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12015A novel sound-blocking structure based on the muffler principle for rib-sparing transcostal high-intensity focused ultrasound treatmentMING-CHIH HO ; FENG-LI LIAN ; YUNG-YAW CHEN ; JIA-YUSH YEN journal article11
22014Four-bar linkage based minimally invasive surgical instrument design and stiffness synthesisYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper
32014Novel Hepatic Blood Vessel Detection without Shape ConstraintsYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper
42014Instrument Tracking with Cylindrical Marker for Minimally Invasive SurgeryYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper
52014Numerical analysis of coupled effects of pulsatile blood flow and thermal relaxation time during thermal therapy,YUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper3024
62014MRI-compatible testing of dual-curvature high-intensity focused ultrasound phased array transducer,YUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper
72014電子束漂移偵測裝置及偵測電子束漂移之方法YUNG-YAW CHEN patent
82014A novel application for enlarge focus area based on High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) probe with a high directivity structure designYUNG-YAW CHEN journal article00
92013Dynamics stress analysis for a high rigidity bendable Minimal Invasive surgical (MIS) instrument designYUNG-YAW CHEN journal article00
102013Image based in situ electron-beam drift detection by silicon photodiodes in scanning-electron microscopy and an electron-beam lithography systemYUNG-YAW CHEN ; JIA-YUSH YEN journal article22
112013Precision tracking of a piezo-driven stage by charge feedback controlYUNG-YAW CHEN ; JIA-YUSH YEN journal article179
122013Port placement selection in minimally invasive surgeryMING-CHIH HO ; YUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper00
132013Preliminary study of intracorporeal localization for endoscopy trackingMING-CHIH HO ; FENG-LI LIAN ; YUNG-YAW CHEN ; JIA-YUSH YEN conference paper00
142012Improvement on the Thickness-direction Resolution of 2D US Image PositioningYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper
152012Synchronized Tracking of Respiration-Induced Liver Tumor Motion by Ultrasound ImagingYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper
162012A Normal Design for Treating Tumors Behind RibsYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper
172012Effectiveness of External Respiratory Surrogates for in vivo Liver Motion EstimationMING-CHIH HO ; FENG-LI LIAN ; YUNG-YAW CHEN ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; JIA-YUSH YEN journal article42
182012Respiration Induced Liver Motion Tracking Control For High Intensity Focused Ultrasound TreatmentYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper00
192012Ultrasound image-guided algorithms for tracking liver motionMING-CHIH HO ; FENG-LI LIAN ; YUNG-YAW CHEN ; JIA-YUSH YEN conference paper20
202011Recovering Depth from a Single Image Using Spectral Energy of the Defocused Step Edge GradientYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper70
212011Silicon photodiodes for electron beam position and drift detection in scanning electron microscopy and electron beam lithography systemKUEN-YU TSAI ; Kuo, Yi-Hung; YUNG-YAW CHEN ; Wu, Cheng-Ju; JIA-YUSH YEN ; Yen, Jia-Yush ; Chen, Sheng-Yung; Tsai, Kuen-Yu ; Chen, Yung-Yaw journal article44
222011In situ beam drift detection using a two-dimensional electron-beam position monitoring system for multiple-electron-beam-direct-write lithographyCHIEH-HSIUNG KUAN ; Chen, Sheng-Yung; Tsai, Kuen-Yu ; YUNG-YAW CHEN ; KUEN-YU TSAI ; Ng, Philip C.W.; JIA-YUSH YEN ; Ng, Hoi-Tou; Liu, Chun-Hung; Shen, Yu-Tian; Kuan, Chieh-Hsiung ; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Kuo, Yi-Hung; Wu, Cheng-Ju; Yen, Jia-Yush journal article44
232011Ultrasound image-guided tracking algorithm for moving-tumor treatmentMING-CHIH HO ; FENG-LI LIAN ; YUNG-YAW CHEN ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; JIA-YUSH YEN conference paper00
242010Effects of Tracking Error on Lesion Formation in High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Liver Tumor TrackingYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper00
252010Beam Drift Detection using a Two-Dimensional Electron Beam Position Monitor System for Multiple-Electron-Beam–Direct-Write LithographyYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper
262009Preliminary design of a two-dimensional electron beam position monitor system for multiple-electron-beam-direct-write lithographyCHIEH-HSIUNG KUAN ; YUNG-YAW CHEN ; KUEN-YU TSAI ; JIA-YUSH YEN conference paper30
272008蛇形仿生運動機制及前瞻載具驅動系統研究-子計畫四:蛇形運動控制方法及前瞻載具驅動器設計 (新制多年期第2年)陳永耀 report
282008座艙聲紋分析系統之研發陳永耀 report
292008A Stable Self-Learning Optimal Fuzzy Control SystemYUNG-YAW CHEN journal article00
302008以影像為基礎之智慧型動作辨識陳永耀 report
312008Efficiency on Snake Robot Locomotion with Constant and Variable Bending AnglesYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper30
322008智慧型居家看護影像監控系統(3/3)陳永耀 report
332008Single-stage asymmetrical half-bridge regulator with ripple reduction techniqueYUNG-YAW CHEN journal article2119
342008Split-focused ultrasound transducer with multidirectional heating for breast tumor thermal surgeryYUNG-YAW CHEN ; Cheng, Tze-Yuan; Ju, Kuen-Cheng; Ho, Cheng-Shiao; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Chang, Hsu; Lin, Win-Li journal article1310
352008蛇形仿生運動機制及前瞻載具驅動系統之研究-總計畫:蛇形仿生運動機制及前瞻載具驅動系統之研究 (新制多年期第1年)陳永耀 report
362008智慧型居家看護影像監控系統(Ⅲ)YUNG-YAW CHEN other
372008Design of automatic controllers for model-based OPC with optimal resist threshold determination for improving correction convergenceSu, Yi-Sheng; Ng, Philip C. W.; Tsai, Kuen-Yu ; Chen, Yung-Yaw journal article13
382007蛇形仿生運動機制及前瞻載具驅動系統研究-子計畫四:蛇形運動控制方法及前瞻載具驅動器設計 (新制多年期第1年)陳永耀 report
392007Investigation of Dual Curved Ultrasound Phased Arrays for Breast Tumor Thermal TherapyYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper00
402007A fast and conformal heating scheme for producing large thermal lesions using a 2D ultrasound phased arrayYUNG-YAW CHEN ; Liu, Hao-Li; Lin, Win-Li ; Chen, Yung-Yaw journal article1614
412007Thermal therapy for breast tumors by using a cylindrical ultrasound phased array with multifocus pattern scanning: a preliminary numerical studyHo, Cheng-Shiao; Ju, Kuen-Cheng; Cheng, Tze-Yuan; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Lin, Win-Li journal article
422006蛇形仿生運動機制及前瞻載具驅動系統之研究-總計畫:蛇形仿生運動機制及前瞻載具驅動系統之研究 (新制多年期第2年)陳永耀 report
432006微型仿生生物體之研發-總計畫-微型仿生生物體之研發(Ⅲ)YUNG-YAW CHEN other
442006微型仿生生物體之研發-子計畫三:智慧型感測系統與仿生生物體行為及運動模式設計 (Ⅲ)YUNG-YAW CHEN other
452006智慧型居家看護影像監控系統 (Ⅱ)YUNG-YAW CHEN other
462006微型仿生生物體之研發-子計畫三:智慧型感測系統與仿生生物體行為及運動模式設計(Ⅱ)YUNG-YAW CHEN other
472006Single-Stage Resonant Converter with Power Factor CorrectionYUNG-YAW CHEN journal article96
482006High Intensity focused ultrasound thermal therapy for liver tumor with respiration motion,” IEEE Int. Ultrasonics Sym.YUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper
492006An autotransformer-based VRM with input current shaperYUNG-YAW CHEN journal article
502006Synthesis and design of integrated magnetic transformer for VRM applicationChen, R.T.; YUNG-YAW CHEN ; Chen, Y.Y.journal article77
512006Interactions between consecutive sonications for characterizing the thermal mechanism in focused ultrasound therapyYUNG-YAW CHEN ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN journal article66
522006Cavitation-enhanced ultrasound thermal therapy by combined low- and high-frequency ultrasound exposureLiu, Hao-Li; Chen, Wen-Shiang; Chen, Jhao-Syong; Shih, Tzu-Ching; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Lin, Win-Li journal article5041
532005智慧型機房監控系統之溫控模組設計陳永耀 report
542005智慧型居家看護影像監控系統(1/3)陳永耀 report
552005微型仿生生物體之研發(2/3) 總計畫-微型仿生生物體之研發(2/3)陳永耀 report
562005微型仿生生物體之研發 (2/3) 子計畫三:智慧型感測系統與仿生生物體行為及運動模式設計(2/3)陳永耀 report
572005智慧型居家看護影像監控系統(Ⅰ)YUNG-YAW CHEN other
582005Intelligent Dual-Speed Design for Face-Up Chemical Mechanical PolishingYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper00
592005Modeling and implementation of three-module parallel push-pull converter with novel average current schemeYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper
602005Modelling and controller design of inductor-coupled multimodule DC-DC converter with master-slave current-comparing schemeChen, R.T.; YUNG-YAW CHEN ; Chen, Y.Y.journal article45
612005磁浮控制器之先期研究YUNG-YAW CHEN other
622005Cavitation-enhanced ultrasound thermal surgery by combining low and high frequency ultrasound exposureYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper
632005霍爾效應在電子加速踏板之應用YUNG-YAW CHEN other
642005A cylindrical phased-array ultrasound transducer for beast tumor thermal therapyYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper10
652005微鏡面模組驅動與量測系統研發YUNG-YAW CHEN other
662005Single stage push pull boost converter with integrated magnetics and input current shaping techniqueChen, Rong-Tai; Chen, Yung-Yaw journal article2521
672005Investigation of a scanned cylindrical ultrasound system for breast hyperthermiaJu, Kuen-Cheng; Tseng, Li-Te; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Lin, Win-Li journal article119
682004提昇產業技術及人才培育計劃—MPEG4影音壓縮Linux平台技術開發YUNG-YAW CHEN other
692004MPEG4影音壓縮Linux平台技術開發陳永耀 report
702004Simplify modeling and implement of a hybrid resonant converter operating in DCM and CCM with state feedback controlChen, Rong-Tai; Chen, Yung-Yaw conference paper00
712004微型仿生生物體之研發-總計畫-微型仿生生物體之研發(Ⅰ)YUNG-YAW CHEN other
722004微型仿生生物體之研發-子計畫三:智慧型感測系統與仿生生物體行為及運動模式設計(Ⅰ)YUNG-YAW CHEN other
732004微型仿生生物體之研發 總計劃: 微型仿生生物體之研發(1/3)陳永耀 report
742004微型仿生生物體之研發(1/3) 子計畫三:智慧型感測系統與仿生生物體行為及運動模式設計(1/3)陳永耀 report
752004A novel single stage push pull converter with integrated magnetics and ripple-free input currentChen, Rong-Tai; Chen, Yung-Yaw conference paper90
762004Investigation of a sector-vortex phased array with mechanical scanning for ultrasound thermal surgeryYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper
772004Pilot point temperature regulation for thermal lesion control during ultrasound thermal therapyYUNG-YAW CHEN ; JIA-YUSH YEN journal article76
782004Reduced order steady analysis and dynamic control of the hybrid resonant converter operated in DCM and CCMYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper
792003以機電整合為出發點之智慧型嵌入式複合系統控制系統--新型平面磁浮系統設計與控制應用-子計畫二:智慧型嵌入式複合系統控制方法之研究(Ⅲ)YUNG-YAW CHEN other
802003智慧型高速真圓度測定儀之設計與發展-子計畫二:座標定位系統之智慧型複合式伺服設計(Ⅲ)YUNG-YAW CHEN other
812003子計畫二:座標定位系統之智慧型複合式伺服設計(3/3)陳永耀 report
822003以機電整合為出發點之智慧型嵌入式複合控制系統-新型平 面磁浮系統設計與控制應用─子計畫二:智慧型嵌入式複合 系統控制方法之研究(3/3)陳永耀 report
832003提昇產業技術及人才培育計劃—高密度激磁及磁浮軸承散熱風扇之研發YUNG-YAW CHEN other
842003高密度激磁及磁浮軸承散熱風扇之研發陳永耀 report
852003Treatment time reduction for large thermal lesions by using a multiple 1D ultrasound phased array systemYUNG-YAW CHEN ; Liu, Hao-Li; JIA-YUSH YEN ; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Yen, Jia-Yush ; Lin, Win-Li journal article1111
862003The investigation of the ultrasound sector-vortex phased arrays for thermal surgeryYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper
872003Thermal dose control with tracking a temperature function during ultrasound thermal therapyYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper
882003In silico identification of tissue-specific gens by analyzing the database of human expressed sequence tagsYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper
892003Thermal lesion formation and determination for external ultrasound thermal therapyLIU, HAO-LI; CHEN, YUNG-YAW ; YEN, JIA-YUSH ; LIN, WIN-LI journal article10
902003One-dimensional phased array with mechanical motion for conformal ultrasound hyperthermiaJu, Kuen-Cheng; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Lin, Win-Li ; Kuo, Te-Sonjournal article95
912002以機電整合為出發點之智慧型嵌入式複合控制系統-新型平面磁浮系統設計與控制應用-子計劃二:智慧型嵌入式複合系統控制方法之研究(II)YUNG-YAW CHEN other
922002智慧型高速真圓度測定儀之設計與發展-子計畫二:座標定位系統之智慧型複合式伺服設計(II)YUNG-YAW CHEN other
932002Large-volume ultrasound thermal therapy using a 2-D phased arrayYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper
942002A Heating System with Sector-vortex Phased Array Ultrasound Transducers for Thermal SurgeryYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper
952002A scanned sector-vortex phased array system for ultrasound thermal therapyYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper
962002Design of scanned cylindrical ultrasound system for breast hyperthermiaYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper
972002Heating Strategy for Large-Volume Ultrasoudn Thermal Therapy Using 2-D Phased ArrayYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper
982002機械式振動超音波牙刷之研究YUNG-YAW CHEN other
992002Scanned Cylindrical Ultrasound Applicator for Breast HyperthermiaYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper
1002002智慧型高速真圓度測定儀之設計與發展(2/3)─子計畫二:座標定位系統之智慧型複合式伺服設計陳永耀 report
1012002─以機電整合為出發點之智慧型嵌入式複合控制系統-新型平面磁浮系統設計與控制應用(2/3)─子計畫二:智慧型嵌陳永耀 report
1022002Frequency-domain identification algorithms for servo systems with frictionChen, Yung-Yaw ; Huang, Pai-yi; Yen, Jia-Yush journal article5031
1032001An intelligent fuzzy sliding mode control system with application on precision table positioningYUNG-YAW CHEN ; Lin, Sinn-Cheng; Huang, Pai-Yi; Chen, Yung-Yaw journal article11
1042001Conformal heating using scanned 1-D phased array for external ultrasound hyperthermiaJu, Kuen-Cheng; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Lin, Win-Li ; Kuo, Te-Sonjournal article00
1052001智慧型高速真圓度測定儀之設計與發展-子計畫二:座標定位系統之智慧型複合式伺服設計(I)YUNG-YAW CHEN other
1062001以機電整合為出發點之智慧型嵌入式複合控制系統-新型平面磁浮系統設計與控制應用-子計劃二:智慧型嵌入式複合系統控制方法之研究(I)YUNG-YAW CHEN other
1072001Generation of a fuzzy logic controller using evolutionary strategiesHuang, Tao-Yuan; Chen, Yung-Yaw conference paper10
1082001Parental population sizing in evolutionary strategiesHuang, Tao-Yuan; Chen, Yung-Yaw conference paper20
1092001Parental Population Manipulation in Evolution StrategiesYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper10
1102001Conformal Ultrasound Thermal Therapy using 2-D Phased ArrayYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper
1112001Scanned Ultrasound Thermal Therapy System Design Using Gradient Method and Genetic AlgorithmsYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper
1122001Diversity-based Selection Pooling Scheme in Evolution StrategiesYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper70
1132001A Heating System of Multiple Lens Ultrasound TransducersYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper
1142001Conformal Heating Using Scanned 1-D Phased Array for Ultrasound HyperthermiaYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper00
1152001智慧型高速真圓度測定儀之設計與發展(1/3)─子計畫二:座標定位系統之智慧型複合式伺服設計陳永耀 report
1162001─以機電整合為出發點之智慧型嵌入式複合控制系統-新型平面磁浮系統設計與控制應用(1/3)─子計畫二:智慧型嵌陳永耀 report
1172001Interrelationship between control parameters and tumor/bone conditions for external ultrasound hyperthermiaLIAUH, CHIHNG-TSUNG; LIN, WIN-LI ; CHEN, YUNG-YAW ; YEN, JIA-YUSH journal article10
1182001Optimization of power deposition and a heating strategy for external ultrasound thermal therapyLin, Win-Li ; Liang, Tzu-Chen; Yen, Jia-Yush ; Liu, Hao-Li; Chen, Yung-Yaw journal article2220
1192000Modified evolution strategies with a diversity-based parent-inclusion schemeHuang, Tao-Yuan; Chen, Yung-Yaw journal article20
1202000位置相關摩擦力之識別與補償研究陳永耀 report
1212000智慧型家用電力管理與節能網路系統─子計劃二: 智慧型住宅節能系統之發展陳永耀 report
1221999The temperature distributions of bone tumor therapy using scanned focused ultrasound systemLu, Bing-Yuh; Lin, Win-Li ; Yang, Rong-Sen ; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Wang, Cheng-Yi; Kuo, Te-Sonconference paper10
1231999A multifrequency driving system for ultrasound hyperthermiaYUNG-YAW CHEN ; Lu, Bing-Yuh; Lin, Win-Li ; RONG-SEN YANG ; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Yang, Rong-Sen ; Kuo, Te-Son; Wang, Cheng-Yijournal article11
1241999雙軸超高精度磁浮定位機構之驅動,量測與設計–子計劃三:高精度量測技術研發(III)YUNG-YAW CHEN other
1251999Learning of Genetic Algorithms with Explicit ConstraintsYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper
1261999Binary excitation based system identification for precision ballscrew tableHuang, Pai-Yi; Chen, Yung-Yaw conference paper10
1271999雙軸超高精度磁浮定位機構之驅動量測與設計─子計畫三:高精密度量測與平台運動控制(3)陳永耀 report
1281999Optimization of power deposition for external ultrasound thermal therapyYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper
1291999Thermal dose distributions for intracavitary ultrasound thermal therapyYUNG-YAW CHEN journal article
1301999The low-pass filter effect on bio-heat transfer equationYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper
1311999Heating patterns of scanned phased array ultrasound transducers for external localized hyperthermiaYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper
1321999Feasibility of high temperature ultrasound therapy system for deep-seated tumorsYUNG-YAW CHEN conference paper
1331999An experimental concurrently multi-frequency driving system for ultrasound hyperthermiaYUNG-YAW CHEN journal article
1341999多通道高溫腫瘤系統YUNG-YAW CHEN other
1351999機砲測試平台之設計與製作陳永耀 report
1361999A Stable Self-Learning Optimal Fuzzy Control SystemLin, Sinn-Cheng; Chen, Yung-Yaw journal article
1371998SAR and temperature distributions of cylindrical ultrasound transducers for intracavitary hyperthermiaLiang, Tzu-Chen; Lin, Win-Li ; Fan, Wen-Chang; Yen, Jia-Yush ; Chen, Yung-Yaw journal article00
1381998Heating patterns of cylindrical ultrasound transducers for breast tumorsJu, Kuen-Cheng; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Yen, Jia-Yush ; Cheng, Kung-Shan; Lin, Win-Li journal article00
1391998Real-coded genetic algorithm based fuzzy sliding-mode control design for precision positioningHuang, Pai-Yi; Lin, Sinn-Cheng; Chen, Yung-Yaw journal article70
1401998Self-learning fuzzy controller with a fuzzy supervisorPerng, Chiy-Ferng; Chen, Yung-Yaw conference paper30
1411998光碟機抖震效應對資料讀取錯誤率之影響分析陳永耀 report
1421998雙軸超高精度磁浮定位機構之驅動,量測與控制─子計畫三:高精度量測技術研發(III)陳永耀 report
1431998台灣電業自由化下電能交易及調度之研究陳永耀 report
1441997Design of PID controller for precision positioning table using genetic algorithmsHuang, Pai-Yi; Chen, Yung-Yaw journal article00
1451997A sixteen-channel phased array driving system for ultrasound hyperthermiaLu, Bing-Yuh; Lin, Win-Li ; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Kuo, Te-Son; Wang, Cheng-Yijournal article00
1461997A heuristic criterion algorithm of the self-learning fuzzy controllerPerng, Chiy-Ferng; Chen, Yung-Yaw journal article00
1471997雙軸馬達驅動機砲之智慧型運動軌跡規劃與分析(III)-子計畫四陳永耀 report
1481997智慧型精密定位控制系統之研發陳永耀 report
1491997雙軸超高精度磁浮定位機構之驅動、量測與設計─子計畫三:高精度量測技術研發 (Ⅰ)陳永耀 report
1501997Design of self-learning fuzzy sliding mode controllers based on genetic algorithmsLin, Sinn-Cheng; Chen, Yung-Yaw journal article
1511997半導體製程設備步進器定位機構研發(I)傅立成 ; 陳永耀 report
1521996Neural networks modeling of temperature field distribution in hyperthermiaChen, Yung-Yaw ; Chen, Chi-Hung; Lin, Win-Li journal article00
1531996Fuzzy processing on GPS data to improve the position accuracyLin, Chung-Jie; Chen, Yung-Yaw ; Hang, Fan-Renjournal article00
1541996Soft Computing in Intelligent Systems and Information Processing: Proceedings of 1996 AFSSYUNG-YAW CHEN book
1551996半島體製程設備步進器定位機構研發計畫─半導體製程設備步進器定位機構研發─子計畫三:步進器定位機構精密位置量測及系統整合(1/3)陳永耀 report
1561996高精度硬式磁碟機尋軌與定軌智慧型控制器整合及其暫態現象分析陳永耀 report
1571996雙軸馬達驅動機砲之智慧型追蹤伺服控制系統(Ⅱ)陳永耀 report
1581996半導體製程設備步進器定位機構研發-子計劃三:半進器定位機構精密位置量測及系統整合陳永耀 report
1591995On GA-based optimal fuzzy controlLin, Sinn-Cheng; Chen, Yung-Yaw journal article00
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