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12009Virtual Domain and Coordinate Routing in Wireless Sensor NetworksHsu, Chih-Cheng; Chou, Cheng-Fu ; Lin, Ching-Ju K.; Hung, Chien-Chunconference paper20
22009ST-MAC: A Spatial-Temporal MAC Scheduling for Underwater Sensor NetworkHsu, Chih-Cheng; Lai, Kuang-Fu; Chou, Cheng-Fu ; Lin, K.C.-J.conference paper
32009A Novel Social Cluster-based P2P Framework for Integrating VANETs with the InternetLin, Sung-Han; Hu, Junn-Yen; Chou, Cheng-Fu ; Chang, Ing-Chau; Hung, Chien-Chunconference paper210
42009On Reliable Transmission by Adaptive Network Coding in Wireless Sensor NetworksLi, Ting-Ge; Hsu, Chih-Cheng; Chou, Cheng-Fu conference paper40
52008A q-Domain Characteristic-Based Bitrate Model for Video TransmissionChang, Chun-Yuan; Chou, Cheng-Fu ; Chan, Din-Yuen; Lin, Tsungnan; Chen, Ming-Hungjournal article
62008在無線隨意網路下,保證服務品質的多重路徑協定之研究(2/2)周承復 report
72008智慧型整合之異質無線網狀網路 (新制多年期第1年)周承復 report
82008A q-Domain Characteristic-Based Bit-Rate Model for Video TransmissionChang, Chun-Yuan; Chou, Cheng-Fu ; Chan, Din-Yuen; Lin, Tsungnan; Chen, Ming-Hungjournal article
92008A content-centric framework for effective data dissemination in opportunistic networksChen, Ling-Jyh; Yu, Chen-Hung; Tseng, Cheng-Long; Chu, Hao-hua; Chou, Cheng-Fu journal article2718
102008Cooperative content dissemination in multi-channel WLAN hotspotsLin, Kate Ching-Ju; Chou, Cheng-Fu journal article00
112008Performance Study of Routing Schemes in Delay Tolerant NetworksLin, Chien-Shiu; Chang, Wei-Shyh; Chen, Ling-Jyh; Chou, Cheng-Fu conference paper
122008Adaptive Transmission Protocol for Protection of Primary Users in Cognitive RadioFan, Hsin-Ping; Kung, Chui-Chiu; Chou, Cheng-Fu conference paper85
132007智慧型整合之異質無線網狀網路 (新制多年期第2年)周承復 report
142007Multiclass Multiserver Threshold-Based Systems: A Study of Noninstantaneous Server ActivationChou, Cheng-Fu ; Golubchik, Leana; Lui, John Chi-Shingjournal article64
152007A Two-Layer Characteristic-based Rate Control Framework for Low Delay Video TransmissionChang, Chun-Yuan; Chen, Ming-Hung; Chou, Cheng-Fu ; Chan, Din-Yuenconference paper
162007Enabling Keyword Search and Similarity Search in Small-World-based P2P SystemsLin, Ching-Ju; Tsai, Shuo-Chan; Chang, Yi-Ting; Chou, Cheng-Fu conference paper
172007TSProbe: A Link Capacity Estimation Tool for Time-Slotted Wireless NetworksChen, Ling-Jyh; Sung, Chih-Wei; Hung, Hao-Hsiang; Sun, T.; Chou, Cheng-Fu conference paper
182007A Machine Learning-based Approach for Estimating Available BandwidthChen, Ling-Jyh; Chou, Cheng-Fu ; Wang, Bo-Chunconference paper
192007Distributed Social-based Overlay Adaptation for Unstructured P2P NetworksLin, Ching-Ju; Chang, Yi-Ting; Tsai, Shuo-Chan; Chou, Cheng-Fu conference paper
202007VIP: a Virtual Interface-based Approach for Vertical Handover in Single-subnet NetworksXiao, Wei-Cheng; Tang, Shih-Hsuan; Chou, Cheng-Fu ; Chen, Ling-Jyhconference paper
212007Integrity-aware Bandwidth Guarding Approach in P2P NetworksChou, Cheng-Fu ; Chen, Ling-Jyh; Chiang, Wen-Huiconference paper
222007Route-Aware Load-Balanced Resource Allocation for Wireless Mesh NetworksLin, Ching-Ju; Chou, Cheng-Fu conference paper
232007A Novel Seamless Vertical Handoff SolutionXiao, Wei-Cheng; Tang, Shih-Hsuan; Chen, Ling-Jyh; Chou, Cheng-Fu conference paper
242007A Novel Rate-Quantization Source Modeling Framework for H.264/AVCChang, Chun-Yuan; Chou, Cheng-Fu ; Chan, Din-Yuen; Lee, Cheng-Yiconference paper
252007Performance Study of Optimal Routing and Channel Assignment in Wireless Mesh NetworksLin, Ching-Ju; Lin, Sung-Han; Chou, Cheng-Fu conference paper
262006Basic Queueing Theory (I)Chou, Cheng-Fu journal article
272006HCDD: Hierarchical Cluster- based Data Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks with Mobile SinkLin, Ching-Ju; Chou, Po-Lin; Chou, Cheng-Fu conference paper
282006A Performance Study of VoIP Applications: MSN vs. SkypeChiang, Wen-Hui; Xiao, Wei-Cheng; Chou, Cheng-Fu conference paper
292006Topology-Control-based QoS Routing (TLQR) in Wireless Ad Hoc NetworksChou, Cheng-Fu ; Suen, Hsien-Pingconference paper
302006A trend-loss-density-based differential scheme in wired-cum-wireless networksChou, Cheng-Fu ; Hsu, Ming-Wei; Lin, Ching-Juconference paper
312005r.v., Z-transform, Laplace transformChou, Cheng-Fu journal article
322005CoLaNet: a cross-layer design of energy-efficient wireless sensor networksChou, Cheng-Fu ; Chuang, Kwang-Tingjournal article167
332005Cooperative Popularity-Aware MPEG-4/MPEG-7 Streaming Proxy SystemLin, Ching-Ju; Ni, Ying-Hao; Suen, Hsien-Ping; Chou, Cheng-Fu text
342005An implementation of end-to-end controlled streaming system using similarity-based frame discarding approach on DiffServChen, Jau-Yuan; Hsu, Min-Way; Chou, Cheng-Fu journal article012
352005Traffic-aware resource management in heterogeneous cellular networksChou, Cheng-Fu ; Lin, Ching-Ju; Tsai, Chung-Chiehjournal article10
362005Cooperative popularity-aware MPEG-4/MPEG-7 streaming proxy systemLin, Ching-Ju; Ni, Ying-Hao; Suen, Hsien-Ping; Chou, Cheng-Fu journal article00
372005Enhancing the performance of multi-source streaming system using the MCMCF-based algorithmXiao, Wei-Cheng; Chou, Po-Lin; Hsu, Tsai-Lin; Chou, Cheng-Fu journal article01
382005Straight line routing for wireless sensor networksChou, Cheng-Fu ; Su, Jia-Jang; Chen, Chao-Yujournal article200
392005Traffic-aware Resource Management Schemes in Heterogeneous Wireless Cellular NetworksChou, Cheng-Fu ; Lin, Ching-Ju; Tsai, Chung-Chiehreport
402005以跨層次方法設計省能源高效率的無線偵測網路周承復 report
412004Hybrid WLAN for data dissemination applicationsLin, Ching-Ju; Chou, Cheng-Fu journal article10
422004Hybrid WLAN for Data Dissemination ApplicationsLin, Ching-Ju; Chou, Cheng-Fu text
432003如何設計擴充性佳的連續性媒體系統周承復 report
442002Design of Scalable Continuous Media ServersChou, Cheng Fu ; Golubchik, Leana; Lui, John C. S.; Chung, I Hsinjournal article
452001Design of Fault-Tolerant Large-Scale VOD Servers: With Emphasis on High-Performance and Low-CostLeana Golubchik; Richard R. Muntz; Cheng Fu Chou ; Steven Bersonjournal article
46-Intro. to Stochastic ProcessesChou, Cheng-Fu journal article
47-Cross-Layer Design for Multi-Channel Wireless Mesh Networks Based on a Graph-Theoretic ApproachLin, Ching-Ju; Chou, Cheng-Fu text