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12016Quantification of breast tumor heterogeneity for ER status, HER2 status, and TN molecular subtype evaluation on DCE-MRIChang, Ruey-Feng ; CHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; YEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; Chen, Hong-Hao; Chang, Yeun-Chung; RUEY-FENG CHANG ; Huang, Chiun-Sheng; Chen, Jeon-Hor; Lo, Chung-Mingjournal article2825
22016Breast Density Analysis with Automated Whole-Breast Ultrasound: Comparison with 3-D Magnetic Resonance ImagingRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article910
32016Feasibility Testing: Three-dimensional Tumor Mapping in Different Orientations of Automated Breast UltrasoundCHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; Lo, Chung-Ming; YEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; Chan, Si-Wa; YA-WEN YANG ; Yang, Ya-Wen; RUEY-FENG CHANG ; Chang, Yeun-Chung; Huang, Chiun-Sheng; Jou, Yi-Sheng; Chang, Ruey-Feng journal article11
42015Intensity-Invariant Texture Analysis for Classification of BI-RADS Category 3 Breast MassesCHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article1917
52015Evaluation of the treatment response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in locally advanced breast cancer using combined magnetic resonance vascular maps and apparent diffusion coefficientCHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; Wu, Li-An; Chang, Ruey-Feng ; YEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; JO-YU CHEN ; Huang, Chiun-Sheng ; RUEY-FENG CHANG ; Lu, Yen-Shen; Chen, Hong-Hao; Chen, Jo-Yu ; Chang, Yeun-Chung journal article910
62015Computer-aided diagnosis for distinguishing between triple-negative breast cancer and fibroadenomas based on ultrasound texture featuresCHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article1818
72015Quantitative analysis of breast echotexture patterns in automated breast ultrasound imagesCHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article44
82015Quantitative breast mass classification based on the integration of B-mode features and strain features in elastographyCHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; YEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; RUEY-FENG CHANG ; YA-WEN YANG journal article97
92015Quantitative breast lesion classification based on multichannel distributions in shear-wave imagingRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article2020
102014Automatic slice selection and diagnosis of breast strain elastographyRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article44
112014Computer-Aided Tumor Detection in Automated Breast Ultrasound ImagesRUEY-FENG CHANG other00
122014Intrinsic subtypes and tumor grades in breast cancer are associated with distinct 3-D power Doppler sonographic vascular featuresCHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; YEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article32
132014Multi-Dimensional Tumor Detection in Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound Using Topographic WatershedCHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; YEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; RUEY-FENG CHANG ; YA-WEN YANG journal article3427
142014Computer-aided diagnosis of breast DCE-MRI using pharmacokinetic model and 3-D morphology analysisCHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; YEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article2218
152014Quantitative Analysis for Breast Density Estimation in Low Dose Chest CT ScansCHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article1213
162014Computerized breast lesions detection using kinetic and morphologic analysis for dynamic contrast-enhanced MRICHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; YEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article1914
172014Computer-Aided Diagnosis for B-Mode, Elastography and Automated Breast UltrasoundRUEY-FENG CHANG other00
182014Computerized Breast Mass Detection Using Multi-Scale Hessian-Based Analysis for Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRICHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; YEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article77
192014Tumor detection in automated breast ultrasound images using quantitative tissue clusteringCHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article1310
202013Computer-Aided Tumor Detection Based on Multi-Scale Blob Detection Algorithm in Automated Breast Ultrasound ImagesCHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article6146
212013Computer-Aided Diagnosis for 3-D Power Doppler Breast UltrasoundRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article1210
222013Breast elastography diagnosis based on dynamic sequence featuresRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article54
232013Automatic detection of microcalcifications in breast ultrasoundCHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article43
242013Classification of Breast Tumors Using Elastographic and B-mode Features: Comparison of Automatic Selection of Representative Slice and Physician-Selected Slice of ImagesCHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article54
252013Computer-aided diagnosis of breast masses using quantified BI-RADS findingsCHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article3131
262013Quantitative ultrasound analysis for classification of BI-RADS category 3 breast massesCHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article2824
272013Robust texture analysis using multi-resolution gray-scale invariant features for breast sonographic tumor diagnosisCHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article5448
282013Computer-aided diagnosis of mass-like lesion in breast MRI: Differential analysis of the 3-D morphology between benign and malignant tumorsCHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; YEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article2825
292013Diagnosis of solid breast tumors using vessel analysis in three-dimensional power Doppler ultrasound imagesCHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; YEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article1615
302012Vascular Morphology and Tortuosity Analysis of Breast Tumor Inside and Outside Contour by 3-D Power Doppler UltrasoundCHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; YEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article1411
312012Computer-Aided Diagnosis Based on Speckle Patterns in Ultrasound ImagesCHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article1915
322012Computer-aided classification of breast masses using speckle features of automated breast ultrasound imagesCHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article2929
332012Whole Breast Lesion Detection Using Naive Bayes Classifier for Portable UltrasoundCHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article148
342012Classification of breast mass lesions using model-based analysis of the characteristic kinetic curve derived from fuzzy c-means clusteringCHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; YEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article2020
352011Automatic Selection of Representative Slice From Cine-Loops of Real-Time Sonoelastography for Classifying Solid Breast MassesCHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; YEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; RUEY-FENG CHANG ; CHANG, YEUN-CHUNG; YANG, MIN-CHUN; HUANG, CHIUN- SHENG; HUANG, GUAN-YING; CHANG, RUEY-FENG ; �i����; ���{�E; ���T��; ���a�o; �i��p journal article88
362011Reduction of breast density following tamoxifen treatment evaluated by 3-D MRI: preliminary studyCHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; YEUN-CHUNG CHANG ; RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article2325
372011Breast Tumor Classification Using Fuzzy Clustering for Breast ElastographyRUEY-FENG CHANG 
382011Computer-Aided Diagnosis for the Classification of Breast Masses in Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound ImagesRUEY-FENG CHANG 
392011Comparative study of density analysis using automated whole breast ultrasound and MRICHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article3232
402010Rapid image stitching and computer-aided detection for multipass automated breast ultrasoundCHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article2320
412009Analysis of Elastographic and B-mode Features at Sonoelastography for Breast Tumor ClassificationMoon, WK; CHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; RUEY-FENG CHANG ; Huang, CS; Shen, WC; Takada, E; Chang, RF; Joe, J; Nakajima, M; Kobayashi, Mjournal article4936
422009Automatic Tumor Diagnosis for Breast Ultrasound Using 3D Sub-volume RegistrationRUEY-FENG CHANG conference paper20
432009<title>Detection and classification of interstitial lung diseases and emphysema using a joint morphological-fuzzy approach</title>RUEY-FENG CHANG conference paper50
442009Breast US Computer-aided Diagnosis System: Robustness across Urban Populations in South Korea and the United States 1RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article2019
452008個人電腦為基礎之乳房超音波及腫瘤切片診斷系統-子計畫一:個人電腦為基礎之乳房超音波掃描診斷系統(2/2)張瑞峰 ; RUEY-FENG CHANG report
4620083-D彩色乳房超音波之電腦輔助診斷 (新制多年期第1年)RUEY-FENG CHANG report
472008個人電腦為基礎之乳房超音波及腫瘤切片診斷系統-總計畫(2/2)張瑞峰 ; RUEY-FENG CHANG report
482008利用多重掃瞄及影像套合的大區域乳房超音波系統 (新制多年期第1年)張瑞峰 ; RUEY-FENG CHANG report
492008利用多重掃瞄及影像套合的大區域乳房超音波系統 (新制多年期第2年)張瑞峰 ; RUEY-FENG CHANG report
502008Analysis of Tumor Vascularity Using Three-Dimensional Power Doppler Ultrasound ImagesRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article5148
512008Computer-aided diagnosis of breast color elastographyRUEY-FENG CHANG conference paper30
522008Computer-aided diagnosis in two-phase 201Tl-SPECT of thoracic lesionsRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article22
532008Improving diagnosis time in whole breast ultrasoundRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article00
542008Rib detection for whole breast ultrasound imageCHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; RUEY-FENG CHANG conference paper30
552007Computer Aided Classification System for Breast Ultrasound Based on Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System (BI-RADS)RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article4140
562007Solid Breast Masses: Neural Network Analysis of Vascular Features at Three-dimensional Power Doppler US for Benign or Malignant Classification 1RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article2622
572007Tamper Detection and Restoring System for Medical Images Using Wavelet-based Reversible Data EmbeddingRUEY-FENG CHANG ; Chiang, KH; Chang-Chien, KC; Chang, RF; Yen, HYjournal article6443
582007Tamper Detection and Recovery for Medical Images Using Near-lossless Information Hiding TechniqueRUEY-FENG CHANG ; Wu, JHK; Chang, RF; Chen, CJ; Wang, CL; TH, Kuo; Moon, WK; Chen, DRjournal article6750
592007Object Tracking In Image Sequence Combining Hausdorff Distance, Non-Extensive Entropy In Level Set FormulationRUEY-FENG CHANG other00
602007Automated Full-field Breast Ultrasonography: The Past and The PresentRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article340
612007Breast Strain Imaging: A Cad FrameworkRUEY-FENG CHANG other00
622007Breast Ultrasound Computer-Aided Diagnosis Using BI-RADS FeaturesCHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article7268
632006Computer algorithm for analysing breast tumor angiogenesis using 3-D power Doppler ultrasoundRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article1512
642006Non-Extensive Entropy for CAD Systems of Breast Cancer ImagesRUEY-FENG CHANG conference paper210
652006Three Comparative Approaches for Breast Density Estimation in Digital and Screen Film MammogramsRUEY-FENG CHANG conference paper30
662006A New Methodology Based on q-Entropy for Breast Lesion Classification in 3-D Ultrasound ImagesRUEY-FENG CHANG conference paper180
672006Breast Density Analysis in 3-D Whole Breast Ultrasound ImagesRUEY-FENG CHANG conference paper130
6820062-D ultrasound strain images for breast cancer diagnosis using nonrigid subregion registrationRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article107
692006<title>Breast tumor angiogenesis analysis using 3D power Doppler ultrasound</title>RUEY-FENG CHANG conference paper20
702006<title>Image stitching for three-pass whole breast ultrasound</title>RUEY-FENG CHANG conference paper30
712005Solid Breast Masses: Classification with Computer-aided Analysis of Continuous US Images Obtained with Probe Compression 1RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article4947
722005Classification of breast ultrasound images using fractal featureRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article10780
7320053-D ultrasound texture classification using run difference matrixRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article2119
7420053-D ultrasound strain images for breast cancer diagnosisRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article40
752005Whole breast computer-aided screening using free-hand ultrasoundRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article150
762005Automatic ultrasound segmentation and morphology based diagnosis of solid breast tumorsRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article149134
772004Three-dimensional ultrasound in margin evaluation for breast tumor excision using Mammotome®RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article66
782004THREE-DIMENSIONAL ULTRASOUND IN MARGIN EVALUATION FOR BREAST TUMOR EXCISION USING MAMMOTOMEChen, Dar-Ren; Chang, Ruey-Feng ; Chen, Chih-Jen; Chang, Chih-Chia; Jeng, Long-Binjournal article
792003Segmentation of breast tumor in three-dimensional ultrasound images using three-dimensional discrete active contour modelRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article5345
8020033-D snake for US in margin evaluation for malignant breast tumor excision using mammotomeRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article3732
812003Breast cancer diagnosis using three-dimensional ultrasound and pixel relation analysisRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article1515
8220033-D breast ultrasound segmentation using active contour modelRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article8975
8320033-D US frame positioning using speckle decorrelation and image registrationRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article1213
842003Improvement in breast tumor discrimination by support vector machines and speckle-emphasis texture analysisRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article9390
852003Support Vector Machines for Diagnosis of Breast Tumors on US ImagesRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article8765
892002Diagnosis of breast tumors with sonographic texture analysis using wavelet transform and neural networksRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article158136
902002A New Side-Match Finite-State Vector Quantization Using Neural Networks for Image CodingRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article54
912002Use of the bootstrap technique with small training sets for computer-aided diagnosis in breast ultrasoundRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article2934
922002Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Breast Tumors with Different US SystemsRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article4941
932002Retrieval technique for the diagnosis of solid breast tumors on sonogramRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article4941
942002Three-Dimensional Breast Ultrasound Imaging in Patients with Nipple Discharge: A Pictorial Review of 27 PatientsRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article00
952002RETRIEVAL TECHNIQUE FOR THE DIAGNOSIS OF SOLID BREAST TUMORS ON SONOGRAMKuo, Wen-Jia; Chang, Ruey-Feng ; Lee, Cheng-Chun; Moon, Woo-Kyung; Chen, Dar-Renjournal article
962002Use of the Bootstrap Technique with Small Traning Sets for Computer-Aided Diagnosis in Breast UltrasoundChen, Dar-Ren; Kuo, Wen-Jia; Chang, Ruey-Feng ; Moon, Woo-Kyung; Lee, Cheng-Chunjournal article
972001Data mining with decision trees for diagnosis of breast tumor in medical ultrasonic imagesRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article6651
982000Image retrieval on uncompressed and compressed domainsChang, Ruey-Feng ; Kuo, Wen-Jia; Tsai, Hung-Chiconference paper; text00
991999Computer-aided Diagnosis Applied to US of Solid Breast Nodules by Using Neural Networks1RUEY-FENG CHANG journal article159140
1001999MLP Interpolation for Digital Image Processing Using Wavelet TransformHuang, Yu-Len; Chang, Ruey-Feng conference paper00
1011999Adaptive predictive multiplicative autoregressive model for medical image compressionRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article1812
1021999Texture features for dct-coded image retrieval and classificationHuang, Yu-Len; Chang, Ruey-Feng conference paper00
1031998Edge-based motion compensated classified DCT with quadtree for image sequence codingRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article01
1041996Finite-state vector quantization by exploiting interband and intraband correlations for subband image codingRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article32
1051996Adaptive edge-based side-match finite-state classified vector quantization with quadtree mapRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article2725
1061996Interframe difference quadtree edge-based side-match finite-state classified vector quantization for image sequence codingRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article42
1071996Interframe difference quadtree edge-based side-match finite-state classfied vector quantization for image sequence codingChang, Ruey-Feng ; Chen, Wei-Mingjournal article
1081995Two-pass side-match finite-state vector quantizationRUEY-FENG CHANG conference paper00
1091995Subband Finite-State Vector Quantization for Still Image CodingRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article00
1101994Adaptive quadtree-based side-match finite-state vector quantizationRUEY-FENG CHANG conference paper00
1111994Subband finite-state vector quantizationRUEY-FENG CHANG conference paper00
1121993Side-Match Vector Quantization for Reconstruction of Lost BlocksRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article90
1131992Image sequence coding using adaptive finite-state vector quantizationRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article1722
1141992A fast finite-state algorithm for vector quantizer designRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article76
1151991Fast finite-state codebook design algorithm for vector quantizationRUEY-FENG CHANG conference paper00
1161991Image sequence coding using adaptive nonuniform tree-structured vector quantizationRUEY-FENG CHANG journal article30
1171991Image sequence coding using adaptive tree-structured vector quantization with multipath searchingRUEY-FENG CHANG conference paper00