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12019Dynamic Wireless Indoor Localization Incorporate with Autonomous Mobile Robot Based on Adaptive Signal Model Fingerprinting ApproachRen C. Luo; Tung Jung Hsiao; REN-CHYUAN LUO journal article64
22019Omni-Directional Touch Probe with Adaptive Maneuvering for 3D Object Machining and Measurement Verification ApplicationsRen C. Luo; Yi Wen Perng; REN-CHYUAN LUO journal article00
32018Hierarchical Semantic Mapping using Convolutional Neural Networks for Intelligent Service RoboticsRen C. Luo; Michael Chiou; REN-CHYUAN LUO journal article10
42018Low Cost Solution for Calibration in Absolute Accuracy of an Industrial Robot for iCPS ApplicationsRen C.Luo; Hao Wang; Mong-Hsun Kuo; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper50
52018Tapping Motion Detection Incorporate with Impedance Control of Robotics Tapotement Massage on Human TissueRen C. Luo; Kai-Chun Hsieh; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
62017Quasi-Natural Humanoid Robot Walking Trajectory Generator Based on Five-Mass With Angular Momentum ModelRen C. Luo; Chin Cheng Chen; REN-CHYUAN LUO journal article11
72017A Non-Linear Kinematics and Dynamics Estimator based on Unscented Kalman Filter with Angular Momentum for Humanoid Compliant WalkingRen C. Luo; Alexander Chang; Pei-Chun Zheng; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
82017Carving 2D Image Onto 3D Curved Surface Using Hybrid Additive and Subtractive 3D Printing ProcessRen C. Luo; Po-Kai Tseng; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
92017Non-Contact Collision Avoidance with Sensory Servo Control in Real Time for Industrial AutomationRen C. Luo; Chun-Hao Liao; Mong-Hsum Kuo; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
102017Trajectory Generation and Planning For Building Multi-objects Fabrication Based on Fusion Filament 3D Printing TechniquesRen C. Luo; Po-Kai Tseng; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
112017A Novel Peg-In-Hole Approach Based on Geometrical Analysis for Inclined UncertaintyRen C. Luo; Alexander Cheng; Cheng Li; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper40
122017Impulse-Momentum Dynamic Contact Tapping Motion Control for Robotic Therapeutical Percussive MassageRen C. Luo; Kai-Chun Hsieh; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
132017Protective Measure for Robotic Therapeutic Massage based on Electrocardiography and Electrodermal ActivitiesRen C. Luo; Yu Yu Liu; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
142017Robotics Reconfigurable Conveyor Tracking and Dynamic Object Fetching For Industrial AutomationRen C. Luo; Chun-Hao Liao; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
152017Efficient Measurement Point Sampling Strategy for Robotics Freeform Surface Inspection and ValidationRen C. Luo; Chen Lee; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
162017Robotic Assisted Manipulation of Flexible-Type Laparoscope with Intuitive ManeuverabilityRen C. Luo; Ching Lin Wei; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
172017Mittgate Catastrophic Forgetting in Convolution Neural Networks for Object RecognitionRen C. Luo; Da-Fang Ke; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
182017Deep Learning Based Social Context Percetion on Human-Robot InteractionRen C. Luo; Chung Kai Hsieh; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
192017Robot Assisted Tapping Control for Therapeutical Percussive Massage ApplicationsRen C. Luo; Chin Po Tsai; Kai Chun Hsieh; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper10
202017Intelligent Industrial Robot with Non-Contact Obstacle Avoidance in Real TimeRen C. Luo; Mong-Hsum Kuo; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
212016Intelligent Seven-DoF Robot With Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance and 3-D Object Recognition for Industrial Cyber–Physical Systems in Manufacturing AutomationRen C. Luo; Chia-Wen Kuo; REN-CHYUAN LUO journal article2015
222016Biped Walking Trajectory Generator based on Three-Mass with Angular Momentum Model Using Model Predictive ControlRen C. Luo; Chin Cheng Chen; REN-CHYUAN LUO journal article76
232016Human Pose Estimation in s-D Space Using Adaptive Control Law With Point-Cloud Limb Regression ApproachRen C.Luo; Sheng Y. Chen; REN-CHYUAN LUO journal article
242016Electroencephalogram Signal Analysis as Basis for Effective Evaluation of Robotic Therapeutic MassageRen C. Luo; Chien-Wei Hsu; ShenYu Chen; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper20
252016Mimicking Human Push-Recovery Strategy based on Five-Mass with Angular Momentum ModelRen C. Luo; Wen C. Hung; Raja Chatila; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper10
262016Robot Artist for Colorful Picture Painting with Visual Feedback SystemRen C. Luo; Ming-Jyun Hong; Ping-Chang Chung; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
2720163D Point Cloud Based Indoor Mobile Robot in 6-DoF Pose Localization Using Fast Scene Recognition and Alignment ApproachRen Luo; Vincent Wei Sen Ee; Chung-Kai Hsieh; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper60
282016Reverse Engineering with Complex Trajectory Generation Based on Bezier Curve on Multi-axis Robot with Gantry-type Machine ToolRen C. Luo; Yi Wen Peng; Pang-Fu Cheng; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
292016Intuitive Maneuver of Multi-DoFs Laparoscopic System for Minimally Invasive SurgeryRen C. Luo; Jung-Yu Tsai; Keng-Ming Lee; H.T. Chen; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper30
302016Analysis of an adaptive strategy for equitably approaching and joining human interactionsVishnu K. Narayanan; Anne Spalanzani; Ren C. Luo; Marie Babel; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper10
312016Effective Online Trajectory Generation of Waist and Arm for Enhancing Humanoid Robot WalkingRen C. Luo; Chien-An Chen; Anne Spalanzani; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper10
322016Humanoid Robot Walking Pattern Generation Based on Five-Mass and Angular Momentum ModelRen C. Luo; Kuan-Chih Lee; Anne Spalanzani; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
332016Bipedal Robot Push Recovery Control Mimicking Human ReactionRen C. Luo; Chao-Wen Huang; Wen-Chien Hung; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
342016Human-Aware Motion Planning Based on Search and Sampling ApproachRen C. Luo; Charly Huang; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper10
352016Design and Implementation of Modularized 7-DOFs Dual Arm ManipulatorRen C. Luo; Zhi-Xian Liao; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
362016Design and Test of Additive Manufacturing for Coating Thermoplastic PEEK MaterialC.Y. Liu; Y.W. Hsieh; T.J. Sun; J. W. Zeng; A. B. Wang; N. T. Lee; S. W. Chau; W. C. Wei; H. C. Liu; Ren C. Luo; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper30
3720163D Printing of Low Melting Temperature Alloys by Fused Deposition ModeliPo Chun Hsieh; C.H Tsai; Bernard Haochih Liu; Wen-Cheng Wei; An-Bang Wang; Ren C. Luo; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
382016Glass and Hot Extrusion by ME Module for 3D Additive ManufacturingB. W. Wang; C. S. Chou; W. C. J. Wei; B. H. Liu; A. B. Wang; Ren C. Luo; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper10
392016Cu-based Alloys for 3DP by Melt Extrusion ProcessC. S. Chou; W. C. J. Wei; B. H. Liu; A. B. Wang; R. C. Luo; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
402016Ceramic Feedstocks for Additive ManufacturingN. C. Fan; W. C. J. Wei; B. H. Liu; A. B. Wang; Ren C. Luo; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
412016Control and Analysis of a Therapeutic Massage Robot: A Milestone of Human-Robot in Physical ContactRen C. Luo; Chien-Wei Hsu; Shen-Yu Chen; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper2
422015On-line Adaptive control for Minimizing Slippage Error While Mobile Platform and Manipulator Operate Simultaneously for Robotics Mobile ManipulationRen C. Luo; Yueh-Shiuan Tsai; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper10
432015Robotic Flexible Laparoscope with Position Retrieving System for Assistive Minimally Invasive SurgeryRen C. Luo; Jui Wang; Jung-Yu Tsai; Keng-Ming Lee; Yi Wen Peng; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
442015Transparent Object Recognition and Retrieval for Robotic Bio-Laboratory Automation ApplicationsRen C. Luo; Po-Jen Lai; Vincent Wei Sen Ee; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
452015Flywheel Model Based Biped Robot Walking Push-Recovery System in Biomimetic Way from Sagittal and Lateral Planar DirectionRen C. Luo; Chao-Wen Huang; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
462015A Scalable Modular Architecture for 3D Object Acquisition for Manufacturing Automation ApplicationsRen C. Luo; Chia-Wen Kuo; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
472015Impedance and Force Compliant Control for Bipedal Robot Walking on Uneven Slope TerrainRen C. Luo; Siang-Jiang Lin; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
482015Model-Based 3D Object Recognition and Fetching by a 7-DoF Robot with Online Obstacle Avoidance for Factory AutomationRen C. Luo; Chia-Wen Kuo; Yi-Ting Chung; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper100
492015Dynamic Multi-Obstacles Avoidance of a Robot Manipulator Based on Repulsive Vector Summation for Human-Robot Co-WorksRen C. Luo; Yi-Ting Chung; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper50
502015Effective Visual Calibration System for Parallel Robot Using Decision tree with Cooperative Coevolution Network ApproachRen C. Luo; Cheng-Hsun Hsieh; Shih Che Chou; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
512014Descending Stairs Locomotion and Somatosensory Control for An ErectWheel-Legged Service RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper10
522014Human Body Trajectory Generation Using Point Cloud Data for Robotics Massage ApplicationREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper40
532014Reactive Biped Robot Walking with On-line Path Generation and Obstacle AvoidanceREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
542014Multi-Sensor Fusion Based Concurrent Environment Mapping and Moving Object Detection for Intelligent Service RoboticsREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article
552014Repulsive Reaction Vector Generator for Whole-Arm Collision Avoidance of 7-DoF Redundant Robot ManipulatorRen C. Luo; Meng-Chu Ko; Yi-Ting Chung; Raja Chatila; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper150
562014Analytical Inverse Kinematic Solution for Modularized 7-DoF Redundant Manipulators with Offsets at Shoulder and WristRen Luo; Tsung-Wei Lin; Yun-Hsuan Tsai; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper160
572014Surgeon’s Third Hand: An Assistive Robot Endoscopic System with Intuitive Maneuverability for Laparoscopic SurgeryRen Luo; Jui Wang; Chih-Kang Chang; Yi Wen Peng; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper40
582014Hybrid Eye-to-hand and Eye-in-hand Visual Servo System for Parallel Robot Conveyor Object Tracking and FetchingRen C. Luo; Shih Che Chou; Xin Yi Yang; Norman Peng; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper100
592014Reactive Biped Robot Walking with On-line Path Generation and Obstacle AvoidanceRen C. Luo; Jun Sheng; Chin-Cheng Chen; Peng Hsi Chang; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
602014Intelligent Robot Photographer: Help People Taking Pictures Using Their Own CameraRen C. Luo; Wai Un Chan; Po-Jen Lai; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper10
612014Online Trajectory Tracking Based on Model Predictive Control for Dual-Arm Service RobotRen Luo; Kai-Chieh Huang; Rachid Alami; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
622014Descending Stairs Locomotion and Somatosensory Control for An Erect Wheel-Legged Service RobotRen C. Luo; Ming Hsiao; Che-Wei Liu; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper10
632014Human Body Trajectory Generation Using Point Cloud Data for Robotics Massage ApplicationsRen C. Luo; Sheng Y. Chen; Keng. C. Yeh; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper40
642014Real-time Gender Recognition Based on 3D Human Body Shape for Human-Robot InteractionRen C. Luo; Xiehao Wu; REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper75
652013Hybrid 3D Object Recognition and Tracking Pipeline with Occluded and Cluttered Situation for Service Robotics ApplicationsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
662013Human Age Classification Using Appearance Images for Human-Robot InteractionREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper30
672013Erect Wheel-Legged Stair Climbing Robot for Indoor Service ApplicationsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper130
682013Biped Robot Push and Recovery Using Flywheel Model Based Walking Perturbation CounteractionREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper40
692013Arbitrary biped robot foot gaiting based on variate COM heightREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper70
702013Real Time Human Motion Imitation of Anthropomorphic Dual Arm Robot Based on Cartesian Impedance ControlREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper240
712013Resume Navigation and Re-Localization of an Autonomous Mobile Robot After Being KidnappedREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper10
722013Walking Pattern Generation with Non-Constant Body Height Biped Walking RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper20
732013Multisensor Integrated Stair Recognition and Parameters Measurement System for Dynamic Stair Climbing RobotsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper120
742013Cartesian Position and Force Control with Adaptive Impedance/Compliance Capabilities for a Humanoid Robot ArmREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper50
752013Sensor fusion based vSLAM system for 3D environment grid map constructionREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper30
762013Multi-objects recognition using unsupervised learning and classificationREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
772013Wireless and Pyroelectric Sensory Fusion System for Indoor Human/Robot Localization and MonitoringREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article5140
782012Confidence Fusion Based Emotion Recognition of Multiple Persons for Human-Robot InteractionREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper20
792012Multi-Sensor Fusion Based Hand Sign Recognition for Human-Robot Interaction for Service RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper10
802012Walking Pattern Generation Based on Energy Function and Inverse Pendulum Model for Biped RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper10
812012Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Using Stereo Vision with Human Body Elimination for Service RoboticsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper30
822012Dynamic Face Recognition System in Recognizing Facial Expressions for Service RoboticsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper60
832012Autonomous Mobile Robot Localization Based on Multisensor Fusion ApproachREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper40
842012Concurrent Indoor Map Construction and Patterns of Interests Recognition Using Sensory Fusion Approach for Service RoboticsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
852012Indoor Robot/human Localization Using Dynamic Triangulation and Wireless Pyroelectric Infrared Sensory Fusion ApproachesREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper120
862012Enriched Indoor Map Construction Based on Multisensor Fusion Approach for Intelligent Service RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article5242
872012Multisensor Fusion and Integration: A Review on Approaches and Its Applications in MechatronicsREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article6156
882012Mobile Sensor Node Deployment and Asynchronous Power Management for Wireless Sensor NetworksREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article9981
892012Dynamic tracking of anatomical object for a steerable endoscopeREN-CHYUAN LUO ; PING-LANG YEN ; CHI-CHUAN YEH ; REY-HENG HU conference paper10
902011Design and Implementation of Humanoid Biped Walking Robot Mechanism towards Natural WalkingREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper20
912011Gender Recognition Based on Ensemble Learning with Selective Features for Service Robotics ApplicationsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper10
922011Speech Synchronization between Speech and Lip Shape Movements for Service Robotics ApplicationREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper20
932011Recognition of Face Expressions for Human-Robot InteractionREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
942011Human Robot Interactions Using Speech Synthesis and Recognition with Lip SynchronizationREN-CHYUAN LUO ; YEE-PIEN YANG conference paper60
952011Recognition of Facial Expressions Using Component-Based Active Appearance Models for Human-Robot InteractionsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
962011Lip-sync speech animation and 3D facial expressions for service robotics applicationsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
972011Hybrid Discriminative Visual Object Tracking with Confidence Fusion for Robotics ApplicationsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper40
982011Towards Active Actuated Natural Walking Humanoid Robot LegsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper10
992011Gender Classification Based on Multi-Classifiers Fusion for Human-Robot InteractionREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper10
1002011Alignment and Tracking of Facial Features with Component-Based Active Appearance Models and Optical FlowREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper60
1012011Object Tracking-by-Detection under Cluttered Environments Based on a Discriminative ApproachREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper10
1022011Adaptive Impedance Control for Safe Robot ManipulatorREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper60
1032011Walking Pattern Based on Simulated Annealing for Biped RoboticsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper30
1042011Gravity Compensation and Compliance Based Force Control for Auxiliarily Easiness in Manipulating Robot ArmREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper8
1052011Inference Algorithm Based Wireless and Pyroelectric Sensory Fusion System for Indoor Human/Robot Localization and MonitoringREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper10
1062011Electromyographic Evaluation of Therapeutic Massage Effect Using Multi-finger Robot HandREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper100
1072011Advances of Mechatronics and Robotics: Challenges and PerspectivesREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article21
1082011Multisensor Fusion and Integration: Theories, Applications, and its PerspectivesREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article7256
1092011Tracking with pointing gesture recognition for human-robot interactionREN-CHYUAN LUO ; YEE-PIEN YANG conference paper50
1102010Human Tracking and Following Using Sound Source Localization for Multisensor Based Mobile Assistive Companion RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper100
1112010Enriched Indoor Environment Map Building Using Multi-Sensor Based Fusion ApproachREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper60
1122010Electromyographic Signal Integrated Robot Hand Control for Massage Therapy ApplicationsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper130
1132010Search and Track Power Charge Docking Station Based on Sound Source for Autonomous Mobile Robot ApplicationsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper1411
1142010The Development of Fuzzy Virtual Spring-Damper Generator for Reducing Biped Robot Walking Contact VibrationREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
1152010Indoor Human Localization and Tracking Using Wireless Pyroelectric Sensory Fusion SystemREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
1162010Robotic Endoscope system with Compliance Effect Including Adaptive Impedance and Velocity control for Assistive Laparoscopic SurgeryREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper70
1172010Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation and Localization Based on Floor Plan Map Information and Sensory Fusion ApproachREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper80
1182010Hardware Accelerated Embedded System for Face Detection and Facial Expression RecognitionREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
1192010Multisensor based effective indoor environment map build-up for intelligent service robotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
1202010An Overview of the Issues and Perspectives for Multisensor Fusion and Integration in MechatronicsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
1212010Indoor Human and Robot Tracking and Localization for Service RoboticsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
1222010Robot Localization and Map BuildingREN-CHYUAN LUO book
1232010Multisensor Fusion and Integration Aspects to MechatronicsREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article63
1242010Development of a LCD Photomask Based Desktop Manufacturing systemREN-CHYUAN LUO book
1252009Internet Based Remote Supervisory System for Tele-medicine Robotics ApplicationREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper30
1262009Combined 2-D Sound Source Localization with Stereo Vision for Intelligent Human-Robot Interaction of Service RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper30
1272009Multi-Sensors Feedback for Grasping Objects With Laser Ranger in HandREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
1282009Multi-Sensor Fusion for Reduced Uncertainty in Autonomous Mobile Robot Docking and RechargingREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper112
1292009A Friendly Robot Assistant – LuoGuideREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
1302009Indoor Robot Localization and Mapping Using Natural Wall and Vertex as LandmarksREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
1312009人機介面裝置Human-Machine Interface ApparatusREN-CHYUAN LUO patent
13220093D Landmark Recognition Using Combined Range and Intensity Image Sensor Fusion ApproachREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
1332009Indoor Human Dynamic Localization and Tracking Based on Sensory Data Fusion TechniquesREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper62
1342009Network-Based Multimodal Human-Robot Interactions in Ubiquitous Computing EnvironmentREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper51
1352009Combined 3-D Sound Source Localization with Stereo Vision for Intelligent Human-Robot Interactions of Service RobotsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
1362009Human tracking and following using sensor fusion approach for mobile assistive companion robotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper230
1372009Multisensor based security robot system for intelligent buildingREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article2116
1382008Robot - human face tracking and recognition using relative affine structureREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper20
1392008Nonlinear dynamic contouring control for biped robot walkingREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
1402008智慧型機器人醫療照護及服務系統之研發(3/3)羅仁權 report
1412008The Development of LCD Photomask Based Desktop Manufacturing SystemREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article11
1422008The Development of Desktop e-Manufacturing SystemREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article
1432008Multilevel Muitisensor-Based Intelligent Recharging System for Mobile RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article
1442008Development of an LCD-Photomask-Based Desktop Manufacturing SystemLuo, R.C.; Tzou, J.H.; LuoRC journal article
1452007Mobile Sensor Node Localization Based on Sensor Fusion Using Covariance Intersection ApproachREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
1462007Mobile Robot Based Human Detection andTracking Using Range and Intensity Data FusionREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper170
1472007Indoor Mobile Robot Localization Using Probabilistic Multi-Sensor FusionREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper50
1482007RFID-Based Indoor Antenna Localization System using Passive Tags and Variable RF-AttenuationREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper156
1492007Trajectory-Tracking of Nonlinear Biped Robot System Based on Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode ControlREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper32
1502007Artificial Ecological System of Sensor Network Based on Ecological Balancing EnvironmentREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
1512007Self Managed System of Sensor Network – An Artificial Ecological SystemREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper20
1522007Layer Manufacturing Using Optimum Feed Control to Manufacture Functionally Graded structureREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
1532007Face Detection and Tracking for Human Robot Interaction through Service RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper84
1542007NCCU Security Warrior: An Intelligent Security Robot SystemREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper135
1552007A Novel Self-Maintenance Ecological System of Sensor Network Based on Ecological Balance EnvironmentREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
1562007Using Covariance Intersection Theory to Fuse Magnet and RSS for Mobile Sensor NetworkREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
1572007MEMS Based Microsensors for Monitoring Temperature Inside Core and Cavity of Intelligent MoldREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
1582007A Novel Indoor Heat Source Distribution Surveillance System through Sensor NetworkREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper30
1592007Multisensor Fusion and Integration: Algorithms, Applications, and Future Research DirectionsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper1711
1602007智慧型類人型機器人之設計與研製-子計畫四:類人型機器人之動態感測與控制及系統整合羅仁權 report
1612007智慧型類人型機器人之設計與研製-總計畫:智慧型類人型機器人之設計與研製羅仁權 report
1622007Core and Cavity with Embedded MEMS based Microsensors for Desktop Manufacturing AutomationREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
1632007Layered Manufacturing Using Selected Functional Graded Materials StructureREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
1642007Remote Supervisory Control of a Multisensor-Based Security RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
1652007Power Estimation and Prediction for Autonomous Mobile Robot Using Artificial Neural NetworkREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
1662007Multisensor Based Intelligent Mobile Security Robot SystemREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
1672007Motion Planning for Security Robot Using Tangent Bug MethodREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
1682007Optimizing Power Efficiency via Optimal Predictive Tracking Interval in Wireless Sensor NetworkREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
1692007The Relation between Instability with Organization of Biped RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
1702007A New Partition Method by Using Shadow Effect and Power Consumption to Enhance the Performance of Sensor Network SystemREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
1712007RFID-Based Indoor Antenna Localization System using Passive Tags,REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
1722007Rapid Manufacturing of Intelligent Mold with Embedded MicrosensorsREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article66
1732007The Development of Direct Metallic Rapid Tooling SystemREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article22
1742007The Development of Metallic Tooling Technologies to Produce Injection MoldREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article0
1752007Autonomous Fire Detection System Using Adaptive Sensory Fusion for Intelligent Security RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article4738
1762006A PDMS Mold with Embedded Sensory Array for Micromolding ProcessesREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
1772006Rapid Environment Identification for Intelligent Mobile RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper30
1782006Navigation and Mobile Security System of Home Security RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper83
1792006Intelligent Direct Metallic Rapid Tooling with Embedded MEMS based MicrosensorsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
1802006Path planning and control of functionally graded materials for rapid toolingREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper100
1812006Multisensor Based Security Robot System for Intelligent BuildingREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper1016
1822005Navigation and Mobile Security System of Intelligent Security RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper20
1832005Auto-Deployment of Mobile Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Grid MethodREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper130
1842005Multisensor Controlled Obstacle Avoidance and Navigation of Intelligent Security RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper40
1852005Rapid Tooling Using Laser Powered Direct Metallic Manufacturing ProcessREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper30
1862005Automatic Docking and Recharging System for Autonomous Security RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper260
1872005The Development of a Multisensor Based Intelligent Security Robot : Chung Cheng #1REN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper40
1882005The Development of Intelligent Home Security RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper180
1892005The Development of Multisensor Integrated Quadruped Pet RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper10
1902005Overview of The Intelligent Security Robot - Chung Cheng IREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper50
1912005Vision-Based Docking for Automatic Security Robot Power RechargingREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper80
1922005Multiagent Supervisory System for Intelligent Security RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
1932005Modeling of Functionally Graded Materials Object for Automated Desktop ManufacturingREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
1942005The Intelligent Control System for Pet RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
1952005Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Network for Intelligent BuildingREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
1962005Multisensors Based on Dynamic Navigation for an Intelligent Security RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
1972005Automated desktop manufacturing: Direct metallic rapid tooling systemREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper90
1982005An Efficient Dynamic Power Management Policy on Sensor NetworkREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper310
1992005Nodes Localization through Data Fusion in Sensor NetworkREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper170
2002004Rapid Tooling for Automated Desktop ManufacturingREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper10
2012004E-Manufacturing: Distributed Web-Based Desktop Rapid Prototyping SystemREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
2022004The Development of a Direct Metallic Rapid Prototyping SystemREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper50
2032004Implementation of a New Adaptive Slicing Algorithm for the Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing SystemREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article107
2042004The Development of an Intelligent Web-based Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing SystemREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article1211
2052003Mobile Agent Based Camera Security System of Intelligent BuildingREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
2062003An Intelligent Remote Diagnostic System for Driver System on a Security RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
2072003The Development of a Photo-mask Based Desktop Manufacturing SystemREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
2082003Flexible Solar Cells Based Thin Film Micro Sensor Arrays and Recharge System for Electric Sensitive SkinREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
2092003The Development of a Mechatronic Rapid Tooling SystemREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
2102003Capacitive Pressure Sensory Arrays for Scale Sensitive SkinREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
2112003Multisensor Based Power Diagnosis System for an Intelligent RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper140
2122003The Development of Web-based E-business System for Rapid Prototyping ManufacturingcREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper70
2132003The Development of Distributed Web-based Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing SystemREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper30
2142003A Multiagent Multisensor Based Real-Time Sensory Control System for Intelligent Security RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper279
2152003A Multiagent Multisensor Based Security System for Intelligent BuildingREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper168
2162003Advanced Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing System for E-automationREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
2172003Embedded Micro Sensory Arrays for On-line Monitoring of Injection Molding ProcessREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
2182003An Internet-Based Multimedia Information Kiosk System for Intelligent Security RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
2192003Implementation of Adaptive slicing algorithm for Rapid Prototyping SystemREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
2202003Design a Multi-agent Multisensor-Based Remote Diagnosis Intelligent Security Robot Through InternetREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
2212003Using Multisensor Fusion Algorithm to Control Gait Balance System for Pet RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
2222003An Effective Slicing Method:Using the Bucket Sort on Slicing AlgorithmREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
2232003The Vision and Remote Control System of Pet Robot Through the InternetREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
2242003Realize Data Acquisition/Control Based on Mobile Agent of Intelligent BuildingREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
2252003A Web-based Automated RP SystemREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
2262003Multi-Agent Based Intelligent Diagnostic System on Mobile RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
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2282002The Development of a Thermal Extrusion Based Rapid Prototyping Mechatronics SystemREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper60
2292002ntelligent Security Robot Fire Detection System using Adaptive Sensory Fusion MethodREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper245
2302002An Intelligent Remote Maintenance and Diagnostic System on Mobile RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper63
2312002Sensory Controlled Intelligent Assistant System for Walking RehabilitationREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper40
2322002The Development of a Thermal Extrusion Based Rapid Prototyping Mechatronics systemREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
2332002E-business Based and Supervisory Control Rapid Prototyping SystemREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
2342002Stabilization for Linear Uncertain System with Time LatencyREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article2826
2352002Investigation of a Linear 2-D Planar Motor based Rapid Tooling SystemREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper70
2362002Fire detection and Isolation for Intelligent Building System Using Adaptive Sensory Fusion MethodREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper350
2372002A Novel Symmetric Cryptography Based on The Hybrid Haar Wavelets Encoder and Chaotic Masking SchemeREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article149
2382002Multisensor Fusion and Integration: Approaches, Applications and Future Research DirectionsREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article385269
2392001Multisensor Based Control of Pet Robot through the InternetREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper40
2402001Sensors and Actuators for Intelligent Mechatronic SystemsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper22
2412001An Internet-Based Remote Control and Monitoring Rapid Prototyping SystemREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper90
2422001Thin Film PZT Pressure/Temperature Sensory Arrays for On-Line Monitoring of Injection MoldingREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper140
2432001The Development of Object-Oriented Knowledge Base and Adaptive Motion Planning for Autonomous Mobile RobotsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper20
2442001The Development of Intelligent Control System for Animal Robot Using Multisensor FusionREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper30
2452001The Development of Efficient Rapid Prototyping Software SystemREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
2462001E-Business Based Quotation System for Injection Molding ProductsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
2472001The Development of A new Adaptive Silicing Algorithm for Layered Manufacturing SystemREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper150
2482001Multilevel multisensor based decision fusion for intelligent animal robotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper80
2492001Desktop Rapid Prototyping System with Supervisory Control and Monitoring Through InternetREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article2114
2502001Target Tracking using Hierarchical Grey-Fuzzy Motion Decision-Making MethodREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article5242
2511999The Development of Internet Accessible Rapid Prototyping SystemREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper80
2521999Visual Tracking Using Adaptive Color Histogram ModelREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
2531999Efficient 3D CAD Model Slicing for Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing SystemsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper90
2541999Rapid Resin Mold with Embedded Thin Film Pressure/Temperature SensorsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper60
2551999A Review of High-Level Multisensor Fusion: Approaches and ApplicationsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper270
2561999Adaptive Intelligent Assistance Control of Electrical Wheelchairs by Grey-Fuzzy Decision-Making AlgorithmREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper60
2571999Telecontrol of Rapid Prototyping Machine via Internet for Automated TelemanufacturingREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper240
2581999Target Tracking by Grey Prediction Theory and Look-Ahead Fuzzy Logic ControlREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper240
2591999The Development of A Rapid Prototyping Machine System for Manufacturing AutomationREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper30
2601999The Development of an Adaptive Intelligent Assistance Controller for Electrical WheelchairsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
2611999The Development of Model Free Intelligent Assistance Control of Electrical WheelchairREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
2621999Networked intelligent autonomous mobile robot: issues and opportunitiesREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper80
2631999Automatic Guided Intelligent Wheelchair System Using Hierarchical Grey-Fuzzy Motion Decision-Making AlgorithmsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper150
2641999Force Reflective Feedback Control for Intelligent WheelchairsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper190
2651999A Generalized Look-Ahead Method for Adaptive Multiple Sequential Data Fusion and Decision MakingREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper20
2661998Design and Implementation of Capacitive proximity Sensor Using Microelectromechanical Systems TechnologyREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article8671
26719983D CAD Model Slicing Algorithm and 3-axis Position Control Using in Rapid Prototyping (RP) ProductionREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
2681998Remote Control of a Multi-behavior based Mobile Robot through the InternetREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
2691998Development of Intelligent Electrical Wheelchair for Hospital AutomationREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
2701998Model-Free Target Tracking for Autonomous Mobile RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
2711998Visual Moving Object Tracking using Model-Free Predictive ControlREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
2721998Integrated Multi-behavior Mobile Robot Navigation Using Decentralized ControlREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper40
2731998Multiagent and Event Driven Based Dynamic Collision Avoidance for an Autonomous Mobile RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper10
2741998Development and Integration of Multiple Behaviors for Autonomous Mobile Robot NavigationREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper90
2751998Modeling of Ultrasonic Range Sensors for Localization of Autonomous Mobile RobotsREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article2419
2761998Multiagent System with Event Driven Control for Autonomous Mobile Robot NavigationREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper10
2771998Distributed Multi-Agent Sensory Information Fusion System and Resource ManagementREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
2781998Fractal-based Classification of Natural TexturesREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article3421
2791998MEMS based thin film pressure/temperature sensor for on-line monitoring injection moldingREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper60
2801998Multiagent based multisensor resource management systemREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper60
2811997Multisensor based autonomous mobile robot through Internet controlREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper30
2821997Remote Supervisory Control of A Sensor Based Mobile Robot Via InternetREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper130
2831997Multilayered fuzzy behavior fusion for reactive control of an autonomous mobile robotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
2841997Intelligent Mobile Robot Capable of Recognizing Gestues and Taking ActionsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
2851997A Capacitive Tri-axial Tactile Force Sensor DesignREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper20
2861997Autonomous Mobile Robot Global Motion Planning and Geometric Beacon Collection Using Traversability VectorsREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article2721
2871996Projection Learning for Self-Organizing Neural NetworksREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article00
2881996Hybrid Vision System for Meaningful Landmark Isolation and RecognitionREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
2891996Gesture Recognition Using Syntactical Hand-Sign ParsingREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
2901996CAD Model Slicing and Surface Smoothing for Building Rapid PrototypingREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper30
2911996Global self-localization for actual mobile robots: Generating and sharing topographical knowledge using the region-feature neural networkREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper50
2921996Multisensor Based Fuzzy Behavior Fusion for Real Time Control of Automatons Mobile RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
2931996Multilayered fuzzy behavior fusion for real-time reactive control of systems with multiple sensorsREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article2821
2941996Pattern Analysis for Autonomous Vehicles with the Region-and Feature-based Neural Network, Global Self-Localization and Traffic Sign RecognitionREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper60
2951996Position Estimation of Selected TargetsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper50
2961996Autonomous Mobile Robot Sonar Range Prediction and Credence with Sonar WindowsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
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2981996Sensor Technologies and Microsensor Issues for Mechatronics SystemsREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article4837
2991996Lola: Probabilistic Mobile Robot Navigation for Topological MapsREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article
3001995Custom shoe last fabrication through CNC millingREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper30
3011995A Flexible Capacitive Normal/Shear Force Sensor DesignREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3021995Laser Scanner to CNC Milling Machine: a Fully Integrated Shoe Last Fabrication SystemREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3031995Topological method for loop detection of surface intersection problemsREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article138
3041995Global Self-Localization for Autonomous Mobile Robots Using Self-Organizing Kohonen NetworksREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper90
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3061995A Slicing Algorithm for Rapid Pototyping and ManufacturingREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper200
3071995Global Self- Localization for Autonomous Mobile Robots Using Region-and Feature- Based Neural NetworkREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper20
3081994Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation Using Traversibility VectorsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3091994MARGE: an Autonomous Mobile Robot Using Multisensors and Fuzzy ControlREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3101994Landmark Recognition Using Projection Learning for Mobile Robot NavigationREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper80
3111994Landmark Recognition for Mobile Robots in Dynamic Environment Using Self Organizing Neural NetworksREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3121994Biarc Based Slicing and Data Fitting for Interfacing Rapid Prototyping MachinesREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3131994Sensor Technologies and Multisensor Fusion: Issues and ApproachesREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3141994CNC Cutter Path Generation for Free Form Surface MachiningREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3151994Dynamic Motion Control of Sensor Based Autonomous Mobile RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3161994Validation of 3-D Curved Objects: CAD Model and Fabricated WorkpieceREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article44
3171994Fuzzy Behavior Fusion for Reactive Control of an Autonomous Mobile RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper2616
3181993Defocusing Blur Restoration in Natural Scene Images for Fractal AnalysisREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
3191993Visual Feedback Control for Tracking and Intercepting 3-D Moving ObjectsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper01
3201993Fuzzy Behavior Fusion for Autonomous Mobile Robot ControlREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3211993An Innovative Micro Proximity SensorREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3221993Mobile Robot Navigation Using Fractals and Neural NetworkREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3231993Sonar windows and geometrically represented objects for mobile robot self-referencingREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper10
3241993Modeling and Implementation of an Innovative Micro Proximity Sensor Using Micromachining TechnologyREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper190
3251993Sensor Data Fusion and Integration for Networks of MicrosensorsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3261993Three Dimensional Object Recognition Using Virtual PointsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3271993Global Vision for the Control of Free-ranging AGV SystemsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper50
3281993Outdoor Landmark Recognition Using Factual Based Vision and Neural NetworksREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3291992Translation and Scale Invariant Landmark Recognition Using Receptive Field Neural NetworkREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3301992Measurement of Fractals of Natural Textures Using the Autocorrelation FunctionREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3311992Sensor Placement Strategy Using Mobile 3-D Laser Range Finding SystemREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3321992Development of a Complex Manufacturing FloorREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3331992Selection of Sensor-based Free-ranging AGV SystemsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3341991Multisensor Fusion and Integration under Time Evolving ConditionsREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article
3351991Improving Hierarchical Architecture Performance with Dynamic SegmentationREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper10
3361991Knowledge-Based Natural Scene-DescriptionREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
3371991Motion Planning in the Presence of Moving ObstaclesREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
33819913-D Object Motion Estimation Using Multiple Sensor DataREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3391991MARGE: Mobile Autonomous Robot for Guidance ExperimentsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3401991Intelligent Control for Multiple AGVs Using Global VisionREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3411991A Feasible Collision Detection Algorithm for Mobile Robot Motion Planning with Moving ObstaclesREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
3421991Intelligent Mobile Autonomous Robotics SystemREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
34319913-D Curved Object Recognition by Fusion Multiple Sensory InformationREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3441991Design and Implementation of a Multi-Degree of Freedom Intelligent Robot HandREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper00
3451991Receptive Field Neural Networks for Translation and Scale-adaptable Landmark RecognitionREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3461991Expert Opinion on New Technology Trends for the Next YearREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
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3501989HMP: a hierarchical multiprocessor computer architecture for multi-sensor based robotic tasksREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper20
3511989Intelligent Mobile Robot Path Planning Without a Road MapREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3521989AI Based Automatic Robotic ProgrammingREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
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3581988A Microcomputer-Based Intelligent Sensor For Multiaxis Force/Torque MeasurementREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article20
3591988Recognition of 3-D Object Using Modified 3-D General Hough TransformationREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
36019883-D Laser Range Finder Integrated Dexterous HandREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3611988Robotically Assisted Field Material Handling Using Combined Visual/Acoustic Sensing SystemsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
36219883-D Curved Object Recognition Using Fourier DescriptorREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3631988Multi-Sensor Fusion Under Time-Evolving EnvironmentsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3641988Multisensor Integration and Fusion: Issues and ApproachesREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3651988The Role of Multi-Sensor Fusion and Integration in the Operation of Mobile RobotsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
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3681988A Combined Visual/Acoustic Sensing System for Robotics Tracking and DockingREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3691988Intelligent Robot with Vision System for 3-D Object Tracking and DockingREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3701987Object Identification Using Automated Decision Tree Construction Approach for Robotic ApplicationsREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article32
3711987Microcomputer Based Robot Dynamic Sensing Using Linear Array Sensor for Object RecognitionREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article21
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3731987Object Recognition Using Low Resolution Touch SensorREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3741987Similar Shape Object Recognition Using Tactile Array Image SensorREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3751987Robot Eye-in- Hand System for Flexible AutomationREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
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3801986Design of Capacitive Pressure-Difference Sensors with Vibrating MembraneREN-CHYUAN LUO journal article
3811986Intelligent Robot with Adaptive Hybrid Position/Force Sensory ControlREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3821986Multi-Sensor Based Intelligent Robot SystemREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper2
3831986Complex Moment as Features for Object Recognition Using Tactile Image SensorsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3841986Intelligent Robot for Real Time Contour Following Using Non-Sensing ApproachREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3851985Adaptive Robot Grasping Force Control Using Sensory Feedback SystemREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3861985Mobile Robot Self- Location in an Indoor Environment: A Single Camera SchemeREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper0
3871985Robot Eye-in-Hand Using Solid State Linear ArrayREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3881985Design of Robot Hand-based Intelligent Sensor for the Measurement of Six DOF Force/Torque InformationREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3891985Navigating Mobile Robot with Supervisory Vision SystemREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3901985Artificial Intelligence in Advanced Robotic Sensor TechnologyREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper1
3911985Object Recognition Using Tactile Image Array SensorsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper12
3921984Design and Implementation of Hand Based Tactile Sensors for Industrial RobotsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper3
3931984An Imaging Tactile Sensor with Magnetostrictive TransactionREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3941984Object Recognition with Tactile and Vision and Sensory ControlsREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3951984Automatic Quick- Change Gripper Fingers with Sensors for Flexible AssemblyREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3961984An Improved Intelligent Robot System for FMSREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3971984Sensor- Controlled Robot Hand With Intelligent Sensors for Flexible AssemblyREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
3981983Sensors for Cleaning Castings with Robot and Plasma Arc TorchREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
399-05Design a Remote Diagnosis and Detection System for Security RobotREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper
400-01Knowledge-Based Dynamic Multi-Sensor Integration for Intelligent Robot SystemREN-CHYUAN LUO conference paper