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12024Adamantane-based low-dielectric-constant photocurable resin for 3D printing electronicsYou, Jhu Lin; Liu, I. Tseng; Chen, Yu Ho; Balaji, Ramachandran; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; YING-CHIH LIAO Additive Manufacturing
22024Enhanced Electrical Conductivity and Mechanical Properties of Stretchable Thermoelectric Generators Formed by Doped Semiconducting Polymer/Elastomer BlendsChang, Yun; Huang, Yi Hsuan; Lin, Po Shen; Hong, Shao Huan; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; CHENG-LIANG LIU ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
32024Sustainable Super-Insulating Packaging Composite from Recycled WoodLiu, I. Tseng; You, Jhu Lin; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; YING-CHIH LIAO Advanced Sustainable Systems
42024A pH-Sensitive Stretchable Zwitterionic Hydrogel with Bipolar ThermoelectricityLee, Ling Chieh; Huang, Kang Ting; Lin, Yen-Ting; Jeng, U. Ser; Wang, Chia Hsin; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; Huang, Chun Jen; CHENG-LIANG LIU Small
52023Mixed Ionic-Electronic Conducting Hydrogels with Carboxylated Carbon Nanotubes for High Performance Wearable Thermoelectric HarvestersLee, Chia Yu; Lin, Yen-Ting; Hong, Shao Huan; Wang, Chia Hsin; Jeng, U. Ser; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; CHENG-LIANG LIU ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
62023Tunable Thermoelectric Performance of the Nanocomposites Formed by Diketopyrrolopyrrole/Isoindigo-Based Donor-Acceptor Random Conjugated Copolymers and Carbon NanotubesWang, Kuan Chieh; Lin, Po Shen; Lin, Yan Cheng; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; WEN-CHANG CHEN ; CHENG-LIANG LIU ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
72023A PEDOT:PSS nanocomposite film doped with black phosphorus modified with silver nanoparticles for wearable photothermoelectric generatorsTsai, Chia Hao; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; Lin, Jhih Min; CHENG-LIANG LIU Journal of Materials Chemistry A00
82023Stretchable polyvinyl alcohol and sodium alginate double network ionic hydrogels for low-grade heat harvesting with ultrahigh thermopowerHsiao, Yi Chun; Lee, Ling Chieh; LIN, Y. T.; Hong, Shao Huan; Wang, Kuan Chieh; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; CHENG-LIANG LIU Materials Today Energy11
92023Investigating the stretchability of doped poly(3-hexylthiophene)-block-poly(butyl acrylate) conjugated block copolymer thermoelectric thin filmsZheng, Qing Bao; Lin, Yan Cheng; LIN, Y. T.; Chang, Yun; Wu, Wei Ni; Lin, Jhih Min; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; WEN-CHANG CHEN ; CHENG-LIANG LIU Chemical Engineering Journal00
102023High thermoelectric performance of spray-coated Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):poly(styrenesulfonate) films enabled y two-step post-treatment processYEN-TING LIN; Lee, Chia Yu; Wu, Chih Yao; Lin, Jhih Min; Lee, Tai Chou; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; CHENG-LIANG LIU Journal of Power Sources31
112023Macroporous fibers electrospun from dual-good solvent systemChen, Fang Ting; Chang, Kai Pin; Liao, Yi Cheng; SHIH-HUANG TUNG Journal of Polymer Science00
122023Mutual influence of the morphology and growth kinetics in binary crystalline blends of poly(butylene terephthalate) and polyarylateLai, Wei Chi; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; WEN-BIN LIAU International Journal of Polymer Analysis and Characterization10
132023Synergistic Interactions in Sequential Process Doping of Polymer/Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposites for Enhanced n-Type Thermoelectric PerformanceLin, Po Shen; Lin, Jhih Min; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; Higashihara, Tomoya; CHENG-LIANG LIU Small10
142023Waterborne Epoxy/Acrylic Resins Stabilized through the Neutralization of Basic Amine-Modified Epoxy and Acidic Acrylic CopolymersChen, Yu-Chi; Huang, Ying Chi; Wu, Chien Hsin; Lin, Hsin Wei; WEN-YEN CHIU ; RU-JONG JENG ; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ACS Applied Polymer Materials
152023Synthesis and Bronsted acid doping of solution processable poly(thienylene vinylene) for thermoelectric applicationWu, WN; Sato, K; Fu, JH; YI-TSU CHAN ; Lin, JM; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; Higashihara, T; CHENG-LIANG LIU JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A00
162022Solution-Processed Isoindigo- and Thienoisoindigo-Based Donor-Acceptor-Donor π-Conjugated Small Molecules: Synthesis, Morphology, Molecular Packing, and Field-Effect Transistor CharacterizationLiao, Yu Ting; Hsiao, Yi Chun; Lo, Yuan Chih; CHIA-CHI LIN; Lin, Po Shen; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; KEN-TSUNG WONG ; CHENG-LIANG LIU ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces42
172022Ionic Liquids as Additives to Improve the Stretchability of Fluorine Rubber/Metal Filler Conductive Elastomers: a Miscibility StudyLiu, Wen Hsien; Huang, I. Hung; Wu, Yi Ting; Jiang, Dai Hua; Ma, Wei Yang; YING-CHIH LIAO ; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ACS Applied Polymer Materials10
182022Effects of cation size on thermoelectricity of PEDOT:PSS/ionic liquid hybrid films for wearable thermoelectric generator applicationJiang, Kexing; Hong, Shao Huan; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; CHENG-LIANG LIU Journal of Materials Chemistry A1012
192022N-Type Doping of Naphthalenediimide-Based Random Donor-Acceptor Copolymers to Enhance Transistor Performance and Structural CrystallinityChang, Yun; Wu, Ying Sheng; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; WEN-CHANG CHEN ; CHU-CHEN CHUEH ; CHENG-LIANG LIU ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces11
202022Sustainable Alternatives to Nondegradable Medical PlasticsJiang D.-H; Satoh T; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; Kuo C.-C.ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering1311
212022Metallo-Supramolecular Rod-Coil Block Copolymer Thin Films for Stretchable Organic Field Effect Transistor ApplicationWu, WN; Tu, TH; Pai, CH; Cheng, KH; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; YI-TSU CHAN ; CHENG-LIANG LIU MACROMOLECULES55
222022Heteroalkyl-Substitution in Molecular Organic Semiconductors: Chalcogen Effect on Crystallography, Conformational Lock, and Charge TransportAfraj S.N; Lin C.-C; Velusamy A; Cho C.-H; Liu H.-Y; Chen J; Lee G.-H; Fu J.-C; Ni J.-S; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; Yau S; CHENG-LIANG LIU ; Chen M.-C; Facchetti A.Advanced Functional Materials1915
232022Tunable Photoelectric Properties of n-Type Semiconducting Polymer:Small Molecule Blends for Red Light Sensing PhototransistorsLin C.-C; Velusamy A; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; Osaka I; Chen M.-C; CHENG-LIANG LIU Advanced Optical Materials54
242021Solution Processable Pentafluorophenyl End-Capped Dithienothiophene Organic Semiconductors for Hole-Transporting Organic Field Effect TransistorsCHENG-LIANG LIU et al. ; SHIH-HUANG TUNG et al. Advanced Electronic Materials55
252021Amphiphilic Thermoresponsive Poly(Hydroxyaminoethers) as Effective Emulsifiers for Preparation of Waterborne Epoxy ResinsHuang Y.-C; Wang L.-T; Hsu S.-W; Lin T.-F; Liao Y.-C; Chiu W.-Y; Lin H.-W; Wu C.-H; Jeng R.-J; YING-CHIH LIAO ; RU-JONG JENG ; SHIH-HUANG TUNG Macromolecular Materials and Engineering22
262021Methyl-Branched Side Chains on Polythiophene Suppress Chain Mobility and Crystallization to Enhance Photovoltaic PerformanceChu J.-Y; Lin C.-Y; Tu T.-H; Hong S.-H; Chang Y.-Y; Yang C.-W; Chan Y.-T; Liu C.-L; Komarov P.V; YI-TSU CHAN ; CHENG-LIANG LIU ; SHIH-HUANG TUNG Macromolecules32
272021On the Formation Mechanism of Nonsolvent-Induced Porous Polylactide Electrospun FibersChen Y.-R; Chung H.-W; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ACS Applied Polymer Materials65
282021Additive-induced ordered structures formed by PC71BM fullerene derivativesKomarov P.V; Malyshev M.D; Yang T.-C; Chiang C.-T; Liao H.-L; Guseva D.V; Rudyak V.Y; Ivanov V.A; Tung S.-H.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG Soft Matter0
292021Poly(ether sulfone)-Based Anion Exchange Membranes Containing Dense Quaternary Ammonium Cations and Their Application for Fuel CellsChen P.-Y; Chiu T.-H; Chen J.-C; Chang K.-P; Tung S.-H; Chuang W.-T; Chen K.-H.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ACS Applied Energy Materials
302021Strengthening the Intrachain Interconnection of Polymers by the Naphthalene Diimide-Pyrene Complementary InteractionsYang H.-R; Chen Y.-Y; Sun H.-S; Tung S.-H; Huang S.-L; Huang P.-C; Lee J.-J; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; YU-YING LAI Macromolecules53
312021Photoelectric effect of hybrid ultraviolet-sensitized phototransistors from an n-type organic semiconductor and an all-inorganic perovskite quantum dot photosensitizerHong S.-H; Afraj S.N; Huang P.-Y; Yeh Y.-Z; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; Chen M.-C; CHENG-LIANG LIU Nanoscale55
322021A Solution Processable Dithioalkyl Dithienothiophene (DSDTT) Based Small Molecule and Its Blends for High Performance Organic Field Effect TransistorsCHENG-LIANG LIU ; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ACS Nano2120
332021Thienoisoindigo (TII)-Based Quinoidal Small Molecules for High-Performance n-Type Organic Field Effect TransistorsCHENG-LIANG LIU et al. ; SHIH-HUANG TUNG et al. Advanced Science2525
342021Solution-Processable Multifused Thiophene Small Molecules and Conjugated Polymer Semiconducting Blend for Organic Field Effect Transistor ApplicationCHENG-LIANG LIU et al. ; SHIH-HUANG TUNG et al. Advanced Materials Technologies1311
352021Controlled Synthesis of Poly[(3-alkylthio)thiophene]s and Their Application to Organic Field-Effect TransistorsLin, P.-S. et al.; Shoji, Y.; Afraj, S.N.; Ueda, M.; Lin, C.-H.; Inagaki, S.; Endo, T.; Tung, S.-H. ; Chen, M.-C.; Liu, C.-L. ; Higashihara, T.ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces2117
362021Facile one-pot synthesis of rod-coil bio-block copolymers and uncovering their role in forming the efficient stretchable touch-responsive light emitting diodesJiang D.-H; Ree B.J; Isono T; Xia X.-C; Hsu L.-C; Kobayashi S; Hoon Ngoi K; Chen W.-C; Jao C.-C; Veeramuthu L; Satoh T; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; Kuo C.-C.Chemical Engineering Journal1616
372021On the length of lecithin reverse wormlike micelles induced by inorganic salts: Binding site mattersLin C.-Y; Tung S.-H.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG Journal of Molecular Liquids
382020Solution Processable Pseudo n-Thienoacenes via Intramolecular S···S Lock for High Performance Organic Field Effect TransistorsVegiraju, S.; Luo, X.-L.; Li, L.-H.; Afraj, S.N.; Lee, C.; Zheng, D.; Hsieh, H.-C.; Lin, C.-C.; Hong, S.-H.; Tsai, H.-C.; Lee, G.-H.; Tung, S.-H.; Liu, C.-L.; Chen, M.-C.; Facchetti, A.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; CHENG-LIANG LIU Chemistry of Materials37
392020Size-dependent phase separation and thermomechanical properties of thermoplastic polyurethanesWu, C.-H.; Huang, Y.-C.; Chen, W.-L.; Lin, Y.-Y.; Dai, S.A.; Tung, S.-H.; Jeng, R.-J.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; RU-JONG JENG Polymer
402020Facile Fabrication of Stretchable Touch-Responsive Perovskite Light-Emitting Diodes Using Robust Stretchable Composite ElectrodesJiang, D.-H.; Liao, Y.-C.; Cho, C.-J.; Veeramuthu, L.; Liang, F.-C.; Wang, T.-C.; Chueh, C.-C.; Satoh, T.; Tung, S.-H.; Kuo, C.-C.; CHU-CHEN CHUEH ; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces4942
412020Quinoidal thioalkyl-substituted bithiophene small molecule semiconductors for n-type organic field effect transistorsJoseph, V.; Yu, C.-H.; Lin, C.-C.; Lien, W.-C.; Tsai, H.-C.; Chen, C.-S.; Torimtubun, A.A.A.; Velusamy, A.; Huang, P.-Y.; Lee, G.-H.; Yau, S.-L.; Tung, S.-H.; Minari, T.; Liu, C.-L.; CHENG-LIANG LIU ; SHIH-HUANG TUNG Journal of Materials Chemistry C1111
422020Solution-Processable Quinoidal Dithioalkylterthiophene-Based Small Molecules Pseudo-Pentathienoacenes via an Intramolecular S···S Lock for High-Performance n-Type Organic Field-Effect TransistorsVegiraju, S.; Amelenan Torimtubun, A.A.; Lin, P.-S.; Tsai, H.-C.; Lien, W.-C.; Chen, C.-S.; He, G.-Y.; Lin, C.-Y.; Zheng, D.; Huang, Y.-F.; Wu, Y.-C.; Yau, S.-L.; Lee, G.-H.; Tung, S.-H.; Wang, C.-L. ; Liu, C.-L.; Chen, M.-C.; Facchetti, A.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; CHENG-LIANG LIU ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces23
432020Facile synthesis toward self-dispersible waterborne comb-like Poly(hydroxyaminoethers)Wu, C.-H.; Huang, Y.-C.; Lai, T.-H.; Chiu, S.-H.; Uchibe, N.; Lin, H.-W.; Chiu, W.-Y.; Tung, S.-H.; Jeng, R.-J.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; RU-JONG JENG Polymer3
442020Light down-converter based on luminescent nanofibers from the blending of conjugated rod-coil block copolymers and perovskite through electrospinningJiang, D.-H.; Kobayashi, S.; Jao, C.-C.; Mato, Y.; Isono, T.; Fang, Y.-H.; Lin, C.-C.; Satoh, T.; Tung, S.-H.; Kuo, C.-C.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG Polymers1010
452020Environmentally Friendly Resistive Switching Memory Devices with DNA as the Active Layer and Bio-Based Polyethylene Furanoate as the SubstrateLam, J.-Y.; Jang, G.-W.; Huang, C.-J.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; WEN-CHANG CHEN ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering
462020Accounting for π-π Stacking interactions in the mesoscopic models of conjugated polymersRudyak, V.Yu.; Gavrilov, A.A.; Guseva, D.V.; Tung, S.-H.; Komarov, P.V.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG Molecular Systems Design and Engineering
472020Correlations between temperature-dependent rheology and electrostatic interactions in reverse wormlike micelles induced by inorganic saltsChang, H.-M.; Lin, C.-Y.; Tung, S.-H.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG Soft Matter1010
482019A facile strategy to achieve fully bio-based epoxy thermosets from eugenolChen, C.-H.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; RU-JONG JENG ; Abu-Omar, M.M.; Lin, Ching-HsuanGreen Chemistry9185
492019Effect of a conjugated/elastic block sequence on the morphology and electronic properties of polythiophene based stretchable block copolymersChiang, Y.-C.; Kobayashi, S.; Isono, T.; Shih, C.-C.; Shingu, T.; Hung, C.-C.; Hsieh, H.-C.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; Satoh, T.; WEN-CHANG CHEN Polymer Chemistry2825
502019Tunable Phospholipid Nanopatterns Mediated by Cholesterol with Sub-3 nm Domain SizeLee, C.-C.; Lin, C.-S.; Tung, S.-H.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG Langmuir
512019Novel ultra-stable and highly luminescent white light-emitting diodes from perovskite quantum dots - Polymer nanofibers through biaxial electrospinningJiang, D.-H.; Tsai, Y.-H.; Veeramuthu, L.; Liang, F.-C.; Chen, L.-C.; Lin, C.C.; Satoh, T.; Tung, S.-H.; Kuo, C.-C.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG APL Materials
522019Facile 3D boron nitride integrated electrospun nanofibrous membranes for purging organic pollutantsJiang, D.-H.; Chiu, P.-C.; Cho, C.-J.; Veeramuthu, L.; Tung, S.-H.; Satoh, T.; Chiang, W.-H.; Cai, X.; Kuo, C.-C.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG Nanomaterials
532019Facile Preparation of Cu/Ag Core/Shell Electrospun Nanofibers as Highly Stable and Flexible Transparent Conductive Electrodes for Optoelectronic DevicesJiang, D.-H.; Tsai, P.-C.; Kuo, C.-C.; Jhuang, F.-C.; Guo, H.-C.; Chen, S.-P.; Liao, Y.-C.; Satoh, T.; YING-CHIH LIAO ; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces4843
542019Oligo(ethylene glycol) side chain effect on the physical properties and molecular arrangement of oligothiophene-isoindigo based conjugated polymersChen, C.-A.; Wang, S.-C.; Tung, S.-H.; Su, W.-F.; WEI-FANG SU ; SHIH-HUANG TUNG Soft Matter
552018Control over Molecular Architectures of Carbohydrate-Based Block Copolymers for Stretchable Electrical Memory DevicesSHIH-HUANG TUNG ; Nakahira, S.; Chiu, Y.-C.; Isono, T.; Wu, H.-C.; Watanabe, K.; Chiang, Y.-C.; Takashima, S.; Borsali, R.; Tung, S.-H.; Satoh, T.Macromolecules2829
562018Facile approach for rapid self-assembly of rod-coil block copolymersSHIH-HUANG TUNG; WEI-FANG SU; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; WEI-FANG SU Polymer
572018Side Chain Effects on the Optoelectronic Properties and Self-Assembly Behaviors of Terthiophene-Thieno[3,4- c]pyrrole-4,6-dione Based Conjugated PolymersChen, C.-A.; Yang, P.-C.; Wang, S.-C.; Tung, S.-H.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; WEI-FANG SU Macromolecules1312
582018Solution-Processed High-Performance Tetrathienothiophene-Based Small Molecular Blends for Ambipolar Charge TransportVegiraju, S.; Lin, C.-Y.; Priyanka, P.; Huang, D.-Y.; Luo, X.-L.; Tsai, H.-C.; Hong, S.-H.; Yeh, C.-J.; Lien, W.-C.; Wang, C.-L. ; Tung, S.-H.; Liu, C.-L.; Chen, M.-C.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; CHENG-LIANG LIU Advanced Functional Materials2826
592018Honeycomb Surface with Shape Memory Behavior Fabricated via Breath Figure ProcessWu, C.H.; Lu, C.S.; Chen, W.L.; Tung, S.H.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; RU-JONG JENG Macromolecular Materials and Engineering1410
602018Blends of polythiophene nanowire/fluorine rubber with multiscale phase separation suitable for stretchable semiconductorsChiang, Y.-C.; Shih, C.-C.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; WEN-CHANG CHEN Polymer
612018Bio-Based Transparent Conductive Film Consisting of Polyethylene Furanoate and Silver Nanowires for Flexible Optoelectronic DevicesLam, J.-Y.; Shih, C.-C.; Lee, W.-Y.; CHU-CHEN CHUEH ; Jang, G.-W.; Huang, C.-J.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; WEN-CHANG CHEN Macromolecular Rapid Communications
622018Correction to: Uniform Luminous Perovskite Nanofibers with Color-Tunability and Improved Stability Prepared by One-Step Core/Shell Electrospinning (Small, (2018), 14, 22, (1704379), 10.1002/smll.201704379)Tsai, P.-C.; Chen, J.-Y.; Ercan, E.; CHU-CHEN CHUEH ; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; WEN-CHANG CHEN Small
632017Polymersomes with high loading capacity prepared by direct self-assembly of block copolymers in drugsSHIH-HUANG TUNG; SHIH-HUANG TUNG Polymer
642017Self-Assembly of Lecithin and Bile Salt in the Presence of Inorganic Salt in Water: Mesoscale Computer SimulationAnastasia A. Markina; Viktor A. Ivanov; Pavel V. Komarov; Alexei R. Khokhlov; Shih-Huang Tung; SHIH-HUANG TUNG The Journal of Physical Chemistry B
652017One-Step Electrospinning To Produce Nonsolvent-Induced Macroporous Fibers with Ultrahigh Oil Adsorption CapabilityPo-Yu Chen; Shih-Huang Tung; SHIH-HUANG TUNG Macromolecules
662017High performance solution-processable tetrathienoacene (TTAR) based small molecules for organic field effect transistors (OFETs)Vegiraju, S.; Huang, D.-Y.; Priyanka, P.; Li, Y.-S.; Luo, X.-L.; Hong, S.-H.; Ni, J.-S.; Tung, S.-H.; Wang, C.-L. ; Lien, W.-C.; Yau, S.L.; Liu, C.-L.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; CHENG-LIANG LIU Chemical Communications2827
672017高分子分析技術專輯前言童世煌 化工
682017Solution-Processable Dithienothiophenoquinoid (DTTQ) Structures for Ambient-Stable n-Channel Organic Field Effect TransistorsVegiraju, S.; He, G.-Y.; Kim, C.; Priyanka, P.; Chiu, Y.-J.; Liu, C.-W.; Huang, C.-Y.; Ni, J.-S.; Wu, Y.-W.; Chen, Z.; Lee, G.-H.; Tung, S.-H.; Liu, C.-L.; Chen, M.-C.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG et al. ; CHENG-LIANG LIU Advanced Functional Materials5854
692017A stable, efficient textile-based flexible perovskite solar cell with improved washable and deployable capabilities for wearable device applicationsLam J.-Y.; Chen J.-Y.; Tsai P.-C.; Hsieh Y.-T.; CHU-CHEN CHUEH ; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; WEN-CHANG CHEN RSC Advances5043
702017Iterative synthesis of monodisperse pendants for making comb-like polyurethanesWu, C.-H.; Chen, Y.-C.; Dai, S.A.; Chen, S.-C.; Tung, S.-H.; Lee, R.-H.; Su, W.-C.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; RU-JONG JENG Polymer1411
712017Conception of Stretchable Resistive Memory Devices Based on Nanostructure-Controlled Carbohydrate-block-Polyisoprene Block CopolymersHung, C.-C.; Chiu, Y.-C.; Wu, H.-C.; Lu, C.; Bouilhac, C.; Otsuka, I.; Halila, S.; Borsali, R.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; WEN-CHANG CHEN Advanced Functional Materials
722016Organically modified clays as rheology modifiers and dispersing agents for epoxy packing of white LEDTsai, Y.-T.; Chiou, J.-Y.; Liao, C.-Y.; Chen, P.-Y.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; JIANG-JEN LIN Composites Science and Technology1817
732016Insight into the Mechanism and Outcoupling Enhancement of the Excimer Associated White Light GenerationYing-Hsiao Chen; Kuo-Chun Tang; Jiun-Yi Shen; Yu-Sin Wu; Shih-Hung Liu; Chun-Shu Lee; Chang-Hsuan Chen; Tzu-Yu Lai; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; RU-JONG JENG ; Wen-Yi Hung; Min Jiao; CHUNG-CHIH WU ; PI-TAI CHOU ; Chen Y.-TChemical Science9996
742016Surface Energy-Mediated Self-Patterning for High Performance Spray-Deposited Organic Field Effect TransistorsHsu, H.-W.; Chang, W.-C.; Tung, S.-H.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; CHENG-LIANG LIU Advanced Materials Interfaces78
752016Organic Semiconductors: Surface Energy-Mediated Self-Patterning for High Performance Spray-Deposited Organic Field Effect Transistors (Adv. Mater. Interfaces 11/2016)Hsu, H.-W.; Chang, W.-C.; Tung, S.-H.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; CHENG-LIANG LIU Advanced Materials Interfaces10
762016Effects of amorphous poly(3-hexylthiophene) on active-layer structure and solar cells performanceLiu, C.-H.; Tseng, W.-H.; Cheng, C.-Y.; Wu, C.-I.; Chou, P.-T.; Tung, S.-H.; CHIH-I WU ; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; PI-TAI CHOU Journal of Polymer Science, Part B: Polymer Physics5
772016Self-assembly of micelles in organic solutions of lecithin and bile salt: Mesoscale computer simulationMarkina, A.; Ivanov, V.; Komarov, P.; Khokhlov, A.; Tung, S.-H.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG Chemical Physics Letters
782016Tailored honeycomb-like polymeric films based on amphiphilic poly(urea/malonamide) dendronsWu, C.-H.; Ting, W.-H.; Lai, Y.-W.; Dai, S.A.; Su, W.-C.; Tung, S.-H.; Jeng, R.-J.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; RU-JONG JENG RSC Advances
792016Dendrons with urea/malonamide linkages for gate insulators of n-channel organic thin film transistorsHsu, Y.-Y.; Yeh, S.-C.; Lin, S.-H.; Chen, C.-T.; Tung, S.-H.; Jeng, R.-J.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; RU-JONG JENG Reactive and Functional Polymers
802016Effects of alkali cations and halide anions on the self-assembly of phosphatidylcholine in oilsLin, S.-T.; Lin, C.-S.; Chang, Y.-Y.; Whitten, A.E.; Sokolova, A.; Wu, C.-M.; Ivanov, V.A.; Khokhlov, A.R.; Tung, S.-H.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG Langmuir
812016Crosslinkable high dielectric constant polymer dielectrics for low voltage organic field-effect transistor memory devicesHung, C.-C.; Wu, H.-C.; Chiu, Y.-C.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; WEN-CHANG CHEN Journal of Polymer Science, Part A: Polymer Chemistry
822015A silole copolymer containing a ladder-type heptacylic arene and naphthobisoxadiazole moieties for highly efficient polymer solar cellsZhang, Z.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; WEN-CHANG CHEN ; KEN-TSUNG WONG ; PI-TAI CHOUet al. Energy and Environmental Science6160
832015Phase behavior and structure of supramolecules formed by poly(4-vinylpyridine) and fanlike benzoic acid derivative with long hydrophobic tailsLai, T.-Y.; Cheng, C.-Y.; Cheng, W.-Y.; Lee, K.-M.; Tung, S.-H.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG Macromolecules
842015Nonvolatile Organic Field-Effect Transistors Memory Devices Using Supramolecular Block Copolymer/Functional Small Molecule Nanocomposite ElectretChi, H.-Y.; Hsu, H.-W.; Tung, S.-H.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; CHENG-LIANG LIU ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces4644
852015Computer modeling of structure formation in aqueous solutions of lecithin and bile saltsMarkina, A.; Ivanov, V.; Komarov, P.; Khokhlov, A.; Tung, S.-H.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG CEUR Workshop Proceedings
862015Biological Hydrogels Formed by Swollen Multilamellar LiposomesCheng, C.-Y.; Wang, T.-Y.; Tung, S.-H.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG Langmuir
872015Electrospun poly(3-hexylthiophene) nanofibers with highly extended and oriented chains through secondary electric field for high-performance field-effect transistorsChen, J.-Y.; Wu, H.-C.; Chiu, Y.-C.; Lin, C.-J.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; WEN-CHANG CHEN Advanced Electronic Materials
882014Mixtures of lecithin and bile salt can form highly viscous wormlike micellar solutions in waterCheng, C.-Y.; Oh, H.; Wang, T.-Y.; Raghavan, S.R.; Tung, S.-H.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG Langmuir
892014Using a single electrospun polymer nanofiber to enhance carrier mobility in organic field-effect transistors toward nonvolatile memoryJian, P.-Z.; Chiu, Y.-C.; Sun, H.-S.; Chen, T.-Y.; WEN-CHANG CHEN ; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
902014Molecular stacking structure and field-effect transistor characteristics of crystalline poly(3-hexylthiophene)-block-syndiotactic polypropylene through solvent selectivityLo, C.-T.; Lin, C.-J.; Lee, J.-Y.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG ; Tsai, J.-C.; WEN-CHANG CHEN RSC Advances
912013Spontaneous origination of chirality in melts of diblock copolymers with rigid and flexible blocksKriksin, Yu.A.; Tung, S.-H.; Khalatur, P.G.; Khokhlov, A.R.; SHIH-HUANG TUNG Polymer Science - Series C
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