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12013A 60-GHz Power Amplifier Design using Dual-Radial Symmetric Architecture in 90-nm Low Power CMOSTIAN-WEI HUANG journal article2929
2201360-GHz 5-bit Phase Shifter with Integrated VGA Phase-error CompensationTIAN-WEI HUANG journal article8376
32012Design and Analysis of Digital-Assisted Bandwidth-Enhanced Miller Divider in 0.18-μm CMOS ProcessTIAN-WEI HUANG ; HUEI WANG journal article88
42012A Digital-Calibrated Transmitter-to-Receiver Isolator in Radar ApplicationsTIAN-WEI HUANG journal article98
52012A Low-Power 24 GHz Phase Lock Loop with Gain-Boosted Charge Pump Embedded in 0.18 μm COMS TechnologyTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper30
62012An X-band Full-360o Reflection Type Phase Shifter with low insertion lossTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper60
7201240-GHz Vital Sign Detection of Heartbeat using Synchronized Motion Technique for Respiration Signal SuppressionTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper40
82012A 57-66 GHz 12.9-dBm miniature power amplifier with 23.4% PAE in 65-nm CMOSTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper6
92012Parasitic-Insensitive Linearization Methods for 60-GHz 90-nm CMOS LNAsHSIN-CHIA LU ; TIAN-WEI HUANG journal article2423
102012A Multi-mode 60-GHz Power Amplifier with a Novel Power Combination TechniqueTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper50
112012A 917-μW Q-band Transformer-Feedback Current-Reused LNA Using 90-nm CMOS TechnologyTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper50
122012A 60GHz Digitally Controlled 4-bit Phase Shifter with 6-ps Group Delay DeviationTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper200
132012Analysis of a New 33-58-GHz Doubly Balanced Drain Mixer in 90-nm CMOS TechnologyTIAN-WEI HUANG journal article1311
142012Distributed active transformer based millimeter-wave power amplifier circuitTIAN-WEI HUANG patent
152012Linearized 5-GHz Power Amplifier for 11ac 160-MHz Non-Continuous ChannelTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper
162011A 60-GHz CMOS Power Amplifier with Built-in Pre-distortion LinearizerTIAN-WEI HUANG journal article2724
172011An Ultra Low-Power 24 GHz Phase-Lock-Loop with Low Phase-Noise VCO Embedded in 0.18μm CMOS ProcessTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper
182011A V-band VCO using fT-Doubling Technique in 0.18-um CMOSTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper
192011Design and Analysis of A 77.3 % Locking Range Divide-by-4 Frequency DividerTIAN-WEI HUANG journal article2826
202011A 3.5-4.5-GHz Ultra-compact 0.25mm2 Reflection-type 360o Phase ShifterTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper30
212011Marchand balun with air bridgeTIAN-WEI HUANG patent
222011Interference from 160-MHz Nonlinear Non-Continuous ChannelTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper
23201180-MHz Non-Contiguous Channel SpectrumTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper
242010A 24-GHz 3.8-dB NF Low-Noise Amplifier with Built-In LinearizerTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper5
252010Design of a K-band Low Insertion Loss Variation Phase Shifter Using 0.18-μm CMOS ProcessTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper11
262010Admittance-Transforming Injection-Locked Frequency Divider and Low-Supply-Voltage Current Mode Logic DividerTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper1
272010V-band Fully-Integrated CMOS LNA and DAT PA for 60 GHz WPAN ApplicationsTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper6
282010A 1.5-mW, 23.6% Frequency Locking Range, 24-GHz Injection-Locked Frequency DividerTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper6
29201060-GHz RF System Performance OptimizationTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper
30200960-GHz Living-Room Channel MeasurementsTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper
312009A 0.7-V 60-GHz Low-Power LNA with Forward Body Bias Technique in 90 nm CMOS ProcessTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper160
32200960 GHz Transmission and Reflection MeasurementsTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper
332009Design and Analysis of a 55–71-GHz Compact and Broadband Distributed Active Transformer Power Amplifier in 90-nm CMOS ProcessTIAN-WEI HUANG ; HUEI WANG journal article2862
342009A 1.7-mW, 16.8% Frequency Tuning, 24-GHz Transformer-Based LC-VCO using 0.18-um CMOS TechnologyTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper190
352008(Invited) A V-band fully-Integrated CMOS distributed active transformer power amplifier for 802.15.TG3c wireless personal area network applicationsTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper90
362008(Invited) Millimeter-wave CMOS Integrated Circuits for Gigabit WPAN ApplicationsTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper00
372008A 30–100 GHz Wideband Sub-Harmonic Active Mixer in 90 nm CMOS TechnologyTIAN-WEI HUANG ; HUEI WANG journal article5539
382008A 30-100-GHz Wideband Sub-harmonic Active Mixer in 90-nm CMOS TechnologyTIAN-WEI HUANG ; HUEI WANG journal article5539
39200840-48GHz超寬頻無線模組及電路技術-子計畫六:超寬頻系統整合及發射器線性化技術(3/3)黃天偉 report
402008共平面波導饋入帶狀線環型濾波器TIAN-WEI HUANG patent
412008毫米波表層共面波導饋入隱藏式帶狀線環型濾波器TIAN-WEI HUANG patent
422008Design of Reflectionless Vias Using Neural Network-Based ApproachHsu, Ku-Teng; TIAN-WEI HUANG ; RUEY-BEEI WU ; Guo, Wei-Da; Shiue, Guang-Hwa; Lin, Chien-Min; Huang, Tian-Wei ; Wu, Ruey-Beei journal article115
432008A 50-to-62GHz Wide-Locking-Range CMOS Injection-Locked Frequency Divider with Transformer Feedback,TIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper240
44200735–65-GHz CMOS Broadband Modulator and Demodulator With Sub-Harmonic Pumping for MMW Wireless Gigabit ApplicationsTIAN-WEI HUANG journal article7968
452007A Miniature 38-48 GHz MMIC Sub-Harmonic Transmitter with Post-Distortion LinearizationTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper70
462007A 90-nm CMOS Broadband and Miniature Q-band Balanced Medium Power AmplifierTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper280
472007A 38-46-GHz MMIC Doherty Power Amplifier Using Post-distortion LinearizationTIAN-WEI HUANG journal article3630
482007A 25-75-GHz Broadband Gilbert-cell Mixer Using 90-nm CMOS TechnologyTIAN-WEI HUANG journal article7662
492007A 60GHz Low-Power Six-Port Transceiver for Gigabit Software-Defined Transceiver ApplicationsTIAN-WEI HUANG ; KUN-YOU LIN conference paper800
502007Three Dimensional Balun,TIAN-WEI HUANG patent
512006Millimeter-wave CMOS RFICTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper
522006射頻積體電路間連接結構之測試運作方法與具有測試結構之射頻積體電路,TIAN-WEI HUANG patent
532006A 45-GHz Quadrature Voltage Controlled Oscillator with a Reflection-Type IQ Modulator in 0.13 um CMOS TechnologyTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper190
542006A Miniature Q-band Low Noise Amplifier Using 0.13um CMOS TechnologyTIAN-WEI HUANG journal article
552006Design and Analysis of a 44-GHz MMIC Low-loss Built-in Linearizer for High-Linearity Medium Power AmplifiersTIAN-WEI HUANG journal article4037
562006環型毫米波濾波器TIAN-WEI HUANG patent
572006Propagation Model and Channel Measurement for 60-GHz Indoor Wireless CommunicationTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper
582006Design and Analysis of CMOS Broadband Compact High-linearity Modulators for Gigabit Microwave/Millimeter-wave ApplicationsTIAN-WEI HUANG journal article6659
592006New Miniature 15-20 GHz Continuous Phase/Amplitude Control MMICs Using 0.18-μm CMOS TechnologyTIAN-WEI HUANG journal article5549
602005三維轉換式平衡不平衡轉換器TIAN-WEI HUANG patent
612005The Analysis of Relation between Q-factor and Phase Noise by Using Substrate-integrated Waveguide Cavity OscillatorsHSIN-CHIA LU ; Chen, Hsiao-Wei; Lu, Hsin-Chia ; TIAN-WEI HUANG ; Huang, Tian-Wei conference paper30
622005Model Extractions of Coupled Bonding-wire Structures in Electronic PackagingTIAN-WEI HUANG ; RUEY-BEEI WU conference paper60
632005具有主動偏壓電路之線性高速載子場效電晶體功率放大器TIAN-WEI HUANG patent
642005ACPR and IM3R Correlation of Broadband Signals in Microwave and Millimeter Wave FrequenciesTIAN-WEI HUANG ; Chen, Wei-Chien; Tsai, Jeng-Han; Chen, Shih-Yu; Huang, Tian-Wei conference paper30
652005A millimeter-wave ultra-compact broadband diode mixer using modified Marchand balunWu, Pei-Si; Lin, Chin-Shen; Huang, Tian-Wei ; Wang, Huei ; Wang, Yu-Chi; Wu, Chan-Shinconference paper21
662005Compact and Broadband Millimeter-Wave Monolithic Transformer Balanced MixersTIAN-WEI HUANG ; HUEI WANG journal article5147
672005A 38-48-GHz miniature MMIC subharmonic mixerChen, Wei-Chien; Chen, Shih-Yu; Tsai, Jeng-Han; Huang, Tian-Wei ; Wang, Huei conference paper16
682005Ring Millimeter-wave FilterTIAN-WEI HUANG patent
692005A W-band High-power Predistorted Direct-conversion Digital Modulator for Transmitter ApplicationsTIAN-WEI HUANG journal article74
70200540-48 GHz 超寬頻無線模組及電路技術-子計畫六: 超寬頻系統整合及發射器線性化技術(1/3)黃天偉 report
71200565GHz LTCC probing interface design and optimizationJhuang, Huei-Han; Wang, Chi-Hsueh; Huang, Tian-Wei journal article10
722005An ultra compact and broadband 15-75 GHz BPSK modulator using 0.13-/spl mu/m CMOS processChang, Hong-Yeh; Wu, Pei-Si; Huang, Tian-Wei ; Wang, Huei ; Tsai, Yung-Chih; Chen, Chun-Hungconference paper00
732005A 44-GHz High-Linearity MMIC Medium Power Amplifier with a Low-loss Built-in LinearizerTsai, Jeng-Han; TIAN-WEI HUANG ; Chang, Hong-Yeh; Wu, Pei-Si; Huang, Tian-Wei ; Wang, Huei conference paper60
74200545-GHz 前置失真放大器TIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper
752004A 3-D Ka-band LTCC Ring Filter Using Embedded Microstrip LinesTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper
762004Design for Electrical Performance of Wideband Multilayer LTCC Microstrip-to-Stripline TransitionTIAN-WEI HUANG ; Jhuang, Huei-Han; Huang, Tian-Wei conference paper90
772004具有內建自我測試功能之5GHz 超低功率無線通訊系統之研製-- 子計畫三:5GHz 無線系統晶片的射頻自我測試技術黃天偉 report
7820043-D X-band New Transformer Balun Configuration Using the Multilayer Ceramic TechnologiesTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper7
792004Miniature Broadband Isolation Networks for GHz RF Boundary Scan TestTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper
802004數位微波通信發射器線性化技術黃天偉 report
812004A Novel SiGe BiCMOS Variable-Gain Active Predistorter Using Current Steering TopologiesTsai, Jeng-Han; TIAN-WEI HUANG ; Huang, Tian-Wei conference paper50
822004Design and analysis of a miniature W-band MMIC subharmonically pumped resistive mixerLei, Ming-Fong; Wu, Pei-Si; Huang, Tian-Wei ; Wang, Huei journal article00
832004K-Band HBT and HEMT Monolithic Active Phase Shifters Using Vector Sum MethodChen, Po-Yu; Huang, Tian-Wei ; Wang, Huei ; Wang, Yu-Chi; Chen, Chung-Hsu; Chao, Pane-Chanejournal article2219
842004Boundary Scan for 5GHz RF Pins Using LC Isolation NetworksHuang, Tian-Wei ; TZI-DAR CHIUEH ; TIAN-WEI HUANG ; Wu, Pei-Si; Liu, Ren-Chieh; Tsai, Jeng-Han; Wang, Huei ; Chiueh, Tzi-Dar conference paper00
852004Broadband HBT BPSK and IQ Modulator MMICs and Millimeter-wave Vector Signal CharacterizationTIAN-WEI HUANG journal article
862003A Singly Balanced Millimeter-wave Mixer Using a Compact TransformerTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper
872003Design and Analysis of Novel High-Gain and Broadband GaAs PHEMT MMIC Distributed Amplifiers with Traveling-Wave Gain StagesTIAN-WEI HUANG journal article3533
882003射頻週邊掃描技術黃天偉 report
892003The Novel High Gain and Broadband GaAs MMIC Distributed Amplifiers with Traveling-Wave Gain StagesTIAN-WEI HUANG conference paper30
902003An 18-71 GHz multi-band and high gain GaAs MMIC medium power amplifier for millimeter-wave applicationsWu, Pei-Si; Huang, Tian-Wei ; Wang, Huei conference paper80
912003Novel high gain and broadband GaAs MMIC distributed amplifiers with traveling-wave gain stagesDeng, Kuo-Liang; Huang, Tian-Wei ; Wang, Huei journal article
922003A broadband HBT MMIC IQ modulator and millimeter-wave vector signal characterizationChang, Hong-Yeh; Huang, Tian-Wei ; Wang, Huei ; Wang, Yu-Chi; Chao, Pane-Chane; Chen, Chung-Hsujournal article50