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12021Effective electrochemically controlled removal of fluoride ions using electrodeposited polyaniline-carbon nanotube composite electrodesWu, J.-C.; Chen, S.S.; Yu, T.-C.; Wu, K.C.-W.; Hou, C.-H.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Separation and Purification Technology8
22021Exploring the electrosorption selectivity of nitrate over chloride in capacitive deionization (CDI) and membrane capacitive deionization (MCDI)Tsai, S.-W.; Hackl, L.; Kumar, A.; Hou, C.-H.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Desalination17
32021Active MnO 2 /biochar composite for efficient As(III) removal: Insight into the mechanisms of redox transformation and adsorptionCuong, D.V.; Wu, P.-C.; Chen, L.-I.; Hou, C.-H.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Water Research10
42021The effect of redox potential on the removal characteristic of divalent cations during activated carbon-based capacitive deionizationLee N; Liu M.-L; Wu M.-C; Chen T.-H; Hou C.-H.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Chemosphere0
52021Mercury vapor adsorption and sustainable recovery using novel electrothermal swing system with gold-electrodeposited activated carbon fiber clothLiao H.-Y; Pan S.-Y; You S.-W; Hou C.-H; Wang C; Deng J.-G; Hsi H.-C.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Journal of Hazardous Materials1
62021A critical review on biochar-based engineered hierarchical porous carbon for capacitive charge storageCuong D.V; Matsagar B.M; Lee M; Hossain M.S.A; Yamauchi Y; Vithanage M; Sarkar B; Ok Y.S; Wu K.C.-W; Hou C.-H.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews5
72021Development of a membrane capacitive deionization stack for domestic wastewater reclamation: A pilot-scale feasibility studyShen Y.-Y; Sun S.-H; Tsai S.-W; Chen T.-H; Hou C.-H.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Desalination4
82021Enhanced electrosorption selectivity of phosphate using an anion-exchange resin-coated activated carbon electrodeShen Y.-Y; Hsu C.-C; Tsai S.-W; Hou C.-H.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Journal of Colloid and Interface Science0
92021Development of an integrated capacitive-electrodialysis process (CapED) for continuous, low-energy electrochemical deionizationChen T.-H; Chen Y.-A; Tsai S.-W; Wang D.-M; Hou C.-H.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Separation and Purification Technology2
102020Assessment of agricultural waste-derived activated carbon in multiple applicationsWu, H.-Y.; Chen, S.S.; Liao, W.; Wang, W.; Jang, M.-F.; Chen, W.-H.; Ahamad, T.; Alshehri, S.M.; Hou, C.-H.; Lin, K.-S.; Charinpanitkul, T.; Wu, K.C.-W.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Environmental Research7
112020Hierarchical porous carbon derived from activated biochar as an eco-friendly electrode for the electrosorption of inorganic ionsCuong, D.V.; Wu, P.-C.; Liu, N.-L.; Hou, C.-H.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Separation and Purification Technology21
122020Enhanced desalination of electrospun activated carbon fibers with controlled pore structures in the electrosorption processLiu, N.-L.; Chen, L.-I.; Tsai, S.-W.; Hou, C.-H.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Environmental Science: Water Research and Technology4
132020Exploring the electrosorption selectivity and recovery of indium ions with capacitive deionization in acidic solutionShen, Y.-Y.; Wu, S.-W.; Hou, C.-H.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Journal of Colloid and Interface Science5
142020Opportunities for nanotechnology to enhance electrochemical treatment of pollutants in potable water and industrial wastewater-a perspectiveGarcia-Segura S; CHIA-HUNG HOU et al. Environmental Science: Nano22
152020Diatom-assisted biomicroreactor targeting the complete removal of perfluorinated compoundsAlbert K; Hsieh P.-Y; Chen T.-H; Hou C.-H; Hsu H.-Y.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Journal of Hazardous Materials2
162020Asymmetric Redox-Polymer Interfaces for Electrochemical Reactive Separations: Synergistic Capture and Conversion of ArsenicKim K; Cotty S; Elbert J; Chen R; Hou C.-H; Su X.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Advanced Materials33
172019Hotspot analysis and improvement schemes for capacitive deionization (CDI) using life cycle assessmentShiu, H.-Y.; Lee, M.; Chao, Y.; Chang, K.-C.; Hou, C.-H.; Chiueh, P.-T.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Desalination512
182019Enhancing the water desalination and electricity generation of a microbial desalination cell with a three-dimensional macroporous carbon nanotube-chitosan sponge anodeMa, C.-Y.; Hou, C.-H.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Science of the Total Environment925
192019Membrane capacitive deionization for low-salinity desalination in the reclamation of domestic wastewater effluentsLee, M.; Fan, C.-S.; Chen, Y.-W.; Chang, K.-C.; Chiueh, P.-T.; Hou, C.-H.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Chemosphere716
202019Integrating a supercapacitor with capacitive deionization for direct energy recovery from the desalination of brackish waterChen, Y.-W.; Chen, J.-F.; Lin, C.-H.; Hou, C.-H.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Applied Energy725
212019Low energy desalination using a novel capacitive deionization-electrodialysis processChen, Tsai-Hsuan; Hou, Chia-Hung; CHIA-HUNG HOU Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society1
222019Additive manufacturing of electrodes for desalinationTsai, S.-W.; Kumar, A.; Kalyan, B.; Hou, C.-H.; Chiang, P.-C. ; Gadgil, A.J.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Procedia Manufacturing10
232019Studying the electrosorption performance of activated carbon electrodes in batch-mode and single-pass capacitive deionizationLiu, N.-L.; Sun, S.-H.; Hou, C.-H.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Separation and Purification Technology1439
242019Meso/micropore-controlled hierarchical porous carbon derived from activated biochar as a high-performance adsorbent for copper removalCuong, D.V.; Liu, N.-L.; Nguyen, V.A.; Hou, C.-H.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Science of the Total Environment728
252019Improved bauxite residue dealkalization by combination of aerated washing and electrodialysisZhang, Y.; Shi, Q.; Luo, M.; Wang, H.; Qi, X.; Hou, C.-H.; Li, F.; Ai, Z.; Junior, J.T.A.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Journal of Hazardous Materials58
262019Enhanced desalination performance via mixed capacitive-Faradaic ion storage using RuO<inf>2</inf>-activated carbon composite electrodesMa, X.; Chen, Y.-A.; Zhou, K.; Wu, P.-C.; Hou, C.-H.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Electrochimica Acta1329
272018Curved Fragmented Graphenic Hierarchical Architectures for Extraordinary Charging CapacitiesLian, H.-Y.; Dutta, S.; Tominaka, S.; Lee, Y.-A.; Huang, S.-Y.; Sakamoto, Y.; Hou, C.-H.; Liu, W.-R.; Henzie, J.; Yamauchi, Y.; Wu, K.C.-W.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Small310
282018Optimizing the energetic performance of capacitive deionization devices with unipolar and bipolar connections under constant current chargingChen, Y.-A.; Fan, C.-S.; Hou, C.-H.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers35
292018Water-energy nexus for multi-criteria decision making in water resource management: A case study of Choshui river basin in TaiwanLee, M.; Yu, C.-Y.; Chiang, P.-C.; Hou, C.-H.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Water (Switzerland)612
302018Incorporating Manganese Dioxide in Carbon Nanotube-Chitosan as a Pseudocapacitive Composite Electrode for High-Performance DesalinationLiu, Y.-H.; Yu, T.-C.; Chen, Y.-W.; Hou, C.-H.; CHIA-HUNG HOU ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering1728
312018Highly porous activated carbon with multi-channeled structure derived from loofa sponge as a capacitive electrode material for the deionization of brackish waterFeng, C.; Chen, Y.-A.; Yu, C.-P.; Hou, C.-H.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Chemosphere2835
322018High performance capacitive deionization using modified ZIF-8-derived, N-doped porous carbon with improved conductivityLi, Y.; Kim, J.; Wang, J.; Liu, N.-L.; Bando, Y.; Alshehri, A.A.; Yamauchi, Y.; Hou, C.-H.; Wu, K.C.-W.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Nanoscale3965
332018Calculation of Electrical Double Layer Potential Profiles in Nanopores from Grand Canonical Monte Carlo SimulationsNey, E.M.; Hou, C.-H.; Taboada-Serrano, P.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data45
342018以生物炭製備多孔碳電極於電容去離子技術之應用劉乃綾; 黃靖婷; 于昌平; 侯嘉洪; CHIA-HUNG HOU 化工0
352017Integrating cost-effective microbial fuel cells and energy-efficient capacitive deionization for advanced domestic wastewater treatmentFeng, C.; Tsai, C.-C.; Ma, C.-Y.; Yu, C.-P.; Hou, C.-H.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Chemical Engineering Journal360
362017Water-energy nexus for urban water systems: A comparative review on energy intensity and environmental impacts in relation to global water risksLee, M.; Keller, A.A.; Chiang, P.-C.; Den, W.; Wang, H.; Hou, C.-H.; Wu, J.; Wang, X.; Yan, J.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Applied Energy65105
372017Mesoporous TiO <inf>2</inf> Embedded with a Uniform Distribution of CuO Exhibit Enhanced Charge Separation and Photocatalytic EfficiencyLiao, Y.-T.; Huang, Y.-Y.; Chen, H.M.; Komaguchi, K.; Hou, C.-H.; Henzie, J.; Yamauchi, Y.; Ide, Y.; Wu, K.C.-W.; CHIA-HUNG HOU ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces3745
382017An integrated microbial desalination cell-driven capacitive deionization system as an electrochemical means for wastewater treatment, electricity generation and desalinationHou, C.H.; Ma, C.Y.; CHIA-HUNG HOU ECS Transactions10
392017Capacitive deionization of arsenic-contaminated groundwater in a single-pass modeFan, C.-S.; Liou, S.Y.H.; Hou, C.-H.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Chemosphere2339
402017碳複合材料於電容去離子技術之應用黃靖婷(Jingting Huang); 吳柏璋(Po-Chang Wu); 侯嘉洪(Chia-Hung Hou); CHIA-HUNG HOU 化學0
412016Cellulose Framework Directed Construction of Hierarchically Porous Carbons Offering High-Performance Capacitive Deionization of Brackish WaterDutta, S.; Huang, S.-Y.; Chen, C.; Chen, J.E.; Alothman, Z.A.; Yamauchi, Y.; Hou, C.-H.; Wu, K.C.-W.; CHIA-HUNG HOU ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering5676
422016ZIF-8 Derived, Nitrogen-Doped Porous Electrodes of Carbon Polyhedron Particles for High-Performance Electrosorption of Salt IonsLiu, N.-L.; Dutta, S.; Salunkhe, R.R.; Ahamad, T.; Alshehri, S.M.; Yamauchi, Y.; Hou, C.-H.; Wu, K.C.-W.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Scientific Reports3846
432016Life cycle assessment of environmental impacts and energy demand for capacitive deionization technologyYu, T.-H.; Shiu, H.-Y.; Lee, M.; Chiueh, P.-T.; Hou, C.-H.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Desalination3141
442016Electro-removal of arsenic(III) and arsenic(V) from aqueous solutions by capacitive deionizationFan, C.-S.; Tseng, S.-C.; Li, K.-C.; Hou, C.-H.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Journal of Hazardous Materials5776
452016Electrodeposited manganese dioxide/activated carbon composite as a high-performance electrode material for capacitive deionizationLiu, Y.-H.; Hsi, H.-C.; Li, K.-C.; Hou, C.-H.; CHIA-HUNG HOU ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering5578
462016Application of a multiwalled carbon nanotube-chitosan composite as an electrode in the electrosorption process for water purificationMa, C.-Y.; Huang, S.-C.; Chou, P.-H.; Den, W.; Hou, C.-H.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Chemosphere3140
472015Highly porous activated carbons from resource-recovered Leucaena leucocephala wood as capacitive deionization electrodesHou, C.-H.; Liu, N.-L.; Hsi, H.-C.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Chemosphere3138
482015Removal of bisphenol A from aqueous solutions by electrochemical polymerization on a carbon aerogel electrodeHou, C.-H.; Huang, S.-C.; Chou, P.-H.; Den, W.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers810
492015Improved performance in capacitive deionization of activated carbon electrodes with a tunable mesopore and micropore ratioYeh, C.-L.; Hsi, H.-C.; Li, K.-C.; Hou, C.-H.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Desalination111141
502015Optimization of highly microporous activated carbon preparation from Moso bamboo using central composite design approachHuang, Y.-P.; Hou, C.-H.; Hsi, H.-C.; Wu, J.-W.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers2228
512014Development of multi-walled carbon nanotube/poly(vinyl alcohol) composite as electrode for capacitive deionizationHou, C.-H.; Liu, N.-L.; Hsu, H.-L.; Den, W.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Separation and Purification Technology5061
522014Performance of integrated membrane filtration and electrodialysis processes for copper recovery from wafer polishing wastewaterSu, Y.-N.; Lin, W.-S.; Hou, C.-H.; Den, W.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Journal of Water Process Engineering1317
532014Electro-enhanced removal of copper ions from aqueous solutions by capacitive deionizationHuang, S.-Y.; Fan, C.-S.; Hou, C.-H.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Journal of Hazardous Materials78104
542013A comparative study of electrosorption selectivity of ions by activated carbon electrodes in capacitive deionizationHou, C.-H.; Huang, C.-Y.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Desalination135174
552013Application of capacitive deionization technology to the removal of sodium chloride from aqueous solutionsHou, C.H.; Huang, C.Y.; Hu, C.Y.; CHIA-HUNG HOU International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology3742
562013A microbial fuel cell driven capacitive deionization technology for removal of low level dissolved ionsFeng, C.; Hou, C.-H.; Chen, S.; Yu, C.-P.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Chemosphere3539
572012Preparation of activated carbon sheet electrode assisted electrosorption processHou, C.-H.; Huang, J.-F.; Lin, H.-R.; Wang, B.-Y.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers5963
582011Adsorption and dissociation of N<inf>2</inf>O molecule on Fe(1 1 1) surface: A DFT studyWu, S.-Y.; Su, C.-H.; Chang, J.-G.; Chen, H.-T.; Hou, C.-H.; Chen, H.-L.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Computational Materials Science1213
592008Electrosorption selectivity of ions from mixtures of electrolytes inside nanoporesHou, C.-H.; Taboada-Serrano, P.; Yiacoumi, S.; Tsouris, C.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Journal of Chemical Physics4154
602008Monte Carlo simulation of electrical double-layer formation from mixtures of electrolytes inside nanoporesHou, C.-H.; Taboada-Serrano, P.; Yiacoumi, S.; Tsouris, C.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Journal of Chemical Physics3031
612008Molecular-sieving capabilities of mesoporous carbon membranesHou, C.-H.; Wang, X.; Liang, C.; Yiacoumi, S.; Tsouris, C.; Dai, S.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Journal of Physical Chemistry B2525
622008Comparison between effective electrode/electrolyte interface potential and applied potential for gold electrodesTaboada-Serrano, P.; Vithayaveroj, V.; Hou, C.-H.; Yiacoumi, S.; Tsouris, C.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research34
632006Electrosorption capacitance of nanostructured carbon-based materialsHou, C.-H.; Liang, C.; Yiacoumi, S.; Dai, S.; Tsouris, C.; CHIA-HUNG HOU Journal of Colloid and Interface Science113118
642005Manipulation of the electrode/electrolyte interface of gold via the application of an external electric fieldTaboada-Serrano, P.; Vithayaveroj, V.; Hou, C.-H.; Yiacoumi, S.; Tsouris, C.; CHIA-HUNG HOU AIChE Annual Meeting, Conference Proceedings0
652003Assessment of Sludge Dewaterability Using Rheological PropertiesHou, Chia-Hung ; Li, Kung-ChehJournal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers