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12016Suppression of surface recombination in CuInSe2 (CIS) thin films via Trioctylphosphine Sulfide (TOP:S) surface passivationCHEE-WEE LIU journal article1110
22016Passivation of Al<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf> / TiO<inf>2</inf> on monocrystalline Si with relatively low reflectanceCHEE-WEE LIU journal article32
32016Compact modeling and simulation of TSV with experimental verificationCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper10
42016High-mobility capacitively-induced two-dimensional electrons in a lateral superlattice potentialJIUN-YUN LI ; CHEE-WEE LIU journal article11
52016Magneto-transport analysis of an ultra-low-density two-dimensional hole gas in an undoped strained Ge/SiGe heterostructureJIUN-YUN LI ; CHEE-WEE LIU journal article99
62016Low contact resistivity (1.5×10-8 Ω-cm2) of phosphorus-doped Ge by in-situ chemical vapor deposition doping and laser annealingCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper00
72016Ga content and thickness inhomogeneity effects on Cu(In, Ga)Se<inf>2</inf> solar modulesCHEE-WEE LIU journal article00
82016The hysteresis-free negative capacitance field effect transistors using non-linear poly capacitanceCHEE-WEE LIU journal article76
92016Advanced germanium channel transistors (invited)CHEE-WEE LIU conference paper00
102015Magneto-transport of an electron bilayer system in an undoped Si/SiGe double-quantum-well heterostructureJIUN-YUN LI ; CHEE-WEE LIU journal article11
112015Reply to 'comment on 'A compact analytic model of the strain field induced by through ilicon vias''CHEE-WEE LIU journal article00
122015Antireflection of nano-sized SiO sphere arrays on crystalline silicon solar cellsCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper10
132015Junctionless Gate-all-around pFETs on Si with In-situ doped Ge channelCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper00
142015Scattering mechanisms in shallow undoped Si/SiGe quantum wellsJIUN-YUN LI ; CHEE-WEE LIU journal article109
152015Junctionless Gate-All-Around pFETs Using In-situ Boron-Doped Ge Channel on SiCHEE-WEE LIU journal article1618
162015Investigation of optical parameters of boron doped aluminium nitride films grown on diamond using spectroscopic ellipsometryCHEE-WEE LIU journal article11
172015In-situ doped and tensily stained ge junctionless gate-all-around nFETs on SOI featuring I&lt;inf&gt;on&lt;/inf&gt; = 828 μa/μm, I&lt;inf&gt;on&lt;/inf&gt;/I&lt;inf&gt;off&lt;/inf&gt; ∼ 1×10&lt;sup&gt;5&lt;/sup&gt;, DIBL= 16-54 mV/V, and 1.4X external strain enhancementCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper60
182015Enhanced light emission from Ge by GeO<inf>2</inf> micro hemispheresCHEE-WEE LIU journal article00
192015Ultra-high mobility two-dimensional electron gas in a SiGe/Si/SiGe quantum wellCHEE-WEE LIU journal article86
202015Asymmetric keep-out zone of through-silicon via using 28-nm technology nodeCHEE-WEE LIU journal article11
212014New materials for post-Si computingCHEE-WEE LIU journal article1012
222014Gate-all-around Ge FETsCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper01
232014Hysteresis reduction by fluorine incorporation into high permittivity tetragonal ZrO<inf>2</inf> on GeCHEE-WEE LIU journal article31
242014Strain response of monolayer MoS<inf>2</inf> in the ballistic regimeCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper00
252014Electron ballistic current enhancement of Ge<inf>1-x</inf>Sn<inf>x</inf> FinFETsCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper00
262014Fabrication and low temperature characterization of Ge (110) and (100) p-MOSFETsCHEE-WEE LIU journal article1713
272014Effective electron mass in high-mobility SiGe/Si/SiGe quantum wellsCHEE-WEE LIU journal article109
282014Fabrication and characterization of Cu(In,Ga)Se<inf>2</inf> p-channel thin film transistorsCHEE-WEE LIU journal article22
292014Strength, stiffness, and microstructure of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin films deposited via sputtering and co-evaporationJIUN-HAW LEE ; CHEE-WEE LIU journal article1919
302014Toward efficient and omnidirectional n-type si solar cells: Concurrent improvement in optical and electrical characteristics by employing microscale hierarchical structuresCHEE-WEE LIU journal article4242
312014The pn junctions of epitaxial germanium on silicon by solid phase dopingCHEE-WEE LIU journal article57
322014Ballistic electron transport calculation of strained germanium-tin fin field-effect transistorsCHEE-WEE LIU journal article109
332013GeO<inf>2</inf> passivation for low surface recombination velocity on Ge surfaceCHEE-WEE LIU journal article66
342013Electrostatics and ballistic transport studies in junctionless nanowire transistorsCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper20
352013EUV degradation of high performance Ge MOSFETsCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper00
362013Improvement in electrical characteristics of HfO<inf>2</inf> gate dielectrics treated by remote NH<inf>3</inf> plasmaCHEE-WEE LIU journal article78
372013Above-11%-efficiency organic-inorganic hybrid solar cells with omnidirectional harvesting characteristics by employing hierarchical photon-trapping structuresCHEE-WEE LIU journal article133127
382013Enhanced current drive of double-gate α-IGZO thin-film transistorsCHEE-WEE LIU journal article1917
392013Realizing high-efficiency omnidirectional n-type Si solar cells via the hierarchical architecture concept with radial junctionsCHEE-WEE LIU journal article8181
402013Radiation impact of EUV on high-performance Ge MOSFETsCHEE-WEE LIU journal article22
412013Modeling and optimization of edge dislocation stressorsCHEE-WEE LIU journal article33
422013Mobility strain response and low temperature characterization of Ge p-MOSFETsCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper00
432013Manganese K- and L<inf>3</inf>-edge X-ray absorption fine structure study of Zn<inf>1-x</inf>Mn<inf>x</inf>TeCHEE-WEE LIU book33
442013Interfacial layer reduction and high permittivity tetragonal ZrO 2 on germanium reaching ultrathin 0.39 nm equivalent oxide thicknessCHEE-WEE LIU journal article1616
452013Temperature dependence of Raman scattering in bulk 4H-SiC with different carrier concentrationCHEE-WEE LIU journal article98
462013Study of Mg<inf>x</inf>Zn<inf>1-x</inf>O alloys (0&lt;x&lt;0.15) by x-ray absorption spectroscopyCHEE-WEE LIU book50
472012Differential gene expression between the porcine morula and blastocystSHIH-TORNG DING ; CHIH-CHUNG YANG ; CHEE-WEE LIU journal article11
482012Interfacial layer-free ZrO<inf>2</inf> on Ge with 0.39-nm EOT, κ∼43, ∼2×10<sup>-3</sup> A/cm<sup>2</sup> gate leakage, SS =85 mV/dec, I<inf>on</inf>/I<inf>off</inf> =6×10<sup>5</sup>, and high strain responseCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper90
492012A compact analytic model of the strain field induced by through silicon viasCHEE-WEE LIU journal article1414
502012Influence of surface roughness and interfacial layer on the infrared spectra of V-CVD grown 3C-SiC/Si (100) epilayersCHEE-WEE LIU journal article55
512012Hybrid CIS/Si near-IR sensor and 16% PV energy-harvesting technologyCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper00
522012SiGe nanoring formationCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper00
532012Raman scattering and X-ray absorption from CVD grown 3C-SiC on SiKUNG-YEN LEE ; CHEE-WEE LIU book11
542012Planar and 3D Ge FETsCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper00
552012Triangular-channel Ge NFETs on Si with (111) sidewall-enhanced I <inf>on</inf> and nearly defect-free channelsCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper50
562012Mobility enhancement of strained Si by optimized SiGe/Si/SiGe structuresCHEE-WEE LIU journal article2020
572012Ge out diffusion effect on SiGe nanoring formationCHEE-WEE LIU journal article00
582012First-principles study of GeO <inf>2</inf>/Ge interfacial traps and oxide defectsCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper00
592012Reabsorption effects of direct band emission of GeCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper00
602012Surface passivation of Cu(In,Ga)Se <inf>2</inf> using atomic layer deposited Al <inf>2</inf>O <inf>3</inf>CHEE-WEE LIU journal article6056
612012LDMOS transistor high-frequency performance enhancements by strainCHEE-WEE LIU journal article97
622012Direct and indirect radiative recombination from GeCHEE-WEE LIU journal article44
632012Enhanced recovery of light-induced degradation on the micromorph solar cells by electric fieldCHEE-WEE LIU journal article44
6420124H-SiC wafers studied by X-ray absorption and Raman scatteringCHEE-WEE LIU book12
652012First-principles study of Ge dangling bonds with different oxygen backbonds at Ge/GeO <inf>2</inf> interfaceCHEE-WEE LIU journal article1411
662012Fractional quantum Hall effect of two-dimensional electrons in high-mobility Si/SiGe field-effect transistorsCHEE-WEE LIU journal article1516
672012A transition of three to two dimensional Si growth on Ge (100) substrateCHEE-WEE LIU journal article33
682012Germanium gate-all-around pFETs on SOICHEE-WEE LIU conference paper11
692011Toward an ideal animal model to trace donor cell fates after stem cell therapy: Production of stably labeled multipotent mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow of transgenic pigs harboring enhanced green fluorescence protein geneSHIH-TORNG DING ; Hsiao, SH; CHEE-WEE LIU ; Lian, WS; Lin, S.P; SHINN-CHIH WU ; TZONG-FU KUO ; Lin, CJ; Lin, YS; Cheng, CH; Liu, CW; Huang, HY; Cheng, CC; Cheng, PH; Lee, KH; Kuo, TF; Cheng, CF; W.Cheng, TK; Wu, SH.journal article119
702011Synchrotron radiation X-ray absorption and optical studies of cubic SiC films grown on Si by chemical vapor depositionKUNG-YEN LEE ; CHEE-WEE LIU book00
712011Strain response of high mobility germanium n-channel metal-oxide- semiconductor field-effect transistors on (001) substratesCHEE-WEE LIU journal article98
722011Voltage linearity improvement of HfO<inf>2</inf>-based metal-insulator- metal capacitors with H<inf>2</inf> O prepulse treatmentCHEE-WEE LIU journal article33
732011Enhanced optical performance by energetic hydrogen passivation at Si/oxide interfaceCHEE-WEE LIU journal article00
742011Effect of material physical properties on residual stress measurement by EDM hole-drilling methodCHEE-WEE LIU journal article51
752011Germanium oxide passivation for Ge absorberCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper10
762011Upper limit of two-dimensional electron density in enhancement-mode Si/SiGe heterostructure field-effect transistorsCHEE-WEE LIU journal article1615
772011Recovery of light induced degradation of micromorph solar cells by reverse biasCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper00
782011Physical mechanism of HfO<inf>2</inf>-based bipolar resistive random access memoryCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper110
792011Electron scattering in Ge metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistorsCHEE-WEE LIU journal article108
802011Edge passivation of Si solar cells by omnidirectional hydrogen plasma implantationCHEE-WEE LIU journal article22
812011Biaxial tensile strain effects on photoluminescence of different orientated Ge wafersCHEE-WEE LIU journal article1816
822011Influence of defects and interface on radiative transition of GeCHEE-WEE LIU journal article1617
832011High quality Ge thin film grown by ultrahigh vacuum chemical vapor deposition on GaAs substrateCHEE-WEE LIU journal article2826
842011A parameterized SPICE macromodel of resistive random access memory and circuit demonstrationCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper50
852011Nearly defect-free Ge gate-all-around FETs on Si substratesCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper120
862010Capacitorless 1T memory cells using channel traps at grain boundariesCHEE-WEE LIU journal article44
872010Single-crystalline Ge p-channel thin-film transistors with Schottky-barrier source/drain on flexible polyimide substratesCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper00
882010Enhancements of direct band radiative recombination from GeCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper00
892010Erratum: Observation of two-dimensional electron gas in a Si quantum well with mobility of 1.6× 106 cm2 /V s (Applied Physics Letters (2009) 94 (182102))CHEE-WEE LIU journal article58
902010High mobility high on/off ratio C-V dispersion-free Ge n-MOSFETs and their strain responseCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper70
912010Halo profile engineering to reduce Vt fluctuation in high-K/metal-gate nMOSFETCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper22
922010Metal-insulator-semiconductor photodetectorsCHEE-WEE LIU journal article9081
932010Thermal oxide, Al<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf> and amorphous-Si passivation layers on siliconCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper10
942010Composition redistribution of self-assembled Ge islands on Si (001) during annealingCHEE-WEE LIU journal article76
952010Flexible single-crystalline Ge p-channel thin-film transistors with schottky-barrier source/drain on polyimide substratesCHEE-WEE LIU journal article33
962010Extrinsic effects of indirect radiative transition of GeCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper11
972010Insulating halos to boost planar NMOSFET performanceCHEE-WEE LIU journal article00
982010Strain-enhanced photoluminescence from Ge direct transitionCHEE-WEE LIU ; YUH-RENN WU journal article6961
992010Competitiveness between direct and indirect radiative transitions of GeCHEE-WEE LIU journal article5145
1002010Hexagonal SiGe quantum dots and nanorings on Si(110)CHEE-WEE LIU journal article98
1012010Metal-oxide-semiconductor SiGe/Si quantum dot infrared photodetectors with delta doping in different positionsCHEE-WEE LIU journal article21
1022010Ultralow-power complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor inverters constructed on schottky barrier modified nanowire metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect-transistorsCHEE-WEE LIU journal article00
1032010Enhanced voltage linearity of HfO<inf>2</inf> metal-insulator-metal capacitors by H<inf>2</inf>O prepulsing treatment on bottom electrodeCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper01
1042010Threshold voltage and mobility extraction of NBTI degradation of poly-Si thin-film transistorsCHEE-WEE LIU journal article12
1052010Integration of complementary circuits and two-dimensional electron gas in a Si/SiGe heterostructureCHEE-WEE LIU journal article11
1062010Surface orientation effects on SiGe quantum dots and nanorings formationCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper00
1072009Optimization of a saddle-like FinFET by device simulation for sub-50nm DRAM applicationCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper00
1082009Electroluminescence from monocrystalline silicon solar cellCHEE-WEE LIU journal article67
1092009A design of 1T memory cells using channel traps for long data retention timeCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper00
1102009Annealing induced refinement on optical transmission and electrical resistivity of indium tin oxideTsai, K.C.; Hsu, Wei-Lun; GONG-RU LIN ; Lin, Cheng-Tao; Liao, C.K.; CHEE-WEE LIU ; Cheng, Tzu-Huan; Yang, S.J.; Lin, W.L.; Yen, Shih-Chiang; Liu, Chee-Wee ; Shieh, M.J.; Tsai, Din Ping; Hwang, L.H.; Chen, W.S.; Lin, Gong-Ru journal article33
1112009Flexible Ge-on-polyimide detectorsCHEE-WEE LIU journal article1913
1122009Effects of applied mechanical uniaxial and biaxial tensile strain on the flatband voltage of (001), (110), and (111) metal-oxide-silicon capacitorsCHEE-WEE LIU journal article88
1132009Dynamic bias temperature instability of p-channel polycrystalline silicon thin-film transistorsCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper50
1142009Improved SPICE macromodel of phase change random access memoryCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper94
1152009SiGe nanorings by ultrahigh vacuum chemical vapor depositionCHEE-WEE LIU journal article1513
1162009Dynamic bias instability of p-channel polycrystalline-silicon thin-film transistors induced by impact ionizationCHEE-WEE LIU journal article119
1172009Nanograin crystalline transformation enhanced UV transparency of annealing refined indium tin oxide filmHsu, Wei-Lun; GONG-RU LIN ; Pai, Yi-Hao; CHEE-WEE LIU ; Meng, Fan-Shuen; Liu, Chee-Wee ; Lin, Gong-Ru journal article1412
1182009Observation of two-dimensional electron gas in a Si quantum well with mobility of 1.6× 106 cm2 /V sCHEE-WEE LIU journal article4043
1192009Comprehensive study of the Raman shifts of strained silicon and germaniumCHEE-WEE LIU journal article5350
1202009Speedy hydrocarbon pollutants treatment through the cell interaction by a novel strain Rhodococcus: Its fundamental characteristics and applicationsCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper
1212009A comprehensive study of Ge<inf>1-x</inf>Si<inf>x</inf> on Ge for the Ge nMOSFETs with tensile stress, shallow junctions and reduced leakageCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper30
1222009Single crystalline film on glass for thin film solar cellsCHEE-WEE LIU journal article22
1232009Narrow-band metal-oxide-semiconductor photodetectorCHEE-WEE LIU journal article53
1242009Si/ Si<inf>0.2</inf>Ge<inf>0.8</inf> /Si quantum well Schottky barrier diodesCHEE-WEE LIU journal article00
1252009Evolution of composition distribution of Si-capped Ge islands on Si(001)CHEE-WEE LIU journal article1010
1262009Comparison on optimized optical transmission and electrical resistivity between indium tin oxide and gallium doped zinc oxideCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper
1272009The dependence of the performance of strained NMOSFETs on channel widthCHEE-WEE LIU journal article33
1282009Luminescent-wavelength tailoring silicon-rich silicon nitride LEDGONG-RU LIN ; Lin, Cheng-Tao; Liu, Cheewee; CHEE-WEE LIU ; Lin, Gong-Ru journal article11
1292008應用於CMOS影像感測器上的透明膜玻璃雷射切割技術劉致為 report
1302008應用於矽/鍺奈米尺寸堆疊結構之表面與應力研究 (新制多年期第2年)劉致為 report
1312008長波長矽鍺金氧半光電元件(3/3)劉致為 report
1322008先進CMOS元件及製程研究-子計畫四:遷移率增強技術(3/3)劉致為 report
1332008應用於矽/鍺奈米尺寸堆疊結構之表面與應力研究 (新制多年期第1年)劉致為 report
1342008應用電漿浸沒離子佈植(PIII)與晶圓鍵結技術製造SOI及GOI半導體材料研究(1/3)劉致為 report
1352008SiGe/Si quantum-dot infrared photodetectors with δ dopingCHEE-WEE LIU journal article56
1362008Logic 90 nm n-channel field effect transistor current and speed enhancements through external mechanical package strainingCHEE-WEE LIU journal article11
1372008Stress-induced hump effects of p-channel polycrystalline silicon thin-film transistorsCHEE-WEE LIU journal article4947
1382008Modified growth of Ge quantum dots using C<inf>2</inf>H<inf>4</inf> mediation by ultra-high vacuum chemical vapor depositionCHEE-WEE LIU journal article21
1392008Digital communication using Ge metal-insulator-semiconductor light-emitting diodes and photodetectorsCHEE-WEE LIU journal article76
1402008Process strain induced by nickel germanide on (100) Ge substrateCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper31
1412008SiGe quantum rings by ultra-high vacuum chemical vapor depositionCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper22
1422008Fano interference in the quantum wellquantum dot systemCHEE-WEE LIU journal article
1432008Studying the strain effect on silicon atomic wiresCHEE-WEE LIU journal article
1442008Metal Oxide Semiconductor UV SensorCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper10
1452008PMOS hole mobility enhancement through SiGe conductive channel and highly compressive ILD-SiN<inf>x</inf> stressing layerCHEE-WEE LIU journal article2624
1462008Comprehensive study of bias temperature instability on polycrystalline silicon thin-film transistorsCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper32
1472008Carrier gas effects on the SiGe quantum dots formationCHEE-WEE LIU journal article22
1482008Reduction of crosstalk between dual power amplifiers using laser treatmentCHEE-WEE LIU journal article00
1492008Gate width dependence on backscattering characteristics in the nanoscale strained complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistorCHEE-WEE LIU journal article1311
1502008A new NBTI characterization method on polycrystalline silicon thin-film transistorsCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper
1512008Investigation of reliability characteristics in NMOS and PMOS FinFETsCHEE-WEE LIU journal article2421
1522008Formation of relaxed SiGe on the buffer consists of modified SiGe stacked layers by Si pre-intermixingCHEE-WEE LIU journal article32
1532008Blue electroluminescence from metal/oxide/6H-SiC tunneling diodesCHEE-WEE LIU journal article22
15420082.0 μm electroluminescence from Si/ Si0.2 Ge0.8 type II heterojunctionsCHEE-WEE LIU journal article2119
1552008Micro-Raman studies on nickel germanides formed on (110) crystalline GeCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper43
1562008Superior n-MOSFET performance by optimal stress designCHEE-WEE LIU journal article1512
1572008Polarity change of threshold voltage shifts for n-channel polycrystalline silicon thin-film transistors stressed by negative gate biasCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper11
1582008PMOS Hole Mobility Enhancement Through SiGe Conductive Channel and Highly Compressive ILD- SiNx Stressing LayerLiao, Wen-Shiang; Liaw, Yue-Gie; Tang, Mao-Chyuan; Chen, Kun-Ming; Huang, Sheng-Yi; Peng, C.-Y.; Liu, Chee Wee journal article
1592007先進CMOS元件及製程研究-子計畫四:遷移率增強技術(2/3)劉致為 report
1602007長波長矽鍺金氧半光電元件(2/3)劉致為 report
1612007Characterization of the Ultrathin HfO2 and Hf-Silicate Films Grown by Atomic Layer DepositionChen, Tze Chiang; Peng, Cheng-Yi; Tseng, Chih-Hung; Liao, Ming-Han ; Chen, Mei-Hsin; Wu, Chih-I ; Chern, Ming-Yau ; Tzeng, Pei-Jer; Liu, Chee Wee journal article2422
1622007The intermixing and strain effects on electroluminescence of SiGe dotsCHEE-WEE LIU journal article2826
1632007Novel transport mechanism of SiGe dot MOS tunneling diodesCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper00
1642007Electrically pumped Ge laser at room temperatureCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper83
1652007Dark current reduction of Ge MOS photodetectors by high work function electrodesCHEE-WEE LIU journal article44
1662007Performance enhancement of the nMOSFET low-noise amplifier by package strainSHEY-SHI LU ; CHEE-WEE LIU journal article11
1672007Transport mechanism of SiGe dot MOS tunneling diodesCHEE-WEE LIU journal article22
1682007Ge-on-glass detectorsCHEE-WEE LIU journal article1411
1692007Electron mobility enhancement in strained-germanium n -channel metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistorsCHEE-WEE LIU journal article8475
1702007Superior n-MOSFET performance by optimal stress designCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper10
1712007Broadband SiGeSi quantum dot infrared photodetectorsCHEE-WEE LIU journal article2018
1722007Blue electroluminescence from metal/oxide/6H-SiC tunneling diodesCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper00
1732007Comprehensive study on dynamic bias temperature instability of p-channel polycrystalline silicon thin-film transistorsCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper00
1742007Characteristics of strained-germanium p- and n-channel field effect transistors on a Si (1 1 1) substrateCHEE-WEE LIU journal article2525
1752007Electron mobility enhancement in STRAINED-Germanium NMOSFETs and impact of strain engineering in ballistic regimeCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper20
1762007Electroluminescence from strained SiGe quantum dot light-emitting diodesCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper00
1772007Mobility enhancement technologyCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper20
1782007Hole mobility enhancement of Si<inf>0.2</inf>Ge<inf>0.8</inf> quantum well channel on SiCHEE-WEE LIU journal article2525
1792006MOS Si/Ge photodetectorsCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper00
1802006Imapct of SiN on performance in novel CMOS architecture using substrate strained-SiGe and mechanical strained-si technologyCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper
1812006Strained Pt Schottky diodes on n-type Si and GeCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper
1822006Strained Pt Schottky diodes on n-type Si and GeCHEE-WEE LIU journal article2219
1832006δ-Doped MOS Ge/Si quantum dot/well infrared photodetectorCHEE-WEE LIU journal article1513
1842006Differential power combining technique for general power amplifiers using lumped component networkCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper00
1852006The process and optoelectronic characterization of Ge-on-insulatorCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper00
1862006Performance Enhancement of Ring Oscillators and Transimpedance Amplifiers by Package StrainYuan, Feng; Huang, Ching-Fang; Yu, Ming-Hsin; Liu, Chee Wee journal article1211
1872006Enhanced CMOS Performances Using Substrate Strained-SiGe and Mechanical Strained-Si TechnologyWu, San Lein; Lin, Yu Min; Chang, Shoou Jinn; Lu, Shin Chi; Chen, Pang Shiu; Liu, Chee Wee journal article1916
1882006Hole Confinement and 1/ f Noise Characteristics of SiGe Double-Quantum-Well p-Type Metal–Oxide–Semiconductor Field-Effect TransistorsLin, Yu Min; Wu, San Lein; Chang, Shoou Jinn; Chen, Pang Shiu; Liu, Chee Wee journal article
1892006Mechanical strain effect of n-channel polycrystalline silicon thin-film transistorsCHEE-WEE LIU journal article1110
1902006Electroluminescence from the Ge quantum dot MOS tunneling diodesCHEE-WEE LIU journal article2826
1912006SiSiGe-based edge-coupled photodiode with partially p-doped photoabsorption layer for high responsivity and high-power performanceCHEE-WEE LIU journal article52
1922006The interface properties of SiO<inf>2</inf>/strained-si with carbon incorporation surface channel MOSFETsCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper
1932006Hole confinement at Si/SiGe heterojunction of strained-Si N and PMOS devicesCHEE-WEE LIU journal article1414
1942006Low-temperature fabrication and characterization of Ge-on-insulator structuresCHEE-WEE LIU journal article2120
1952006Electroluminescence from the Ge quantum dot metal-oxide-semiconductor tunneling diodesCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper
1962006Hole confinement and 1/f noise characteristics of SiGe double-quantum-well p-Type metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistorsCHEE-WEE LIU journal article22
1972006Infrared emission from Ge metal-insulator-semiconductor tunneling diodesCHEE-WEE LIU journal article2727
1982006Buckling characteristics of SiGe layers on viscous oxideCHEE-WEE LIU journal article22
1992005前瞻矽鍺/高介電質/金屬閘極元件及模組技術 – 子計 畫四:矽鍺/高介電質/金屬閘極光電元件與模組技術(I)劉致為 report
2002005前瞻矽鍺/高介電質/金屬閘極元件及模組技術 –總 計劃(I)劉致為 report
2012005Mobility-enhancement technologiesLiu, Chee Wee ; CHEE-WEE LIU ; Maikop, S.; Yu, C.-Y.journal article900
2022005Electroluminescence from metal/oxide/strained-Si tunneling diodesCHEE-WEE LIU journal article6141
2032005SiGe/Si PMOSFET using graded channel techniqueCHEE-WEE LIU journal article86
20420052 μm emission from Si/Ge heterojunction LED and up to 1.55 μm detection by GOI detectors with strain-enhanced featuresCHEE-WEE LIU conference paper
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2892000具網路結合功能之半導體製造集結式機台─子計畫二:用於12吋晶圓製造之前段製程技術(2/3)劉致為 report
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