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12018Effects of Extracorporeal Shock Wave-Mediated Transdermal Local Anesthetic Drug Delivery on Rat Caudal NervesJER-JUNN LUH ; Huang, Wan Ting; KWAN-HWA LIN ; YI-YOU HUANG; PO-LING KUO ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN ; JER-JUNN LUH ; Huang, Wan Ting; KWAN-HWA LIN ; YI-YOU HUANG ; PO-LING KUO ; WEN-SHIANG CHEN 415
22018Automated evaluation of suturing performance based on surface electromyographic signals using machine learning—preliminary resultsChi-Chuan Yeh; Po-Yuan Su; Po-Kang Liu; Po-Ling Kuo; PO-LING KUO conference paper
32018Automated tracking of entrapped nerves in dynamic sonographyChueh-Hung Wu; Ming-Yen Hsiao; Wei-Ting Syu; Po-Ling Kuo; PO-LING KUO conference paper
42017Elevated hydrostatic pressure enhances the motility and enlarges the size of the lung cancer cells through aquaporin upregulation mediated by caveolin-1 and ERK1/2 signalingKao, Y. C.; Jheng, J. R.; Pan, H. J.; Liao, W. Y.; Lee, C. H.; PO-LING KUO 776
52017Shear-wave elasticity measurements of three-dimensional cell cultures for mechanobiologyPO-LING KUO ; Ching-Che Charng; Po-Chen Wu; PAI-CHI LI journal article55
62017A three-dimensional cell culture device for simulation of hepatic hypertensionPo-Ling Kuo; Hao-Dinh Phung; PO-LING KUO conference paper00
72016Shear wave measurements for evaluation of tendon diseasesChia-Lun Yeh; Po-Ling Kuo; Jean-Luc Gennisson; Javier Brum; Micka?l Tanter; Pai-Chi Li; PO-LING KUO journal article65
82016Caveolin-1 phosphorylation drives elevated hydrostatic pressure-induced invasion of lung cancer cellsYu-Chiu Kao; Huei-Jyuan Pan; Chau-Hwang Lee; Po-Ling Kuo; PO-LING KUO conference paper
92015Pulsed high-intensity focused ultrasound exposure decreases shear wave speed of rabbit’s Achilles tendonsChia-Lun Yeh; Pa-Chi Li; Po-Ling Kuo; PO-LING KUO conference paper00
102014Modulating chemotaxis of lung cancer cells by using electric fields in a microfluidic devicePO-LING KUO ; WEI-YU LIAO journal article1313
112014Substrate stiffness regulates filopodial activities in lung cancer cellsPO-LING KUO ; KUNG-BIN SUNG journal article1515
122014Stiffness dynamics of rabbit's achilles tendons evaluated by shear wave elastography in vivoChia-Lun Yeh; Po-Ling Kuo; Pai-Chi Li; PO-LING KUO conference paper20
132014Finite element analysis of strain-stiffening behaviors of tendons:compared with shear wave elasticity imagingTang-Ting Chu; Chia-Lun Yeh; Pai-Chi Li; Po-Ling Kuo; PO-LING KUO conference paper00
1420143D cell mechanobiology study using shear wave elasticity imagingChun-Ting Li; Chin-Hsiung Tsai; Pai-Chi Li; Po-Ling Kuo; PO-LING KUO conference paper00
152014Microfluidic-Based Devices for studying effects of hydrostatic pressures on the T-cell migration and T-cell mediated cytotoxicity of cancer cellsPo-Chan Wu; Wen-Yu Wang; Po-Ling Kuo; PO-LING KUO conference paper0
162014Increased hydrostatic pressure enhances motility of lung cancer cellsYu-Chiu Kao; Chau-Hwang Li; Po-Ling Kuo; PO-LING KUO conference paper40
172013Imaging monitored loosening of dense fibrous tissues using high-intensity pulsed ultrasoundPAI-CHI LI ; PO-LING KUO ; WEN-PIN SHIH journal article33
182012Myocyte Shape Regulates Lateral Registry of Sarcomeres and ContractilityPO-LING KUO journal article5860
192011Self-organization of muscle cell structure and functionPO-LING KUO journal article6764
202011The configurable-biomolecular nano pattern controlled by surface potentialLin, Chih-Ting ; Lin, Chih-Ting ; CHIH-TING LIN ; Chung, Shang-Lun; Chung, Shang-Lun; Lin, Chih-Hao; Lin, Chih-Hao; Kuo, Po-Ling ; Kuo, Po-Ling ; Li, Chang-Hong; Li, Chang-Hongjournal article10
212011Electrophysiologic evidence of spinal accessory neuropathy in patients with cervical myofascial pain syndromePO-LING KUO ; Chang, Chein-Wei ; CHEIN-WEI CHANG ; Chang, Kai-Yin; Chen, Yu-Ren; Kuo, Po-Ling ; CHANG, CHEIN-WEI ; CHANG, KAI-YIN; CHEN, YU-REN; CHUANG, LI-LING; KUO, BOR-LINjournal article1311
222010Motion of cancer-cell lamellipodia perturbed by laser light of two wavelengthsPO-LING KUO journal article86
232010Optimization of Electroactive Hydrogel ActuatorsPO-LING KUO journal article4537
242009Computer keyswitch force-displacement characteristics affect muscle activity patterns during index finger tappingPO-LING KUO journal article3226
252008The Emergence of Mechanical Form and Function in the Cardiac MyocytePO-LING KUO book
262008Micropatterning Approaches for Cardiac Biology. In: Micro- and Nanoengineering of the Cell Microenvironment: Technologies and ApplicationsPO-LING KUO book
272006Finger joint coordination during tappingPO-LING KUO journal article3737
282002Measurements of tendon elastic properties李百祺 ; 郭柏齡 conference paper
292002Elastic modulus measurements of human liver and correlation with pathologyPO-LING KUO ; YUNG-MING JENG ; PEI-MING YANG journal article270245
302001Young's modulus measurements of human liver and correlation with pathological findingsYeh, Wen-Chun; Jeng, Yung-Ming ; Hsu, Hey-Chi; Kuo, Po-Ling ; Li, Meng-Lin; Yang, Pei-Ming ; Lee, Po-Huang ; Li, Pai-Chi conference paper110
312001Elastic properties of tendon measured by two different approachesPO-LING KUO journal article5753
322000Measurements of elastic properties of tendons: comparison of two approachesKuo, Po-Ling ; Li, Pai-Chi text00
331999Strain measurements of rabbit Achilles tendons by ultrasoundPO-LING KUO ; JIN-SHIN LAI ; CHIA-TUNG SHUN journal article2321
341998Ultrasonic measurements of rabbit Achilles tendon郭柏齡 ; 李百祺 ; 孫家棟 ; 賴金鑫 conference paper
351998In vitro elasticity measurements of Achilles tendon of rabbit郭柏齡 ; 李百祺 conference paper