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12024Synergistic Enhancement of Stability and Performance for Perovskite Solar Cells Using Fluorinated Benzoic Acids as AdditivesChiu, Po Hsun; Hu, Cheng Ti; Chia, Swie Kim; Su, Li Yun; Chen, Po Tuan; Liu, Zhe Yu; Lin, Chao Yun; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH ; CHI-AN DAI ; LEE-YIH WANG Solar RRL
22020Nanopiezoelectric devices for energy generation based on ZnO nanorods/flexible-conjugated copolymer hybrids using allwet-coating processesLee, Y.-P.; Lin, C.-C.; Hsiao, C.-C.; Chou, P.-A.; Cheng, Y.-Y.; Hsieh, C.-C.; Dai, C.-A.; CHI-AN DAI ; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH Micromachines75
32019Long-term thermally stable nanoconfining networks for efficient fully conjugated semicrystalline/amorphous diblock copolymer photovoltaicsLee, Y.-P.; Liu, M.-W.; Qin, J.-K.; Lee, Y.-H.; Yang, Y.-L.; Wang, L. ; Cheng, Y.-Y.; Chen, Y.-F.; Liu, W.-Y.; Hsieh, C.-C. ; CHI-AN DAI Organic Electronics11
42019Numerical Design and Experimental Realization of a PNIPAM-Based Micro ThermosensorWang, F.-W.; Hsu, C.-W.; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
52019Sensing Ability and Formation Criterion of Fluid Supported Lipid Bilayer Coated Graphene Field-Effect TransistorsHu, S.-K.; Lo, F.-Y.; Hsieh, C.-C.; Chao, L. ; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH ACS Sensors
62019Facile fabrication of superporous and biocompatible hydrogel scaffolds for artificial corneal peripheryLee, Y.-P.; Liu, H.-Y.; Lin, P.-C.; Lee, Y.-H.; Yu, L.-R.; Hsieh, C.-C.; Shih, P.-J.; Shih, W.-P.; I-JONG WANG ; Yen, J.-Y.; JIA-YUSH YEN ; CHI-AN DAI ; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH ; PO-JEN SHIH Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces2518
72018Synergistic in Situ Hybrid Synthesis of Highly Crystalline P3HT/ZnO Nanowires at Elevated PressuresLee, Y.-P.; Chiang, C.-J.; Jen, P.-C.; Chou, B.-T.; Wang, L. ; Cheng, Y.-Y.; Lee, Y.-H.; Chen, Y.-F.; Hsieh, C.-C.; CHI-AN DAI ; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH ACS Applied Energy Materials76
82018Microfluidic synthesis of silica microcomponents using sol-gel process and stop-flow lithographyWang, S.-H.; Wang, P.-H.; Hsieh, I.-M.; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers
92016Self-organization and phase transformation of all π-conjugated diblock copolymers and its applications in organic solar cellsShen, C.; Lee, Y.-H.; Lee, Y.-P.; Chiang, C.-J.; Wei, F.-K.; Wu, C.-H.; Kau, K.-C.; Liu, H.-W.; Hsieh, C.-C.; Wang, L. ; CHI-AN DAI ; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH Reactive and Functional Polymers55
102016One-step in situ hydrothermal fabrication of D/A poly(3-hexylthiophene)/TiO<inf>2</inf> hybrid nanowires and its application in photovoltaic devicesChiang, C.-J.; Lee, Y.-H.; Lee, Y.-P.; Lin, G.-T.; Yang, M.-H.; LEE-YIH WANG ; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH ; CHI-AN DAI Journal of Materials Chemistry A1414
112015Customizable Optical and Biofunctional Properties of a Medical Lens Based on Chemical Vapor Deposition Encapsulation of LiquidsWu, J.-T.; Wu, C.-Y.; Fan, S.-K.; Hsieh, C.-C.; YU-CHIH HOU ; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH Chemistry of Materials1515
122015Comparison of defect formations in solar silicon growth from small random and large oriented seedsHsieh, C.C.; Wu, Y.C.; Lan, A.; Hsu, H.P.; Hsu, C.; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH ; CHUNG-WEN LAN Journal of Crystal Growth2221
132014A facile approach toward protein-resistant biointerfaces based on photodefinable poly-p-xylylene coatingSu, C.-T.; Yuan, R.-H.; Chen, Y.-C.; Lin, T.-J.; Chien, H.-W.; Hsieh, C.-C.; Tsai, W.-B.; CHIH-HAO CHANG ; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces1312
142014Simulations of DNA stretching by flow field in microchannels with complex geometryHuang, C.-D.; Kang, D.-Y.; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH ; Kang D.-Y. Biomicrofluidics33
152014Improvement of multi-crystalline silicon ingot growth by using diffusion barriersHsieh, C.C.; Lan, A.; Hsu, C.; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH ; CHUNG-WEN LAN Journal of Crystal Growth1713
162014Effects of excluded volume and hydrodynamic interactions on the behavior of isolated bead-rod polymer chains in shearing flowDalal, I.S.; Hsieh, C.-C.; Albaugh, A.; Larson, R.G.; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH AIChE Journal
172013Bihydrogel particles as free-standing mechanical pH microsensorsTsou, T.-Y.; Chen, H.-Y.; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH ; Chen H.-Y. Applied Physics Letters54
182013Stretching DNA by electric field and flow field in microfluidic devices: An experimental validation to the devices designed with computer simulationsLee, C.-H.; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH Biomicrofluidics
192013Vapor-based tri-functional coatingsHSIEN-YEH CHEN et al. ; Lin, T.-J.; Tsai, M.-Y.; Su, C.-T.; Yuan, R.-H.; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH ; Yang, Y.-J.; JERRY CHENG-CHE HSU ; HAO-MING HSIAO ; Hsu, Yin-ChuChemical Communications3130
202012Vapor-deposited parylene photoresist: A multipotent approach toward chemically and topographically defined biointerfacesWu, M.-G.; Hsu, H.-L.; Hsiao, K.-W.; Hsieh, C.-C.; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH ; Chen H.-Y. Langmuir1716
212012Simulation guided design of a microfluidic device for electrophoretic stretching of DNAHsieh, C.; Lin, T.; Huang, C.; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH Biomicrofluidics
222012Effects of topology and ionic strength on double-stranded DNA confined in nanoslitsLin, P.-K.; Hsieh, C.-C.; Chen, Y.-L.; Chou, C.-F.; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH Macromolecules
232011Simulation of conformational preconditioning strategies for electrophoretic stretching of DNA in a microcontractionHsieh, C.; Lin, T.; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH Biomicrofluidics
242008Ionic effects on the equilibrium dynamics of DNA confined in nanoslitsHsieh, C.-C.; Balducci, A.; Doyle, P.S.; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH Nano Letters
252008Studying confined polymers using single-molecule DNA experimentsHsieh, C.-C.; Doyle, P.S.; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH Korea Australia Rheology Journal
262007Molecular imaging of shear-induced polymer migration in dilute solutions near a surfaceFang, L.; Hsieh, C.-C.; Larson, R.G.; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH Macromolecules
272007Relaxation of stretched DNA in slitlike confinementBalducci, A.; Hsieh, C.-C.; Doyle, P.S.; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH Physical Review Letters
282007An experimental study of DNA rotational relaxation time in nanoslitsHsieh, C.-C.; Balducci, A.; Doyle, P.S.; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH Macromolecules
292006Erratum: Brownian dynamics simulations with stiff finitely extensible nonlinear elastic-Fraenkel springs as approximations to rods in bead-rod models (The Journal of Chemical Physics (2006) 124 (044911))Hsieh, C.-C.; Jain, S.; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH Journal of Chemical Physics01
302006Brownian dynamics simulations with stiff finitely extensible nonlinear elastic-Fraenkel springs as approximations to rods in bead-rod modelsHsieh, C.-C.; Jain, S.; Larson, R.G.; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH Journal of Chemical Physics
312005Brownian dynamics simulations of shear-induced migration of DNA molecules in dilute solutions near a solid boundaryHsieh, C.-C.; Watari, N.; Larson, R.G.; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH AIChE Annual Meeting, Conference Proceedings
322005Prediction of coil-stretch hysteresis for dilute polystyrene molecules in extensional flowHsieh, C.-C.; Larson, R.G.; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH Journal of Rheology
332005Brownian dynamics modeling of flow-induced birefringence and chain scission in dilute polymer solutions in a planar cross-slot flowHsieh, C.-C.; Park, S.J.; Larson, R.G.; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH Macromolecules
342004An analytical finite element technique for predicting thrust force and torque in drillingStrenkowski, J. S.; Hsieh, C. C.; Shih, A.; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH International Journal of Machine Tools & Manufacture87
352004Modeling hydrodynamic interaction in Brownian dynamics: Simulations of extensional and shear flows of dilute solutions of high molecular weight polystyreneHsieh, C.-C.; Larson, R.G.; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH Journal of Rheology
362003Modeling hydrodynamic interaction in Brownian dynamics: Simulations of extensional flows of dilute solutions of DNA and polystyreneHsieh, C.-C.; Li, L.; Larson, R.G.; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics
371999The formation mechanism of membranes prepared from the crystalline EVAL polymer-water (nonsolvent)-2-propanol (nonsolvent) systemTai-Horng Young ; Hsieh C.-C; Chen L.-Y; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH Journal of Membrane Science2524
381998The effect of the second phase inversion on microstructures in phase inversion EVAL membranesTai-Horng Young ; Wang D.-M; Hsieh C.-C; DA-MING WANG ; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH Journal of Membrane Science2522
391996On the free-settling test for estimating activated sludge floc densityLee, D.J. ; Chen, G.W.; YING-CHIH LIAO ; CHIH-CHEN HSIEH Water Research175167
401994以自由沈降測誠估算污泥膠羽密度陳蓋文; 廖英志 ; 謝之真 ; 李篤中 ; Lee, Duu-Jong Symposium on Transport Phenomena and Applications