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12001Preparation of EVAL membranes with smooth and particulate morphologies for neuronal cultureYoung, Tai-Horng ; Lin, Chii-Wann ; Cheng, Liao-Ping; Hsieh, Chih-Chen 34
21999The formation mechanism of membranes prepared from the crystalline EVAL polymer–water (nonsolvent)–2-propanol (nonsolvent) systemYoung, Tai-Horng ; Hsieh, Chih-Chen ; Chen, Li-Yen; Huang, Yen-Shih
31998The effect of the second phase inversion on microstructures in phase inversion EVAL membranesYoung, Tai-Horng ; Wang, Da-Ming ; Hsieh, Chih-Chen ; Chen, Leo-Wangjournal article
41994以自由沈降測誠估算污泥膠羽密度陳蓋文; 廖英志 ; 謝之真 ; 李篤中 ; 廖英志 ; Lee, Duu-Jong conference paper