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12019Underwater Positioning Study of Flight RecorderLiu, W.-Y.; Jih, R.; Chen, C.-F.; CHI-FANG CHEN conference paper00
22018Generalized ray method for three-dimensional propagation in a penetrable wedgeBorejko, P.; Chen, C.-F.; Pao, Y.-H.; CHI-FANG CHEN journal article00
32017Underwater noise measurement and simulation for offshore wind farm in TaiwanWu, C.-H.; Wang, W.-C.; Hsu, Y.-S.; Liu, D.-H.; Chen, C.-F.; Hu, W.-C.; Chen, N.-C.; Lin, S.-F.; Hwang, W.-S.; Huang, Y.-H.; Li, W.-L.; CHI-FANG CHEN conference paper10
42017Study of target strength of underwater vehicleFang, Y.-Y.; Cheng, K.-A.; Sung, P.-J.; Chao, C.-H.; Chen, C.-F.; CHI-FANG CHEN conference paper00
52017IntroductionRouseff, D.; Chen, C.-F.; CHI-FANG CHEN others00
62017Special Issue on Underwater Acoustics IntroductionRouseff, Daniel; Chen, Chi-Fang; CHI-FANG CHEN journal article0
72015Acoustic Propagation Uncertainty and Probabilistic Prediction of Sonar System Performance in the Southern East China Sea Continental Shelf and Shelfbreak EnvironmentsEmerson, C.; Lynch, J.F.; Abbot, P.; Lin, Y.-T.; Duda, T.F.; Gawarkiewicz, G.G.; Chen, C.-F.; CHI-FANG CHEN journal article43
82015Observations of ambient noises induced by the internal solitary waves on the continental slope of the northern South China SeaYang, Y.J.; Chiu, C.-S.; Wu, J.C.-H.; Liang, W.-D.; Ramp, S.R.; Benjamin Reeder, D.; Chen, C.-F.; CHI-FANG CHEN conference paper00
92015Passive acoustic monitoring of the temporal variability of odontocete tonal sounds from a long-term marine observatoryLin, T.-H.; Yu, H.-Y.; Chen, C.-F.; Chou, L.-S.; CHI-FANG CHEN journal article1311
102015Establishment of a robust underwater acoustic repeater with applications in underwater acoustic transmission and detectionChen, C.-F.; Hsiao, K.-J.; Chuang, S.-Y.; Hu, C.-L.; CHI-FANG CHEN conference paper10
112015Noise mitigation with balloon arrays during pile driving activities in the underwater environmentWu, Y.-H.; Ling, T.-S.; Hwang, W.-S.; Chen, C.-F.; CHI-FANG CHEN conference paper00
122014Passive acoustic monitoring on the seasonal species composition of cetaceans from the marine cable hosted observatoryLin, T.-H.; Yu, H.-Y.; Chou, L.-S.; Chen, C.-F.; CHI-FANG CHEN conference paper10
132014Design and implementation of OFDM acoustic modem for underwater communicationHung, H.-S.; Wei, C.-L.; Chiu, L.; Chen, C.-F.; CHI-FANG CHEN conference paper10
142014Estimation of rainfall contribution to ocean ambient noise in Northeastern Taiwan SeaWei, R.-C.; Chang, W.-H.; Chen, C.-F.; CHI-FANG CHEN conference paper00
152014PrefaceShang, E.C.; Chen, C.-F.; CHI-FANG CHEN others00
162014Study and application of underwater noise impact in coastal region off western TaiwanCheng, Y.-C.; Lin, S.-F.; Chang, Y.-Y.; Chen, C.-F.; Hung, C.-F.; Lin, B.-J.; CHI-FANG CHEN journal article00
172014Low frequency ambient noise variation of underwater acoustic data from MACHO hydrophoneFang, Y.-Y.; Chou, S.-E.; Chen, C.; Huang, C.-K.; Liu, M.-C.; CHI-FANG CHEN conference paper00
182014Special Topical Issue on Shallow-Water Acoustics; Guest Editors: E. C. Shang and Chi-Fang Chen PREFACEShang, E. C.; Chen, Chi-Fang; CHI-FANG CHEN journal article0
192013An automatic detection algorithm for extracting the representative frequency of cetacean tonal soundsLin, T.-H.; Chou, L.-S.; Akamatsu, T.; Chan, H.-C.; Chen, C.-F.; CHI-FANG CHEN conference paper1010
202013Ocean ambient noises modulated by internal solitary wavesYang, Y.J.; Chan, H.-C.; Jeff, C.-H.W.; Liang, W.-D.; Chen, C.-F.; Wei, R.-C.; CHI-FANG CHEN conference paper00
212013Automatic detection and classification of cetacean tonal sounds from a long-term marine observatoryLin, T.-H.; Yu, H.-Y.; Chen, C.-F.; Chou, L.-S.; CHI-FANG CHEN conference paper30
222013Modeling of shallow water ambient noise based on adiabatic mode theoryChang, A.; Cheng, Y.-C.; Chen, C.-F.; Chan, H.-C.; Lin, S.-F.; CHI-FANG CHEN conference paper00
232013Event detection of underwater acoustic data from MACHO hydrophoneFang, Y.-Y.; Liu, M.-C.; Chou, S.-E.; Chen, C.; Huang, C.-K.; CHI-FANG CHEN conference paper00
242013Measured channel impulse responses for a mobile source in the northeastern sea off TaiwanChiu, L.; Chen, C.-F.; CHI-FANG CHEN conference paper00
252013Inversion of ocean currents using NTU-RAYWu, J.C.-H.; Wu, K.-C.; Chen, C.-F.; CHI-FANG CHEN conference paper00
262013Enhanced acoustic mode coupling resulting from an internal solitary wave approaching the shelfbreak in the South China SeaChiu, L.Y.S.; Reeder, D.B.; Chang, Y.-Y.; Chen, C.-F.; Chiu, C.-S.; Lynch, J.F.; CHI-FANG CHEN journal article74
272013Estimation and analysis of the underwater noise during construction of offshore wind farm in the west coast of TaiwanTsai, H.; Lin, S.-F.; Chen, C.-F.; Ling, T.-S.; Fan, C.-C.; Hu, W.-C.; CHI-FANG CHEN conference paper10
282013An automatic detection algorithm for extracting the representative frequency of cetacean tonal soundsLin, Tzu-Hao; Chou, Lien-Siang; Akamatsu, Tomonari; Chan, Hsiang-Chih; Chen, Chi-Fang; CHI-FANG CHEN journal article10
292012Underwater acoustic sensing applied to estimation of typhoon wind speedChan, Hsiang-Chih; Chen, Chi-Fang journal article75
302012Data demonstrations on physical oceanography and underwater acoustics from the MArine Cable Hosted Observatory (MACHO)Chen, C.-F.; Chan, H.-C.; Chang, R.-I.; Tang, T.-Y.; Jan, S.; Wang, C.-C.; Wei, R.-C.; Yang, Y.-J.; Chou, L.-S.; Shin, T.-C.; Kuo, K.-W.; Lu, P.-L.; Hsiao, N.-C.; Lin, T.-W.; CHI-FANG CHEN conference paper40
312012A new procedure to achieve required accuracy in computational ocean acoustics: Theoretical developmentLee, D.; Chen, C.-F.; CHI-FANG CHEN journal article11
322012EditorialChen, C.-F.; CHI-FANG CHEN others
332012Study of transmission loss variation affected by internal tides in the sea area northeast of TaiwanChang, Y.-Y.; Chang, Y.-Y.; Chang, Yuan-Ying; SEN JAN ; Huang, Cheng-Ken; Huang, C.-K.; Chen, Chi-Fang ; Chen, C.-F.; Jan, S.; Jan, Sen journal article10
342011Focused sound from three-dimensional sound propagation effects over a submarine canyonChiu, Linus Y.S.; Lin, Ying-Tsong; Chen, Chi-Fang ; Duda, Timothy F.; Calder, Brianjournal article1411
352010Experimental evidence of horizontal refraction by non-linear internal waves of elevation in shallow water in the South China Sea: 3D vs. Nx2D acoustic propagation modelingReeder, D.Benjamin; Chiu, Linus Y.S.; Chen, Chi-Fang journal article89
362010Three-dimensional acoustic simulation of an acoustic refraction by a nonlinear internal wave in a wedge bathymetryChiu, Linus Y.S.; Chang, Andrea Y.Y.; Chen, Chi-Fang ; Wei, Ruey-Chang; Yang, Ying-Jang; Reeder, D.Benjaminjournal article22
372010Coupled ocean-acoustic prediction of transmission loss in a continental shelfbreak region: Predictive skill, uncertainty quantification, and dynamical sensitivitiesLermusiaux, P.F.J.; Xu, J.; Chen, C.-F.; Jan, S.; Chiu, L.Y.; Yang, Y.-J.; CHI-FANG CHEN journal article3225
382010Journal of Computational Acoustics: PrefaceShang, E.C.; Chen, C.-F.; CHI-FANG CHEN others00
392010Shallow-Water Acoustics PrefaceShang, E. C.; Chen, Chi-Fang; CHI-FANG CHEN journal article0
402008Measurement and simulation for wind noises in the ocean environments with nonlinear internal wavesChan, Hsiang-Chih; Wei, Ruey-Chang; Chen, Chi-Fang journal article11
412008海洋地音參數量測與資料庫之建立王崇武; 李政哲; 陳琪芳 ; 劉家瑄 journal article
422008Three-Dimensional Acoustics Effects In The Asiaex Scs ExperimentChiu, Yung-Sheng; Chang, Yuan-Ying; Hsieh, Li-Wen; Yuan, Mei-Chun; Chen, Chi-Fang journal article11
432008海洋環境對聲納偵測效能及反潛搜索戰術之影響李政恩; 陳琪芳 ; 梁克新journal article
442008海洋音響參數之量測、分析及應用苑梅俊; 陳琪芳 ; 王崇武; 海洋聲學研究團隊journal article
452008Long-range communication performance based on passive phase conjugation impacted by internal waves in the South China SeaChiu, Y.-S.L.; Chan, Y.-Y.A.; Chen, C.-F.; Wang, C.-W.; CHI-FANG CHEN conference paper10
462008Analysis of the significantly statistical duration to clarify the uncertainty of ambient noises due to environmental changesChan, H.-C.; Chen, C.-F.; Wei, R.-C.; CHI-FANG CHEN conference paper00
472008Development of a three-point sixth-order Helmholtz schemeSheu, T.W.H.; Hsieh, L.W.; Chen, C.F.; CHI-FANG CHEN journal article910
482007海洋聲學整合計畫─海洋音響參數之量測、分析及應用(Ⅲ)-總計畫及子計畫五陳琪芳 report
492007Azimuthal Limitation in 3D PE Approximation for Underwater Acoustic PropagationHsieh, Li-Wen; Chen, Chi-Fang ; Yuan, Mei-Chun; Lin, Ying-Tsongjournal article44
502007Statistical modeling of passive sonor performance and its variation due to ocean fluctuationsChen, Chi-Fang ; Yuan, Mei-Chun; Chang, Yuan-Yingjournal article
512007Analysis of acoustic mode and its variation in the South China SeaChen, Chi-Fang ; Chiu, Linus Y.S.; Chang, Andrea Y.Y.journal article
522007與彈性底床及不規則介面耦合之三維海洋音傳模擬陳琪芳 ; 謝力文journal article
532007時間反轉陣列法應用於水下波導環境與解析度分析陳琪芳 ; 邱永盛; 林明宏journal article
542006利用連續變頻聲納迴聲訊號分析底層聲學特性王崇武; 李政哲; 陳琪芳 conference paper
552006海洋聲學整合計畫-海洋音響參數之量測、分析及應用總計畫及子計畫五(II)陳琪芳 ; 黃維信 ; 宋家驥 ; 王崇武; 劉家瑄 ; 宋國士 ; 李政恩; 李政哲; 謝力文; 林明宏; 湛翔智; 邱永盛; 張元櫻conference paper
562006Analysis of Acoustic Modal Field in the South China SeaLinus Y.S Chiu; Andrea. Y.Y Chang; Chi Fang Chen conference paper
572006海洋音測在台灣海域之應用陳琪芳 conference paper
582006Three-Dimensional Acoustic Simulation on Whispering gallery effect by Nonlinear Internal Wave in Coastal OceanCHIU Y. S. Linus; CHANG Yuan-Ying; CHEN Chi-Fang conference paper
592006海洋音響參數之量測、分析及應用陳琪芳 ; 王崇武; 梁克新; 楊穎堅 ; 魏瑞昌; 李政恩conference paper
602006The Variation of the Detection Threshold in the South China SeaChen, Chi-Fang ; Chiu, Linus Y. S.; Chang, Andrea Y. Y.conference paper
612006與彈性底床及不規則介面耦合之三維海洋音傳模擬陳琪芳 ; 謝力文report
622006Statistical Analysis of Sonar Performance Prediction in Littoral EnvironmentsWang, Chung-Wu; Yuan, Mei-Chun; Yang, Cheng-Ru; Chang, Yuan-Ying; Chen, Chi-Fang journal article12
632006Nonlinear Internal Wave Effect on Underwater Acoustic Propagation in Costal ZoneChiu, Linus Y.; Chang, Andrea; Chen, Chi-Fang conference paper
642006Study of Focusing Structure in Time-Reversal-Mirror TechniqueChiu, Y. S. Linus; Chang, Y. Y. Andrea; Chen, Chi-Fang ; Lin, Ming-Hungconference paper00
652006An Equivalent Transform Method for Evaluating the Effect of Water Column Mismatch in Geoacoustic InversionLin, Ying-Tsong; Chen, Chi-Fang journal article
662006南海水中音傳實驗研究邱永盛; 張元櫻; 陳琪芳 conference paper
672006海洋環境噪音對等向性訊號之陣列增益變動分析湛翔智; 魏瑞昌; 陳琪芳 conference paper
682006The Characteristic of Acoustic Field Uncertainty in South-China SeaYuan, Mei-Chun; Chen, Chi-Fang conference paper
692006海洋聲學整合計畫-海洋音響參數之量測、分析及應用─總計畫及子計畫五:海洋聲學整合計畫-海洋音響參數之量測、分析及應用(I)陳琪芳 report
702006水下通訊系統發展回顧與展望邱永盛; 張元櫻; 陳琪芳 journal article
712006海洋聲學整合計畫-海洋音響參數之量測、分析及應用(Ⅱ)陳琪芳 ; 王崇武; 劉家瑄 ; 宋國士 ; 黃維信 ; 宋家驥 ; 李政恩; 李政哲; 謝力文; 張元櫻; 邱永盛; 林明宏report
722006Time Reversal Processing Effect on Foci Structure in a Dynamic Ocean WaveguideY.S. Linus Chiu; Chen, Chi-Fang journal article11
732006Three-dimensional acoustic simulation on acoustic scattering by nonlinear internal wave in coastal oceanChiu, L.Y.S.; Chen, C.-F.; Lynch, J.F.; CHI-FANG CHEN book chapter00
742006An equivalent transform method for evaluating the effect of water-column mismatch on geoacoustic inversionLin, Y.-T.; Chen, C.-F.; Lynch, J.F.; CHI-FANG CHEN journal article1616
752006Using gaussian beam model in oceans with penetrating slope bottomsLin, Y.-T.; Chen, C.-F.; Chang, Y.-Y.; Hwang, W.-S.; CHI-FANG CHEN book chapter00
762006Modeling 3D wave propagation in the ocean coupled with elastic bottom and irregular interfaceHsieh, L.-W.; Lee, D.; Chen, C.-F.; CHI-FANG CHEN book chapter00
772005南海環境噪音受海洋變動影響之時序分析湛翔智; 魏瑞昌; 陳琪芳 conference paper
782005A discussion on the energy-conserving property of a three-dimensional wave equationChen, Chi-Fang ; Lee, Ding; Hsieh, Li-Wen; Wang, Chung-Wujournal article20
792005台灣東北海域主、被動聲納效能之統計分析李政恩; 張元櫻; 陳琪芳 conference paper
802005海洋聲學運用於反潛戰術研析陳琪芳 conference paper
812005南海海域海洋環境與聲納偵測距離特性分析苑梅俊; 張元櫻; 陳琪芳 journal article
822005相位共軛陣列之聚焦解析度分析林明宏; 邱永盛; 陳琪芳 conference paper
832005使用傾斜的垂直線陣列之方向性計算來進行低頻聲源定位湛翔智; 魏瑞昌; 陳琪芳 conference paper
842005台灣海域海底觀測系統建置的構想許樹坤; 李紹興; 劉家瑄 ; 郭本垣; 黃柏壽; 林正洪; 陳琪芳 ; 張宏毅conference paper
852005利用探底聲納迴聲訊號分析底層聲學特性李政哲; 王崇武; 劉家瑄 ; 陳琪芳 conference paper
862005水下技術發展在台大陳琪芳 ; 黃維信 ; 謝傳璋; 鄭勝文; 邱逢琛 ; 蔡進發 ; 郭振華 conference paper
872005總計畫及子計畫五:海洋聲學整合計畫-海洋音響參數之測量、分析及應用陳琪芳 ; 李政恩; 張元櫻report
882005台灣西南海域陸棚坡底質地音參數之初步探討羅建育; 陳琪芳 ; 陳鎮東; 楊穎堅 report
892005Utilizing Time-Reversal-Mirror Technique in Underwater CommunicationChen, Chi-Fang ; Chiu, Linus Y.S.conference paper
902005亞洲海域國際聲學實驗—子計畫四:三維模組反算聲速分布之模式之建立陳琪芳 ; 林穎聰; 謝力文; 邱永盛; 張元櫻conference paper
912005亞洲海域國際聲學實驗—總計劃陳琪芳 ; 楊穎堅 ; 涂季平; 魏瑞昌; 劉金源; 謝力文; 林穎聰; 張元櫻; 邱永盛conference paper
922005Using vertical directionality to study the ambient noise fluctuations due to interal waves in South China SeaChan, Hsiang-Chih; Wei, Ruey-Chang; Hu, Wen-Zheng; Chen, Chi-Fang conference paper
932005亞洲海域國際聲學實驗─總計劃(2/2)陳琪芳 report
942005Three-Dimensional Acoustic Simulation on Acoustic Scattering by Nonlinear Internal Wave in Coastal OceanChiu, Linus Y. S.; Chen, Chi-Fang ; Lynch, James F.conference paper
952005Using Gaussian Beam Model in Oceans with Penetrating Slope BottomsChang, Yuan-Ying; Lin, Ying-Tsong; Chen, Chi-Fang ; Hwang, Wei-Shien conference paper
962005Modeling 3D Wave Propagation in the Ocean Coupled with Elastic Bottom and Irregular InterfaceHsieh, Li-Wen; Lee, Ding; Chen, Chi-Fang conference paper
972005南海水中音傳實驗研究陳琪芳 ; 邱永盛; 張元櫻; 林明宏report
982004淺海海洋環境變化對聲納偵測效能影響之統計分析王崇武; 苑梅俊; 楊政儒; 陳琪芳 conference paper
992004聲納效能預估之統計分析陳琪芳 ; 謝力文; 邱永盛; 張元櫻; 楊政儒conference paper
1002004An estimate of the bottom compressional wave profile in the northeastern South China Sea using “sources of opportunity”Lin, Ying-Tsong; Lynch, James F.; Chotiros, Nick; Chen, Chi-Fang journal article
1012004A preliminary examination of the low- frequency ambient noise field in the South China Sea during the 2001 ASIAEX experimentWei, Ruey-Chang; Chen, Chi-Fang ; Newhall, Arthur E.; Lynch, James F.; Liu, Chih-Shengjournal article
1022004主動聲納最佳操作模式研究陳琪芳 ; 黃維信 ; 謝力文; 林文斐conference paper
1032004Statistical modeling of sonar performance and its variance due to ocean fluctuationsChen, Chi-Fang ; Yang, Zheng-Ru; Yuan, Mei-Chun; Chang, Yuan-Yingconference paper
1042004Three-dimensional wide-angle azimuthal PE solution to modified benchmark problemsHsieh, Li-Wen , Lin, Ying-Tsong; Chen, Chi-Fang conference paper
1052004An equivalent transform method for evaluating the effect of water column mismatch on geoacoustic inversionLin, Ying-Tsong; Chen, Chi-Fang ; Lynch, James F.conference paper
1062004Marine Geophysical Survey in South China SeaChen, Chi-fang ; Liu,Char-Shine report
1072004亞洲海域國際聲學實驗─子計畫四:三維模組反算聲速分布之模式建立(2/2)陳琪芳 ; 林穎聰; 謝力文report
1082004J-15 CW transmission data analysis and comparison with simulation resultsChiu, Yung-Sheng; Chen, Yan-Shiun; Lin, Ying-Tsong; Chen, Chi-Fang journal article00
1092004Azimuthal Limitation In The Parabolic-Equation Approximation For Three-Dimensional Underwater Acoustic PropagationHsieh, Li-Wen; Lin, Ying-Tsong; Chen, Chi-Fang conference paper
1102004An estimate of the bottom compressional wave speed profile in the Northeastern South China Sea using "Sources of opportunity"Lin, Y.-T.; Lynch, J.F.; Chotiros, N.; Chen, C.-F.; Newhall, A.; Turgut, A.; Schock, S.G.; Chiu, C.-S.; Bartek, L.; Liu, C.-S.; CHI-FANG CHEN journal article99
1112004A preliminary examination of the low-frequency ambient noise field in the South China Sea during the 2001 ASIAEX experimentWei, R.-C.; Chen, C.-F.; Newhall, A.E.; Lynch, J.F.; Duda, T.F.; Liu, C.-S.; Lin, P.-C.; CHI-FANG CHEN journal article1711
1122004A highly accurate Helmholtz scheme for modeling scattering waveSheu, T.W.H.; Chen, C.F.; Hsieh, L.W.; CHI-FANG CHEN journal article11
1132003亞洲海域國際聲學實驗(ASEAEX)-子計畫四:三維模組反算聲速分布之模式建立陳琪芳 ; 魏瑞昌; 謝力文conference paper
1142003亞洲海域國際聲學實驗─總計劃(1/2)陳琪芳 report
1152003主動聲納最佳操作模式研究陳琪芳 report
1162003The Asian Seas International Acoustics Experiment (ASIAEX) Analysis WorkshopChen, Chi-Fang ; Tang, Tswen-Yung; Wei, Ruey-Chang; Too, Gee-Pinn; Yang, Ying-Jangconference paper
1172003Three-dimensional acoustic effects in the ASIAEX SCS experimentChen, Chi-Fang ; Hsieh, Li-Wen; Chiu, Yung-Sheng; Chang, Yuan-Ying; Oba, Roger; Finette, Stevenconference paper
1182003An Estimate Of The Bottom Compressional Wave Profile In The Northeastern South China Sea Using Broadband Source Of Opportunity.Lin, Ying-Tsong; Chen, Chi-Fang ; Lynch, James F.; Newhall, Arthur; Chotiros, Nick; Turgut, Altan; Schock, Steve; Chiu, Ching-Sangconference paper
1192003『先進聲納偵測距離預測系統』環境資料庫模組建立與系統升級陳琪芳 ; 黃維信 ; 謝力文; 張元櫻report
1202003亞洲海域國際聲學實驗子計畫四:三維模組反算聲速分布之模式建立(1/2)陳琪芳 ; 謝力文; 邱永盛; 張元櫻report
1212002Environmental Correlate of Acoustic Impulse Response and Arrivals with Solibore Propagation in ASIAEX SCS experimentLin, Ying-Tsong; Chen, Chi-Fang ; Lin, Wen-Fei; Tang, David; Yang, Ying-Jang; Lynch, James F.; Chiu, Ching-Sang; Ramp, Steveconference paper
1222002『先進聲納偵測距離預測系統』環境資料庫模組建立與系統升級陳琪芳 ; 黃維信 ; 謝力文; 張元櫻conference paper
1232002變化萬千之海洋對聲納偵測之衝擊陳琪芳 ; 楊政儒conference paper
1242002亞洲海域聲學實驗中三維水聲模組分析研究陳琪芳 conference paper
1252002台灣週邊海域水下背景噪音預估模式研究郭茂坤 ; 陳琪芳 ; 林穎聰; 謝力文; 楊政儒conference paper
1262002Numerical Testing on the Feasibility of Ocean Acoustic Tomography in Taiwan's WatersChen, Chi-Fang ; Hsieh, Li-Wen; Lin, Ying-Tsongconference paper
1272002亞洲海域國際聲學實驗(ASEAEX)─子計畫四:三維模組反算聲速分布之模式建立陳琪芳 report
1282002亞洲海域國際聲學實驗(ASEAEX)─總計畫陳琪芳 report
1292002以海洋音測技術探測海洋環境特性之研究陳琪芳 report
1302002亞洲海域國際聲學實驗(ASEAEX)-子計畫四:三維模組反算聲速分布之模式建立陳琪芳 ; 魏瑞昌; 謝力文report
1312002亞洲海域國際聲學實驗-總計畫陳琪芳 report
1322002Frequency Discrimination Characteristics Of Cochlear Basilar Membrane Using A Fluid/Structure ModelWo, Andrew M.; Chen, Chi-Fang ; Hsu, Yi-Feng; Liang, Jeffrey
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1342001亞洲海域國際聲學實驗整合計畫陳琪芳 conference paper
1352001Three-Dimensional Acoustic Modal Analysis in South China Sea of Asian Seas International Acoustic Experiment (ASIAEX)Chen, Chi-Fang ; Hsieh, Li-Wen; Wang, Davidconference paper
1362001運用匹配聲場處理法反算海床地音參數林穎聰; 陳琪芳 conference paper
1372001「先進聲納偵測距離預測系統」驗證與評估陳琪芳 report
1382001亞洲海域聲學實驗中三維水聲模組分析研究陳琪芳 report
1392001Recent Development of Underwater Acoustic PropagationChen, Chi-Fang ; Kuo, Mao-Kuen journal article
1402001『先進聲納偵測距離預測系統』驗證與評估陳琪芳 ; 林穎聰; 謝力文report
1412001臺灣週邊海域水下背景噪音預估模式研究郭茂坤 ; 陳琪芳 ; 林穎聰; 謝力文; 楊政儒report
1422001Application of the method of generalized rays to acoustic waves in a liquid wedge over elastic bottomBorejko, P.; Chen, Chi-Fang ; Pao, Y.-H.journal article79
1432000三維音傳模組分析研究陳琪芳 ; 林志銘conference paper
1442000An Irregular Interface Model For Coupled Parabolic Equations.Nagem, R.J.; Lee, D.l; Resasco, D.C.; Chen, Chi-fang journal article
1452000運用匹配聲場處理法反算地音參數之研究陳琪芳 report
1462000高頻主動聲納效能研究(III)陳琪芳 ; 郭茂坤 ; 林穎聰; 謝力文report
1472000運用匹配聲場處理法反算海床地音參數陳琪芳 ; 林穎聰report
1482000A novel two-dimensional convection-diffusion finite-difference schemeSheu, T.W.H.; Chen, C.F.; Huang, W.S.; Hsieh, L.W.; CHI-FANG CHEN journal article22
1492000An irregular interface model for coupled fluid-elastic parabolic equationsLee, D.; Resasco, D.C.; Nagem, R.J.; Chen, C.; CHI-FANG CHEN journal article20
1501999北極鋒面(冷鋒)對水聲傳播模組之影響陳琪芳 ; 林志銘conference paper
1511999內耳耳蝸基底膜震動模擬陳皆興; 陳琪芳 ; 梁家光; 胡文聰 conference paper
1521999環境噪音量測系統及數據分析: 高雄港外海噪音模式建立魏瑞昌; 葉治宏; 陳琪芳 ; 梁多浩journal article
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1551999Ambient Noise Measurement and Model Construction for the Ocean near the Kaohsiung Harbor, TaiwanWei, R.-C.; Yeh, J.-H.; Chen, Chi-Fang ; Liang, T.-H.conference paper
1561999Generalized Ray Solution as a Primary Benchmark for Three-Dimensional Acoustic Propagation in a Penetrable WedgeBorejko, Piotr; Pao, Yih-Hsing; Chen, Chi-Fang conference paper
1571999運用匹配聲場法反算海床地音參數陳琪芳 ; 林穎聰journal article
1581999海洋聲音傳播模組分析(Ⅱ)陳琪芳 report
1591999Acoustic Three-Dimensional Effects Around Taiwan Strait: Computational ResultsChen, Chi-Fang ; Lin, Jang-Jia; Lee, Dingjournal article
1601999高頻主動聲納效能分析研究(II)陳琪芳 report
1611999高頻主動聲納效能研究(II)陳琪芳 ; 郭茂坤 ; 林穎聰report
1621999海洋三維音傳模組分析(II)陳琪芳 ; 林志銘report
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1641999Acoustic three-dimensional effects around the Taiwan strait: Computational resultsChen, C.-F.; Lin, J.-J.; Lee, D.; CHI-FANG CHEN journal article819
1651999A three-dimensional azimuthal wide-angle model for the parabolic wave equationChen, C.; Lin, Y.-T.; Lee, D.; CHI-FANG CHEN journal article1212
1661998海底地形與鋒面對水聲傳播模組之影響陳屏先; 陳琪芳 conference paper
1671998水下偵測之關鍵參數 – 音傳損耗與海洋環境噪音陳琪芳 ; 劉啟華; 魏瑞昌; 苑梅俊conference paper
1681998水中音傳研究與提昇海軍反潛戰力之關聯性陳琪芳 ; 劉啟華; 苑梅俊conference paper
1691998海洋環境噪音對水下偵測之影響研究及預估模式建立魏瑞昌; 陳琪芳 ; 梁多浩conference paper
1701998海洋音傳模組分析陳屏先; 陳琪芳 conference paper
1711998運用聲場反算海底底質之研究林穎聰; 陳琪芳 conference paper
1721998水下偵測之關鍵參數 – 海洋環境噪音魏瑞昌; 陳琪芳 ; 林志銘journal article
1731998A Coupled 3d Fluid-Elastic Wave Propagation Model :Mathematical Formulation And AnalysisLee, Ding; Nagem, R.; Rosso, D.; Chen, Chi-Fang journal article
1741998海洋聲音傳播模組分析陳琪芳 report
1751998高頻主動聲納效能分析研究(I)陳琪芳 report
1761998高頻主動聲納效能研究(I)陳琪芳 ; 郭茂坤 ; 林資榕report
1771998海洋聲音傳播模組分析(I)陳琪芳 ; 陳屏先report
1781998A coupled 3D fluid-elastic wave propagation model: Mathematical formulation and analysisDing, L.; Nagem, R.J.; Resasco, D.C.; Chen, C.-F.; CHI-FANG CHEN journal article60
1791997水中聲學在台灣學術界陳琪芳 journal article
1801997Visualization of the beam patterns for sonar arraysLai, Yi-San; Chen, Chi-fang conference paper
1811997Three Dimensional Effect on Acoustic Transmission in Taiwan’s Northeastern SeaLin, Jang-Jia; Chen, Chi-fang conference paper
1821997The Validity of Two-Dimensional Solutions Imposed as the Side-Wall Boundaries on the Underwater Acoustic Computation in a Three-Dimensional EnvironmentChen, Chi-fang ; Lin, Jang-Jia; Hwang, Wei-Shien ; Sheu, Tony Wen-Hannconference paper
1831997台灣西南海域低頻聲納效能研究(II)陳琪芳 ; 劉家瑄 ; 劉啟華; 林章嘉; 林穎聰report
1841996高屏峽谷海域之音傳研究陳琪芳 ; 王士豪conference paper
1851996南海大陸斜坡之橫向音傳現象研究陳琪芳 report
1861996台灣西南海域低頻聲納效能研究陳琪芳 report
1871996船舶水中輻射寬頻噪音之聲源研究陳琪芳 ; 魏宏源; 郭茂坤 ; 徐春田; 李岱journal article
1881996臺灣西南高屏峽谷之水聲傳播實驗研究陳琪芳 report
1891996南海大陸斜坡之橫向音傳研究陳琪芳 ; 林章嘉report
1901996台灣西南高屏峽谷之水聲傳播實驗研究陳琪芳 ; 莊志昌; 陳洵民; 王士豪report
1911995海洋音傳模型簡介陳琪芳 journal article
1921995The 3-D Effect on Underwater Acoustic Propagation in Kao-ping Canyon of Taiwan's Southwest Sea陳琪芳 conference paper
1931995臺灣西南高屏峽谷之水聲傳播實驗研究陳琪芳 report
1941995Acoustic Transmission of Taiwan's Northeast SeaChen, Chi-fang ; Lin, Jang-Jia; Lee, Taijournal article
1951995Mode coupling Effect of Kuroshio Front in Taiwan's Northeast Sea陳琪芳 conference paper
1961994水中氣泡團之聲學效應與氣泡音屏應用之研究(I)黃維信 ; 陳琪芳 ; 黃維信 ; Chen, Chi-Fang report
1971994台灣東北海域(黑潮轉向區)水下聲音傳播實驗與理論研究陳琪芳 report
1981994Acoustic Transmission of Taiwan's northeast SeaChen, Chi-fang ; Lee, Taiconference paper
1991994水中氣泡團之聲學效應與氣泡音屏應用之研究(I)陳琪芳 ; 林盈伸report
2001993臺灣東部海域水下聲音傳播陳琪芳 journal article
2011993船舶水中輻射寬頻噪音之聲源研究陳琪芳 ; 魏宏源; 郭茂坤 ; 徐春田conference paper
2021993台灣東北海域(黑潮轉向區)聲音傳播實驗與理論研究陳琪芳 ; 林章嘉report
2031993水中氣泡團之聲學效應與氣泡音屏應用之研究(I)陳琪芳 report
2041993聲學理論及研究(III)報告之一----船舶水中輻射寬頻噪音之聲源研究陳琪芳 ; 魏宏源; 郭茂坤 report
2051992台灣東南外海水聲傳播特性初步研究陳琪芳 ; 蕭振榮conference paper
2061992FRP快艇船殼振動與水下輻射噪音量測分析陳琪芳 ; 郭茂坤 ; 徐春田conference paper
2071992聲學理論及研究(II)報告之三--808快艇振動水下噪音測試報告陳琪芳 ; 郭茂坤 report
2081992台灣東部海域水下聲音傳播研究陳琪芳 ; 蕭振榮report
2091991Ice Mechanisms as Sources of Marginal Ice Zone Ambient Noise陳琪芳 conference paper