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12019Learning English¡VChinese bilingual word representations from sentence-aligned parallel corpusYen A.-Z.; Huang H.-H.; Chen H.-H. journal article00
22019CrowDPT: Summarizing crowd opinions as professional analystChen C.-C.; Tsai C.-W.; Huang H.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper20
32019Precise Description Generation for Knowledge Base Entities with Local Pointer NetworkYeh S.-H.; Huang H.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper00
42019Learning to map natural language statements into knowledge base representations for knowledge base constructionLin C.-H.; Huang H.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper1
52019Transfer of frames from english framenet to construct Chinese framenet: A bilingual corpus-based approachYang T.-H.; Huang H.-H.; Yen A.-Z.; Chen H.-H. conference paper1
62019Detection of false online advertisements with DCNNHuang H.-H.; Wen Y.-W.; Chen H.-H. conference paper10
72019Identification of homographic pun location for pun understandingHuang Y.-H.; Huang H.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper10
82019Numeral Understanding in Financial Tweets for Fine-Grained Crowd-Based ForecastingChen C.-C.; Huang H.-H.; Shiue Y.-T.; Chen H.-H. conference paper50
92018Visual concept selection with textual knowledge for understanding activities of daily living and life moment retrievalTang T.-H.; Fu M.-H.; Huang H.-H.; Chen K.-T.; Chen H.-H. conference paper1
102018Discourse marker detection for hesitation events on Mandarin conversationWang Y.-W.; Huang H.-H.; Chen K.-Y.; Chen H.-H. conference paper00
112018A neural network approach to early risk detection of depression and anorexia on social media textWang Y.-T.; Huang H.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper0
122018MKDS: A Medical Knowledge Discovery System Learned from Electronic Medical Records (Demonstration)Huang H.-H.; Yen A.-Z.; Chen H.-H. conference paper00
132018CISA: Chinese information structure analysis for scientific writing with cross-lingual adversarial learningHuang H.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper0
142018Disambiguating false-alarm hashtag usages in tweets for irony detectionHuang H.-H.; Chen C.-C.; Chen H.-H. conference paper1
152017A simplification¡Vtranslation¡Vrestoration framework for domain adaptation in statistical machine translation: A case study in medical record translationChen H.-B.; Huang H.-H.; Hsieh A.-C.; Chen H.-H. journal article21
162017Structural-fitting word vectors to linguistic ontology for semantic relatedness measurementLee Y.-Y.; Yen T.-Y.; Huang H.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper00
172017Fusing domain-specific data with general data for in-domain applicationsYen A.-Z.; Huang H.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper00
182017Irony detection with attentive recurrent neural networksHuang Y.-H.; Huang H.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper70
192017Implicit opinion analysis: Extraction and polarity labellingHuang H.-H.; Wang J.-J.; Chen H.-H. journal article31
202017Paid review and paid writer detectionKo M.-C.; Huang H.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper10
212017DISA: A scientific writing advisor with deep information structure analysisHuang H.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper2
222017Detection of Chinese word usage errors for non-Native Chinese learners with bidirectional LSTMShiue Y.-T.; Huang H.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper30
232016Exploring the use of unsupervised query modeling techniques for speech recognition and summarizationChen K.-Y.; Liu S.-H.; Chen B.; Wang H.-M.; Chen H.-H. journal article65
242016Detecting word usage errors in Chinese sentences for learning Chinese as a foreign languageShiue Y.-T.; Chen H.-H. conference paper3
252016Fine-grained Chinese discourse relation labellingChen H.-Y.; Liao W.-S.; Huang H.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper1
262016Subtask mining from search query logs for how-knowledge accelerationKuo C.-L.; Chen H.-H. conference paper0
272016NL2KB: Resolving vocabulary gap between natural language and knowledge base in knowledge base construction and retrievalWei S.-L.; Chiu Y.-P.; Huang H.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper0
282016Detection, disambiguation and argument identification of discourse connectives in Chinese discourse parsingShih Y.-S.; Chen H.-H. conference paper0
292016Chinese preposition selection for grammatical error diagnosisHuang H.-H.; Shao Y.-C.; Chen H.-H. conference paper2
302016Implicit polarity and implicit aspect recognition in opinion miningChen H.-Y.; Chen H.-H. conference paper2
312016Chinese tense labelling and causal analysisHuang H.-H.; Yang C.-R.; Chen H.-H. conference paper0
322016Novel word embedding and translation-based language modeling for extractive speech summarizationChen K.-Y.; Liu S.-H.; Chen B.; Wang H.-M.; Chen H.-H. conference paper10
332015Extractive broadcast news summarization leveraging recurrent neural network language modeling techniquesChen K.-Y.; Liu S.-H.; Chen B.; Wang H.-M.; Jan E.-E.; Hsu W.-L.; Chen H.-H. journal article1512
342015I-vector based language modeling for query representationChen K.-Y.; Wang H.-M.; Chen B.; Chen H.-H. conference paper00
352015Mining browsing behaviors for objectionable content filteringLee L.-H.; Juan Y.-C.; Tseng W.-L.; Chen H.-H. ; Tseng Y.-H.journal article86
362015Leveraging word embeddings for spoken document summarizationChen K.-Y.; Liu S.-H.; Wang H.-M.; Chen B.; Chen H.-H. conference paper7
372015Opinion spam detection in web forum: A real case studyChen Y.-R.; Chen H.-H. conference paper280
382015A probabilistic framework for Chinese spelling checkChen K.-Y.; Wang H.-M.; Chen H.-H. conference paper32
392015Analysis of cyber army¡¦s behaviours on web forum for elect campaignKo M.-C.; Chen H.-H. conference paper10
402015Opinion spammer detection in web forumChen Y.-R.; Chen H.-H. conference paper100
412015PrefaceChen H.-H. ; Markert K.journal article0
422014A recurrent neural network language modeling framework for extractive speech summarizationChen K.-Y.; Liu S.-H.; Chen B.; Wang H.-M.; Hsu W.-L.; Chen H.-H. conference paper50
432014I-vector based language modeling for spoken document retrievalChen K.-Y.; Lee H.-S.; Wang H.-M.; Chen B.; Chen H.-H. conference paper120
442014Intent mining in search query logs for automatic search script generationWang C.-J.; Chen H.-H. journal article32
452014Integrating linguistic and world knowledge for domain-adaptable natural language interfacesHuang H.-H.; Yu C.-S.; Chen H.-Y.; Chen H.-H. ; Lee P.-C.; Chen C.-H.conference paper00
462014Users' behavioral prediction for phishing detectionLee L.-H.; Lee K.-C.; Juan Y.-C.; Chen H.-H. ; Tseng Y.-H.conference paper70
472014Mining professional knowledge from medical recordsHuang H.-H.; Lee C.-C.; Chen H.-H. conference paper10
482014Chinese word ordering errors detection and correction for non-native Chinese language learnersCheng S.-M.; Yu C.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper8
492014Web-based analysis of chinese discourse markers for opinion miningHuang H.-H.; Yu C.-H.; Chang T.-W.; Lin C.-K.; Chen H.-H. conference paper00
502014Chinese irony corpus construction and ironic structure analysisTang Y.-J.; Chen H.-H. conference paper8
512014Question type analysis for question-answering applications in educationLee Y.-Y.; Shao C.-C.; Chiu Y.-P.; Shih Y.-S.; Chen H.-H. ; Wang C.-J.; Chang S.-C.conference paper0
522014NTUNLP approaches to recognizing and disambiguating entities in long and short text at the ERD Challenge 2014Chiu Y.-P.; Shih Y.-S.; Lee Y.-Y.; Shao C.-C.; Cai M.-L.; Wei S.-L.; Chen H.-H. conference paper90
532014Exploring ensemble of models in taxonomy-based cross-domain sentiment classificationLin C.-K.; Lee Y.-Y.; Yu C.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper70
542014Leveraging effective query modeling techniques for speech recognition and summarizationChen K.-Y.; Liu S.-H.; Chen B.; Jan E.-E.; Wang H.-M.; Hsu W.-L.; Chen H.-H. conference paper8
552014Sentence rephrasing for parsing sentences with OOV wordsHuang H.-H.; Chen H.-Y.; Yu C.-S.; Chen H.-H. ; Lee P.-C.; Chen C.-H.conference paper1
562014A tagging editor for learner corpora annotation and error analysisLee L.-H.; Lee K.-C.; Chang L.-P.; Tseng Y.-H.; Yu L.-C.; Chen H.-H. conference paper3
572014Proactive blacklist update for anti-phishingLee L.-H.; Lee K.-C.; Chen H.-H. ; Tseng Y.-H.conference paper60
582014Interpretation of Chinese discourse connectives for explicit discourse relation recognitionHuang H.-H.; Chang T.-W.; Chen H.-Y.; Chen H.-H. conference paper3
592013Linguistic rules based Chinese error detection for second language learningLee L.-H.; Chang L.-P.; Lee K.-C.; Tseng Y.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper6
602013Mining subtopics from different aspects for diversifying search resultsWang C.-J.; Lin Y.-W.; Tsai M.-F.; Chen H.-H. journal article86
612013Weighted matrix factorization for spoken document retrievalChen K.-Y.; Wang H.-M.; Chen B.; Chen H.-H. conference paper50
622013Objectionable content filtering by click-through dataLee L.-H.; Juan Y.-C.; Chen H.-H. ; Tseng Y.-H.conference paper10
632013Taxonomy-based regression model for cross-domain sentiment classificationLin C.-K.; Lee Y.-Y.; Yu C.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper10
642013Medical record retrieval and extraction for professional information accessLee C.-C.; Huang H.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper0
652013Modeling human inference process for textual entailment recognitionHuang H.-H.; Chang K.-C.; Chen H.-H. conference paper3
662012A statistical medical summary translation systemChen H.-B.; Huang H.-H.; Tan C.-T.; Tjiu J.; Chen H.-H. conference paper50
672012Learning to predict the cost-per-click for your ad wordsWang C.-J.; Chen H.-H. conference paper00
682012Domain dependent word polarity analysis for sentiment classificationYu H.-C.; Huang T.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper1
692012Automatic construction of an evaluation dataset from wisdom of the crowds for information retrieval applicationsWang C.-J.; Huang H.-S.; Chen H.-H. conference paper10
702012POSTER: Context-aware web security threat preventionLee L.-H.; Juan Y.-C.; Lee K.-C.; Tseng W.-L.; Chen H.-H. ; Tseng Y.-H.conference paper30
712012Mining search intents for collaborative cyberporn filteringLee L.-H.; Chen H.-H. journal article53
722012A simplification-translation-restoration framework for cross-domain SMT applicationsChen H.-B.; Huang H.-H.; Chen H.-H. ; Tan C.-T.conference paper6
732012Outpatient department recommendation based on medical summariesHuang H.-H.; Lee C.-C.; Chen H.-H. conference paper20
742012Development of a web-scale Chinese word N-gram corpus with parts of speech informationYu C.-H.; Tang Y.-J.; Chen H.-H. conference paper8
752012Detecting word ordering errors in chinese sentences for learning chinese as a foreign languageYu C.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper8
762012Mining sentiment words from microblogs for predicting writer-reader emotion transitionTang Y.-J.; Chen H.-H. conference paper12
772012Contingency and comparison relation labeling and structure prediction in Chinese sentencesHuang H.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper7
782012NTUSocialRec: An evaluation dataset constructed from microblogs for recommendation applications in social networksWang C.-J.; Cheng S.-M.; Lee L.-H.; Chen H.-H. ; Liu W.-S.; Huang P.-W.; Lin S.-P.conference paper1
792011Learning a merge model for multilingual information retrievalTsai M.-F.; Chen H.-H. ; Wang Y.-T.journal article43
802011Predicting next search actions with search engine query logsLin K.-H.-Y.; Wang C.-J.; Chen H.-H. conference paper50
812011Query-dependent rank aggregation with local modelsLin H.-Y.; Yu C.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper20
822011Collaborative blacklist generation via searches-and-clicksLee L.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper20
832011Search scripts mining from wisdom of the crowdsWang C.-J.; Chen H.-H. conference paper00
842011Predicting the semantic orientation of terms in E-HowNetLi C.-R.; Yu C.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper1
852011A comparison between microblog corpus and balanced corpus from linguistic and sentimental perspectivesTang Y.-J.; Li C.-Y.; Chen H.-H. conference paper2
862011Pause and stop labeling for Chinese sentence boundary detectionHuang H.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper2
872011Efficient and effective prediction of social tags to enhance web searchHsu M.-H.; Chen H.-H. journal article66
882011Collaborative cyberporn filtering with collective intelligenceLee L.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper80
892010A cascaded classification approach to disambiguating polysemous mentions with social chainsWei Y.-C.; Lin M.-S.; Chen H.-H. journal article00
902010SIGIR 2010 Proceedings - 33rd Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval: Preface from the program committee chairsChen H.-H. ; Efthimiadis E.N.; Savoy J.journal article0
912010Comment extraction from blog posts and its applications to Opinion miningKao H.-A.; Chen H.-H. conference paper3
922010Intent boundary detection in search query logsWang C.-J.; Lin K.H.-Y.; Chen H.-H. conference paper70
932010Temporal correlation between social tags and emerging long-term trend detectionHsu M.-H.; Chang Y.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper3
942010Commonsense knowledge mining from the webYu C.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper2
952010Construction of a Chinese opinion treebankKu L.-W.; Huang T.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper3
962010Predicting morphological types of Chinese bi-character words by machine learning approachesHuang T.-H.; Ku L.-W.; Chen H.-H. conference paper1
972009An effective anomaly traffic detection system via quadruple attributes for NTU campus networkLi M.-W.; Day W.-Y.; Lin P.; Chen H.-H. journal article0
982009opinion mining and relationship discovery using CopeOpi opinion analysis systemKu L.-W.; Ho H.-W.; Chen H.-H. journal article2516
992009Image sense classification in text-based image retrievalChang Y.-C.; Chen H.-H. conference paper20
1002009A web-based relatedness measure by conditional queryLin M.-S.; Chen H.-H. conference paper00
1012009Writer meets reader: Emotion analysis of social media from both the writer's and reader's perspectivesYang C.; Lin K.H.-Y.; Chen H.-H. conference paper160
1022009Increasing precision and diversity in photo retrieval by result fusionChang Y.-C.; Chen H.-H. conference paper10
1032009A study on identification of opinion holdersLee C.-Y.; Ku L.-W.; Chen H.-H. conference paper2
1042009Using morphological and syntactic structures for Chinese opinion analysisKu L.-W.; Huang T.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper36
1052008意見檢索、擷取、摘要、問答、和偵測與追蹤的研究 (新制多年期第1年)陳信希 report
1062008跨語言跨媒體資訊檢索研究(2/2)陳信希 report
1072008以部落格內容和結構探勘研究使用者之個別和群體行為 (新制多年期第1年)陳信希 report
1082008Interactive content presentation based on expressed emotion and physiological feedbackTien-Lin Wu; Hsuan-Kai Wang; Chien-Chang Ho; Yuan-Pin Lin; Tin-Tin Hu; Ming-Fang Weng; Li-Wei Chan; Chang-Hua Yang; Yi-Hsuan Yang; Yi-Ping Hung ; Yung-Yu Chuang ; Hsin-Hsi Chen ; Homer Chen; Jyh-Horng Chen ; Shyh-Kang Jeng conference paper40
1092008Overview of Multilingual Opinion Analysis Task at NTCIR-7Yohei Seki; David Kirk Evans; Lun-Wei Ku; Le Sun; Hsin-Hsi Chen ; Noriko Kandoconference paper
1102008Event Detection and Summarization in Weblogs with Temporal CollocationsChun-Yuan Teng; Hsin-Hsi Chen conference paper
1112008Tag Normalization and Prediction for Effective Social Media RetrievalMing-Hung Hsu; Hsin-Hsi Chen conference paper70
1122008TCMGeneDIT: A database for associated traditional Chinese medicine, gene and disease information using text miningFang Y.-C.; Huang H.-C.; Chen H.-H. ; Juan H.-F.journal article8471
1132008Combining WordNet and ConceptNet for automatic query expansion: A learning approachHsu M.-H.; Tsai M.-F.; Chen H.-H. conference paper260
1142008Labeling categories and relationships in an evolving social networkLin M.-S.; Chen H.-H. conference paper40
1152008A study of learning a merge model for multilingual information retrievalTsai M.-F.; Wang Y.-T.; Chen H.-H. conference paper120
1162008Using an Image-text parallel corpus and the web for query expansion in cross-language image retrievalChang Y.-C.; Chen H.-H. conference paper40
1172008Emotion classification of online news articles from the reader's perspectiveLin K.H.-Y.; Yang C.; Chen H.-H. conference paper770
1182008Ranking reader emotions using pairwise loss minimization and emotional distribution regressionLin K.H.-Y.; Chen H.-H. conference paper29
1192008A method to predict social annotationsHsu M.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper30
1202008Tag normalization and prediction for effective social media retrievalHsu M.-H.; Chen H.-H. conference paper70
1212008Multidocument summary generation: Using informative and event wordsKuo J.-J.; Chen H.-H. journal article120
1222008Increasing relevance and diversity in photo retrieval by result fusionChang Y.-C.; Chen H.-H. conference paper0
1232007科普活動-第八屆網際網路程式設計全國大賽陳信希 report
1242007意見檢索、擷取、摘要、問答、和偵測與追蹤的研究 (新制多年期第2年)陳信希 report
1252007Approaches of Using a Word-Image Ontology and an Annotated Image Corpus as Intermedia for Cross-Language Image RetrievalYih-Chen Chang; Hsin-Hsi Chen conference paper
1262007Opinion Analysis across Languages: An Overview of and Observations from the NTCIR6 Opinion Analysis Pilot TaskDavid Kirk Evans; Lun-Wei Ku; Yohei Seki; Hsin-Hsi Chen ; Noriko Kandoconference paper
1272007Overview of the NTCIR-6 Cross-Lingual Question Answering TaskYutaka Sasaki; Chuan-Jie Lin; Kuang-hua Chen ; Hsin-Hsi Chen conference paper
1282007以部落格語料進行情緒趨勢分析楊昌樺; 高虹安; 陳信希 conference paper
1292007Analyzing Temporal Collocations in WeblogsChun-Yuan Teng; Hsin-Hsi Chen conference paper
1302007Test Collection Selection and Gold Standard Generation for a Multiply-Annotated Opinion CorpusLun-Wei Ku; Yong-Sheng Lo; Hsin-Hsi Chen conference paper
1312007Question Analysis and Answer Passage Retrieval for Opinion Question Answering SystemsLun-Wei Ku; Yu-Ting Liang; Hsin-Hsi Chen conference paper
1322007Using Opinion Scores of Words for Sentence-Level Opinion ExtractionLun-Wei Ku; Yong-Sheng Lo; Hsin-Hsi Chen conference paper
1332007What Emotions Do News Articles Trigger in Their Readers?Kevin Hsin-Yih Lin; Changhua Yang; Hsin-Hsi Chen conference paper
1342007Building Emotion Lexicon from Weblog CorporaChanghua Yang; Kevin Hsin-Yih Lin; Hsin-Hsi Chen conference paper
1352007Overview of CLIR Task at the Sixth NTCIR WorkshopKazuaki Kishida; Kuang-hua Chen ; Sukhoon Lee; Kazuko Kuriyama; Noriko Kando; Hsin-Hsi Chen conference paper
1362006以部落格文本進行情緒分類之研究楊昌樺; 陳信希 conference paper
1372006From CLIR to CLIE: Some Experiences in NTCIR EvaluationHsin-Hsi Chen conference paper
1382006Gene Ontology Annotation of Full-Text Biomedical Articles Using Word Proximity RelationshipKevin Hsin-Yih Lin; Wen-Juan Hou; Hsin-Hsi Chen conference paper
1392005問答系統技術研發(3/3)-異質資訊源問答系統之研究陳信希 report
1402005多語句子相關性和新穎性偵測及其應用研究(1/2)陳信希 report
1412005Integrating Punctuation Rules and Na?ve Bayesian Model for Chinese Creation Title RecognitionConrad Chen; Hsin-Hsi Chen conference paper
1422005Retrieval of Biomedical Documents by Prioritizing Key PhrasesKevin Hsin-Yih Lin; Wen-Juan Hou; Hsin-Hsi Chen conference paper
1432005Overview of CLIR Task at the Fifth NTCIR WorkshopKishida, Kazuaki; Chen, Kuang-Hua ; Lee, Sukhoon; Kuriyama, Kazuko; Kando, Noriko; Chen, Hsin-Hsi ; Myaeng, Sung Hyonconference paper
1442004Cross-Language Chinese Text Retrieval in NTCIR Workshop – Towards Cross-Language Multilingual Text RetrievalChen, Kuang Hua ; Chen, Hsin Hsi journal article
1452004語料庫統計值與全球資訊網統計值之比較:以中文斷詞應用為例林筱晴; 陳信希 conference paper
1462004Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval (CLIR) Task at the NTCIR Workshop 3Kishida, Kazuaki; Chen, Kuang-hua ; Lee, Sukhoon; Chen, Hsin-Hsi ; Kando, Noriko; Kuriyama, Kazuko; Myaeng, Sung Hyon; Eguchi, Kojijournal article
1472004自然語言處理技術在生物資訊自動粹取上的研究(2/2)陳信希 report
1482004問答系統技術研發(2/3)-語境為本問答系統之研究陳信希 report
1492004正面和反面資訊需求對資訊檢索效能之影響馮廣明; 陳信希 journal article
1502004Overview of CLIR Task at the Fourth NTCIR WorkshopKishida, Kazuaki; Chen, Kuang-Hua ; Lee, Sukhoon; Kuriyama, Kazuko; Kando, Noriko; Chen, Hsin-Hsi ; Myaeng, Sung Hyon; Eguchi, Kojiconference paper
1512003資訊學門赴國外參訪研發機構(國外差旅費)陳信希 report
1522003自然語言處理技術在生物資訊自動粹取上的研究(1/2)陳信希 report
1532003問答系統技術研發(1/3)-自然語言問答系統之研究陳信希 report
1542002國際數位圖書館合作研究計畫(IDLP) II─(子計畫一) 英中雙語資訊系統相關語言處理技術和資源整合之研究陳信希 report
1552002多語言資訊檢索與擷取(3/3)─子計畫四:自動摘要方法之研究:多語言文本之摘要陳信希 report
1562002多語言資訊檢索與擷取之研究(3/3)─總計畫陳信希 report
1572002跨語言資訊檢索:理論、技術與應用陳信希 journal article
1582001Cross-Language Chinese Text Retrieval in NTCIR Workshop - Towards Cross-Language Multilingual Text RetrievalChen, Kuang-Hua ; Chen, Hsin-Hsi journal article9
1592001多語言資訊檢索與擷取之研究(2/3)─總計畫陳信希 report
1602001多語言資訊檢索與擷取(2/3)─子計畫四:自動摘要方法之研究:多中文文本之摘要陳信希 report
1612001故宮文物之美數位博物館研製─子計畫五:故宮文物之美-數位博物館關鍵技術陳信希 report
1622000多語言資訊檢索與擷取(1/3)─子計畫四:自動摘要方法之研究: 單一中文文本之摘要陳信希 report
1632000多語言資訊檢索與擷取之研究(1/3)─總計畫陳信希 report
1642000中文文本超鏈結自動建構方法之研究陳信希 report
1651999智慧型知識擷取技術與應用研究─子計畫二:語言知識擷取技術--述語參數結構自動擷取系統之研製(III)陳信希 report
1661999─智慧型知識擷取技術與應用研究-總計畫(III)陳信希 report
1671999口語處理系統語言模型之研究(Ⅱ)陳信希 report
1681998An NTU-Approach to Automatic Sentence Extraction for Summary GenerationChen, Kuang-hua ; Huang, Sheng-Jie; Lin, Wen-Cheng; Chen, Hsin-Hsi conference paper
1691998口語處理系統語言模型之研究陳信希 report
1701998─智慧型知識擷取技術與應用研究II(總計畫)陳信希 report
1711998智慧型知識擷取技術與應用研究(II)─子計畫二:語言知識擷取技術之研究(II)陳信希 report
1721997智慧型知識擷取技術與應用研究─子計畫一:語言知識擷取技術研究-語料庫中名詞組自動擷取系統(Ⅰ)陳信希 report
1731997智慧型知識擷取技術與應用研究─總計畫(Ⅰ)陳信希 report
1741997中文口語修補現象自動偵測與更正之研究陳信希 report
1751996文件內容之分析─語料庫為本的模型陳光華 ; 陳信希 journal article
1761996口語化指令解譯器之設計(Ⅱ)陳信希 report
1771996語言模型之設計與製作:自我組織與適應性學習之研究(Ⅰ)陳信希 report
1781996A Hybrid Approach to Machine Translation System DesignChen, Kuang-hua ; Chen, Kuang-Hua ; Chen, Hsin-Hsi journal article
1791996文件內容之分析—語料庫為本的模型陳光華 ; 陳信希 journal article
1801996文件內容之分析--語料庫為本的模型陳光華 ; 陳信希 journal article
1811996A Rule-Based and MT-Oriented Approach to Prepositional Phrase AttachmentChen, Kuang-hua ; Chen, Hsin-Hsi conference paper
1821995Aligning Bilingual Corpus: Especially for Language Pairs from Different FamiliesChen, Kuang-hua ; Chen, Hsin-Hsi journal article30
1831995智慧型中文文本處理系統研究(I)陳信希 report
1841995─消費性電腦系統軟體及智慧型界面之研究─口語化語音指令解釋器之設計陳信希 report
1851995Machine Translation: An Integrated ApproachChen, Kuang-hua ; Chen, Hsin-Hsi conference paper
1861995A Corpus-Based Approach to Text PartitionChen, Kuang-hua ; Chen, Hsin-Hsi conference paper
1871994A Corpus-Based Language Model for Topic IdentificationChen, Hsin-Hsi ; Chen, Kuang-hua ; Yue-Shi Leejournal article
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