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12021Do fast fashion consumers prefer foreign brands? The moderating roles of sensory perception and consumer personality on purchase intentionsLiu S.-F; Lee H.-C; Lien N.-H.; NAI-HWA LIEN Asia Pacific Management Review0
22020Fear of Product Obsolescence and Intention to Upgrade陳建維(Chien-Wei Chen); 練乃華(Nai-Hwa Lien); NAI-HWA LIEN 中山管理評論0
32018Consumer evaluations of service co-brandingChen C.-W.; Lien N.-H.; NAI-HWA LIEN Service Industries Journal11
42017Social media and marketing effectivenessChen C.-W.; Lien N.-H.; NAI-HWA LIEN Asia Pacific Management Review02
52014Launch tactics and product cannibalization in high technology marketsNAI-HWA LIEN; NAI-HWA LIEN 2014 Global Marketing Conference 
62014Old Songs Never Die: Advertising Effects of Evoking Nostalgia With Popular SongsChou H.-Y.; Lien N.-H.; NAI-HWA LIEN Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising40
72014Effects of SMS teaser ads on product curiosityChou H.-Y.; Lien N.-H.; NAI-HWA LIEN International Journal of Mobile Communications55
82013Narrative Ads: Argument Strength and Story Format EffectsLien N.-H.; Chen Y.-L.; NAI-HWA LIEN Journal of Business Research4358
92013The effects of appeal types and candidates' poll rankings in negative political advertisingChou H.-Y.; Lien N.-H.; NAI-HWA LIEN Asian Journal of Communication44
102013Technological opportunism and firm performance: Moderating contextsChen C.-W.; Lien N.-H.; NAI-HWA LIEN Journal of Business Research1619
112012Advertising Effectiveness and the Match-Up Hypothesis: Examining Spokesperson Sex, Attractiveness Type, and Product ImageLien N.-H.; Chou H.-Y.; Chang C.-H.; NAI-HWA LIEN Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising80
122012產品來源國聯想與廣告內容不一致之廣告效果林正士; 周軒逸; 練乃華; NAI-HWA LIEN 管理與系統 
132012The effects of incentive types and appeal regulatory framing in travel advertisingChou H.-Y.; Lien N.-H.; NAI-HWA LIEN Service Industries Journal2225
142012當簡訊遇上前導:品牌熟悉度、互動性、個人化、誘因之好奇效果周軒逸(Hsuan-Yi Chou); 練乃華(Nai-Hwa Lien); NAI-HWA LIEN 臺大管理論叢40
152011部落格迴響一致性對讀者態度之影響周軒逸; 陳怡伶; 練乃華; NAI-HWA LIEN 管理評論 
162011另類廣告不一致:品牌來源國與品牌消費文化定位之觀點林正士(Cheng-Shih Lin); 練乃華(Nai-Hwa Lien); 周軒逸(Hsuan-Yi Chou); NAI-HWA LIEN 廣告學研究
172011The antecedents and belief-polarized effects of thought confidenceChou H.-Y.; Lien N.-H.; Liang K.-Y.; NAI-HWA LIEN Journal of Psychology: Interdisciplinary and Applied34
182011What does a negative political ad really say? the effects of different content dimensionsChou H.-Y.; Lien N.-H.; NAI-HWA LIEN Journal of Marketing Communications50
192011The Moderating Effects of Guilt, Self-Control, and Temporal Distance on Consumer Preference toward Premium-Based PromotionsLien, Nai-Hwa; Chien-Wei Chen; Yu-Hsin Chung; Hsui-Fen Chien; NAI-HWA LIEN 18th International Conference on Retailing and Consumer Services Science 
202010你今天blog了嗎:部落格電影口碑之信任效果研究周軒逸; 陳怡伶; 練乃華; NAI-HWA LIEN 電子商務學報 
212010Advertising effects of songs' nostalgia and lyrics' relevanceChou H.-Y.; Lien N.-H.; NAI-HWA LIEN Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics240
222010The Effects of Electronic Word of Mouth on Attitude Adjustment and Change: The Moderating Role of Need for CognitionLien, Nai-Hwa; Yi-Ling Chen; NAI-HWA LIEN 2010 INFORM Marketing Science Conference 
232010A Resource-Based View of Marketing Communications for International Product LaunchChen, Chien-Wei; Nai-Hwa Lien; NAI-HWA LIEN International Conference on Business and Information 
242010又愛又怕的夢幻市場─同性戀廣告效果之研究周軒逸(Hsuan-Yi Chou); 練乃華(Nai-Hwa Lien); NAI-HWA LIEN 中山管理評論00
252010時間距離對負面競選廣告效果之影響周軒逸(Hsuan-Yi Chou); 練乃華(Nai-Hwa Lien); NAI-HWA LIEN 臺灣民主季刊00
262010How do candidate poll ranking and election status affect the effects of negative political advertising?Chou, Hsuan-Yi; Lien, Nai-Hwa; NAI-HWA LIEN International Journal of Advertising129
272010旅遊廣告圖文比例的廣告效果研究:時間和空間距離之干擾周軒逸(Hsuan-Yi Chou); 練乃華(Nai-Hwa Lien); NAI-HWA LIEN 戶外遊憩研究00
282009會員制關係行銷策略對關係績效之影響:心理態度之中介效果高淑鑾; 練乃華; NAI-HWA LIEN 2009行銷學術研討會
292009The Mediating Effect of Membership Customers’ Identification and Commitment on the Relationships between Relationship Marketing Strategy and Relationship Performance: Evidence from a Fitness ClubKao, Shu-Luan; Nai-Hwa Lien; Jerome Chih-Lung Chou; NAI-HWA LIEN 14th Asia Pacific Management Conference 
302009The Moderating Effects of Candidate Characteristics on Negative Political AdvertisementChou, Hsuan-Yi; Nai-Hwa Lien; NAI-HWA LIEN American Academy of Advertising 2009 Asia-Pacific Conference
312008現任者聲譽對負面競選廣告效果之影響周軒逸; 練乃華 政治科學論叢 00
322008The Effects of Service Quality Dimensions on Customer Satisfaction Across Different Service Types: Alternative Differentiation as a ModeratorLien, Nai-Hwa ; Kao, Shu-LuanAdvances in Consumer Research 
332008Does Firm’s Location Institutionalize Benefit Plans Implementation? Empirical study on Taiwanese Manufacturing Industry"李俊賢; 徐木蘭; 練乃華; NAI-HWA LIEN 工研院創新與科技管理研討會 
342008Antecedents and Attitudinal Effects of Thought ConfidenceChou, Hsuan-Yi; Nai-Hwa Lien; NAI-HWA LIEN 2008 Society for Consumer Psychology Conference
352008故事廣告效果之研究陳怡伶; 練乃華; NAI-HWA LIEN 2008臺灣大學商學研究所校友學術研討會
362007前導廣告之推出時機與廣告排程效果研究 (新制多年期第2年)練乃華 
372007前導廣告之推出時機與廣告排程效果研究 (新制多年期第1年)練乃華 
382007Frequency Program Requirements and Consumers’ Reward PreferencesNAI-HWA LIEN; NAI-HWA LIEN American Psychological Association 115th Annual Convention
392007Old Songs Never Die: The Effects of Nostalgic Songs in Television AdsChou, Hsuan-Yi; Nai-Hwa Lien; NAI-HWA LIEN International Conference on Business and Information
402006The Influence of Webmosphere on Shopping Values and Impulstive Buying IntentionLien, Nai-Hwa; Shih-Yin Fann; NAI-HWA LIEN 2006 INFORM Marketing Science Conference
412006The Impacts of Benefits Plan on Employee Turnover: A Firm Level Analysis Approach on Taiwanese Manufacturing IndustryLee, Chun-Hsien; Hsu, Mu-Lan; Lien, Nai-Hwa International Journal of Human Resource Management 3134
422005個人因素在幽默廣告勸服途徑中之角色研究練乃華 ; 蘇文達; 曾杏如行銷科學學報 
432005關係結合方式對忠誠度影響效果之研究高淑鑾; 練乃華; NAI-HWA LIEN 2005第三屆流通與全球運籌研討會論文集
442005服務業顧客知覺關係狀態與未來關係發展之研究練乃華 ; 高淑鑾管理評論00
452005廣告音樂在不同涉入型態下之效果與影響機制彭縱仁; 練乃華 管理學報 00
462003口耳相傳訊息之傳播及對消費者購買行為之影響:文獻回顧與評論練乃華 ; 留淑芳中山管理評論 
472003網路口耳相傳說服效果影響之研究練乃華; 留淑芳; NAI-HWA LIEN 第二屆服務業行銷暨管理學術研討會論文集 
482003顧客的滿意度與依賴關係對企業的信任-承諾的影響練乃華; 高淑鑾; NAI-HWA LIEN 第一屆全國當代行銷研討會論文集 
492003廣告圖片效果中介模式之研究練乃華 ; 留淑芳管理評論00
522001Gender Difference in Persuasibility: The Moderating Role of Product Type and Endorser ExpertiseLien, Nai-Hwa Sun Yat- Sen Management Review 
542001Elaboration Likelihood Model in Consumer Research: A ReviewLien, Nai-Hwa National Science Council Part C: Humanities and Social Sciences 
561998Memory-Based Judgments: The Role of Information Typicality and Processing AbilityLien, Nai-Hwa; Douglas M. Stayman; NAI-HWA LIEN Asia-Pacific Advances in Consumer Research 
571996Self-Referencing, Persuasion, and the Role of Affect,Lien, Nai-Hwa; Douglas M. Stayman; NAI-HWA LIEN Advances in Consumer Research