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12022Thin Film Growth of 3D Sr-based Metal-Organic Framework on Conductive Glass via Electrochemical DepositionUsman M; Yang A.-C; Inamdar A.I; Kamal S; Hsu J.-C; Kang D.-Y; Tseng T.-W; Hung C.-H; Lu K.-L.; DUN-YEN KANG ChemistryOpen00
22022Highly adhesive and disposable inorganic barrier films: Made from 2D silicate nanosheets and waterEguchi M; Konarova M; L. Torad N; Chang T.-A; Kang D.-Y; Shapter J; Yamauchi Y.; DUN-YEN KANG Journal of Materials Chemistry A0
32021Transport-Relevant Pore Limiting Diameter for Molecular Separations in Metal-Organic Framework MembranesHung T.-H; Lyu Q; Lin L.-C; Kang D.-Y.; DUN-YEN KANG Journal of Physical Chemistry C0
42021Chemistry-Encoded Convolutional Neural Networks for Predicting Gaseous Adsorption in Porous MaterialsHung T.-H; Xu Z.-X; Kang D.-Y; Lin L.-C.; DUN-YEN KANG Journal of Physical Chemistry C21
52021Solubility selectivity-enhanced SIFSIX-3-Ni-containing mixed matrix membranes for improved CO2/CH4 separation efficiencyShin J.H; Kan M.-Y; Oh J.-W; Yu H.J; Lin L.-C; Kim J.-H; Kang D.-Y; Lee J.S.; DUN-YEN KANG Journal of Membrane Science44
62021Facile Defect Engineering of Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks towards Enhanced C3H6/C3H8 Separation PerformanceAn H; Cho K.Y; Lyu Q; Chiou D.-S; Nam K.J; Kang D.-Y; Lin L.-C; Lee J.S.; DUN-YEN KANG Advanced Functional Materials55
72021NaP1 zeolite membranes with high selectivity for water-alcohol pervaporationGuo J.-C; Zou C; Chiang C.-Y; Chang T.-A; Chen J.-J; Lin L.-C; Kang D.-Y.; DUN-YEN KANG Journal of Membrane Science32
82021Coulombic effect on permeation of CO2 in metal-organic framework membranesHung T.-H; Deng X; Lyu Q; Lin L.-C; Kang D.-Y.; DUN-YEN KANG Journal of Membrane Science64
92021Suppressing Defect Formation in Metal-Organic Framework Membranes via Plasma-Assisted Synthesis for Gas SeparationsKan M.-Y; Lyu Q; Chu Y.-H; Hsu C.-C; Lu K.-L; Lin L.-C; Kang D.-Y.; DUN-YEN KANG ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces21
102021Pillared-bilayer metal-organic framework membranes for dehydration of isopropanolHsieh Y.-J; Zou C; Chen J.-J; Lin L.-C; Kang D.-Y.; DUN-YEN KANG Microporous and Mesoporous Materials10
112020Hybrid membrane process for post -combustion CO2 capture from coal-fired power plantRen, Li-Xuan; Chang, Feng-Ling; Kang, Dun-Yen; Chen, Cheng-Liang; CHENG-LIANG CHEN ; DUN-YEN KANG JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE0
122020Toward Long-Lasting Low-Haze Antifog Coatings through the Deposition of ZeolitesDUN-YEN KANG ; Chang, T.-A. et al.Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research0
132020Zinc(II)–Organic Framework Films with Thermochromic and Solvatochromic ApplicationsLee, L.-W.; Chi, H.-Y.; Kao, Y.-C.; Hung, T.-H.; Chiou, D.-S.; Lee, G.-H.; Peng, S.-M.; Kang, D.-Y.; Wang, C.-M.; Lu, K.-L.; DUN-YEN KANG Chemistry - A European Journal77
142020High-flux mixed matrix membranes containing bimetallic zeolitic imidazole framework-8 for C 3 H 6 /C 3 H 8 separationOh, J.W.; Cho, K.Y.; Kan, M.-Y.; Yu, H.J.; Kang, D.-Y.; Lee, J.S.; DUN-YEN KANG Journal of Membrane Science1920
152020Enhanced pervaporation performance of zeolite membranes treated by atmospheric-pressure plasmaTao, T.-L.; Chang, C.-K.; Kang, Y.-H.; Chen, J.-J.; Kang, D.-Y.; DUN-YEN KANG Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers78
162020Core-Shell Metal-Organic Frameworks with Improving Cyclic Stability for Water AdsorptionChen, J.-J.; Chiu, H.-C.; Chang, C.-W.; Shen, C.-Y.; Kang, Y.-H.; Chi, H.-Y.; Chang, C.-K.; Chuang, Y.-C.; Kang, D.-Y.; DUN-YEN KANG Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan11
172020Highly CO 2 Selective Metal–Organic Framework Membranes with Favorable Coulombic EffectChiou, D.-S.; Yu, H.J.; Hung, T.-H.; Lyu, Q.; Chang, C.-K.; Lee, J.S.; Lin, L.-C.; Kang, D.-Y.; DUN-YEN KANG Advanced Functional Materials1314
182020Exploiting interior surface functionalization in reverse osmosis desalination membranes to mitigate permeability–selectivity trade-off: Molecular simulations of nanotube-based membranesLyu, Q.; Kang, D.-Y.; Hu, S.; Lin, L.-C.; DUN-YEN KANG Desalination98
192019Activation-Controlled Structure Deformation of Pillared-Bilayer Metal-Organic Framework Membranes for Gas SeparationsKan, M.-Y.; Shin, J.H.; Yang, C.-T.; Chang, C.-K.; Lee, L.-W.; Chen, B.-H.; Lu, K.-L.; Lee, J.S.; Lin, L.-C.; Kang, D.-Y.; DUN-YEN KANG Chemistry of Materials1817
202019Zeolite-Based Antifogging Coating via Direct Wet DepositionHsu W.-J.; Huang P.-S.; Huang Y.-C.; Hu S.-W.; Tsao H.-K.; Kang D.-Y. Langmuir 1413
212019Wetting Properties and Thin-Film Quality in the Wet Deposition of ZeolitesHuang, Y.-C.; Hsu, W.-J.; Wang, C.-Y.; Tsao, H.-K.; Kang, Y.-H.; Chen, J.-J.; Kang, D.-Y.; DUN-YEN KANG ACS Omega33
222019Transparent Conductive Films Derived from Single-Walled Aluminosilicate NanotubesHsu, W.-J.; Ibrahim, I.A.M.; Lin, Y.-H.; Yang, Z.-H.; Yucelen, G.I.; Han, J.W.; Kang, D.-Y.; DUN-YEN KANG ACS Applied Nano Materials44
232019Membrane adsorber containing a new Sm(iii)-organic framework for dye removalLee L.-W.; Pao S.-Y.; Pathak A.; Kang D.-Y. ; Lu K.-L.Environmental Science: Nano 118
242019Hexagonal Superalignment of Nano-Objects with Tunable Separation in a Dilute and Spacer-Free SolutionSu, C.-Y.; Lyu, Q.; Kang, D.-Y.; Yang, Z.-H.; Lam, C.H.; Chen, Y.-H.; Lo, S.-C.; Hua, C.-C.; Lin, L.-C.; DUN-YEN KANG Physical Review Letters55
252018Direct wet deposition of zeolite FAU thin films using stabilized colloidal suspensionsHuang, Pei Sun; Su, Chien You; Lam, Chon Hei; Lee, Wen Ya; Wang, Da Ming ; Hua, Chi Chung; DUN-YEN KANG Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 66
262018Scalable Wet Deposition of Zeolite AEI with a High Degree of Preferred Crystal OrientationHuang, Pei Sun; Lam, Chon Hei; Su, Chien You; Chen, Yen Ru; Lee, Wen Ya; Wang, Da Ming ; Hua, Chi Chung; DUN-YEN KANG Angewandte Chemie - International Edition 66
272018Investigation of the Water Adsorption Properties and Structural Stability of MIL-100(Fe) with Different AnionsChen Y.-R.; Liou K.-H.; Kang D.-Y. ; Chen J.-J.; Lin L.-C.Langmuir 2827
282018Metal-organic frameworks for dye sorption: Structure-property relationships and scalable deposition of the membrane adsorberChi H.-Y.; Hung S.-H.; Kan M.-Y.; Lee L.-W.; Lam C.H.; Chen J.-J.; Kang D.-Y. CrystEngComm 1921
292018Properties of Single-Walled Aluminosilicate Nanotube/Poly(vinyl alcohol) Aqueous DispersionsSu C.-Y.; Yang A.-C.; Jiang J.-S.; Yang Z.-H.; Huang Y.-S.; Kang D.-Y. ; Hua C.-C.Journal of Physical Chemistry B 99
302018High-throughput fabrication of zeolite thin films via ultrasonic nozzle spray depositionLam C.H.; Hsu W.-J.; Chi H.-Y.; Kang Y.-H.; Chen J.-J.; Kang D.-Y. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 1010
312018Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet-Assisted Synthesis of Zeolite-Based Low-k Thin FilmsHuang K.-Y.; Chi H.-Y.; Kao P.-K.; Huang F.-H.; Jian Q.-M.; Cheng I.-C.; Lee W.-Y.; Hsu C.-C.; Kang D.-Y. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 99
322018Direct wet deposition of zeolite FAU thin films using stabilized colloidal suspensionsHuang, P.-S.; Su, C.-Y.; Lam, C.H.; Lee, W.-Y.; Wang, D.-M.; Hua, C.-C.; Kang, D.-Y.; DUN-YEN KANG Microporous and Mesoporous Materials66
332018Scalable Wet Deposition of Zeolite AEI with a High Degree of Preferred Crystal OrientationHuang, P.-S.; Lam, C.H.; Su, C.-Y.; Chen, Y.-R.; Lee, W.-Y.; Wang, D.-M.; Hua, C.-C.; Kang, D.-Y.; DUN-YEN KANG Angewandte Chemie - International Edition66
342017Wet Deposition of Inorganic Nanoporous Thin FilmsKang, D.-Y. 
352017Wet Deposition of Inorganic Nanoporous Thin FilmsKang, D.-Y. 
362017Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Inorganic NanomaterialsKang, D.-Y. 
372017Wet Deposition of Low-k Thin Films Composed of Ceramic NanotubesKang, D.-Y. 
382017溶液法製備氧化鋁矽奈米管之低介電薄膜楊安之; 李昀軒; 林駿熙; 紀姮羽; 陳奕君; 康敦彥; DUN-YEN KANG 化工0
392017Influence of interwall interaction in double-walled aluminogermanate nanotubes on mechanical propertiesLiu C.-H.; Kang D.-Y. Computational Materials Science 44
402017High-permeance metal-organic framework-based membrane adsorber for the removal of dye molecules in aqueous phaseTing H.; Chi H.-Y.; Lam C.H.; Chan K.-Y.; Kang D.-Y. Environmental Science: Nano 3332
412017Surface Engineering Layered Metal¡VOrganic Framework to Enhance Processability and Stability in WaterLi Y.-L.; Chi H.-Y.; Kan M.-Y.; Pao S.-Y.; Kang Y.-H.; Chen J.-J.; Kang D.-Y. ChemNanoMat 75
422017Multifunctional nanoparticles with controllable dimensions and tripled orthogonal reactivityWu C.-Y.; Chang C.-W.; Yuan R.-H.; Chiang Y.-C.; Chen J.-T.; Kang D.-Y. ; Chen H.-Y.Nanoscale 1010
432017Surfactant-mediated self-assembly of nanocrystals to form hierarchically structured zeolite thin films with controlled crystal orientationLam C.H.; Chi H.-Y.; Hsu S.-M.; Li Y.-S.; Lee W.-Y.; Cheng I.-C.; Kang D.-Y. RSC Advances 55
442017Investigating the Potential of Single-Walled Aluminosilicate Nanotubes in Water DesalinationLiou K.-H.; Kang D.-Y. ; Lin L.-C.ChemPhysChem 1919
452017Vapor-phase synthesis of poly(p-xylylene) membranes for gas separationsChang C.-W.; Guan Z.-Y.; Kan M.-Y.; Lee L.-W.; Chen H.-Y.; Kang D.-Y. Journal of Membrane Science 65
462017Simulation and design of catalytic membrane reactor for hydrogen production via methylcyclohexane dehydrogenationChen Y.-R.; Tsuru T.; Kang D.-Y. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 2523
472017Detailed Simulation of Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer in Coffee Bean RoasterChiang C.-C.; Wu D.-Y.; Kang D.-Y. Journal of Food Process Engineering 44
482016Emerging methods for fabrication of MOF, zeolite, and nanotube membranesKang, D.-Y. 
492016Hybrid Zeolite Imidazolate Framework Thin Films for Gas SeparationsKang, D.-Y. 
502016Simulations of Transport Phenomena Using COMSOL Multiphysics ¡V Class ProjectsKang, D.-Y. 
512016ZIF-ZIF Hybrid Membranes for Hydrogen PurificationKang, D.-Y. ; Lo, Y.
522016Hybrid ZIF Membranes with Enhanced Hydrogen Separation PerformanceKang, D.-Y. ; Lo, Y.
532016Influence of crystal topology and interior surface functionality of metal-organic frameworks on PFOA sorption performanceChen M.-J.; Yang A.-C.; Wang N.-H.; Chiu H.-C.; Li Y.-L.; Kang D.-Y. ; Lo S.-L.Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 3434
542016Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Highly Monodispersed Single-Walled Alunminosilicate NanotubesLam C.H.; Yang A.-C.; Chi H.-Y.; Chan K.-Y.; Hsieh C.-C.; Kang D.-Y. ChemistrySelect 55
552016Highly selective mixed-matrix membranes with layered fillers for molecular separationWang T.-P.; Kang D.-Y. Journal of Membrane Science 1615
562016Pseudopolymorphic seeding for the rational synthesis of hybrid membranes with a zeolitic imidazolate framework for enhanced molecular separation performanceLo Y.; Kang D.-Y. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3030
572016Solution-processed ultra-low-: K thin films comprising single-walled aluminosilicate nanotubesYang A.-C.; Li Y.-S.; Lam C.H.; Chi H.-Y.; Cheng I.-C.; Kang D.-Y. Nanoscale 1111
582016Relationships between the solution and solid-state properties of solution-cast low-: K silica thin filmsChiang C.-C.; Su C.-Y.; Yang A.-C.; Wang T.-Y.; Lee W.-Y.; Hua C.-C.; Kang D.-Y. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 33
592016Polymorphism/pseudopolymorphism of metal-organic frameworks composed of zinc(II) and 2-methylimidazole: Synthesis, stability, and application in gas storageLo Y.; Lam C.H.; Chang C.-W.; Yang A.-C.; Kang D.-Y. RSC Advances 5959
602016Defective Single-Walled Aluminosilicate Nanotubes: Structural Stability and Mechanical PropertiesLiou K.-H.; Kang D.-Y. ChemNanoMat 1314
612016Direct Deposition of Inorganic Nanoporous Thin Films for Applications in ElectronicsKang, D.-Y. 
622016cif2tube ¡V Algorithm for constructing nanotube and nanoscroll models from crystallographic information filesWang T.-P.; Kang D.-Y. Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers 11
632016Incorporation of single-walled aluminosilicate nanotubes for the control of crystal size and porosity of zeolitic imidazolate framework-LYang A.-C.; Wang T.-Y.; Dai C.-A.; Kang D.-Y. CrystEngComm 1111
642015Estimations of Effective Diffusivity of Various Types of Mixed Matrix MembranesKang, D.-Y. 
652015Ultra Nanotube Composite Membranes for Molecular SeparationsKang, D.-Y. 
662015Rational Engineering Metal Oxide NanotubesKang, D.-Y. ; Liou, K.-H.
672015Facile Removal of Structure Directing Agent from Zeolite Membranes Using Atmospheric Pressure Plasma JetKang, D.-Y. 
682015Ultra Thin Nanotube Composite Membranes for Molecular SeparationsKang, D.-Y. 
692015Mechanical Properties of Single-Walled Aluminosilicate NanotubesKang, D.-Y. 
702015Relationships among the structural topology, bond strength, and mechanical properties of single-walled aluminosilicate nanotubesLiou K.-H.; Tsou N.-T.; Kang D.-Y. Nanoscale 1513
712015Synthesis of Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework Core-Shell Nanosheets Using Zinc-Imidazole PseudopolymorphsLee W.-C.; Chien H.-T.; Lo Y.; Chiu H.-C.; Wang T.-P.; Kang D.-Y. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 4242
722015Investigating Friction as a Main Source of Entropy Generation in the Expansion of Confined Gas in a Piston-and-Cylinder DeviceKang D.-Y. ; Liou K.-H.; Chang W.-L.Journal of Chemical Education 22
732015Solution-Processed Ultrathin Aluminosilicate Nanotube¡VPoly(vinyl alcohol) Composite Membranes with Partial Alignment of NanotubesKang D.-Y. ; Lydon M.E.; Yucelen G.I.; Jones C.W.; Nair S.ChemNanoMat 1716
742015Reactive atmospheric pressure plasma for highly efficient removal of structure-directing agents from zeolite thin filmsChien H.-T.; Chen M.-C.; Huang P.-S.; Lai J.-Y.; Hsu C.-C.; Kang D.-Y. Chemical Communications 66
752015Predictions of effective diffusivity of mixed matrix membranes with tubular fillersWang T.-P.; Kang D.-Y. Journal of Membrane Science 1412
762015Estimations of effective diffusivity of hollow fiber mixed matrix membranesYang A.-C.; Liu C.-H.; Kang D.-Y. Journal of Membrane Science 109
772015Design, synthesis, photophysical and electrochemical properties of 2-(4,5-diphenyl-1-p-aryl-1H-imidazol-2-yl)phenol-based boron complexesMukundam V.; Dhanunjayarao K.; Chuang C.-N.; Kang D.-Y. ; Leung M.-K.; Hsieh K.-H.; Venkatasubbaiah K.Dalton Transactions 1211
782014Inorganic nanotube-polymer composites for novel separation platformsKang D.Y. Applied Mechanics and Materials 00
792014Inorganic Nanotube-Polymer Composite Membranes for Separation TechnologyKang, D.-Y. 
802014Prediction of Effective Diffusivity for Mixed-Matrix Membranes with Tubular FillersWang, T.-P.; Kang, D.-Y. 
812014Novel Inorganic Nanotubular Materials for CO2 Capture.Kang, D.-Y. 
822014Polymer-Inorganic Nanotube Nanocomposite Membranes for Alcohol Dehydration.Kang, D.-Y. 
832014Inorganic Nanotube-Polymer Composites for Novel Separation Platforms.Kang, D.-Y. 00
842014Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Imogolite-Type Nanotubes Using Nanoscale Continuum Model.Liou, K.-H.; Kang, D.-Y. 
852014Direct synthesis of single-walled aminoaluminosilicate nanotubes with enhanced molecular adsorption selectivityKang D.-Y. ; Brunelli N.A.; Yucelen G.I.; Venkatasubramanian A.; Zang J.; Leisen J.; Hesketh P.J.; Jones C.W.; Nair S.Nature Communications 69126
862014Phosphorescent light-emitting diodes using triscarbazole/bis(oxadiazole) hosts: Comparison of homopolymer blends and random and block copolymersHe X.; Cai D.; Kang D.-Y. ; Haske W.; Zhang Y.; Zuniga C.A.; Wunsch B.H.; Barlow S.; Leisen J.; Bucknall D.; Kippelen B.; Marder S.R.Journal of Materials Chemistry C 1111
872014Simulations of DNA stretching by flow field in microchannels with complex geometryHuang C.-D.; Kang D.-Y. ; Hsieh C.-C.Biomicrofluidics 33
882014Estimation of Effective Thermal Conductivity and Diffusivity of Nanocomposites using COMSOLKang, D.-Y. 
892014Direct synthesis of single-walled aminoaluminosilicate nanotubes with enhanced molecular adsorption selectivityDUN-YEN KANG Nature communications69126
902013Poly(vinyl alcohol)/Single-Walled Aluminosilicate Nanotube Mixed-Matrix-Membrane for Ethanol-Water Mixture Dehydration.Kang, D.-Y. ; Jones, C.W.; Nair, S.
912013A generalized kinetic model for the formation and growth of single-walled metal oxide nanotubesYucelen G.I.; Kang D.-Y. ; Schmidt-Krey I.; Beckham H.W.; Nair S.Chemical Engineering Science 3330
922013Structure-processing-property correlations in solution-processed, small-molecule, organic solar cellsWunsch B.H.; Rumi M.; Tummala N.R.; Risko C.; Kang D.-Y. ; Steirer K.X.; Gantz J.; Said M.; Armstrong N.R.; Br?das J.-L.; Bucknall D.; Marder S.R.Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2222
932013Rigorous calculations of permeation in mixed-matrix membranes: Evaluation of interfacial equilibrium effects and permeability-based modelsSingh T.; Kang D.-Y. ; Nair S.Journal of Membrane Science 4238
942012Dramatic enhancement of CO 2 uptake by poly(ethyleneimine) using zirconosilicate supportsKuwahara Y.; Kang D.-Y. ; Copeland J.R.; Brunelli N.A.; Didas S.A.; Bollini P.; Sievers C.; Kamegawa T.; Yamashita H.; Jones C.W.Journal of the American Chemical Society 178176
952012Transition metal-catalyzed C-H activation as a route to structurally diverse di(arylthiophenyl)-diketopyrrolopyrrolesZhang J.; Kang D.-Y. ; Barlow S.; Marder S.R.Journal of Materials Chemistry 4245
962012Single-walled aluminosilicate nanotube/poly(vinyl alcohol) nanocomposite membranesKang D.-Y. ; Tong H.M.; Zang J.; Choudhury R.P.; Sholl D.S.; Beckham H.W.; Jones C.W.; Nair S.ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 8074
972012Shaping single-walled metal oxide nanotubes from precursors of controlled curvatureYucelen G.I.; Kang D.-Y. ; Guerrero-Ferreira R.C.; Wright E.R.; Beckham H.W.; Nair S.Nano Letters 6662
982012Enhanced CO 2 adsorption over polymeric amines supported on heteroatom-incorporated SBA-15 silica: Impact of heteroatom type and loading on sorbent structure and adsorption performanceKuwahara Y.; Kang D.-Y. ; Copeland J.R.; Bollini P.; Sievers C.; Kamegawa T.; Yamashita H.; Jones C.W.Chemistry - A European Journal 9895
992011Single-walled aluminosilicate nanotubes with organic-modified interiorsKang D.-Y. ; Zang J.; Jones C.W.; Nair S.Journal of Physical Chemistry C 6858
1002011Modeling molecular transport in composite membranes with tubular fillersKang D.-Y. ; Jones C.W.; Nair S.Journal of Membrane Science 4240
1012010Dehydration, dehydroxylation, and rehydroxylation of single - Walled aluminosilicate nanotubesKang D.-Y. ; Zang J.; Wright E.R.; McCanna A.L.; Jones C.W.; Nair S.ACS Nano 7667
1022010Dehydration, dehydroxylation, and rehydroxylation of single-walled aluminosilicate nanotubesKang, Dun-Yen; Jones, Christopher W.; Nair, Sankar; DUN-YEN KANG Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society0
1032006Modeling white light-emitting diodes with phosphor layersKang, Dun-Yen ; Wu, Enboa; Wang, Da-Ming Applied physics letters 7572