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12019SMAD2 as risk locus for human left atrial isomerism detected by mother-fetus-pair exome sequencing and imaging studiesJIN-CHUNG SHIH ; Ma, G-C; CHENG, W-C ; Chen, C-Y; WU, W-J ; Chen, Mjournal article11
22012Tailoring the Performance of Flexible Electret Loudspeakers by Varying Cell Actuator FormationChen, Yu-Chi ; Chang, Pei-Zen ; Ko, Wen-Ching; Liao, Hsu-Ching; Wu, Wen-Jong ; Lee, Chih-Kung journal article00
32012Study and Application of Free-form Electret ActuatorsKo, Wen-Ching; Chen, Kuan-Wei; Liou, Chang-Ho; Chen, Yu-Chi ; Wu, Wen-Jong ; Lee, Chih-Kung journal article34
42012High efficient synchronization-on-demand protocol of IEEE 802.15.4 wireless sensor network for construction monitoringCHIH-TING LIN ; Huang, Ji-De; Wu, Wen-Jong ; Han, Jen-Yu ; Tserng, Hui-Ping ; Lin, Chih-Ting journal article00
52011Development of 2D microdisplay using an integrated microresonating waveguide scanning systemHua, Wei-Shu; WEN-PIN SHIH ; Wang, Wei-Chih; Chen, Yu-Ling; Wu, Wen-Jong ; Tsui, Chi Leung; Cui, Wei; Shih, Wen-Pin journal article33
62011High-precision ultrasonic ranging system platform based on peak-detected self-interference techniqueCHIH-TING LIN ; Huang, Ji-De; Lee, Chih-Kung ; Yeh, Chau-Shioung; Wu, Wen-Jong ; Lin, Chih-Ting journal article118
72010Electromagnetic Interference Analysis of DC-DC Converters Based on Piezoelectric TransformersLiu, Yuan-Ping; Vasic, Dejan; Wu, Wen-Jong ; Costa, Francois; Lee, Chih-Kung journal article1312
82010Modeling the Effects of Electromechanical Coupling on Energy Storage Through Piezoelectric Energy HarvestingWickenheiser, Adam M.; Reissman, Timothy; Wu, Wen-Jong ; Garcia, Ephrahimjournal article6158
92008Tunable capacitor based on polymer-dispersed liquid crystal for power harvesting microsystemsWEN-PIN SHIH ; Shih, Wen-Pin ; Chung, Sheng-Yuan; Chen, Yu-Yin; Chen, Yu-Yin; Wu, Wen-Jong ; Chang, Pei-Zen journal article33
102007相容溶液製程之塑膠電子元件製程開發 (新制多年期第1年)吳文中 report
112007Power harvesting using piezoelectric MEMS generator with interdigital electrodesLee, Bor-Shun; WEN-PIN SHIH ; Wu, Wen-Jong ; Shih, Wen-Pin ; Vasic, Dejan; Costa, Fran oisconference paper3522
122007MEMS power receiver using piezoelectric cantilever beams and interdigitated electrodesLee, Bor-Shun; WEN-PIN SHIH ; He, Jyun-Jhang; Wu, Wen-Jong ; Shih, Wen-Pin conference paper31
132007A study of implantable power harvesting transducersLee, Bor-Shiun; WEN-PIN SHIH ; Shih, Po-Jen; He, Jyun-Jhang; Shih, Wen-Pin ; Wu, Wen-Jong conference paper41
142007High-powered backlight inverter for LCD-TVs using piezoelectric transformersHuang, Yao Tien; Lee, Chin Kung; Wu, Wen Jong 
152007A modal actuator-based single-layer piezoelectric transformer for coilless soft switching invertersHuang, Yao Tien; Wu, Wen Jong ; Chen, Yu Yuan; Lee, Chih Kung 75
162007Multilayer Modal Actuator-Based Piezoelectric TransformersHuang, Yao Tien; Wu, Wen Jong ; Wang, Yen-Chieh; Lee, Chih-Kung 56
172007Laser Linear Encoder with both High Fabrication and Head-to-scale TolerancesWu, Chyan-Chyi; Wu, Wen-Jong ; Pan, Zheng-Seng; Lee, Chih-Kung 1817
182007Tunable capacitoe based on polymer-dispersed liquid crystal for optimum micro-power harvestingWEN-PIN SHIH ; Chung, Sheng-Yuan; Chen, Yu-Yin; Wu, Wen-Jong ; Shih, Wen-Pin ; Chang, Pei-Zen conference paper10
192006MEMS generator of power harvesting by vibrations using piezoelectric cantilever beam with digitate electrodeLee, Bor-Shun; WEN-PIN SHIH ; He, Jyun-Jhang; Wu, Wen-Jong ; Shih, Wen-Pin conference paper134
202005Design and Performance Verification of a Microscope Based Interferometer for Miniature Specimen MetrologyLee, Chih-Kung ; Wu, Wen-Jong ; Wu, Giin-Yuan; Li, Chia-Ling; Chen, Zeng-De; Chen, Jau-Yu
212005RFID系統發展及其產業應用─子計畫一:RFID 塑膠晶片製程之開發(1/3)吳文中 report
222005奈米壓印微影設備技術─子計畫二:奈米壓印之精密對位系統吳文中 report
232004自發電式智慧型無線感測器網路與 RFID 之應用吳文中 report
241999A High Performance Doppler Interferometer for Advanced Optical Storage SystemsLee, Chih-Kung ; Wu, Giin-Yuan; Teng, Chao-Ting; Wu, Wen-Jong ; Lin, Chi-Ting; Hsiao, Wen-Hsing; Shih, Hsieh-Chin; Wang, Jen-Shung; Lin, San-Chien; Lin, Chan Ching; Lee, Ching-Fa; Lin, Yen-Chen4747
251999Signal Processing Algorithms for Doppler Effect Based Nanometer Positioning SystemsWu, Wen-Jong ; Lee, Chih-Kung ; Hsieh, Chi-Tang1414