Y.journal article33
102016Fabrication and Characterization of Chitosan Nanoparticle-Incorporated Quaternized Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) Composite Membranes as Solid Electrolytes for Direct Methanol Alkaline Fuel CellsLi P.-C.; Liao G.-M.; Kumar S.R.; Shih C.-M.; Yang C.-C.; Wang D.-M. ; Lue S.J.journal article2723
112016Hydrogen bonds of a novel resin cement contribute to high adhesion strength to human dentinWu W.-C.; Wang D.-M. ; Lin Y.-C.; Dai C.-A.; Cheng K.-C.; Hu M.-S.; Lee B.-S.journal article33
122016On the initiation of macrovoids in polymeric membranes - effect of polymer chain entanglementHung W.-L.; Wang D.-M. ; Lai J.-Y.; Chou S.-C.journal article2524
132016Application of supported liquid membranes with strip dispersion recovery and separation of metal ionsY.H. Li; W.C. Wu; T.Y. Hsien; H.J. Hsieh; J.Y. Lai; D.M. Wang conference paper
142016Important times scales in formation of membrane pores --- insight into macrovoid initiation and control of pore connectivityD.M. Wang conference paper
152016一種分離稀土金屬釔和銪的方法謝子陽; 韓佳耘; 王大銘 ; 謝學真; 李清華; 劉玉玲patent
162016一種回收稀土金屬鈰離子和鑭離子的方法謝子陽; 韓佳耘; 王大銘 ; 謝學真; 李清華; 劉玉玲; 黃進文patent
172015Use of gum arabic to improve the fabrication of chitosan-gelatin-based nanofibers for tissue engineeringTsai R.-Y.; Kuo T.-Y.; Hung S.-C.; Lin C.-M.; Hsien T.-Y.; Wang D.-M. ; Hsieh H.-J.journal article1716
182015Composite of cyclic olefin copolymer with low graphene content for transparent water-vapor-barrier filmsLai C.-L.; Fu Y.-J.; Chen J.-T.; Wang D.-M. ; Sun Y.-M.; Huang S.-H.; Hung W.-S.; Hu C.-C.; Lee K.-R.journal article107
192015Formation of pores in polymeric membranes --- a thermodynamically or kinetically controlled process?D.M. Wang ; S.L. Su; W.L. Hung; J.Y. Laiconference paper
202015Membrane morphology control and polymer solution rheologyD.M. Wang ; S.L. Su; W.L. Hung; J.Y. Laiconference paper
212015Criteria for spinodal decomposition and nucleation and growth mechanisms by immersion precipitation processS.L. Su,W.L. Hung; D.M. Wang ; J.Y. Laiconference paper
222015Zirconium phosphate modified graphene oxide as an efficient adsorbent for rare earth metal ionsW.C. Wu; T.Y. Liao; D.M. Wang conference paper
232015Roles of polymer chain entanglement in determining membrane morphologyD.M. Wang ; W.L. Hung; S.L. Su; J.Y. Laiconference paper
242015The relationship between viscoelasticity of polymer solution and formation of macrovoids during wet immersion processW.L. Hung; D.M. Wang ; J.Y. Laiconference paper
252014Chitosan/pectin/gum Arabic polyelectrolyte complex: Process-dependent appearance, microstructure analysis and its applicationTsai R.-Y.; Chen P.-W.; Kuo T.-Y.; Lin C.-M.; Wang D.-M. ; Hsien T.-Y.; Hsieh H.-J.journal article3930
262014Electrospun chitosan-gelatin-polyvinyl alcohol hybrid nanofibrous mats: Production and characterizationTsai R.-Y.; Hung S.-C.; Lai J.-Y.; Wang D.-M. ; Hsieh H.-J.journal article1913
272014Influence of solvent composition and non-solvent activity on the crystalline morphology of PVDF membranes prepared by VIPS process and on their arising mechanical propertiesVenault A.; Chang Y.; Wu J.-R.; Wang D.-M. journal article77
282014Roles of gelation of polymer solution in determining the morphology of polymeric membranesD.M. Wang ; S.L. Su; W.L. Hung; J.Y. Laiconference paper
292013Preparation of epoxy monoliths via chemically induced phase separationLuo Y.-S.; Cheng K.-C.; Wu C.-L.; Wang C.-Y.; Tsai T.-H.; Wang D.-M. journal article33
302013Recent advances in preparation and morphology control of polymeric membranes formed by nonsolvent induced phase separationWang D.-M. ; Lai J.-Y.Review7671
312013Roles of Polymer-Solvent Interaction in Tailoring the Morphology of Polymeric membranesW.L. Hung; S.L. Su; J.Y. Lai; D.M. Wang conference paper
322013Recovery and separation of neodymium and dysprosium ions by using supported liquid membrane with strip dispersionY.W Chen; J.Y. Lai; D.M. Wang conference paper
332013Initiation and growth of macovoids in polymeric membranesW.L. Hung; S.L. Su; J.Y. Lai; D.M. Wang conference paper
342012Surface anti-biofouling control of PEGylated poly(vinylidene fluoride) membranes via vapor-induced phase separation processingVenault A.; Chang Y.; Wang D.-M. ; Lai J.-Y.journal article2322
352012PEGylation of anti-biofouling polysulfone membranes via liquid- and vapor-induced phase separation processingVenault A.; Chang Y.; Wang D.-M. ; Bouyer D.; Higuchi A.; Lai J.-Y.journal article3533
362011Advances in chitin/chitosan science and their applicationsChen R.-H.; Domard A.; Muzzarelli R.A.A.; Tokura S.; Wang D.-M. Editorial1111
372011Kinetics of mass transfer during vapour-induced phase separation (VIPS) process and its influence on poly-(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) membrane structure and surface morphologyAnnamalai P.K.; Pochat-Bohatier C.; Bouyer D.; Li C.-L.; Deratani A.; Wang D.-M. journal article109
382011Synthesis of novel pva crosslink mixed matrix scaffolds and adsorption of copper ions from waste waterHsien T.-Y.; Liu Y.-L.; Huang C.-H.; Lin P.-H.; Wang D.-M. journal article32
392010Interfacially polymerized thin-film composite polyamide membrane: Positron annihilation spectroscopic study, characterization and pervaporation performanceKao S.-T.; Huang S.-H.; Liaw D.-J.; Chao W.-C.; Hu C.-C.; Li C.-L.; Wang D.-M. ; Lee K.-R.; Lai J.-Y.journal article1611
402010Insight into the preparation of poly(vinylidene fluoride) membranes by vapor-induced phase separationLi C.-L.; Wang D.-M. ; Deratani A.; Qu?mener D.; Bouyer D.; Lai J.-Y.journal article6162
412010Preparation and applications of Nafion-functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes for proton exchange membrane fuel cellsLiu Y.-L.; Su Y.-H.; Chang C.-M.; Suryani; Wang D.-M. ; Lai J.-Y.journal article9287
422010Retainment of pore connectivity in membranes prepared with vapor-induced phase separationTsai J.T.; Su Y.S.; Wang D.M ; Kuo J.L.; Lai J.Y.; Deratani A.journal article5556
432010Synthesis of novel mixed matrix scaffolds and adsorption of copper ions of waste waterHsien T.-Y.; Lien Y.-H.; Wang D.-M. journal article33
442010The effect of side chain architectures on the properties and proton conductivities of poly(styrene sulfonic acid) graft poly(vinylidene fluoride) copolymer membranes for direct methanol fuel cellsSu Y.-H.; Liu Y.-L.; Wang D.-M. ; Lai J.-Y.; Sun Y.-M.; Chyou S.-D.; Lee W.-T.journal article2120
452010Use of chitosan as a material stabilizer for acidic polysaccharidesChen P.-H.; Kuo T.-Y.; Wang D.-M. ; Lai J.-Y.; Hsieh H.-J.conference paper00
462010Applications of positron annihilation spectroscopy and molecular dynamics simulation to aromatic polyamide pervaporation membranesKao S.-T.; Huang Y.-H.; Liao K.-S.; Hung W.-S.; Chang K.-S.; De Guzman M.; Huang S.-H.; Wang D.-M. ; Tung K.-L.; Lee K.-R.; Lai J.-Y.journal article1713
472010Novel chitosan-pectin composite membranes with enhanced strength, hydrophilicity and controllable disintegrationChen P.-H.; Kuo T.-Y.; Kuo J.-Y.; Tseng Y.-P.; Wang D.-M. ; Lai J.-Y.; Hsieh H.-J.journal article38
482009Effects of the cooling mode on the structure and strength of porous scaffolds made of chitosan, alginate, and carboxymethyl cellulose by the freeze-gelation methodYuan N.-Y.; Lin Y.-A.; Ho M.-H.; Wang D.-M. ; Lai J.-Y.; Hsieh H.-J.journal article3736
492009Interplay of mass transfer, phase separation, and membrane morphology in vapor-induced phase separationSu Y.S.; Kuo C.Y.; Wang D.M ; Lai J.Y.; Deratani A.; Pochat C.; Bouyer D.journal article4949
502009Investigation of mass transfer during membrane formation - A route leads to insight of membrane morphology controlWang D.M ; Su Y.S.; Tsai J.T.; Li C.L.; Deratani A.; Lai J.Y.conference paper0
512009Anatomical study and clinical significance of anterior surgical approach to the cervico-thoracic junctionWang C.-C.; Wang X.-W.; Sha C.; Wang D.-M. journal article00
522009Surface grafting control of PEGylated poly(vinylidene fluoride) antifouling membrane via surface-initiated radical graft copolymerizationChang Y.; Ko C.-Y.; Shih Y.-J.; Qu?mener D.; Deratani A.; Wei T.-C.; Wang D.-M. ; Lai J.-Y.journal article148141
532009Preparation of polylactide scaffoldsHo M.-H.; Wang D.-M. ; Hsieh H.-J.; Lai J.-Y.Book Chapter0
542009The morphological evolution of solvent-containing PMMA membranes in various solvent removal processesTsai H.-A.; Kuo C.-Y.; Su S.-L.; Wang D.-M. ; Lai J.-Y.journal article43
552009Increases in the proton conductivity and selectivity of proton exchange membranes for direct methanol fuel cells by formation of nanocomposites having proton conducting channelsSu Y.-H.; Liu Y.-L.; Wang D.-M. ; Lai J.-Y.; Guiver M.D.; Liu B.journal article4744
562008Fabrication and characterization of chondroitin sulfate-modified chitosan membranes for biomedical applicationsYuan, Nai-Yi; Tsai, Ruei-Yi; Ho, Ming-Hwa; Wang, Da-Ming ; Lai, Juin-Yih; Hsieh, Hsyue-Jen journal article2824
572008Compression and deformation of soft spherical particlesLin, Yu-Li; Wang, Da-Ming ; Lu, Wei-Ming; Lin, Yu-Shen; Tung, Kuo-Lun journal article2625
582008Fabrication of a high hydrophobic PVDF membrane via nonsolvent induced phase separationKuo, Chun-Yin; Lin, Hui-Ni; Tsai, Hui-An; Wang, Da-Ming ; Lai, Juin-Yihjournal article
592008Formation and evolution of a bicontinuous structure of PMMA membrane during wet immersion processKuo, Chun-Yin; Su, Shiun-Lian; Tsai, Hui-An; Su, Yu-Shen; Wang, Da-Ming ; Lai, Juin-Yihjournal article
602008Characterization, transport and sorption properties of poly(thiol ester amide) thin-film composite pervaporation membranesHuang, Shu-Hsien; Lin, Wei-Li; Liaw, Der-Jang; Li, Chi-Lan; Kao, Se-Tsung; Wang, Da-Ming ; Lee, Kueir-Rarn; Lai, Juin-Yihjournal article
612008Fabricating PC/PAN composite membranes by vapor-induced phase separationKao S.T.; Teng M.Y.; Li C.L.; Kuo C.Y.; Hsieh C.Y.; Tsai H.A.; Wang D.M ; Lee K.R.; Lai J.Y.journal article2020
622008Investigation of multilayer pervaporation membrane by positron annihilation spectroscopyHuang S.-H.; Hung W.-S.; Liaw D.-J.; Li C.-L.; Kao S.-T.; Wang D.-M. ; De Guzman M.; Hu C.-C.; Jean Y.C.; Lee K.-R.; Lai J.-Y.journal article4544
632008Effects of polymer chain length and stiffness on phase separation dynamics of semidilute polymer solutionWu Y.-H.; Wang D.-M. ; Lai J.-Y.journal article98
642008A top surface liquid layer during membrane formation using vapor-induced phase separation (VIPS)-Evidence and mechanism of formationMenut P.; Su Y.S.; Chinpa W.; Pochat-Bohatier C.; Deratani A.; Wang D.M ; Huguet P.; Kuo C.Y.; Lai J.Y.; Dupuy C.journal article4037
652008Microstructural changes of enamel, dentin-enamel junction, and dentin induced by irradiating outer enamel surfaces with CO2 laserChiang Y.-C.; Lee B.-S.; Wang Y.-L.; Cheng Y.-A.; Chen Y.-L.; Shiau J.-S.; Wang D.-M. ; Lin C.-P.journal article2824
662008Use of dicarboxylic acids to improve and diversify the material properties of porous chitosan membranesChen P.-H.; Kuo T.-Y.; Liu F.-H.; Hwang Y.-H.; Ho M.-H.; Wang D.-M. ; Lai J.-Y.; Hsieh H.-J.journal article2928
672008Study on the influence of the free volume of hybrid membrane on pervaporation performance by positron annihilation spectroscopyLi, Chi-Lan; Huang, Shu-Hsien; Hung, Wei-Song; Kao, Se-Tsung; Wang, Da-Ming ; Jean, Y.C.; Lee, Kueir-Rarn; Lai, Juin-Yihjournal article
682007膜過濾結垢機制及預防之研究-低結垢過濾膜之製備與其結垢機制之探討(2/3)王大銘 report
692007膜過濾結垢機制及預防之研究-低結垢過濾膜之製備與其結垢機制之探討(3/3)王大銘 report
702007Preparation and Cell Compatibility Evaluation of Chitosan/Collagen Composite Scaffolds Using Amino Acids as Crosslinking BridgesTsai, Sung-Pei; Hsieh, Chien-Yang; Hsieh, Chung-Yu; Wang, Da-Ming ; Huang, Lynn Ling-Huei; Lai, Juin-Yih; Hsieh, Hsyue-Jen journal article
712007Gamma-poly(glutamic acid)/Chitosan Composite Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering ApplicationsTsai, Sung Pei; Hsieh, Chien Yang; Hsieh, Chung Yu; Chang, Yaw Nan; Wang, Da Ming ; Hsieh, Hsyue Jen journal article
722007Analysis of freeze-gelation and cross-linking processes for preparing porous chitosan scaffoldsHsieh, Chieh-Yang; Tsai, Sung-Pei; Ho, Ming-Hwa; Wang, Da-Ming ; Liu, Chung-En; Hsieh, Cheng-Hsuan; Tseng, Hsien-Chung; Hsieh, Hsyue-Jen journal article
732007Removal of monodisperse liquid aerosols by using the polysulfone membrane filtersHuang, Hsiao-Lin; Wang, Da-Ming ; Kao, Se-Tsung; Yang, Shinhao; Huang, Yi-Chinjournal article
742007Effect of drug-polymer interaction on drug diffusion through polymeric membranesWang C.-Y.; Wu Y.-H.; Wang D.-M. journal article5
752007New trends in the preparation of polymeric membranes for liquid filtrationDeratani A.; Li C.-L.; Wang D.-M. ; Lai J.-Y.Review88
762007Proton exchange membranes modified with sulfonated silica nanoparticles for direct methanol fuel cellsSu, Yu-Huei; Liu, Ying-Ling; Sun, Yi-Ming; Lai, Juin-Yih; Wang, Da-Ming ; Gao, Yan; Liu, Baijun; Guiver, Michael D.journal article
772007Bone tissue engineering with novel rhBMP2-PLLA composite scaffoldsChang P.-C.; Liu B.-Y.; Liu C.-M.; Chou H.-H.; Ho M.-H.; Liu H.-C.; Wang D.-M. ; Hou L.-T.journal article4449
782007Efficient Modification on PLLA by Ozone Treatment for Biomedical ApplicationsHo, Ming-Hua; Lee, Juin-Jay; Fan, Shu-Chin; Wang, Da-Ming ; Hou, Lein-Tuan; Hsieh, Hsyue-Jen ; Lai, Juin-Yihjournal article
792007Production of antibodies for selective detection of malachite green and the related triphenylmethane dyes in fish and fishpond waterYang, M. C.; TZONG-FU KUO ; Yang, Mei-Chun; JIM-MIN FANG ; Fang, J. M.; Fang, Jim-Min ; Kuo, Tzong-Fu ; Kuo, T. F.; Wang, Da-Ming ; Wang, D. H.; Huang, Y. L.; Huang, Yi-Lin; Liu, Liang-Yirn; Liu, L. Y.; Chen, P. H.; Chen, Pen-Heng; Chang, Tong-Hsuan; Chang, T. H.journal article7171
802006Preparation of cell-specific membranes for bone regeneration by peptide graftingHo, Ming-Hua; Wang, Da-Ming ; Hou, Lein-Tuan; Hsieh, Hsyue-Jen ; Lai, Juin-Yihjournal article
812006Fabrication and Release Behavior of a Novel Freeze-Gelled Chitosan/Gamma- Pga Scaffold as a Carrier for Rhbmp-2HSIEH, HSYUE-JEN ; LIU, HWA-CHANG; WANG, DA-MING ; HOU, LEIN-TUAN
822006Modeling white light-emitting diodes with phosphor layersKang, Dun-Yen ; Wu, Enboa; Wang, Da-Ming journal article6755
832006Design optimization and experimental verification of white-light-emmiting diodes using multiple phosphor filmsKan D.; Wu E.; Wang D.-M. conference paper10
842006RGD immobilization on PLLA membranes to promote biocompatibilityHo, Ming-Hua; Wang, Da-Ming ; Hou, Lein-Tuan; Tu, Chen-Yuan; Hsieh, Hsyue-Jen ; Lai, Juin-Yihjournal article
852006Promotion of Cell Affinity of Porous PLLA Scaffolds by Immobilization of RGD Peptides via Plasma TreatmentHo, Ming-Hua; Hou, Lein-Tuan; Tu, Chen-Yuan; Hsieh, Hsyue-Jen ; Lai, Juin-Yih; Chen, Wei-Jung; Wang, Da-Ming journal article
862006Fabrication and release behavior of a novel freeze-gelled chitosan/γ-PGA scaffold as a carrier for rhBMP-2Hsieh, Chieh-Yang; Hsieh, Hsyue-Jen ; Liu, Hwa-Chuang; Wang, Da-Ming ; Hou, Lein-Tuanjournal article
872006用於光電製程之微轉印方法謝國煌; 黃榮山; 楊申語; 王大銘 ; 張培仁; 張致遠; 陳偉源patent
882006具奈米級無機微粒之幾丁聚醣薄膜及其形成方法賴君義; 王大銘 ; 李魁然; 郭佩芸; 蘇郁蕙patent
892006用於分離有機溶液之複合膜材及其形成方法賴君義; 王大銘 ; 李魁然; 高瑟聰; 郭佩芸; 蘇郁蕙patent
902005Preparation of γ-PGA/chitosan composite tissue engineering matricesHsieh, Chien-Yang; Tsai, Sung-Pei; Wang, Da-Ming ; Chang, Yaw-Nan; Hsieh, Hsyue-Jen journal article
912005Preparation and characterization of RGD-immobilized chitosan scaffoldsHo, Ming-Hua; Wang, Da-Ming ; Hsieh, Hsyue-Jen ; Liu, Hwa-Chang; Hsien, Tzu-Yang; Lai, Juin-Yih; Hou, Lein-Tuanjournal article
922005精密固液分離在高科技產業之應用─滲透蒸餾在生化產品濃縮上之應用-膜材製備、分離應用、及輸送現象之探討(3/3)王大銘 report
932005結合蒸氣誘導式相分離及濕式相轉換法之高分子膜製備程序王大銘 report
942005生物基材之形成方法賴君義; 何明樺; 郭佩芸; 謝學真; 謝子陽; 王大銘 patent
952004國合計畫:非溶劑蒸氣誘導式相分離之探討王大銘 report
962004精密固液分離在高科技產業之應用─滲透蒸餾在生化產品濃縮上之應用-膜材製備、分離應用、及輸送現象之探討(2/3)王大銘 report
972004Aerosol filtration efficiency of nonwoven filter improved by polysulfone membraneHuang H.L.; Huang Y.C.; Wang D.M conference paper0
982004Aerosol filtration efficiency of Teflon fibrous filtersHuang H.L.; Huang Y.C.; Wang D.M conference paper1
992004Preparation of Porous Scaffolds by Using Freeze-Extraction and Freeze-Gelation MethodsHo, Ming-Hua; Wang, Da-Ming ; Hsieh, Hsyue-Jen ; Liu, Hwa-Chang; Hsien, Tzu-Yang; Lai, Juin-Yih; Hou, Lein-Tuanjournal article
1002003Mass Transfer Characteristics of Glutaraldehyde-crosslinked and Epoxy-crosslinked Collagen FilmsWang, Shiang-Yu; Hsieh, Chien-Yang; Wang, Da-Ming ; Hsieh, Hsyue-Jen journal article
1012003A model for resistance growth during protein microfiltrationShiau J.-S.; Tang C.-H.; Lin T.-Y.; Wang D.-M. conference paper65
1022003Fabrication of a novel porous PGA-chitosan hybrid matrix for tissue engineeringWang, Yu-Chi; Lin, Mei-Chiao; Wang, Da-Ming ; Hsieh, Hsyue-Jen journal article135119
1032003精密固液分離在高科技產業之應用─子計畫三:滲透蒸餾在生化產品濃縮上之應用-膜材製備、分離應用、及輸送現象之探討(1/3)王大銘 report
1042002疏水性多孔膜之製備及其在滲透蒸發與膜蒸餾之應用王大銘 report
1052002難濾性泥漿的固液分離研究─子計畫四:結垢薄膜之特性分析與結垢機制之探討(2/2)王大銘 report
1062002Effect of medium on partition and diffusion of drugs in polymeric membranesWang D.-M. ; Chu C.-Y.; Wu S.-T.; Lai J.-Y.journal article1
1072002Nonsolvent-induced gelation and its effect on membrane morphologyLin K.-Y.; Wang D.-M. ; Lai J.-Y.journal article7772
1082002Preparation and application of microporous TPX membranesWang D.M ; Chang C.Y.; Wang C.Y.; Wu T.T.; Lai J.Y.conference paper3
1092002Effect of temperature and span series surfactant on the structure of polysulfone membranesTsai H.-A.; Ruaan R.-C.; Wang D.-M. ; Lai J.-Y.journal article36
1102001Effect of Sputter Coating on the Observation of Polymeric Membrane StructureWang, Da-Ming ; Young, Tai-Horng ; Wu, Tian-Tsair; Lai, Juin-Yih
1112001難濾性泥漿的固液分離研究─子計畫四:結垢薄膜之特性分析與結垢機制之探討(1/2)王大銘 report
1122001Permeation of drugs through polymeric membranes with and without swelling gradientWang C.-Y.; Hsieh H.-J.; Chu C.-Y.; Wang D.-M. journal article0
1132001Factors affecting the nodule size of asymmetric PMMA membranesRuaan, Ruoh-Chyu; Chou, Hsuan-Liang; Tsai, Hui-An; Wang, Da-Ming ; Lai, Juin-Yihjournal article
1142000軟粒子之固液分離─子計畫五:粒子與膜材間之作用對微過濾效能之影響王大銘 report
1152000A novel method for controlling the surface morphology of polymeric membranesWang, Da-Ming ; Wu, Tian-Tsair; Lin, Fung-Ching; Hou, Jyun-Yuan; Lai, Juin-Yihjournal article
1162000Swelling behavior of hydrophobic polymers in water/ethanol mixturesChuang, Wen-Yuan; Young, Tai-Horng ; Wang, Da-Ming ; Luo, Ruei-Liang; Sun, Yi-Mingjournal article
1172000利用添加物來控制藥物透膜速率-輸送機制之探討王大銘 report
1181999滲透蒸發輸送機制之探討王大銘 report
1191999On the formation of macrovoids in PMMA membranesLai, Juin-Yih; Lin, Fung-Ching; Wu, Tian-Tsair; Wang, Da-Ming journal article
1201999藥物制放系統製造程序開發─子計畫四:藥物於高分子薄膜中輸送機制之研究王大銘 report
1211998The effect of the second phase inversion on microstructures in phase inversion EVAL membranesYoung, Tai-Horng ; Wang, Da-Ming ; Hsieh, Chih-Chen ; Chen, Leo-Wangjournal article