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12017Improvement in the physical and psychological well-being of persons with spinal cord injuries by means of powered wheelchairs driven by dual power wheels and mobile technologiesYEE-PIEN YANG ; LI-JEN WENG ; YEI-YU YEH ; HUI-FEN MAO ; RAY-I CHANG conference paper00
22016Subject-keyphrase extraction based on definition-use ChainRAY-I CHANG conference paper00
32016Scheduling of optimal DASH streamingRAY-I CHANG conference paper10
42016Coupling GPU and MPTCP to improve Hadoop/MapReduce performanceRAY-I CHANG conference paper10
52016Optimal scheduling of QoE-aware HTTP adaptive streamingRAY-I CHANG conference paper00
62016Complete font generation of Chinese characters in personal handwriting styleRAY-I CHANG conference paper80
72016Developing Computer Science Learning System with Hybrid Instructional MethodRAY-I CHANG journal article
82016Hybrid learning style identification and developing adaptive problem-solving learning activitiesRAY-I CHANG journal article86
92016A content-based knowledge and data intensive system for archaeological motif recognitionRAY-I CHANG conference paper00
102015Survey of software literacy, behavior and personal traits of freshmen accounting majorsRAY-I CHANG journal article11
112015Color gradient vectorization for SVG compression of comic imageRAY-I CHANG journal article32
122015Fontcloud: Web font service for personal handwritten, ancient, and unencoded charactersRAY-I CHANG book20
132015Developing a dynamic inference expert system to support individual learning at workRAY-I CHANG journal article33
142015SOP: Smart offloading proxy service for wireless content uploading over crowd eventsRAY-I CHANG conference paper30
152015A cost-effective key distribution of P2P IPTV DRM over opportunistic multicast overlay for e-commerce systemsRAY-I CHANG journal article21
162015Text Opinion Mining for Stock Market Prediction using News Reports of Securities in TaiwanRAY-I CHANG journal article
172015Survey of learning experiences and influence of learning style preferences on user intentions regarding MOOCsRAY-I CHANG journal article3128
182014Content-based feature matching for fragment reassembly of ceramic reconstructionRAY-I CHANG conference paper11
192014Concept of bounded error to improve wireless sensor network data compressionRAY-I CHANG conference paper00
202014Particle swarm optimization combined with query-based learning using MapReduceRAY-I CHANG book30
212014Particle swarm optimizer with query-based learning for virtual machine placementRAY-I CHANG journal article
222014Niched ant colony optimization with colony guides for QoS multicast routingRAY-I CHANG journal article2818
232014Distributed data query with dynamic bounded-error in wireless sensor networksRAY-I CHANG conference paper00
242014Font generation of personal handwritten Chinese charactersRAY-I CHANG conference paper00
252014Developing a problem-solving learning system to assess the effects of different materials on learning performance and attitudesRAY-I CHANG ; SHIH-HAO HUNG journal article86
262014A Service-Oriented Cloud Computing Network Management Architecture for Wireless Sensor NetworksRAY-I CHANG journal article
272014Adaptive Scheduling of Message Forwarding of DHT-Based P2P Network BroadcastRAY-I CHANG journal article
282013Mining frequent patterns by the grouping compression treeRAY-I CHANG journal article
292013Constructing mobile-oriented catalog in m-commerce using LDA-based self-adaptive genetic algorithmRAY-I CHANG conference paper10
302013The design and implementation of a future Internet live TV system over 4G networksLiu, Hsing-Shao; RAY-I CHANG ; Wang, Chia-Hui; Chang, Ray-I journal article22
312013Data mining for providing a personalized learning path in creativity: An application of decision treesRAY-I CHANG journal article9065
322013Car Distance Detection with Fast Camera Calibration for Vehicle Active Safety SystemRAY-I CHANG journal article
332013Unsupervised adaptive non-intrusive load monitoring systemRAY-I CHANG conference paper64
342013Optimal Schedule on Message Broadcast Tree in Structured Peer-to-Peer NetworksLin, Jeng-Wei; Wang, Tun Wei; Chang, Ray-I journal article00
352012MotoSafe: Active Safe System for Digital Forensics of Motorcycle Rider with AndroidCondro, Nowy; Li, Meng-Han; Chang, Ray-I journal article00
362012Comparing LR, GP, BPN, RBF and SVR for Self-learning Pattern Matching in WSN Indoor LocalizationChang, Ray-I ; Chuang, Chi-Chengjournal article00
372012Effective distributed service architecture for ubiquitous video surveillanceRAY-I CHANG ; Chang, Ray-I ; Wang, Te-Chih; Chiu, Yen-Nan; Wang, Chia-Hui; Liu, Jen-Chang; Ho, Jan-Mingjournal article1110
382012Learning with querying and its application in network securityRAY-I CHANG book00
392012Measuring the effectiveness of beacon location by Distribution-Adapted Grid measurementRAY-I CHANG conference paper00
402012A secure and stable multicast overlay network with load balancing for scalable IPTV servicesWei, Tsao-Ta; RAY-I CHANG ; Wang, Chia-Hui; Chu, Yu-Hsien; Chang, Ray-I journal article40
412012Dynamic bounded-error data compression and aggregation in wireless sensor networkRAY-I CHANG conference paper20
422012A Novel Content Based Image Retrieval System using K-means/KNN with Feature ExtractionRAY-I CHANG journal article75
432012From data to global generalized knowledgeChen, Yen-Liang; RAY-I CHANG ; Wu, Yu-Ying; Chang, Ray-I journal article94
442012Lightweight spatial IP address configuration for IPv6-based wireless sensor networks in smart gridRAY-I CHANG conference paper30
452012A new spatial IP assignment method for IP-based wireless sensor networksChang, Ray-I ; RAY-I CHANG ; Chuang, Chi-Chengjournal article54
462012Three-dimensional location-based IPv6 addressing for wireless sensor networks in smart gridRAY-I CHANG conference paper43
472012A novel content based image retrieval system using K-means with feature extractionRAY-I CHANG conference paper110
482012Multipoint-to-point communications for SHE surveillance with QoS and QoE managementRAY-I CHANG ; Chang, Ray-I ; Wang, Te-Chih; Wang, Chia-Hui; Lian, Shiguojournal article41
492012Design and implementation of Network Management Architecture for Wireless Sensor NetworksRAY-I CHANG ; Chang, Ray-I ; Chuang, Chi-Chengbook00
502012Particle swarm optimization with query-based learning for multi-objective power contract problemChang, Ray-I ; RAY-I CHANG ; Lin, Shu-Yu; Hung, Yuhsinjournal article125
512012Automatic appliance classification for non-intrusive load monitoringRAY-I CHANG conference paper40
522012Weighted Pattern Matching Algorithm for Indoor Location of Wireless Sensor NetworksChu, Hsuan-Lien; RAY-I CHANG ; Chuang, Chi-Cheng; Chang, Ray-I ; Liu, Shuen-Zen; Romies, James C.journal article00
532012Data demonstrations on physical oceanography and underwater acoustics from the MArine Cable Hosted Observatory (MACHO)RAY-I CHANG ; LIEN-SIANG CHOU ; SEN JAN ; YIING-JANG YANG conference paper40
542011UPHSM: Ubiquitous personal health surveillance and management system via WSN agent on open source smartphoneRAY-I CHANG conference paper190
552011Video-like compression for high efficiency database storage of Wireless Sensor NetworksRAY-I CHANG conference paper10
562011Recognizing text elements for SVG comic compression and its novel applicationsRAY-I CHANG conference paper96
572011Mining negative generalized knowledge from relational databasesWu, Yu-Ying; RAY-I CHANG ; Chen, Yen-Liang; Chang, Ray-I journal article75
582011Real-Time Media Transmission on Wireless Sensor NetworksRAY-I CHANG ; Chang, Ray-I journal article
592011Data Compression for Energy Efficient Communication on Ubiquitous Sensor NetworksRAY-I CHANG ; Liu, Hsing-Shao; Chuang, Chi-Cheng; Lin, Chih-Chung; Chang, Ray-I ; Wang, Chia-Hui; Hsieh, Ching-Chiajournal article00
602010Gene clustering by using query-based self-organizing mapsChang, Ray-I ; RAY-I CHANG ; Chu, Chih-Chun; Wu, Yu-Ying; Chen, Yen-Liangjournal article1612
612010A novel data compression method using improved JPEG-LS in wireless sensor networksRAY-I CHANG conference paper
622010A new scheme of key distribution using implicit security in wireless sensor networksRAY-I CHANG conference paper
632010Error-bounded data compression using data, temporal and spatial correlations in wireless sensor networksRAY-I CHANG conference paper80
642010Cross-layer handoff via predictive multiple pre-registrations for QoS of mobile multimedia applicationsRAY-I CHANG conference paper20
652010Collaborative video surveillance for distributed visual data mining of potential risk and crime detectionRAY-I CHANG book40
662010Improve QoS of Mobile Multimedia Streaming via Cross-Layer Predictive Packet Transmission over MIPv4RAY-I CHANG ; Chang, Ray-I ; Liu, Chien-Ting; Wang, Te-Chih; Wang, Chia-Huijournal article
672009Front Car Detection with Real-Time Camera Calibration李濠欣; 丁肇隆 ; 張瑞益 book
682009超速車輛之車牌定位及字元分割蔡明翰; 丁肇隆 ; 張瑞益 book
692009Integrated wireless access point architecture for wireless sensor networksRAY-I CHANG conference paper
702009Detecting network intrusions using signal processing with query-based sampling FilterLai, Liang-Bin; RAY-I CHANG ; Chang, Ray-I ; Kouh, Jen-Shaing; Ho, Yi-Jungjournal article51
712009Scan-line IP assignment for wireless sensor networksRAY-I CHANG conference paper30
722009C-SWF Incremental Mining Algorithm for Firewall Policy ManagementChang, Ray-I ; Chang, Keng-Weijournal article
732009A cost-effective WiMAX deployment for high-quality video streaming of live news reportingRAY-I CHANG conference paper40
742009A priority-based pattern matching location algorithm for wireless sensor networksRAY-I CHANG conference paper
752009利用資訊價值概念改善網路代理伺服器預先擷取效率張瑞益 ; 林書呈; 吳郁瑩; 陳彥良journal article
762008Improving Proxy Cache Performance by Domain-Behavior Classification and On-Demand CachingChang, Ray-I ; Chen, Yen-Liang; Wu, Yu-Yingjournal article
772008An XML-based comic image compressionRAY-I CHANG ; Huang, Yueh-Min Ray; Xu, Changsheng; Cheng, Kuo-Sheng; Yang, Jar-Ferr Kevin; Swamy, M. N. S.; Li, Shipeng; Ding, Jen-Wenbook30
782008Ubiquitous video surveillance service with secure forwarding agentsRAY-I CHANG conference paper
792008An Object-Oriented Administration Tool for IP-PBXYen, Yachik; RAY-I CHANG ; Chang, Ray-I journal article
802008Priority-based R2CP for multipoint-to-point video streamingRAY-I CHANG conference paper00
812007以查詢為基礎之資料採擷技術(2/2)張瑞益 report
822007生物資訊之最佳化與資料探勘應用-使用詢問式法則(I)張瑞益 report
832007運用資料探勘 (Data Mining) 技術於資訊安全防護機制之研究張瑞益 report
842007Priority-Based R2CP for Multi-Source Video Streaming張瑞益 ; 林慎清journal article
852007無線感測網路之網路管理架構設計張瑞益 ; 莊棨椉journal article
862007A Time-series Predicative Model using Query-Based Backpropagation Neural NetworksChang, Ray-I ; Lai, Liang-Bin; Kouh, Jen Shiangjournal article
872007Query-Based Feature Selection using neural networksChang, Ray-I ; Lai, Liang-Bin; Kouh, Jen Shiangjournal article
882007建構網際網路協定為主的數位監視系統的Java自由軟體平台張瑞益 ; 王德智; 劉建廷; 劉宇舜; 陳致嵩; 王家輝journal article
892007Intrusion Detection by Backpropagation Neural Networks with Sample-Query and Attribute-QueryChang, Ray-I ; Lai, Liang-Bin; Su, Wen-De; Wang, Jen-Chieh; Kouh, Jen-Shaingjournal article00
902007Internet search by active feedbackChang, Ray-I ; RAY-I CHANG ; Wu, Yu-Yingconference paper20
912007GSR: A global seek-optimizing real-time disk-scheduling algorithmChang, Hsung-Pin; RAY-I CHANG ; Chang, Ray-I ; Shih, Wei-Kuan; Chang, Ruei-Chuanjournal article127
922007A priority selected cache algorithm for video relay in streaming applicationsRAY-I CHANG ; Chang, Shin-Hung; Chang, Ray-I ; Ho, Jan-Ming; Oyang, Yen-Jen journal article78
932007A QoS improvement for voice over mobile IPv4 (mobile VoIPv4)RAY-I CHANG conference paper00
942006A Funnel-Based Approach for Optimal Online Traffic Smoothing of Live VideoRAY-I CHANG ; FEI-PEI LAI journal article1511
952006Query-based learning decision tree and its applications in data miningRAY-I CHANG conference paper10
962006FOS: A funnel-based approach for optimal online traffic smoothing of live videoRAY-I CHANG journal article
972005微陣列晶片基因表現資料之分析—使用以查詢為基礎之遺傳演算法張瑞益 report
982005An optimal cache algorithm for streaming VBR video over a heterogeneous networkRAY-I CHANG ; Chang, Shin-Hung; Chang, Ray-I ; Ho, Jan-Ming; Oyang, Yen-Jen journal article65
992005Mining Data by Query-Based Error-PropagationLai, Liang-Bin; Chang, Ray-I ; Kouh, Jen-Shaingjournal article00
1002005Design and implementation of domain-based proxy prefetchingRAY-I CHANG book
1012005Improving end-to-end performance by active queue managementRAY-I CHANG ; SAO-JIE CHEN conference paper40
1022005Disease diagnosis using query-based neural networksRAY-I CHANG book-chapter
1032005Disease diagnosis using query-based neural networksRAY-I CHANG conference paper
1042005Mining data by query-based error-propagationRAY-I CHANG book-chapter
1052005Active feedback for effective web searchRAY-I CHANG book
1062005An efficient anonymous scheme for mutual anonymous communicationsRAY-I CHANG book-chapter
1072005An efficient anonymous scheme for mutual anonymous communicationsRAY-I CHANG conference paper
1082005Real-time scheduling by cascadingRAY-I CHANG book
1092005Video delivery on content networksRAY-I CHANG book
1102004以查詢為基礎之資料採擷技術張瑞益 report
1112004A Computer-Aided Bibliometrics System for Journal Citation Analysis and Departmental Core Journal Ranking List GenerationShiue, Yih-Chearng; Chang, Ray-I ; Guo, Gen-Mingjournal article00
1122004An efficient anonymous scheme for computer and communication privacyRAY-I CHANG conference paper
1132004Cache-aware real-time disk schedulingRAY-I CHANG journal article00
1142004Aggressive traffic smoothing for delivery of online multimediaRAY-I CHANG book-chapter
1152004Real-time disk scheduling with on-disk cache consciousRAY-I CHANG book
1162004Aggressive Traffic Smoothing for Delivery of Online MultimediaLin, Jeng-Wei; Chang, Ray-I ; Ho, Jan-Ming; Lai, Feipeibook
1172003An extended object-oriented security model for high secure office environmentsRAY-I CHANG conference paper
1182003PSC: A priority selected cache algorithm for streaming video over internetRAY-I CHANG conference paper
1192003Real-time disk scheduling with on-disk cache consciousRAY-I CHANG book-chapter
1202003An encryption scheme for large chinese textsRAY-I CHANG conference paper
1212003Assigning cryptographic keys to access control in a multi-attribute hierarchyRAY-I CHANG conference paper
1222003An effective communication model for collaborative commerce of Web-based surveillance servicesRAY-I CHANG conference paper50
1232003Rate-Sensitive ARQ for Real-Time Video StreamingRAY-I CHANG conference paper
1242002OC: an optimal cache algorithm for video stagingRAY-I CHANG book
1252002Schedulable region for VBR media transmission with optimal resource allocation and utilizationRAY-I CHANG journal article75
1262002An effective approach to video staging in streaming applicationsRAY-I CHANG conference paper
1272002VBR traffic shaping for streaming of multimedia transmissionRAY-I CHANG journal article
1282001Online traffic smoothing for delivery of variable bit rate media streamsRAY-I CHANG journal article21
1292001Real-time disk scheduling for multimedia data retrievalRAY-I CHANG journal article
1302001A control-theoretic method of rate-based flow control of multimedia communicationRAY-I CHANG book
1312001An optimal caching scheme for delivery of stream mediaRAY-I CHANG book
1322001Reschedulable-Group-SCAN scheme for mixed real-time/non-real-time disk scheduling in a multimedia systemRAY-I CHANG journal article
1332001A feedback-controlled EDF scheduling algorithm for real-time multimedia transmissionRAY-I CHANG book
1342001A control-theoretic mechanism for rate-based flow control of real-time multimedia communicationRAY-I CHANG book
1352000Enlarged-maximum-scannable-groups for real-time disk scheduling in a multimedia systemRAY-I CHANG conference paper
1362000OSC : Optimal Selective Caching for Video Transmission with Proxy ServersRAY-I CHANG book
1372000Real-time disk scheduling for multimedia applications with deadline-modification-scan schemeRAY-I CHANG journal article85
1381999Effective and efficient traffic smoothing scheme for delivery of online VBR media streamsRAY-I CHANG conference paper
1391999Optimal approximation method to characterize the resource tradeoff functions for media serversRAY-I CHANG conference paper
1401999Optimal bandwidth-buffer trade-off for VBR media transmission over multiple relay-serversRAY-I CHANG conference paper
1411999Optimal bandwidth-buffer tradeoff for VBR media transmission over the relay-serverRAY-I CHANG book
1421998A new real-time disk scheduling algorithm and its application to distributed multimedia storage systemsRAY-I CHANG book-chapter
1431998Traffic-smoothing for delivery of online VBR media streams by a dynamic Window-based approachRAY-I CHANG book
1441998A new real-time disk scheduling algorithm and its application to distributed multimedia storage systemsRAY-I CHANG book
1451998Macro-cell placement for custom-chip design using self-organizing fuzzy techniqueRAY-I CHANG journal article
1461998Deadline-modification-SCAN with maximum-scannable-groups for multimedia real-time disk schedulingRAY-I CHANG conference paper
1471998Macro-cell placement fos custom-chip design using self-organizing fuzzy techniqueRAY-I CHANG journal article
1481997Optimizations of stored VBR video transmission on CBR channelRAY-I CHANG conference paper100
1491997Unsupervised query-based learning of neural networks using selective-attention and self-regulationRAY-I CHANG journal article129
1501997VLSI circuit placement with rectilinear modules using three-layer force-directed self-organizing mapsRAY-I CHANG journal article
1511997An O(n {21224f} n) R-B curve drawing algorithm for the admission control of VBR video transmissionRAY-I CHANG book
1521997Designing the ON-OFF CBR transmission schedule for jitter-free VBR media playback in real-time networksRAY-I CHANG conference paper
1531995Rectangular VLSI cell placement using force directed self-organizing maps and delta learning rulesRAY-I CHANG conference paper
1541995Unsupervised query-based learning algorithm and it's application to Kohonen's self-organizing mapsRAY-I CHANG conference paper
1551995VLSI cell placement on arbitrarily-shaped rectilinear regions using neural networks with calibration nodesRAY-I CHANG journal article
1561994Genetic algorithms for the module orientation problemChang, Ray-I ; Hsiao, Pei-Yungjournal article11
1571994Force directed self-organizing maps for L-shaped cell placement using delta learning ruleRAY-I CHANG conference paper
1581994Artificial texture generation using force directed self-organizing mapsRAY-I CHANG conference paper
1591994Solving system partitioning problem using a massively parallel bio-computing networkRAY-I CHANG book
1601994Fuzzy-neuro approach for timing-driven system partitioning in VLSI multi-chip designRAY-I CHANG conference paper
1621994Arbitrarily shaped cell placement by three-layer self-organizing neural networksRAY-I CHANG conference paper
1631993Circuit placement in arbitrarily shaped regions using neural networkRAY-I CHANG conference paper
1641993Force directed self-organizing map and its application to VLSI cell placementRAY-I CHANG conference paper00
1651993Arbitrarily sized cell placement by self-organizing neural networksRAY-I CHANG conference paper