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12010GaAs-Based Transverse Junction Superluminescent Diodes with Strain-Compensated InGaAs/GaAsP Multiple-Quantum-Wells at 1.1μm WavelengthGuol, Shi-Hao; Chou, Ming-Ge; Yang, Ying-Jay ; Sun, Chi-Kuang ; Shi, Jin-Weijournal article
22009Bipolar cascade superluminescent diodes at the 1.04μm wavelength regimeGuol, Shi-Hao; Wang, Jr-Hung; Wu, Yu-Huei; Lin, Wei; Yang, Ying-Jay ; Sun, Chi-Kuang ; Pan, Ci-Ling; Shi, Jin-Weijournal article
32008Enhanced and Partially Polarized Output of a Light-emitting Diode with Its InGaN/GaN Quantum Well Coupled with Surface Plasmons on a Metal GratingCHIH-CHUNG YANG ; Shen, Kun-Ching; Chen, Cheng-Yen; YEAN-WOEI KIANG ; Chen, Hung-Lu; Huang, Chi-Feng; Kiang, Yean-Woei ; Yang, C. C.; Yang, Ying-Jay journal article5854
42008奈米螺旋碳管合成及元件研製-子計畫二:奈米螺旋碳管電磁波吸收塗料之開發 (新制多年期第1年)楊英杰 report
52008一維奈米碳管/線合成,奈米複合結構及可調式CMOS奈米管振盪器研製-子計畫三:可調CMOS奈米碳管振盪器研製(3/3)楊英杰 report
62008Polarization dependent coupling of surface plasmon on a one-dimensional Ag grating with an InGaN/GaN dual-quantum-well structureCHIH-CHUNG YANG ; Shen, Kun-Ching; YEAN-WOEI KIANG ; Chen, Cheng-Yen; Huang, Chi-Feng; Wang, Jhy-Yang; Lu, Yen-Cheng; Kiang, Yean-Woei ; Yang, C. C.; Yang, Ying-Jay journal article4335
72007Surface Plasmon Leakage in Its Coupling with an InGaN/GaN Quantum Well through an Ohmic ContactYeh, Dong-Ming; Huang, Chi-Feng; Lu, Yen-Cheng; Chen, Cheng-Yen; Tang, Tsung-Yi; Huang, Jeng-Jie; Shen, Kun-Ching; Yang, Ying-Jay ; Yang, C. C.journal article
82007Electron mobility enhancement in strained-germanium n-channel metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect-transistorsYang, Y.-J.; Ho, W. S.; Huang, C.-F.; Chang, S. T.; Liu, C. W.; YangYJ ; LiuCW journal article
92006Coulomb blockade behavior in individual multiwalled carbon nanotubesYING-JAY YANG journal article11
102006Vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) with high-power and single-spot far-field distributions at 850-nm wavelength by use of petal-shaped light-emitting aperturesYING-JAY YANG journal article87
112006Self-regulating and diameter-selective growth of GaN nanowiresYING-JAY YANG ; CHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article2120
122005A fundamental modeling approach for nano-grinding of silicon wafersYING-JAY YANG conference paper20
132005Generally applicable self-masking technique for nanotips array fabricationYING-JAY YANG journal article00
142005Single-mode vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser with ring-shaped light-emitting apertureYING-JAY YANG journal article1513
152005Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers (VCSELs) with High-Power and Single-Spot Far-Field Distributions at 850nm Wavelength by use of Petal-Shaped Light-Emitting AperturesYING-JAY YANG conference paper
162005一維奈米碳管/線合成,奈米複合結構及可調式CMOS奈米管振盪器研製─子計畫三:可調CMOS奈米碳管振盪器研製(1/3)楊英杰 report
172005前瞻性量子元件─子計畫三:長波長1.3微米GaAsSb量子井與InAs/InGaAs量子點面射型雷射的研究(I)楊英杰 report
182004低功率DVD650nm 雷射二極體的研製楊英杰 report
192004Controlled placement and electrical contact properties of individual multiwalled carbon nanotubes on patterned silicon chipsYING-JAY YANG journal article2524
202004Single-Mode Vertical-Cavity-Surface-Emitting-Laser (VCSEL) with Ring Shaped Light-Emitting ApertureYING-JAY YANG journal article
212004Electrical Contact Properties of Carbon NanotubesYING-JAY YANG conference paper
222003Two-dimensional vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser array fabricated by zinc diffusionYING-JAY YANG ; Yen, J.L.; Yang, Y.J.conference paper00
232003Observation of current gain collapse in large-area HBT with rectangular emitter and etched baseYING-JAY YANG conference paper
242003Improvements in direct-current characteristics of Al0.45Ga0.55As/GaAs digital graded superlattice-emitter heterojunction bipolar transistors with reduced turn-on voltage by wet-oxidationYING-JAY YANG journal article63
252003Fabrication and Electrical transport properties of a multiwalled carbon nanotube on Silicon ChipYING-JAY YANG conference paper
262003Controlled Placement and Electrical Contact Properties of Individual Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes on Silicon SubstratesYING-JAY YANG conference paper
272002New InGaP/AlGaAs/GaAs composite-emitter heterojunction bipolar transistorsYING-JAY YANG ; Tsai, M.K.; Wu, Y.W.; Tan, S.W.; Chu, M.Y.; Chen, W.T.; Yang, Y.J.; Lour, W.S.conference paper00
282002Effects of wet-oxidation treatment on Al0.45Ga0.55As/GaAs graded-like superlattice-emitter bipolar transistor with low turn-on voltageYING-JAY YANG journal article1011
292002Fabrication of blue GaN light-emitting diodes by laser etchingYING-JAY YANG journal article54
302002Investigation of self-aligned p++-GaAs/n-InGaP hetero-junction field-effect transistorsYING-JAY YANG journal article00
312002Depletion-mode and enhancement-mode InGaP/GaAs δ-HEMTs for low supply-voltage applicationsYING-JAY YANG journal article2526
322002Temperature dependence of InN film growthYING-JAY YANG journal article
332002High growth rate deposition of oriented hexagonal InN filmsYING-JAY YANG journal article2627
342002Photoluminescence and raman study of InN films ion-implanted with nitrogen and magnesiumYING-JAY YANG journal article
352002Lateral growth of InN on GaN/sapphireYING-JAY YANG journal article00
362002Growth of High-Quality Epitaxial InN Film with High-Speed Reactant Gas by Organometallic Vapor-Phase EpitaxyYang, Fu-Hsiang; Hwang, Jih-Sheng; Yang, Ying-Jay ; Chen, Kuei-Hsien; Wang, Jih-Hsiangjournal article2222
372001Effects of high-speed reaction gas on InN growthYING-JAY YANG journal article
382001Photoluminescence and Raman study of nitrogen ion-implanted InNYING-JAY YANG journal article
392001Raman and photoluminescence study of indium nitride filmsYING-JAY YANG conference paper
402001Resistive heated MOCVD deposition of InN filmsYING-JAY YANG journal article1414
412001Dual-gate In0.5Ga0.5P/In0.2Ga0.8As pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistors with high linearity and variable gate-voltage swingYING-JAY YANG journal article2524
422001The effect of Mg diffusion on the contact resistance of low doped p-GaNYING-JAY YANG conference paper00
432001GaAs-based long-wavelength traveling-wave photodetectorYING-JAY YANG conference paper00
442001Blue light-emitting diode fabrication of an InGaN/GaN epilayer bonded on a Si substrate by laser liftoffYING-JAY YANG conference paper00
452001Stable single-mode 850 nm VCSELs with a higher-order mode absorber formed by shallow Zn diffusionYING-JAY YANG conference paper00
462001Metal-semiconductor-metal traveling wave photodetectorsYING-JAY YANG ; CHI-KUANG SUN journal article8058
472001Ultrahigh bandwidth MSM traveling-wave photodetectorsYING-JAY YANG conference paper00
482001Studies and comparisons of a N+-InGaP/delta(P+)-InGaP/n-GaAs hetero-planar-doped structure to high-linearity microwave field-effect transistorsYING-JAY YANG journal article33
492001Stable single-mode operation of an 850 nm VCSEL with a higher-order mode absorber formed by shallow Zn diffusionYING-JAY YANG journal article179
502001Growth mode of oriented indium nitride platelets observed via lateral epitaxyYING-JAY YANG journal article
512001Sub-micron gate by optical lithography using photoresist re-flow and spin-on-glassYING-JAY YANG conference paper
522001InGaP/InGaAs dual gate pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistorsYING-JAY YANG conference paper
532001Energy levels in coupled quantum wells and the possible application in QWIPYING-JAY YANG conference paper
542001Ultrahigh (400 GHz) bandwidth MSM traveling-wave photodetectorsYING-JAY YANG conference paper
551999Mg diffusion formed p-type GaNYen, Jia-Liang; Fuh-Shyang; Yang, Ying-Jay journal article00
561999用有機化學氣相沉積系統和氣態源分子束磊晶系統成長氮化鎵基板材料與同質磊晶的研究楊英杰 report
571999Metal-semiconductor-metal travelling wave-photodetectorsShi, Jin-Wei; Sun, Chi-Kuang ; Yang, Ying-Jay journal article00
581998用電子迴旋共振式化學氣相沉積系統(ECR-CVD)與氣態源分子束磊晶系統(GS-MBE)成長氮化鎵之研究楊英杰 report
591997寬能距元件之製作楊英杰 report
601996遠紅外線(1.0-1.55um)面射型雷射二極體之研究(II)楊英杰 report
611996遠紅外線(1.0-1.5um)面射型雷射二極體之研究楊英杰 report
621995遠紅外線(1.0-1.55um)面射型雷射二極體之研究楊英杰 report
631994單模面射型雷射和場效應電晶體的光電積體楊英杰 report
641Ultra-high bandwidth (570 GHz) metal-semiconductor-metal traveling-wave-photodetectorsShi, Jin-Wei; Gan, Kian-Giap; Chiu, Yi-Jen; Chen, Yen-Hung; Sun, Chi-Kuang ; Yang, Ying-Jay ; Bowers, J.E.conference paper00