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12019Direct and indirect electrochemical oxidation of amine-containing pharmaceuticals using graphite electrodesLiu, Yu-Jung; Hu, Ching-Yao; SHANG-LIEN LO annotation32
22019Framework for determining optimal strategy for sustainable remediation of contaminated sediment: A case study in Northern TaiwanZheng, Zhong-Jie; Lin, Meng-Ying; PEI-TE CHIUEH ; SHANG-LIEN LO journal article44
32010Hexavalent chromium removal from near natural water by copper-iron bimetallic particlesYA-HSUAN LIOU ; Hu, Ching-Yao; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Lo, Shang-Lien; Liou, Ya-Hsuan ; Liou, Ya-Hsuan ; Hsu, Ya-Wen; Shih, Kaimin; Shih, Kaimin; Lin, Chin-Jungjournal article8876
42009Supported Pd/Sn bimetallic nanoparticles for reductive dechlorination of aqueous trichloroethyleneLin, Chin Jung; Liou, Ya Hsuan ; Lo, Shang Lien journal article4434
52009Selective decomposition of aqueous nitrate into nitrogen using iron deposited bimetalsYA-HSUAN LIOU ; Liou, Ya Hsuan ; Lin, Chin Jung; Weng, Shih Chi; Ou, Hsin Hung; Lo, Shang Lien journal article6365
62008以能量波破壞去除水中全氟辛酸之研究駱尚廉 report
72008選擇性轉化水中硝酸鹽為氮氣之研究 (新制多年期第1年)駱尚廉 report
82008地下水污染場址之模式工具研析與實地應用駱尚廉 report
92008Photocatalytic oxidation of aqueous ammonia over microwave-induced titanate nanotubesOu, Hsin-Hung; Liao, Ching-Hui; Liou, Ya-Hsuan ; Hong, Jian-Hao; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article108103
102008Artificial stone slab production using waste glass, stone fragments and vacuum vibratory compactionCHUN-HAN KO ; Lee, Ming-Yu; Ko, Chun-Han ; Chang, Fang-Chih; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Lin, Jyh-Dong; Shan, Ming-Yang; Lee, Jeng-Chingjournal article4335
112008Treatment of high fluoride-content wastewater by continuous electrocoagulation–flotation system with bipolar aluminum electrodesHu, Ching-Yao; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Kuan, Wen-Hui; Lee, Yu-Dejournal article
122008A GIS-based system for allocating municipal solid waste incinerator compensatory fundChiueh, Pei-Te ; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Chang, Chia-Lingjournal article
132008Predicting real-time coagulant dosage in water treatment by artificial neural networks and adaptive network-based fuzzy inference systemWu, Guan-De; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article
142008Thermal detoxification of hazardous metal sludge by applied electromagnetic energyHsieh, Ching-Hong; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Hu, Ching-Yao; Shih, Kaimin; Kuan, Wen-Hui; Chen, Ching-Lungjournal article
152008Sintering of MSWI fly ash by microwave energyChou, Sun-Yu; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Hsieh, Ching-Hong; Chen, Ching-Lungjournal article
162007選擇性轉化水中硝酸鹽為氮氣之研究 (新制多年期第2年)駱尚廉 report
172007人工溼地處理生活污水之去除效率估算方法及植生管理措施研究駱尚廉 report
182007Simulation the kinetics of fluoride removal by electrocoagulation (EC) process using aluminum electrodesHu, Ching-Yao; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Kuan, Wen-Huijournal article
192007Effect of Pt/Pd-doped TiO2 on the photocatalytic degradation of trichloroethyleneOu, Hsin-Hung; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article
202007Review of titania nanotubes synthesized via the hydrothermal treatment: Fabrication, modification, and applicationOu, Hsin-Hung; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article
212007A Copper Removal Process for Printed Circuit Board Wastewater Sludge Applying Extraction and Cementation with Chelating Agents RecoveryChang, Fang-Chih; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Ko, Chun-Han journal article
222007Microwave enhanced stabilization of heavy metal sludgeHsieh, Ching-Hong; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Chiueh, Pei-Te ; Kuan, Wen-Hui; Chen, Ching-Lungjournal article
232007Photocatalysis of gaseous trichloroethylene (TCE) over TiO2: The effect of oxygen and relative humidity on the generation of dichloroacetyl chloride (DCAC) and phosgeneOu, Hsin-Hung; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article
242007The assistance of microwave process in sludge stabilization with sodium sulfide and sodium phosphateChen, Ching-Lung; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Chiueh, Pei-Te ; Kuan, Wen-Hui; Hsieh, Ching-Hongjournal article
252007Production of lightweight aggregates from mining residues, heavy metal sludge, and incinerator fly ashHuang, Su-Chen; Chang, Fang-Chih; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Lee, Ming-Yu; Wang, Chu-Fang; Lin, Jyh-Dongjournal article
262007Uncertainty in watershed response predictions induced by spatial variability of precipitationChang, Chia-Ling; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Chen, Ming-Yingjournal article
272007Microwave-Induced Titanate Nanotubes and the Corresponding Behaviour after Thermal TreatmentOu, Hsin Hung; Lo, Shang Lien ; Liou, Ya Hsuan journal article3333
282007Size effect in reactivity of copper nanoparticles to carbon tetrachloride degradationLiou, Ya Hsuan ; Lo, Shang Lien ; Lin, Chin Jungjournal article3033
292007Leachability of metals from sludge-based artificial lightweight aggregateChang, Fang-Chih; CHUN-HAN KO ; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Lee, Ming-Yu; Ko, Chun-Han ; Lin, Jyh-Dong; Huang, Su-Chen; Wang, Chu-Fangjournal article3328
302007Recovery of copper and chelating agents from sludge extracting solutionsCHUN-HAN KO ; Chang, Fang-Chih; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Ko, Chun-Han journal article3835
312006The Parameter Optimization in the Inverse Distance Method by Genetic Algorithm for Estimating PrecipitationChang, Chia-Ling; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Yu, Shaw-Ljournal article
322006Role of Geographic Information System (GIS) in Watershed Simulation By Winvast ModelChang, Chia-Ling; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Yu, Shaw-Ljournal article51
332006Adsorption of copper ions onto microwave stabilized heavy metal sludgeHsieh, Ching-Hong; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Kuan, Wen-Hui; Chen, Ching-Lungjournal article
342006Photodegradation of 4-chlorophenol by UV/photocatalysts: the effect of the interparticle electron transfer processOu, Xin-Hong; Wu, Chung-Hsin; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article
352006Exploring the interparticle electron transfer process in the photocatalytic oxidation of 4-chlorophenolOu, Hsin-Hung; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Wu, Chung-Hsinjournal article
362006Effect of precursor concentration on the characteristics of nanoscale zerovalent iron and its reactivity of nitrateLiou, Ya Hsuan ; Lo, Shang Lien ; Kuan, Wen Hui; Lin, Chin-Jung; Weng, Shih Chijournal article5444
372005水庫供水機能檢討評估與改善對策-以石門水庫為例─自來水廠備載應變技術可行性之評估駱尚廉 report
382005以電化學技術探討零價金屬去除Cr(VI)之反應研究駱尚廉 report
392005以模糊理論分析降雨空間變異性推估非點源污染量及探討BMPs最佳化配置(1/2)駱尚廉 report
402005結合鈣鹽沈澱法與電膠羽浮除法去除廢水中氟離子-連續式反應系統之建立(2/3)駱尚廉 report
412005Quantifying and reducing uncertainty in life cycle assessment using the Bayesian Monte Carlo methodLo, Shih-Chi; Ma, Hwong-wen ; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article8775
422005Interpolating Precipitation and its Relation to Runoff and Non--Point Source PollutionChang, Chia-Ling; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Yu, Shaw-Ljournal article
432005自來水系統配水管網之管理何承嶧; 駱尚廉 journal article
442005Leaching Efficiency of Copper from Industrial Sludge with Traditional Acid Extraction (TAE) and Microwave Assisted Treatment (MAT)Kuo, Chao-Yin; Wu, Chung-Hsin; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article
452005Feasibility Study of an Activated Sludge/Contact Aeration Combined SystemChen, Chih-Kuei; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Lu, Ruei-Shanjournal article
462005Removal of copper from industrial sludge by traditional and microwave acid extractionKuo, Chao-Yin; Wu, Chung-Hsin; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article
472005Pilot-Scale Electrocoagulation with Bipolar Aluminum Electrodes for On-Site Domestic Greywater ReuseLin, Chin-Jung; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Kuo, Chao-Yin; Wu, Chung-Hsinjournal article
482005Stabilization of Cu in acid-extracted industrial sludge using a microwave processChen, Ching-Lung; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Kuan, Wen-Hui; Hsieh, Ching-Hongjournal article
492005A fuzzy index model for trophic status evaluation of reservoir watersLiou, Yi-Ting; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article
502005Effects of iron surface pretreatment on sorption and reduction kinetics of trichloroethylene in a closed batch systemLin, Chin Jung; Lo, Shang Lien journal article
512005Sustainable Development Indicators for TaiwanLo, Shang-Lien ; Lee, Ling-Ling ; Wang, Chin-Shou; Huang, Shu-Li; Tsai, Huei-Min; Shih, Wen-Chen; Liu, Jin-Tan journal article
522005環境保護永續評量系統建置方法與問題剖析劉怡廷; 駱尚廉 journal article
532005Degradation of aqueous carbon tetrachloride by nanoscale zerovalent copper on a cation resinLin, Chin Jung; Lo, Shang Lien ; Liou, Ya Hsuan journal article4741
542005Chemical reduction of an unbuffered nitrate solution using catalyzed and uncatalyzed nanoscale iron particlesLiou, Ya Hsuan ; Lo, Shang Lien ; Lin, Chin Jung; Kuan, Wen Hui; Weng, Shih Chijournal article140125
552005Effects of iron surface pretreatment on kinetics of aqueous nitrate reductionLiou, Ya Hsuan ; Liou, Ya Hsuan ; YA-HSUAN LIOU ; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Lo, Shang Lien ; Lin, Chin Jung; Lin, Chin-Jung; Kuan, Wen Hui; Weng, Shih Chi; Weng, Shih Chijournal article4240
562004結合鈣鹽沈澱法與電膠羽浮除法去除廢水中氟離子-連續式反應系統之建立(1/3)駱尚廉 report
572004負載型奈米貴金屬對含氯有機物的脫氯反應(2/2)駱尚廉 report
582004提升半導體業氟系廢水處理效能之研究駱尚廉 report
592004九十二年度領域策略規劃作業-環保領域駱尚廉 report
602004水質指標與河川水質的探討劉怡廷; 王善賢; 駱尚廉 journal article
612004Removal of Metals from Industrial Sludge by Extraction with Different AcidsWu, Chung-Hsin; Kuo, Chao-Yin; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article
622004Modeling and electrokinetic evidences on the processes of the Al(III) sorption continuum in SiO2(s) suspensionKuan, Wen Hui; Lo, Shang Lien ; Wang, Ming Kuangjournal article
632004A Generalized Water Quality Index for TaiwanLiou, Shiow-Mey; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Wang, Shan-Hsienjournal article
642004Dechlorination of trichloroethylene in aqueous solution by noble metal-modified ironLin, Chin Jung; Lo, Shang Lien ; Liou, Ya Hsuan journal article138129
652003可應用於環工程控之類神經模糊操作支援系統之研究(3/3)駱尚廉 report
662003負載型奈米貴金屬對含氯有機物的脫氯反應(1/2)駱尚廉 report
672003電膠羽浮除法去除水中氟離子之研究(II)駱尚廉 report
682003以屠宰場廢水探討活性污泥/生物接觸曝氣法合併系統之特性研究駱尚廉 report
692003永續台灣向前指葉俊榮 ; 劉錦添 ; 李玲玲 ; 駱尚廉 ; 黃書禮; 王俊秀; 孫志鴻 ; 蔡慧敏; 施文真book
702003Application of two-stage fuzzy set theory to river quality evaluation in TaiwanLiou, Shiow-Mey; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Hu, Ching-Yaojournal article
712003Modeling Competitive Adsorption of Chromate, Sulfate, and Selenate on g-Al2O3: Comparison between the Triple-Layer Model and a Freundlich-Type Multi-Component IsothermWu, Chung-Hsin; Lin, Cheng-Fang ; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article
722003水污染防治政策對台灣水環境可持續性的影響駱尚廉 ; 林玉韻; 駱尚廉 ; 林玉韻journal article
732003建立永續臺灣評量指標系統實際應用之研究黃書禮; 王俊秀; 劉錦添 ; 駱尚廉 ; 李玲玲 ; 蔡慧敏; 施文真journal article
742002環境工程學門研究發展及推動小組駱尚廉 report
752002可應用於環工程控之類神經模糊操作支援系統之研究(2/3)駱尚廉 report
762002以健康風險管理為依據環境之含氯有機物污染場址地下水復育技術及決策支援架構之研發(III)─子計畫二:蒸汽注入法去除地下水中有機氯化物之研究(III)駱尚廉 report
772002電膠羽浮除法去除水中氟離子之研究駱尚廉 report
782002Modeling competitive adsorption of molybdate, sulfate, selenate, and selenite using a Freundlich-type multi-component isothermWu, Chung-Hsin; Kuo, Chao-Yin; Lin, Cheng-Fang ; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article
792002Desorption kinetics of PCP-contaminated soil: effect of temperatureTse, Ken K. C.; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article
802002Diagnosing reservoir water quality using self-organizing maps and fuzzy theoryLu, Ruei-Shan; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article
812002以微電腦繪製等噪音曲線應用於工廠噪音之預測評估Lo, Shang-Lien; �d�|�G; LoShangLien conference paper
822001赴德考察環境工程研究及技術發展駱尚廉 report
832001金屬陽離子於二氧化矽/水溶液之界面反應-分子層次之探討駱尚廉 report
842001以健康風險管理為依據之含氯有機化合物污染場址地下水復育技術及決策支援架構之研發─子計畫二:蒸汽注入法去除地下水中有機氯化物之研究(II)駱尚廉 report
852001可應用於環工程控之類神經模糊操作支援系統之研究(1/3)駱尚廉 report
862001Modeling Competitive Adsorption of Molybdate, Sulfate, and Selenate on γ-Al2O3 by the Triple-Layer ModelWu, Chung-Hsin; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Lin, Cheng-Fang ; Kuo, Chao-Yinjournal article
872001Effect of composting on characterization and leaching of copper, manganese, and zinc from swine manureHsu, Jenn-Hung; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article
882000環境工程學門研究發展及推動小組駱尚廉 report
892000以健康風險管理為依據之含氯有機物污染場址地下水復育技術及決策支援架構之研發─子計畫三:蒸汽注入法去除地下水中有機氯化物之研究(I)駱尚廉 report
902000金屬陽離子在二氧化矽/水溶液固液界面反應之研究駱尚廉 report
912000A geometric approach to determine adsorption and desorption kinetic constantsKuan, Wen Hui; Lo, Shang Lien ; Chang, Chia M.; Wang, Ming K.journal article
922000Competitive adsorption of molybdate, chromate, sulfate, selenate, and selenite on γ-Al2O3Wu, Chung-Hsin; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Lin, Cheng-Fang journal article
931999環境工程技術研究發展及推動小組駱尚廉 report
941999以UV/TIO2及PHOTO-FENTON程序處理水中含氯聯苯之研究駱尚廉 report
951999含氯有機化合物污染場址地下水階段整合式復育技術整合型研究─子計畫三:蒸汽注入法去除有機氯化物之機制研究(I)駱尚廉 report
961999八十七年度國科會永續會計畫成果發表會駱尚廉 report
971999Oxidation of aqueous chlorobiphenyls with photo-fenton processKuo, Chao-Yin; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article
981999Chemical and spectroscopic analysis of organic matter transformations during composting of pig manureHsu, Jenn-Hung; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article
991998台糖事業廢污處理及資源化研究─豬糞堆肥化之重金屬特性及有機物轉化之研究駱尚廉 report
1001998高級氧化處理含氯聯苯、氯酚類之研究駱尚廉 report
1011998土壤受重金屬污染場址復育之研究─受重金屬污染之土壤復育決策支援系統駱尚廉 report
1021998土壤受重金屬污染場址復育技術之研究─土壤受重金屬污染場址復育技術之研究–總計畫駱尚廉 report
1031998以類神經網路預測土壤中溶質進入地表逕流水動態反應之研究駱尚廉 report
1041998八十六年度國科會永續會計畫(環境保護)研究成果發表會駱尚廉 report
1051998Extractabilities of heavy metals in chemically-fixed sewage sludgesHsiau, Ping-Chin; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article
1061998Fractionation and leachability of Cu in lime-treated sewage sludgeHsiau, Ping-Chin; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article
1071998Predicting solute transfer to surface runoff using neural networksLu, Ruei-Shan; Lai, Jiun-Liang; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article
1081998Adsorption/Desorption Kinetics of MoO2?4onto γ-Al2O3by the Pressure-Jump TechniqueWu, Chung-Hsin; Lin, Cheng-Fang ; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Yasunaga, Tatsuyajournal article
1091998Removal of Se(IV) and Se(VI) from water by aluminum-oxide-coated sandKuan, Wen-Hui; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Wang, Ming K.; Lin, Cheng-Fang journal article
1111997土壤受重金屬污染場址復育技術之研究─子計畫六 受重金屬污染之土壤復育決策支援系統駱尚廉 report
1121997土壤受重金屬污染場址復育技術之研究─總計畫駱尚廉 report
1131997Characteristics of four alkaline biosolids produced from sewage sludgeHsiau, Ping-Chin; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article
1141997Analysis of effluent charge for wastewater treatment plants in industrial districtsLo, Shang-Lien ; Chen, Li-Rujournal article
1151997Characteristics and adsorption properties of iron-coated sandLo, Shang-Lien ; Jeng, Hung-Te; Lai, Chin-Hsingjournal article
1161997Adsorption of Aqueous 4-Chlorobiphenyl and Treatment with UV-Illuminated Titanium DioxideKuo, Chao-Yin; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article
1171997Economic analysis of waste minimization for electroplating plantsLo, Shang-Lien ; Tsao, Ya-Chijournal article
1181997Adsorption of Se(IV) and Se(VI) on an iron-coated sand from waterLo, Shang-Lien ; Chen, Tsung-Yungjournal article
1191997Adsorption Mechanism of Gallium(III) and Indium(III) onto γ-Al2O3Lin, Cheng-Fang ; Chang, Kuen-Sen; Tsay, Chia-Wen; Lee, Dar-Yuan ; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Yasunaga, Tatsuyajournal article2018
1201996土壤受污染場址復育技術之研究─土壤受污染場址復育技術之研究─受重金屬污染之土壤復育決策支援系統駱尚廉 report
1211996土壤受污染場址復育計術之研究─土壤受污染場址復育技術之研究─總計畫駱尚廉 report
1221996以可溶矽酸鹽安定下水污泥中重金屬之研究駱尚廉 report
1231996邁向兩岸雙贏之局王邦雄; 杜震華; 林正義; 丘宏達; 胡念祖; 彭作奎; 駱尚廉 journal article
1241995氧化鐵覆膜濾料應用於水處理之研究駱尚廉 report
1251995河川水質監測站網之優選分析駱尚廉 ; 郭振泰; 王順明; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article
1261995Adsorption of Heavy Metals by the Iron-Coated Filter Medium林正芳 ; 駱尚廉 ; Jeng, Hung-Te; Lee, Dar-Yuan ; Lin, Cheng-Fang ; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Jeng, Hung-Te; Lee, Dar-Yuan journal article
1271995Mechanisms of Iron Oxide Coating Onto Sand Surface and Its Adsorption Behaviors for Copper林正芳 ; Lai, C. H.; 駱尚廉 ; Lin, Cheng-Fang ; Lai, C. H.; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article
1281994氧化鋁覆膜石英砂吸附四價及六價硒之研究駱尚廉 ; 官文惠; 林正芳 ; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Lin, Cheng-Fang conference paper
1291994氧化鐵覆膜石英砂吸附水中硒之研究駱尚廉 ; 陳宗永; Lo, Shang-Lien conference paper
1301994臺灣地區水資源之社會需求駱尚廉 conference paper
1311994民眾飲水習慣與地域分佈、水質狀況之探討駱尚廉 ; 郭昭吟; 陳莉莉; Lo, Shang-Lien ; 陳莉莉conference paper
1321994The Affecting Factors for Occurrence of Residual Aluminum in Finished Water駱尚廉 ; Chiu, S. H.; Lo, Shang-Lien conference paper
1331994土壤含水層處理對都市污水再利用之探討駱尚廉 ; 郭昭吟; 曹雅琪; 張宇芳; Lo, Shang-Lien ; 張宇芳conference paper
1341994防止水庫污染源確保良好水質駱尚廉 conference paper
1351994現階段水質保護策略探析駱尚廉 conference paper
1361994淡水河系:基隆河水污染防治整體規劃之研究(IV)駱尚廉 ; 楊萬發; 於幼華; 曾四恭; 徐玉標(Hsu, Yuh-Piau); 郭振泰(Kuo, Jan-Tai); 魏耀揮; 蔣本基(Chiang, Pen-Chi); 許銘熙(Hsu, Ming-Hsi); 張尊國(Chang, Tsun-Kuo); 吳先琪(Wu, Shian-Chee); 楊萬發; 郭振泰(Kuo, Jan-Tai); 許銘熙(Hsu, Ming-Hsi); 吳先琪(Wu, Shian-Chee)report
1371994土壤中重金屬全量、品質標準、自淨能力及作物吸收之調查與評估之研究─臺灣地區土壤自淨能力及污染評估方法研究(第三年)吳先琪; 王西華; 曾四恭; 駱尚廉 ; 林正芳(Lin, Cheng-Fang) ; 曾四恭; Lo, Shang-Lien report
1381994Mobilization of Heavy Metals from Sediments by NTA駱尚廉 ; Huang, L. J.; 林正芳 ; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Lin, Cheng-Fang journal article1
1391994Kinetics of Copper Complexation with Dissolved Organic Matter Using Stopped-Flow Fluorescence Technique林正芳 ; Houng, Lee-Ming; 駱尚廉 ; Lin, Cheng-Fang ; Houng, Lee-Ming; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article7
1401994重金屬離子於固液介面之反應研究(III)林正芳; 駱尚廉 ; 李達源 ; 林萬寅report
1411994重金屬污染物於固液界面反應之研究(II)駱尚廉 ; 林正芳; 李達源 ; 林萬寅; 駱尚廉 ; 林正芳report
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1451994Removal of Copper Ion by Biosorption駱尚廉 ; Wu, C. H.; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article
1461994Effects of NTA on the Fate of Heavy Metals in Sediments駱尚廉 ; Huang, L. J.; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article
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1481994Characterization of Arsenate Adsorption on Hydrous Iron Oxide Using Chemical and Physical MethodsHsia, T. H.; 駱尚廉 ; 林正芳 ; Lee, Dar-Yuan ; Hsia, T. H.; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Lin, Cheng-Fang ; Lee, Dar-Yuan journal article158139
1491993Analysis of Cost Function and Effluent Charge for the Textile Wastewater駱尚廉 ; Chen, L. R.; Lo, Shang-Lien conference paper
1501993The Nondimensional Stream Quality Model駱尚廉 ; Tse, K. C.; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Tse, K. C.conference paper
1511993淨水場廢水排放對基隆河水質影響之模擬駱尚廉 ; 羅時麒conference paper
1521993土壤中重金屬污染評估決策支援系統之架構關蓓德; 駱尚廉 ; 孫志鴻 ; 林建元; 關蓓德conference paper
1531993Removal of Heavy Metals by the Iron-Coated Quartz Sand林正芳 ; 駱尚廉 ; Lee, Dar-Yuan ; Jeng, Hung-Te; Lin, Cheng-Fang ; Lo, Shang-Lien conference paper
1541993Recovery of Cr(VI) by Alkl Quaternary Ammonium Compounds駱尚廉 ; Shiue, S. F.; Lo, Shang-Lien conference paper
1551993A Scouring-Based Model of Solute Transfer to Surface RunoffLai, J. L.; 駱尚廉 ; Lai, J. L.; Lo, Shang-Lien conference paper
1561993Adsorption of Copper by the Iron-Coated Sand林正芳 ; Lai, Chin-Hsing; 駱尚廉 ; Lee, Dar-Yuan ; Lin, Cheng-Fang ; Lo, Shang-Lien conference paper
1571993Adsorption of Metals on Oxides Formation from Fe(No3)3, FeC13, Fe(C1O4)3 Solutions駱尚廉 ; Shiu, Shu-Huei; Lin, J. F.; Lee, D. F.; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Lin, J. F.; Lee, D. F.conference paper
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1591993重金屬染物於固液界面反應之研究(II)駱尚廉 report
1601993河川水質監測站網之優選分析駱尚廉 ; 郭振泰; 王順明; Lo, Shang-Lien ; 王順明conference paper
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1621993Modeling of Gas Phase Advective Transport of VOC in the Unsaturated Zone駱尚廉 ; Lee, Y. M.; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Lee, Y. M.conference paper
1631993土木與環境顏清連; 駱尚廉 book
1641993環境保護辭典駱尚廉 book
1651993湖泊水庫集水區非點源污染之控制余嘯雷; 駱尚廉 ; 郭振泰; 余嘯雷; Lo, Shang-Lien conference paper
1661993土壤中重金屬全量、品質標準、自淨能力及作物吸收之調查與評估之研究─臺灣地區土壤自淨能力及污染評估方法研究(第二年)吳先琪; 王西華; 曾四恭; 駱尚廉 ; 林正芳(Lin, Cheng-Fang); 吳先琪; Lo, Shang-Lien ; 林正芳(Lin, Cheng-Fang)report
1671993環境數學駱尚廉 book
1681993學校廁所衛生管理指引駱尚廉 book
1691993自來水淨水場排放水對河川影響之研究駱尚廉 report
1701993水庫水質惡化處理技術之研究:曝氣對優養改善之效果評估駱尚廉 ; 吳先琪report
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1741993事業廢水污染源管理制度之建立:廢(污)水排放費收費辦法駱尚廉 ; 蕭代基; Lo, Shang-Lien ; 蕭代基report
1751993Mechanistic investigation of copper sorption onto γ-Al2O3 using the relaxation techniqueChang, Kuen-Sen; Lin, Cheng-Fang ; Lee, Dar-Yuan ; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article55
1761992金屬氧化物/水界面與重金屬反應之行為及其應用駱尚廉 conference paper
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1791992自來水水源保護區之經營管理問題駱尚廉 conference paper
1801992Kinetic Studies of Cd and Zn Adsorption Onto Al2O3Lo, Shang-Lien conference paper
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1841992The Assessment and Application of Expert System for Reservoir Eutrophication駱尚廉 ; Tsai, S. F.; Lo, Shang-Lien conference paper
1851992基隆河水污染防治整體規劃之研究駱尚廉 ; 吳先琪report
1861992水源水質水量保護區之經營管理駱尚廉 conference paper
1871992學校廁所衛生管理指引駱尚廉 book
1881992環境數學駱尚廉 book
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1911992淡水河系:基隆河水污染防治整體規劃之研究(III)駱尚廉 ; 林正芳; 李達源 ; 駱尚廉 ; Lee, Dar-Yuan report
1921992宜蘭縣環境品質規劃研究案:第二階段報告於幼華; 駱尚廉 ; Lo, Shang-Lien report
1931992行政院國科會環境保護大型計畫:淡水河系基隆河水污染防治整體規劃之研究(第四年)駱尚廉 ; 吳先琪report
1941992事業廢水排放費率與成本函數之研究駱尚廉 report
1951992A Pilot-Plant Study to Salvage a Full - Scale Treatment PlantYu, Y. H.; 駱尚廉 ; Yu, Y. H.; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article
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1971992重金屬污染物於固液界面反應之研究(I)駱尚廉 ; 林正芳; 李達源 ; 林萬寅; 駱尚廉 ; 李達源 report
1981992重金屬離子於多孔性介質表面之反應研究林正芳; 駱尚廉 ; 李達源 ; 林正芳; Lee, Dar-Yuan report
1991992Chromium(VI) Adsorption on Amorphous Iron Oxide林正芳; Hsia, T. H.; 駱尚廉 ; Lin, Cheng-Fang; Hsia, T. H.; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article
2001992Kinetic Study of Metal Ion Association at Liquid and Solid/Water Phases Using Pressure-Jump Technique林正芳 ; Chang, Kuen-Sen; Lee, Dar-Yuan ; 駱尚廉 ; Lin, Cheng-Fang ; Chang, Kuen-Sen; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article
2011992民眾飲水習慣與地域分佈、水質狀況之探討駱尚廉 report
2021992Leaching Behaviors of Copper Oxide Solidification/Stabilization Using C3A and C3S Fixing Agents韋文誠 ; 林正芳 ; 駱尚廉 ; Lin, Tzong-Tzeng; Hwung. H. W.; Hwung, D. H.; 韋文誠 ; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Lin, Tzong-Tzeng; Hwung, D. H.conference paper
2031991氧化鐵覆膜濾料應用於重金屬之吸附駱尚廉 ; 鄭宏德; 林正芳 ; 李達源 ; Lee, Dar-Yuan conference paper
2041991硝酸鐵、氯化鐵及過氯酸鐵溶液合成氧化鐵之特性比較駱尚廉 ; 許淑惠; 林正芳 ; 李達源 ; 駱尚廉 ; Lee, Dar-Yuan conference paper
2051991非結晶性氧化鐵對Cr(VI)吸附之三層模式模擬林正芳 ; 夏聰惠; 駱尚廉 ; Lin, Cheng-Fang ; Lo, Shang-Lien conference paper
2061991染整業廢水排放費率與成本函數之研究駱尚廉 ; 蕭代基; 陳立儒; Lo, Shang-Lien conference paper
2071991淨水場殘餘鋁量控制及去除方法探討駱尚廉 ; 邱士豪; 張芳貞; Lo, Shang-Lien ; 邱士豪conference paper
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2101991Biosorption of Cu(II) by Microorganisms駱尚廉 ; Wu, J. S.; Lo, Shang-Lien conference paper
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2121991八里污水處理廠的不當之處駱尚廉 journal article
2131991重金屬離子於地下水層之傳輸研究駱尚廉 ; 闕蓓德 ; Lo, Shang-Lien conference paper
2141991整體環境影響評估之必要駱尚廉 journal article
2151991飲用水技術處理之回顧與展望駱尚廉 journal article
2161991合併科技不如整合科技駱尚廉 journal article
2171991建教研究與學術操守駱尚廉 journal article
2181991樣板式的環境影響評估該停止了駱尚廉 journal article
2191991飲用水處理技術的發展駱尚廉 journal article
2201991淡水河系-基隆河水污染防治整體規劃之研究(第四年)駱尚廉 ; 楊萬發; 於幼華; 曾四恭; 徐玉標(Hsu, Yuh-Piau); 郭振泰(Kuo, Jan-Tai); 魏耀輝; 蔣本基(Chiang, Pen-Chi); 許銘熙(Hsu, Ming-Hsi); 張尊國(Chang, Tsun-Kuo); 吳先琪(Wu, Shian-Chee); 駱尚廉 report
2211991以更科學的方式處理核電與核廢料問題駱尚廉 journal article
2221991離子層析儀, (80-0421-E002-28Z, 環境保護大型計畫「淡水河系–基隆河水染防治整體規劃之研究」駱尚廉 report
2231991環境保護大型計畫「淡水河系–基隆河水染防治整體規劃之研究」駱尚廉 report
2241991非點源污染模式–農地逕流中可溶性污染物傳輸機制之研究駱尚廉 report
2251991重金屬離子於多孔介質表面之反應研究駱尚廉 report
2261991淡水河系-基隆河水污染防治整體規劃之研究(第三年)駱尚廉 ; 楊萬發; 於幼華; 曾四恭; 徐玉標(Hsu, Yuh-Piau); 郭振泰(Kuo, Jan-Tai); 魏耀輝; 蔣本基(Chiang, Pen-Chi); 許銘熙(Hsu, Ming-Hsi); 張尊國(Chang, Tsun-Kuo); 吳先琪(Wu, Shian-Chee); 楊萬發; 於幼華; 徐玉標(Hsu, Yuh-Piau); 蔣本基(Chiang, Pen-Chi); 許銘熙(Hsu, Ming-Hsi); 吳先琪(Wu, Shian-Chee)report
2271991「現階段水資源管理之困境及其解決方案:水權交易制度芻議」之評論駱尚廉 conference paper
2281991同聲譴責波灣環境恐怖策略駱尚廉 journal article
2291991還原劑與中和劑對污泥特性之影響駱尚廉 ; 林正芳 ; 林宗曾; 羅維; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Lin, Cheng-Fang ; 林宗曾conference paper
2301991行政院環境保護署科技發展規劃鄭福田; 林正芳; 駱尚廉 ; 張祖恩; 林瑞雄; 李崇德; 吳先琪(Wu, Shian-Chee); 鄭福田; 林正芳; 駱尚廉 ; 張祖恩; 李崇德; 吳先琪(Wu, Shian-Chee)report
2311991工業區事業廢棄物處理現況與處理技術評估研究林正芳 ; 駱尚廉 ; 林世欽; Lin, Cheng-Fang ; Lo, Shang-Lien report
2321991常用環境保護辭典駱尚廉 ; 楊萬發; 張祖恩; 吳先琪; 蔡俊鴻; 林正芳 ; 陳炳煌; 蔡俊鴻; Lin, Cheng-Fang ; 陳炳煌book
2331991基隆河水污染防治整體規劃之研究(第三年)駱尚廉 ; 吳先琪report
2341991淡水河系基隆河水污染防治整體規劃群體研究駱尚廉 journal article
2351991各類廢水排放費率與成本函數研究(I):染整業廢水駱尚廉 ; 蕭代基; Lo, Shang-Lien report
2361991水庫水質惡化處理技術之研究:鋁離子行為探討及去除方法駱尚廉 report
2371991水庫優養化資料庫及專家系統研究(II)駱尚廉 report
2381991內質量傳送對多孔性介質吸附重金屬之動力模式:鎘、鋅、鉻及砷吸附於非結晶性氧鋁(III)駱尚廉 report
2391991公元2000年飲用水水質與管理問題研討駱尚廉 ; 林正芳 ; 張祖恩; 張鎮南; Lo, Shang-Lien ; 張祖恩report
2401991宜蘭縣環境品質規劃研究案:第一階段報告於幼華; 駱尚廉 ; Lo, Shang-Lien report
2411991有效防治臺灣地區水污染訂定合理放流水標準之研究:橡膠業駱尚廉 report
2421990鎘與鋅吸附於多孔非結晶性氧化鋁之動力與平衡模擬駱尚廉 ; 夏聰惠; Lo, Shang-Lien conference paper
2431990水庫優養化專家系統之初探駱尚廉 ; 蔡淑芬; Lo, Shang-Lien ; 蔡淑芬conference paper
2441990非結晶性氧化鐵對Cr(VI)之平衡吸附模擬夏聰惠; 駱尚廉 ; 林正芳 ; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Lin, Cheng-Fang conference paper
2451990活性污泥程序操作之專家系統初探駱尚廉 ; 許智雄; Lo, Shang-Lien conference paper
2461990應用電射粒度分析儀探討水平流式過濾池之過濾作用駱尚廉 ; 賴進興; Lo, Shang-Lien ; 賴進興conference paper
2471990鎘在未飽和土壤中之吸附/移動特性姜榮義; 駱尚廉 ; 楊萬發; 姜榮義; Lo, Shang-Lien conference paper
2481990飽和多孔介質孔隙中可溶性化學物質進入地表水流傳輸模式之研究賴俊良; 駱尚廉 ; 賴俊良; Lo, Shang-Lien conference paper
2491990未飽和土層垃圾滲出水水力特性探討楊萬發; 駱尚廉 ; 姜榮義; Lo, Shang-Lien conference paper
2501990Strategies for Developing the Expert System for Management and Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plant駱尚廉 ; Cherng, J. J.; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Cherng, J. J.conference paper
2511990The Removal of Soluble Silver Ion by Electrochemical MethodLo, Shang-Lien ; Yu, Yue-Hwaconference paper
2521990飲水水質與處理問題探討駱尚廉 conference paper
2531990廢水收集及處理系統駱尚廉 book
2541990七十九年度環工科技發展與人才培育計畫張慶源; 駱尚廉 report
2551990環境影響評估方法(二)水污染駱尚廉 conference paper
2561990水平流式過濾池之可行性研究(第二年計劃)駱尚廉 ; 吳先琪report
2571990水平流式過濾池之可行性研究(第二年)駱尚廉 ; 吳先琪report
2581990數據統計分析駱尚廉 book
2591990環境影響評估作業制度於幼華; 駱尚廉 ; 王龍池; 張穗蘋; Lo, Shang-Lien ; 王龍池; 張穗蘋book
2601990環保大型計畫:淡水河系基隆河水污染防治整體研究(第四年)駱尚廉 journal article
2611990國內環境科學與工程研究資料庫建立之現況駱尚廉 ; 蔡淑芬; Lo, Shang-Lien ; 蔡淑芬journal article
2621990水庫優養化資料庫及專家系統研究(I)駱尚廉 report
2631990未飽和土層垃圾滲出水水力特性探討楊萬發; 駱尚廉 report
2641990有效防治臺灣地區水污染訂定合理放流水標準之研究:電鍍業駱尚廉 report
2651990重金屬離子於固液介面之反應研究(II)林正芳; 駱尚廉 ; 李達源 ; 林萬寅report
2661990內質量傳送對多孔性介質吸附重金屬之動力模式:鎘與鋅吸附於非晶性氧化鋁(第二年計劃)駱尚廉 report
2671990行政院國科會環境保護大型計畫:淡水河系基隆河水污染防治整體規劃之研究(第一年)吳先琪; 駱尚廉 report
2681990行政院國科會環境保護大型計畫:淡水河系基隆河水污染防治整體規劃之研究(第二年)吳先琪; 駱尚廉 report
2691990知識導向之污水廠操作管理專家系統研究駱尚廉 report
2701990重金屬離子於固液介面之反應研究(I)林正芳; 駱尚廉 ; 李達源 ; 林萬寅; 李達源 report
2711989工業區污水處理廠成本函數與排放費率分析駱尚廉 ; 蕭代基; 黃燕如; 賴孚權; Lo, Shang-Lien ; 黃燕如; 賴孚權conference paper
2721989水平流式過濾效率與水頭損失探討駱尚廉 ; 陳筱華; 吳先琪; Lo, Shang-Lien ; 陳筱華conference paper
2731989污水廠操作管理專家系統之發展策略駱尚廉 ; 江俊成; Lo, Shang-Lien conference paper
2741989水平流式過濾池模式分析駱尚廉 ; 吳先琪; 陳筱華; Lo, Shang-Lien ; 陳筱華conference paper
2751989環境影響評估作業制度於幼華; 駱尚廉 ; 王龍池; 張穗蘋book
2761989填充塔氣提設備之最佳化設計與操作程式研究駱尚廉 ; 闕蓓德 ; 李怡臻; Lo, Shang-Lien ; 李怡臻conference paper
2771989The Pollution Problems and Treatment Methods of Arsenic in WaterHsia, T. H.; 駱尚廉 ; Hsia, T. H.; Lo, Shang-Lien conference paper
2781989EUREKA應用於環境工程管理之最佳之模式Lo, Shang-Lien conference paper
2791989民國八十二年及民國八十七年放流水標準之擬定李錦樟; 洪楚璋; 張鎮南; 徐錠基; 駱尚廉 ; 蔡國鈞; 何賢德; 李錦樟; 徐錠基; Lo, Shang-Lien ; 蔡國鈞; 何賢德report
2801989實驗室廢液處理駱尚廉 conference paper
2811989Study of Upflow Inclined Highrate Settlers for High Turbidity Water駱尚廉 ; Shieh, C. S.; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Shieh, C. S.conference paper
2821989垃圾滲漏水污染地下水之特性探討:有機質影響土壤吸附重金屬特性之研究楊萬發; 駱尚廉 report
2831989話水:飲用水安全與水源保護(1989)駱尚廉 ; 蕭代基; 葉俊榮 ; 葉俊榮 ; 蕭代基book
2841989污染要付費, 付多少? 怎麼付?姚關穆; 簡又新; 駱尚廉 ; 蕭代基; 熊秉元journal article
2851989環保署現階段國家環保大型計劃意見調查感想駱尚廉 journal article
2861989廢水環保投資要做到什麼地步駱尚廉 journal article
2871989Adsorption of Heavy Metals from Wastewater with Waste Activated Sludge駱尚廉 ; Lin, C. Y.; Lo, Shang-Lien journal article
2881989飲用水設備該查驗那些標準駱尚廉 journal article
2891989十年後還是落後三十年駱尚廉 journal article
2901989如何選擇飲水機與濾水器駱尚廉 journal article
2911989迎接挑戰落實環保駱尚廉 journal article
2921989重金屬離子於地下層之傳輸研究:第二年計劃駱尚廉 ; 闕蓓德 ; Lo, Shang-Lien ; 闕蓓德 report
2931989重金屬離子於地下水層之傳輸研究:第一年計劃駱尚廉 ; 闕蓓德 ; Lo, Shang-Lien ; 闕蓓德 report
2941988The Transport Model of Heavy Metal in Unsaturated SoilsChiang, J. I.; 駱尚廉 ; 楊萬發; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Yang, Wan-Faconference paper
2951988河川溶氧無因次模式與放流水管制探討駱尚廉 ; 斯克誠; Lo, Shang-Lien conference paper
2961988水中砷污染問題與去除方法探討夏聰惠; 駱尚廉 ; Lo, Shang-Lien conference paper
2971988The Adsorption of Cadmium on Amorphous Aluminum Oxide駱尚廉 ; Leckie, J. O.; Lo, Shang-Lien conference paper
2981988The Application of Tk! SOLVER on Computing the Drag Coefficient for Flow Around a Sphere駱尚廉 ; Tseng, H. Y.; Lo, Shang-Lien conference paper
2991988重金屬污泥固化穩定物之再萃取滲出量駱尚廉 ; 夏聰惠; Lo, Shang-Lien conference paper
3001988放流水管制與河川水質無因次模式分析駱尚廉 ; 斯克誠; Lo, Shang-Lien ; 斯克誠conference paper
3011988地下含水層三氯乙烷污染之現場生物處理駱尚廉 conference paper
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3031988The Computer Simulation of Freeway Noise駱尚廉 ; Jiang, C. L.; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Jiang, C. L.conference paper
3041988燃煤水力發電廠灰池廢水特性與利用金屬氧化物處理之可行性駱尚廉 conference paper
3051988水污染評估駱尚廉 conference paper
3061988臺塑烯烴廠暨相關工業計劃環境影響評估報告之查證與評論施信民; 駱尚廉 report
3071988工業污染防治之有效對策于宗先; 駱尚廉 ; 于宗先; Lo, Shang-Lien report
3081988高級精密工業污染特性探討研究(II)駱尚廉 report
3091988興建水庫的負面影響駱尚廉 journal article
3101988內質量傳送對多孔性介質吸附重金屬之動力模式:鎘與鋅吸附於非結晶性氧化鋁(第一年計劃)駱尚廉 journal article
3111988國內環境科學與工程研究資料庫建立之規劃簡介駱尚廉 journal article
3121988中油公司各煉油廠污染物排放及環境品質基線調查規劃曾四恭; 駱尚廉 report
3131988水平流式過濾池之可行性研究(第一年)駱尚廉 ; 吳先琪report
3141988向上流反應槽流體特性試驗數學模式與數值模擬駱尚廉 report
3151988高級精密工業污染特性探討研究(I)駱尚廉 report
3161987水資源開發對環境之影響駱尚廉 conference paper
3171987Computer Modeling of Flow Characteristics Measuring of an Upflow Reactor駱尚廉 ; Leckie, J. O.; Lo, Shang-Lien conference paper
3181987石灰石礦場露天開採之污染探討駱尚廉 ; 夏家承; 張天益; 余銘輝; 謝茂傑; Lo, Shang-Lien ; 夏家承; 張天益; 謝茂傑conference paper
3191987Affecting Factors of Heavy Metal Adsorption on Waste Activated Sludge駱尚廉 ; Lin, C. Y.; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Lin, C. Y.conference paper
3201987環境污染市場很大?:記一項環境專業會議之感駱尚廉 journal article
3211987環境影響評估不是萬靈符駱尚廉 journal article
3221987也談環保大餅駱尚廉 journal article
3231986臺北地區垃圾水運之初步研究駱尚廉 ; 姜榮義; Lo, Shang-Lien ; 姜榮義conference paper
3241986Adsorption Isotherms and Pilot Plant Study of Heavy Metals from Wastewater with Waste Activated Sludge駱尚廉 ; Lin, C. Y.; Lo, Shang-Lien ; Lin, C. Y.conference paper
3251986西南沿海河川污泥之清除馮纘華; 駱尚廉 ; Lo, Shang-Lien report
3261985廢棄活性污泥對廢水中重金屬之吸附特性駱尚廉 ; 林季螢; Lo, Shang-Lien conference paper
3271985The Study of Removal Methods of Heavy Metals from Sludge駱尚廉 ; Chen, Y. H.; Lo, Shang-Lien conference paper
3281985水資源計劃之環境影響評估問題探討駱尚廉 ; 郭振泰; 顏清連conference paper
3291985臺灣地區工廠廢棄污泥危害特性及管理探討駱尚廉 ; 林政綱; 莊士群; 楊重光; 莊進源; Lo, Shang-Lien ; 楊重光conference paper
3301985Analysis of Effluent Charge for the Wastewater Treatment Plants of Industrial Districts駱尚廉 ; Chen, L. R.; Lo, Shang-Lien conference paper
3311978污泥與水肥混合厭氣消化之氣體產量楊萬發; 駱尚廉 conference paper