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12016A phase 3b study of sofosbuvir plus ribavirin in Taiwanese patients with chronic genotype 2 hepatitis C virus infectionChin-Fu Tsao; JIA-HORNG KAO ; Kao, Jia-Horng ; Chien, Rong-Nan; Yu-Hao Chen; Jin-Hau Kuo; Chang, Ting-Tsung; Chia-Wei Lin; Peng, Cheng-Yuan; Ja-Ling Wu ; Hu, Tsung-Hui; Lo, Gin-Ho; Wang, Horng-Yuan; Chen, Jyh-Jou; Yang, Jenny C.; Knox, Steven J.; Han, Lingling; Mo, Hongmei; Mathias, Anita; Brainard, Diana M.; Sheen, I-Shyan; Hsu, Yu-Chun; Chu, Chi-Jen; Chuang, Wan-Longjournal article1619
22015Bridging music via sound effectsJA-LING WU ; JYH-SHING JANG conference paper10
32015Audio musical dice game: A user-preference-aware medley generating systemJA-LING WU ; JYH-SHING JANG journal article73
42015When specular object meets RGB-D camera 3D scanning: Color image plus fragmented depth mapJA-LING WU conference paper00
52015Secure client side watermarking with limited key sizeJA-LING WU book
62015Seam carving for color-plus-depth 3D imageJA-LING WU conference paper20
72015Real-Time Human Movement Retrieval and Assessment With Kinect SensorJA-LING WU journal article4132
82014Event detection in broadcasting video for halfpipe sportsJA-LING WU conference paper30
92014TravelBuddy: Interactive travel route recommendation with a visual scene interfaceJA-LING WU book40
102014Efficient human detection in crowded environmentJA-LING WU journal article31
112014Depth sculpturing for 2D paintings: A progressive depth map completion frameworkJA-LING WU journal article32
122014Perceptully lossless video re-encoding for cloud transcodingJA-LING WU ; HOMER H. CHEN conference paper20
132014Quality assessment of stereoscopic 3d image compression by binocular integration behaviorsJA-LING WU journal article150134
142014MSVA: Musical street view animator: An effective and efficient way to enjoy the street views of your journeyJA-LING WU conference paper00
152014Semantic based background music recommendation for home videosJA-LING WU book30
162014Binocular perceptual model for symmetric and asymmetric 3d stereoscopic image compressionJA-LING WU conference paper10
172013When disparity meets distance: HEVC compression of double-faced depth mapJA-LING WU conference paper00
182013Efficient human detection in crowded environment based on motion and appearance informationJA-LING WU conference paper00
192013Relational term-suggestion graphs incorporating multipartite concept and expertise networksJA-LING WU journal article11
202013Building multi-modal relational graphs for multimedia retrievalJA-LING WU book00
212013Appearance-based QR code beautifierJA-LING WU journal article3430
222013A novel privacy preserving location-based service protocol with secret circular shift for k-NN searchJA-LING WU journal article3831
232013Real-time depth of field rendering with bokeh effectJA-LING WU conference paper10
242012U-Drumwave: An interactive performance system for drummingJA-LING WU book00
252012Batch-pipelining for multicore H.264 decodingJA-LING WU journal article21
262012Gait-based action recognition via accelerated minimum incremental coding length classifierJA-LING WU book30
272012Stable pose estimation with a motion model in real-time applicationJA-LING WU ; SHAO-YI CHIEN conference paper20
282012High efficient distributed video coding with parallelized design for LDPCA decoding on CUDA based GPGPUJA-LING WU journal article76
292012Sampling technique analysis of Nyström approximation in pixel-wise affinity matrixJA-LING WU ; SHAO-YI CHIEN conference paper10
302012Action tutor: Real-time exemplar-based sequential movement assessment with kinect sensorJA-LING WU conference paper10
312012Progressive side information refinement with non-local means based denoising process for Wyner-Ziv video codingJA-LING WU conference paper40
322012Unseen visible watermarking for color plus depth map 3D imagesJA-LING WU conference paper170
332011High efficient distributed video coding with parallelized design for cloud computingJA-LING WU conference paper40
342011Rendering lossless compression of depth imageJA-LING WU conference paper50
352011A depth information based fast mode decision algorithm for color plus depth-map 3D videosJA-LING WU journal article3226
362011An efficient distributed video coding with parallelized design for concurrent computingJA-LING WU conference paper20
372011Recommendation in the end-to-end encrypted domainJA-LING WU conference paper40
382011Real-time decoding for LDPC based distributed video codingJA-LING WU conference paper30
392011A comprehensive study of sports video analysisJA-LING WU book20
402011Robust camera calibration and player tracking in broadcast basketball videoJA-LING WU journal article5335
412011A digital blind watermarking for depth-image-based rendering 3D imagesJA-LING WU journal article9274
422011Interactive digital scrapbook generation for travel photos based on design principles of typographyJA-LING WU conference paper30
432011Distributed video coding with compressive measurementsJA-LING WU conference paper30
442010Adaptive video learning by the interactive e-partnerJA-LING WU conference paper50
452010Virtual spotlighted advertising for tennis videosJA-LING WU journal article1313
462010Fast decoding for LDPC based distributed video codingJA-LING WU conference paper40
472010A novel blind watermarking scheme for depth-image-based rendering 3D imagesJA-LING WU conference paper70
482010Performance improvement of distributed video coding by using block mode selectionJA-LING WU conference paper60
492010Incorporating multi-partite networks and expertise to construct related-term graphsJA-LING WU conference paper00
502009Pushing information over acoustic channelsJA-LING WU conference paper90
512009Unseen visible watermarking: A novel methodology for auxiliary information delivery via visual contentsJA-LING WU ; Huang, Chun-Hsiang; Chuang, Shang-Chih; Huang, Yen-Lin; Wu, Ja-Lingjournal article2520
522009Sports wizard: Sports video browsing based on semantic concepts and game structureJA-LING WU conference paper30
532009Evolution-based virtual content insertionJA-LING WU conference paper10
542009Music paste: Concatenating music clips based on chroma and rhythm featuresJA-LING WU conference paper
552009Real-time gender classification from human gait for arbitrary view anglesJA-LING WU conference paper90
562009Billiards wizard: A tutoring system for broadcasting nine-ball billiards videosJA-LING WU conference paper100
572009Evolving virtual contents with interactions in videosJA-LING WU conference paper20
582009Building term suggestion relational graphs from Collective IntelligenceJA-LING WU conference paper50
592009WOW: Wild-open warning for broadcast basketball video based on player trajectoryJA-LING WU conference paper120
602009A multi-core architecture based parallel framework for h.264/avc deblocking filtersJA-LING WU ; Wang, Sung-Wen; Yang, Shu-Sian; CHIA-LIN YANG ; Chen, Hong-Ming; Yang, Chia-Lin ; Wu, Ja-Ling journal article1613
612009Scalable computation for spatially scalable video coding using NVIDIA CUDA and multi-core CPUJA-LING WU conference paper180
622009RoleNet: Movie analysis from the perspective of social networksWeng, Chung-Yi; JA-LING WU ; Chu, Wei-Ta; Wu, Ja-Lingjournal article9267
632009Interactive background blurringJA-LING WU conference paper60
642009Video-based motion capturing for skeleton-based 3D modelsJA-LING WU ; Wada, Toshikazu; BING-YU CHEN ; Huang, Fay; Lin, Stephenbook30
652009Fidelity-guaranteed robustness enhancement of blind-detection watermarking schemesJA-LING WU ; Huang, Chun-Hsiang; Wu, Ja-Ling ; Wu, Ja-Lingjournal article3125
662008數位家庭應用中內容分析與展示技術之研發(2/3)吳家麟 report
672008數位家庭應用中內容分析與展示技術之研發(3/3)吳家麟 report
682008Event detection in tennis matches based on video data miningJA-LING WU ; Ming-Chun Tien; Yi-Tang Wang; Chen-Wei Chou; Kuei-Yi Hsieh; Wei-Ta Chu; Ja-Ling Wu conference paper230
692008Digital-invisible-ink data hiding based on spread-spectrum and quantization techniquesJA-LING WU ; Huang, Chun-Hsiang; Huang, Chun-Hsiang; Chuang, Shang-Chih; Wu, Ja-Ling ; Wu, Ja-Lingjournal article167
702008Using Semantic Graphs for Image SearchJA-LING WU ; Jyh Ren Shieh; Yang Ting Yeh; Chih Hung Lin; Ching Yung Lin; Ja-Ling Wu conference paper20
712008Traceable multimedia fingerprinting based on the multilevel user groupingYu-Tzu Lin; JA-LING WU ; Ja-Ling Wu conference paper40
722008Collaborative knowledge semantic graph image searchJA-LING WU ; Huai, Jinpeng; Chen, Robin; Hon, Hsiao-Wuen; Liu, Yunhao; Ma, Wei-Ying; Tomkins, Andrew; Zhang, Xiaodongconference paper00
732008Collusion-resistant video fingerprinting based on temporal oscillationJA-LING WU ; Yu-Tzu Lin; Chun-Hsiang Huang; Ja-Ling Wu conference paper00
742008Photo navigatorSaddik, Abdulmotaleb EL; JA-LING WU ; YUNG-YU CHUANG ; Vuong, Son; Griwodz, Carsten; Bimbo, Alberto Del; Candan, K. Selcuk; Jaimes, Alejandroconference paper130
752008Sheepdog - group and tag recommendation for flickr photos by automatic search-based learningJA-LING WU conference paper500
762008Content adaptive watermarking for multimedia fingerprintingJA-LING WU ; Lin, Yu-Tzu; Lin, Yu-Tzu; Wu, Ja-Ling ; Wu, Ja-lingjournal article20
772008Explicit semantic events detection and development of realistic applications for broadcasting baseball videosJA-LING WU ; Chu, Wei-Ta; Wu, Ja-Ling; Wu, Ja-Ling journal article2519
782008Two algorithms for constructing efficient Huffman-code based reversible variable length codesJA-LING WU journal article77
792008Memory efficient hierarchical lookup tables for mass arbitrary-side growing huffman trees decodingJA-LING WU ; Wang, Sung-Wen; Wu, Ja-Ling ; Wu, Ja-Ling; Chuang, Shang-Chih; Hsiao, Chih-Chieh; Tung, Yi-Shin; Tung, Yi-Shinjournal article44
802008ViSA: Virtual Spotlighted AdvertisingChang Chia-Hu; Hsieh Kuei-Yi; Chung Ming-Che; Wu Ja-Ling conference paper160
812008ViSA: Virtual spotlighted advertisingJA-LING WU conference paper160
822008Video-based CPR analysis systemJA-LING WU ; CHIH-WEI YANG conference paper00
832008Semantic analysis for automatic event recognition and segmentation of wedding ceremony videosCheng, Wen-Huang; Cheng, Wen-Huang; JA-LING WU ; Chuang, Yung-Yu ; Chuang, Yung-Yu ; BING-YU CHEN ; YUNG-YU CHUANG ; Lin, Yin-Tzu; Hsieh, Chi-Chang; Hsieh, Chi-Chang; Fang, Shao-Yen; Fan, Shao-Yen; Chen, Bing-Yu ; Wu, Ja-Ling ; Wu, Ja-Lingjournal article109
842008Video-based CPR Analysis SystemWang Yi-Tang; Tien Ming-Chun; Wu Ja-Ling ; Yang Chih-Wei ; Ma Matthew Huei-Ming conference paper00
852008SheepDog - Group and Tag Recommendation for Flickr Photos by Automatic Searchbased LearningChen Hong-Ming; Chang Ming-Hsiu; Chang Ping-Chieh; Tien Ming-Chun; Hsu Winston H.; Wu Ja-Ling conference paper
862007ITEMS: Intelligent Travel Experience Management SystemChih-Chieh Liu; Chun-Hsiang Huang; Wei-Ta Chu; Ja-Ling Wu conference paper40
872007ITEMS: Intelligent travel experience management systemJA-LING WU conference paper40
882007A Parallel Algorithm for H.264/AVC Deblocking Filter Based On Limited Error Propagation EffectShu-Sian Yang; Sung-Wen Wang; Ja-Ling Wu conference paper00
892007A parallel algorithm for H.264/AVC deblocking filter based on limited error propagation effectJA-LING WU conference paper
902007Movie Analysis Based on Roles' Social NetworkChung-Yi Weng; Wei-Ta Chu; Ja-Ling Wu conference paper00
912007Movie analysis based on roles' social networkJA-LING WU conference paper
922007RoleNet: Treat a Movie as a Small SocietyChung-Yi Weng; Wei-Ta Chu; Ja-Ling Wu conference paper
932007Semantic-event based analysis and segmentation of wedding ceremony videosWen-Huang Cheng; JA-LING WU ; BING-YU CHEN ; Yung-Yu Chuang ; YUNG-YU CHUANG ; Bing-Yu Chen ; Ja-Ling Wu ; Shao-Yen Fang; Yin-Tzu Lin; Chi-Chang Hsieh; Chen-Ming Pan; Wei-Ta Chu; Min-Chun Tienjournal article70
942007Video adaptation for small display based on content recompositionCheng, W.-H.; JA-LING WU ; Wang, C.-W.; Wu, J.-L.journal article8361
952007Motion transitive based fast multi-frame motion estimation algorithm for MPEG-4 AVC/H.264JA-LING WU ; Lin, Sheng-Kai; Wang, Sung-Wen; Yang, Shu-Sian; Tung, Yi-Shin; Wu, Ja-Ling conference paper00
962007An efficient matrix-based DCT splitter/merger for MPEG-2-to-AVC/H.264 transform kernel conversionChuang, Y.-J.; JA-LING WU ; Wu, J.-L.journal article11
972007Information delivery systems for car passengers without networking capabilitiesJA-LING WU book
982007Exploring broadcasting baseball videos based on multimodal and multidisciplinary studyJA-LING WU conference paper
992007A parallelism encoding framework for the temporal scalability of H.264/AVC scalable extensionShu-Sian Yang; JA-LING WU ; Sung-Wen Wang; Hong-Ming Chen; Ja-Ling Wu conference paper50
1002007Concatenated construction of traceability codes for multimedia fingerprintingLin, Yu-Tzu; JA-LING WU ; Wu, Ja-Ling ; Huang, Chun-Hsiangjournal article53
1012007Film narrative exploration through the analysis of aesthetic elementsHutchison, David; JA-LING WU ; Kanade, Takeo; Kittler, Josef; Kleinberg, Jon M.; Mattern, Friedemann; Mitchell, John C.; Naor, Moni; Nierstrasz, Oscar; Rangan, C. Pandu; Steffen, Bernhard; Sudan, Madhu; Terzopoulos, Demetri; Tygar, Dough; Vardi, Moshe Y.; Weikum, Gerhardbook40
1022007Automatic chapter generation for consumer videosJA-LING WU ; Chia-Wei Wang; Wen-Huang Cheng; Ja-Ling Wu conference paper00
1032007Seamless viewpoint switching for multiview videoShang-Chih Chuang; JA-LING WU ; Chun-Hsiang Huang; Ja-Ling Wu conference paper00
1042007RoleNet: Treat a movie as a small societyJA-LING WU conference paper90
1052007Practical fingerprinting system for imagesLin, Yu-Tzu; JA-LING WU ; Wu, Ja-Ling journal article51
1062007Quality enhancement of frame rate up-converted video by adaptive frame skip and reliable motion extractionJA-LING WU journal article4838
1072007Tiling slideshow: An audiovisual presentation method for consumer photosJA-LING WU ; Chu, Wei-Ta; Chen, Jun-Cheng; Wu, Ja-Ling journal article1511
1082006Development of realistic applications based on explicit event detection in broadcasting baseball videosChu, Wei-Ta; Wu, Ja-Ling conference paper00
1092006Semantic context detection using audio event fusion: Camera-ready versionJA-LING WU journal article51
1102006An Efficient Memory Construction Scheme for An Arbitrary Side Growing Huffman TableSung-Wen Wang; Shang-Chih Chuang; Chih-Chieh Hsiao; Yi-Shin Tung; Ja-Ling Wu conference paper
1112006Development of Realistic Applications Based on Explicit Event Detection in Broadcasting Baseball VideosWei-Ta Chu; Ja-Ling Wu conference paper
1122006Development of realistic applications based on explicit event detection in broadcasting baseball videosJA-LING WU conference paper
1132006Tiling SlideshowJun-Cheng Chen; Wei-Ta Chu; Jin-Hau Kuo; Chung-Yi Weng; Ja-Ling Wu conference paper400
1142006Tiling slideshowJA-LING WU conference paper400
1152006An efficient memory construction scheme for an arbitrary side growing huffman tableJA-LING WU conference paper20
1162006Audiovisual Slideshow: Present Your Journey by PhotosJun-Cheng Chen; Wei-Ta Chu; Jin-Hau Kuo; Chung-Yi Weng; Ja-Ling Wu conference paper20
1172006Audiovisual slideshow: Present your journey by photosJA-LING WU conference paper20
1182006Digital invisible ink and its applications in steganographyJA-LING WU conference paper
1192006Digital invisible ink: Revealing true secrets via attackingJA-LING WU conference paper10
1202006Extraction of Baseball Trajectory and Physics-Based Validation for Single-View Baseball Video SequencesWei-Ta Chu; Chia-Wei Wang; Ja-Ling Wu conference paper120
1212006Extraction of baseball trajectory and physics-based validation for single-view baseball video sequencesJA-LING WU conference paper120
1222006Unseen visible watermarkingJA-LING WU conference paper160
1232006A colorization based animation broadcast system with traitor tracing capabilityJA-LING WU book
1242006Movie emotional event detection based on music mood and video tempoJA-LING WU ; Chen, Yu-Hao; Kuo, Jin-Hau; Chu, Wei-Ta; Wu, Ja-Ling conference paper50
1252006Geometric-Invariant Image Watermarking by Object-Oriented EmbeddingLin, Yu-Tzu; Wu, Ja-Ling ; Kuo, Yu-Fengjournal article
1262006Semantic Context Detection Using Audio Event FusionChu, Wei-Ta; Cheng, Wen-Huang; Wu, Ja-Ling journal article
1272006A Colorization Based Animation Broadcast System with Traitor Tracing CapabilityLiu, Chih-Chieh; Kuo, Yu-Feng; Huang, Chun-Hsiang; Wu, Ja-Ling journal article
1282006Digital Invisible Ink: Revealing True Secrets Via AttackingChun-Hsiang Huang; Yu-Feng Kuo; Ja-Ling Wu conference paper
1292006A Colorization Based Animation Broadcast System with Traitor Tracing CapabilityChih-Chieh Liu; Yu-Feng Kuo; Chun-Hsiang Huang; Ja-Ling Wu conference paper
1302006Investigation and Complexity Analysis of a Spatial Audio Codec Based on a Programmable Media-processorChia-Hao Chang ; Jin-Hau Kuo; Chi-Hao Wu; Ja-Ling Wu conference paper
1312006Movie Emotional Event Detection Based on Music Mood and Video TempoYu-Hao Chen; Jin-Hau Kuo; Wei-Ta Chu; Ja-Ling Wu conference paper
1322006Digital Invisible Ink and Its Applications in SteganographyChun-Hsiang Huang; Shang-Chih Chuang; Ja-Ling Wu conference paper
1332005Fidelity-controlled robustness enhancement of blind watermarking schemes using evolutionary computational techniquesJA-LING WU conference paper
1342005新一代視訊壓縮技術--可調整性編解碼器設計之研發(3/3)吳家麟 report
1352005Software-controlled cache architecture for energy efficiencyJA-LING WU ; Yang, Chia-Lin ; Tseng, Hung-Wei; CHIA-LIN YANG ; Ho, Chia-Chiang; Wu, Ja-Ling journal article83
1362005An adaptive edge detection based colorization algorithm and its applicationsJA-LING WU ; Zhang, Hongjiang; Chua, Tat-Seng; Steinmetz, Ralf; Kankanhalli, Mohan; Wilcox, Lynnconference paper660
1372005A musical-driven video summarization system using content-aware mechanismsJA-LING WU ; Huang, Chen-Hsiu; Wu, Chi-Hao; Kuo, Jin-Hau; Wu, Ja-Ling conference paper50
1382005A hierarchical and multi-model based algorithm for lead detection and news program narrative parsingJA-LING WU conference paper00
1392005Toward semantic indexing and retrieval using hierarchical audio modelsJA-LING WU ; Chu, Wei-Ta; Cheng, Wen-Huang; YUNG-JEN HSU ; Hsu, Jane Yung-Jen; Wu, Ja-Ling journal article85
1402005Improvement of commercial boundary detection using audiovisual featuresHutchison, David; JA-LING WU ; Kanade, Takeo; Kittler, Josef; Kittler, Josef; Kleinberg, Jon M.; Mattern, Friedemann; Mitchell, John C.; Naor, Moni; Nierstrasz, Oscar; Rangan, C. Pandu; Steffen, Bernhard; Sudan, Madhu; Terzopoulos, Demetri; Tygar, Dough; Vardi, Moshe Y.; Weikum, Gerhardbook20
1412005Automatic video caption detection and extraction in the DCT compressed domainJA-LING WU conference paper10
1422005Generative and discriminative modeling toward semantic context detection in audio tracksJA-LING WU ; W.-T. Chu; W.-H. Cheng; J.-L. Wuconference paper110
1432005A practical foveation-based rate-shaping mechanism for MPEG videosHo, Chia-Chiang; JA-LING WU ; Wu, Ja-Ling ; Cheng, Wen-Huangjournal article1411
1442005The hierarchical traceability codes for multimedia fingerprintingJA-LING WU conference paper
1452005TV commercial detection in news program videosYeh, Jen-Hao; JA-LING WU ; Chen, Jun-Cheng; Kuo, Jin-Hau; Wu, Ja-Ling conference paper120
1462005A real-time semi-automatic video segmentation system based on mathematical morphologyJA-LING WU ; Chia-Hao Chang ; Chi-Hao Wu; Jun-Cheng Chen; Jin-Hau Kuo; Ja-Ling Wu conference paper10
1472005Automatic video region-of-interest determination based on user attention modelJA-LING WU ; Cheng, Wen-Huang; Chu, Wei-Ta; Kuo, Jin-Hau; Wu, Ja-Ling conference paper270
1482005Integration of rule-based and model-based decision methods for baseball event detectionChu, Wei-Ta; JA-LING WU ; Wu, Ja-Ling conference paper10
1492005Baseball event detection using game-specific feature sets and rulesJA-LING WU ; Liang, Chih-Hao; Chu, Wei-Ta; Kuo, Jin-Hau; Wu, Ja-Ling ; Cheng, Wen-Huangconference paper90
1502005Low-bitrate video quality enhancement by frame rate up-conversion and adaptive frame encodingJA-LING WU book
1512005An efficient matrix-based 2-D DCT splitter and merger for SIMD instructionsJA-LING WU ; Chuang, Yuh-Jue; Wu, Ja-Ling journal article22
1522005DSP-based multi-format video decoding engine for media adapter applicationsJA-LING WU journal article140
1532005On error detection and error synchronization of reversible variable-length codesJA-LING WU journal article66
1542005A visual attention based region-of-interest determination framework for video sequencesCHENG, Wen-Huang; JA-LING WU ; CHU, Wei-Ta; WU, Ja-Ling journal article3924
1552004A Visual Focus Detection Framework for Video SequencesCheng, Wen-Huang; Wei-Ta Chu; Wu, Ja-Ling conference paper
1562004Fidelity-Controlled Robustness Enhancement of Blind Watermarking Schemes Using Evolutionary Computational TechniquesHuang, Chun-Hsiang; Shen, Chih-Hao; Wu, Ja-Ling conference paper00
1572004An SGH-tree based memory efficient and constant decoding algorithm for Huffman codesChuang, Yuh-Jue; Wu, Ja-Ling conference paper00
1582004An Algorithm for Construction of Error-Correcting Symmetrical Reversible Variable Length CodesLin, Chia-Wei; Wu, Ja-Ling ; Chen, Jun-Chengconference paper
1592004Semantic units detection and summarization of baseball videosLiang, Chih-Hao; Kuo, Jin-Hau; Chu, Wei-Ta; Wu, Ja-Ling conference paper00
1602004General splitting and merging of 2-D DCT in the DCT domainChuang, Yuh-Jue; Chuang, Yuh-Jue; Pan, Ting-Jian; Wu, Ja-Ling conference paper00
1612004A study of semantic context detection by using SVM and GMM approachesChu, Wei-Ta; Cheng, Wen-Huang; Wu, Ja-Ling ; Yung-jen Hsu, Janeconference paper
1622004An optimization of H.264/AVC baseline decoder on low-cost TriMedia DSP processorWang, Sung-Wen; Ya-Ting Yang; Li, Chia-Ying; Tung, Yi-Shin; Wu, Ja-Ling conference paper
1632004General splitting and merging of 2-D DCT in the DCT domainJA-LING WU conference paper
1642004The lightweight genetic search algorithm: An efficient genetic algorithm for small search range problemsJA-LING WU journal article
1652004A study of semantic context detection by using SVM and GMM approachesJA-LING WU conference paper
1662004Building MPEG-7 transcoding hints from intrinsic characteristics of MPEG videosJA-LING WU journal article11
1682004An SGH-tree based memory efficient and constant decoding algorithm for huffman codesJA-LING WU conference paper
1692004Semantic units detection and summarization of baseball videosJA-LING WU conference paper
1702004─產學合作計畫:媒體內容工程:MPEG-4/7相關技術之研發(3/3)吳家麟 report
1712004新一代視訊壓縮技術--可調整性編解碼器設計之研發(2/3)吳家麟 report
1722004Boundary-energy sensitive visual de-blocking for H.264/AVC coderJA-LING WU ; Wang, Sheng-Ho; Wang, Sung-Wen; Huang, Yi-Chin; Tung, Yi-Shin; Wu, Ja-Ling conference paper10
1732004Action movies segmentation and summarization based on tempo analysisJA-LING WU conference paper
1742004Attacking visible watermarking schemesJA-LING WU journal article6148
1752004A unified framework using spatial color descriptor and motion-based post refinement for shot boundary detectionJA-LING WU book
1762004Direct splitting and merging of 2-D DCT in the DCT domainChuang, Yuh-Jue; JA-LING WU ; Wu, Ja-Ling journal article43
1772004An importance measurement for video and its application to TV news items distillationJA-LING WU ; Kuo, Jin-Hau; Fang, Chin-Wei; Yeh, Jen-Hao; Wu, Ja-Ling conference paper00
1782004The optimization of H.264/AVC baseline decoder on low-cost TriMedia DSP processorJA-LING WU conference paper140
1792004A traceable content-adaptive fingerprinting for multimediaLin, Yu-Tzu; JA-LING WU ; Wu, Ja-Ling conference paper10
1802004AN MPEG-7 CONTENT-BASED ANALYSIS/RETRIEVAL SYSTEM AND ITS APPLICATIONSKuo, Jin-Hau; Wu, Ja-Ling ; Lin, Shao-Ying; Wang, Song-Wenjournal article
1812004Novel mode-selection mechanism for realizing a live MPEG-4 ASP encoderJA-LING WU conference paper
1822003An MPEG-7 based content-aware album system for consumer photographsHuang, Chen-Hsiu; Shen, Chih-Hao; Huang, Chun-Hsiang; Wu, Ja-Ling text
1832003a user attention based visible watermarking schemeHuang, Chen-Hsiu; Wu, Ja-Ling report
1842003An MPEG-4/7 based architecture for analyzing and retrieving news video programsKuo, Jin-Hau; Ho, Chia-Chiang; Shieh, M.J.; Yeh, J.H.; Wu, Ja-Ling conference paper00
1852003Building MPEG-7 transcoding hints from intrinsic characteristics of MPEG videosKuo, Jin-Hau; Ho, Chia-Chiang; Wu, Ja-Ling conference paper11
1862003A User Attention Based Visible Video Watermarking SchemeChen-Hsiu Huang; Wu, Ja-Ling conference paper
1872003Building MPEG-7 transcoding hints from intrinsic characteristics of MPEG videosJA-LING WU conference paper
1882003An MPEG-7 content-based analysis/retrieval system and its applicationsJA-LING WU conference paper10
1892003An MPEG-7 Content-based Analysis/Retrieval System and Its ApplicationsKuo, Jin-Hau; Wu, Ja-Ling conference paper
1902003Encoding strategies for realizing MPEG-4 universal scalable video codingJA-LING WU conference paper10
1912003An MPEG-4/7 based architecture for analyzing and retrieving news video programsJA-LING WU conference paper
1922003Encoding Strategies for Realizing MPEG-4 Universal Scalable Video CodingTung, Yi-Shin; Wu, Ja-Ling ; Cheng, Wen-Huang; Ting-Jian Panconference paper10
1932003A MPEG-7 Contour-based Analysis/Retrieval System for Fish ImagesKuo, Jin-Hau; Wang, Sung-Wen; Wu, Ja-Ling conference paper
1942003A Generic Algorithm for Constructing Reversible Variable Length Codes with Limited Maximum Codeword LengthLin, Chia-Wei; Chuang, Yuh-Jue; Wu, Ja-Ling conference paper
1952003─產學合作計畫:媒體內容工程:MPEG-4/7相關技術之研發(2/3)吳家麟 report
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2881998─多媒體電子教室輔助軟體模組之研發(3/3)吳家麟 report
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4141993多媒體系統研究之群體計畫(II)吳家麟 report
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4441992雜散餘弦轉換之理論與應用吳家麟 report
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