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12019局部振動介入與運動後肌肉硬度變化之探討=The effect of local vibration intervention on post-exercise muscle stiffness changes陳林生; 林信甫 中華體育季刊00
22019Cigarette smoking blunts exercise-induced heart rate response among young adult male smokersSumartiningsih, S.; Lin, H.-F. ; Lin, J.-C.International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health310
32019The Effects of Fun Swimming Game Intervention on Forced Vital Capacity and Peak Flow Rate of 5-6 Year-Old ChildrenSri Sumartiningsih; 林信甫 ; 林正常運動生理暨體能學報00
42018增補雙蔘對男性下坡跑後血流動力學與脫氫異雄固酮-硫酸鹽之影響=Effects of Panax ginseng and Salvia miltiorrhiza Supplementation on Arterial Hemodynamics and Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate in Men After Downhill Running Exercise童亢; 廖翊宏; 鄭浩民; 林信甫 大專體育學刊00
52018急性阻力運動後不同型態滾筒介入對肌肉與血管硬度變化之初探研究=Effects of Different Types of Foam Roller Intervention on Muscular and Vascular Stiffness After an Acute Bout of Resistance Exercise: A Pilot Study黃袖舒; 林信甫 運動生理暨體能學報00
62018Aortic reservoir function of Japanese female pearl diversSugawara, J.; Tomoto, T.; Lin, H.-F. ; Chen, C.-H.; Tanaka, H.Journal of Applied Physiology04
72017Racket Sport Participation on Delaying Vascular Aging周峻忠; 趙曉涵 ; 陳美莉 ; 林信甫 運動生理暨體能學報00
82017持拍運動對延緩血管老化之生理效益探討=Racket Sport Participation on Delaying Vascular Aging周峻忠; 趙曉涵 ; 陳美莉 ; 林信甫 運動生理暨體能學報00
112017Delayed Onset Vascular Stiffening Induced by Eccentric Resistance Exercise and Downhill RunningLin, H-F. ; Chou, C-C.; Cheng, H-M.; Tanaka, H.Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine23
122016Panax ginseng and salvia miltiorrhiza supplementation abolishes eccentric exercise-induced vascular stiffening: A double-blind randomized control trialLin, H.-F. ; Tung, K.; Chou, C.-C.; Lin, C.-C.; Lin, J.-G.; Tanaka, H.BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine37
132016Acute effects of Core Rotation Exercise on Leg HemodynamicsLin, H-F. ; Chou, C-C.; Chao, H-H. ; Tung, Kang.2016 Annual Meeting of American College in Sports Medicine
142016Protective Effects of a Novel Panax Ginseng and Salvia Miltiorrhiza Mixture on Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Acute Cardiac Dysfunction in RatsTsai, S-C.; Chuang, S-J.; Lin, H-F. ; Chen, C-Y.; Chen, C-N.; Liao, Y-H.Adaptive Medicine
152016Panax ginseng and Salvia miltiorrhiza supplementation during eccentric resistance training in middle-aged and older adults: A double-blind randomized control trialHsin-Fu Lin ; Chun-Chung Chou; Hsiao-Han Chao ; Hirofumi TanakaComplementary Therapies in Medicine14
162015單次站立閉鎖式核心旋轉運動對血管功能之立即生理效益研究趙曉涵 ; 周峻忠; 趙曉雯; 林信甫 2015國際運動生理及體能領域學術研討會
172015不同型態離心運動對脈波傳導速率與脂締素之影響=Effects of Different Types of Eccentric Exercise on Pulse Wave Velocity and Adiponectin Response黃君秦; 蔡政霖; 王鶴森; 丁詩同; 林信甫 體育學報00
182015Effects of Chinese herb?supplementation with eccentric-biased resistance training on body composition and muscle strength in postmenopausal womenLin, H-F. ; Chou, C-C.; Chao, H-H. ; Tsai, Y-S.; Chen, C-Y. 2015 Annual Meeting of National Strength and Conditioning Association
192015Effects of Acute Core Rotation on Cardiovascular Response Compared with Lower Leg Resistance Exercise- A Pilot Study by Using ImpedanceChao, H. H. ; Chou, C. C.; Chao, H.W.; Huang, C. C.; Lin H. F. 第14屆華人運動生理與體適能學者學會年會
202015十二週雙參增補搭配離心阻力訓練對中老年人身體組成與肌力表現之影響周峻忠; 趙曉涵 ; 蔡易珊; 陳宗與; 林信甫 2015國際運動生理及體能領域學術研討會
212015Effects of panax ginseng and salvia miltiorrhiza supplementation with eccentric-biased resistance training on body composition and muscle strength on postmenopausal womenLin H. F. ; Chou, C. C.; Chao, H. H. ; Tsai, Y. C.; Chen, C. Y.38th?NSCA Annual Conference. Orlando, USA.
222014單次不同阻力運動與加壓負荷對運動後代謝壓力與合成激素反應的影響=Effects of Different Resistance Exercise and Occlusion Pressures on Metabolic Stress and Anabolic Hormonal Responses after Exercise周峻忠; 陳一凡; 王宇涵; 廖翊宏; 林信甫 ; 林正常大專體育學刊00
232014Short-term Panax Ginseng And Salvia Miltiorrhiza Supplementation On Pulse Wave Velocity And Dehydroepiandrosterone After Downhill Running ExerciseLin, H-F. ; Tung, K.; Tsai, C-L.; Wang, H-S.; Ding, S-T.; Lin, J-G.2014 Annual Meeting of American College of Sports Medicine
242013結合低強度阻力訓練與加壓訓練對肌肉適能的效益及生理機制之探討=The Benefits and Physiological Mechanisms of Low Intensity Resistance Training Combined with Occlusion Training on Muscle Fitness童亢; 林信甫 ; 王鶴森運動生理暨體能學報00
252013身體素質對高爾夫運動表現的影響與應用=The Role and Application of Physical Quality to Golf Performance蔡政霖; 王莉莉; 林信甫 中華體育季刊00
262013Stiffness of Muscles and Stiffening of Arteries Induced by Eccentric ExerciseLin, H-F. ; Huang, J-C.; Chen, Y-C.; Tsai, C-L.; Chen, C-H.; Sung, S-H.; Li, P-C.; Tanaka, H.2013 Annual Meeting of American College of Sports Medicine
272013Arterial blood pressure and cardiovascular responses to yoga practiceMiles, S.; Chou, C-C.; Lin, H-F. ; Mandeep, D.; Hunter, S.; Nualnim, N.; Tanaka, H.Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine
282012游泳運動對健康中老年人運動後恢復期心臟代償現象之影響=Effects of Swimming Exercise on Post-Exercise Cardiac Compensation in Healthy Middle-Aged Adults黃香萍; 王鶴森; 林信甫 大專體育學刊00
292012臨界負荷指標於女子划船運動表現之預測=Prediction of Rowing Performance by Using Critical Thresholds in Elite Female Rowers林信甫 ; 周峻忠; 王順正; 王鈞逸大專體育學刊00
302012賽前減量訓練對生理適應與運動表現的影響=Effects of Pre-Competition Tapering on Physiological Adaptation and Exercise Performance黃志成; 林正常; 林信甫 運動生理暨體能學報00
312012Effects of eccentric exercise-induced muscle damage on pulse wave velocity and adiponectinLin, H-F. ; Huang, J-C.; Tsai, C-L.; Chen, Y-C.; Wang, H-S.; Ding, S. T.2012 Annual Conference of the Society of Chinese Scholars on Exercise Physiology and Fitness
322012Impact of Blood Pressure Cuff Inflation Rates on Flow-Mediated Dilatation and?Contralateral Arm ResponseLin, H-F. ; Dhindsa, M. S.; Tarumi, T.; Miles, S. C.; Umpierre, D.; Tanaka, H.Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
332012Impact of Blood Pressure Cuff Inflation Rates on Flow-Mediated Dilatation and Contralateral Arm ResponseLin, H-F. ; Dhindsa, M. S.; Tarumi, T.; Miles, S. C.; Umpierre, D.; Tanaka, H.Journal of Human Hypertension
342012Contribution of blood viscosity in the assessment of flow-mediated dilation and arterial stiffnessParkhurst, K.; Lin, H-F. ; DeVan, A. E.; Barnes, J. N.; Tarumi, T.; Tanaka, H.Vascular Medicine1820
352011Zum Zusammenhang zwischen postural Balance und Reaktionszeit bei ADHS-KindernChan, Y-S.; Jang, J-T.; Ho, C-S.; Lin, L-H.; Hung, T-M.; Wu, M-T.; Pakzad-Mayer, Y.; Lin, H-F. Deutsche Zeitschrift für Sportmedizin
362011Swimming Exercise and Postexercise Hypotension in Middle-aged Healthy Adults: Exercise Intensity Matters?Lin, H-F. ; Huang, H-P.; Huang, T-W.; Wang, H-S.Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
372011Habitual resistance exercise and endothelial ischemia-reperfusion injury in young adultsDeVan,A. E.; Umpierre, D.; Lin, H-F. ; Harrison, M. L.; Tarumi, T.; Dhindsa, M.; Hunter,S. D.; Sommerlad, S. M.; Tanaka, H.Atherosclerosis00
382011Endothelial Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury in Humans: Association with Age and Habitual ExerciseDeVan,A. E.; Umpierre,D.; Harrison,M.L.; Lin,H-F. ; Tarumi,T.; Renzi,C.P.; Dhindsa,M.; Hunter,S. D.; Tanaka, H.American Journal of Physiology - Heart and Circulatory Physiology00
392011Low flow-mediated constriction: prevalence, impact and physiological determinantParkhurst, K.; Harrison, M.L.; Tarumi, T.; Lin, H-F. ; Tanaka, H.Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging2930
402011Preliminary Assessment of an Automatic Screening Device for Peripheral Arterial Disease Using Ankle-Brachial and Toe-Brachial IndicesHarrison,M.L.; Lin, H-F. ; Blakely, D. W.; Tanaka, H.Blood Pressure Monitoring00
412011Zum Einfluss der sensomotorischen Training auf postural Balance bei Kinder mit Aufmerksamkeit Defizit/Hyperaktivit?t St?rungChan, Y-S.; Ho, C-S.; Jang, J-T.; Hung, T-M.; Lin, L-H.; Pakzad-Mayer, Y.; Wu, M-T.; &Lin, H-F. Deutsche Zeitschrift f?r Sportmedizin
422011運動選才的現況與展望莊泰源 ; 林聯喜 ; 黃頂翔; 林信甫 ; 丁詩同 臺大體育 
432010急性阻力運動促進肌肉蛋白質合成之生理與分子機制之探討=Physiological and Molecular Mechanisms Mediating Acute Resistance Exercise-induced Protein Synthesis in Skeletal Muscle廖翊宏; 陳宗與; 林信甫 ; 周峻忠運動生理暨體能學報00
442010Aerobic power assessment by using a 10 min heart rate control running on treadmillWang, S.-C.; Lin, H.-F. ; Wu, C.-F.; Lin, B.-N.; Wang, Y.-S.; Huang, Y.-J.Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness
452010Arterial Stiffening Following Eccentric Exercise-Induced Muscle DamageBarnes,J. N.; Trombold, J.; Dhindsa, M. S.; Lin, H-F. ; Tanaka, H.Journal of Applied Physiology00
462009應用心跳率控制指標於划船測功儀信效度之分析=Validity and Reliability of Heart Rate Control Index Applied on Rowing Ergometer紀瑤璇; 林信甫 ; 鄭景峰; 王順正體育學報00
472009The Effects of FATmax Endurance Training on Maximal Fat Oxidation Rate and Aerobic PowerWang, S-C.; Wang, Y-S.; Huang, Y-J.; Chiang, T-J.; Tasy, S-J.; Lin, H-F. ; Hsieh, Y-C.Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
482007運動介入影響動脈彈性與老化性高血壓之探討=The Influence of Exercise on Arterial Elasticity and Aging Hypertension林信甫 ; 王傑賢運動生理暨體能學報
492007國立台灣大學大一學生健康體適能專案調查研究陳振文; 簡坤鐘 ; 黃國恩 ; 王澤惠; 楊裕隆 ; 林信甫 ; 林姿君臺大體育室專案研究報告書
502007臺灣大學“體育一健康體適能”課程重新建構之研究=The Study of PE1: Freshman Health Fitness Curriculum Reconstruction in National Taiwan University盧居福; 黃英哲; 王澤惠; 黃國恩 ; 楊裕隆 ; 林信甫 ; 林姿君臺大體育學報
512007不同騎乘姿勢對原地腳踏車運動攝氧量與肌電圖反應之影響=The Effects of Different Upper Body Positions on Oxygen Uptake and the Electromyographic Responses during Incremental Test on the Cycle Ergometer王宇涵; 周峻忠; 林信甫 大專體育學刊00
522006呼吸肌熱身對腳踏車運動時生理反應與衰竭時間的影響=The Effects of Respiratory Muscle warm-up on Physiological Responses and Exhaustion Time in Cycling潘賢章; 林正常; 林信甫 臺大體育學報
532006Critical concept indexes are not steady-state intensities in indoor rowing exerciseLin, H-F. ; Lin, J-C.; Chuang, T-Y. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
5520042004高中職學生體適能學習手冊王傑賢; 林信甫 ; 莊泰源 ; 康正男 ; 黃國恩 
5620042004國中學生體適能學習手冊王傑賢; 林信甫 ; 莊泰源 ; 康正男 ; 黃國恩 
5720042004國小學生體適能學習手冊王傑賢; 林信甫 ; 莊泰源 ; 康正男 ; 黃國恩 
5820042004國中體適能教學手冊(教師專用)王傑賢; 林信甫 ; 莊泰源 ; 康正男 ; 黃國恩 
5920042004國小體適能教學手冊(教師專用)王傑賢; 林信甫 ; 莊泰源 ; 康正男 ; 黃國恩 
6020042004大專院校體適能教學手冊(教師專用)王傑賢; 林信甫 ; 莊泰源 ; 康正男 ; 黃國恩 
6120042004大專院校學生體適能學習手冊王傑賢; 林信甫 ; 莊泰源 ; 康正男 ; 黃國恩 
6220042004高中職體適能教學手冊(教師專用)王傑賢; 林信甫 ; 莊泰源 ; 康正男 ; 黃國恩 
632004肌力與體能訓練蔡崇濱; 林信甫 ; 林政東; 吳柏翰; 鄭景峰; 傅正思; 戴堯種
642003以VVO2max 間接測量法評估個體有氧適能之研究=The Study of Velocity at VVO2max (vVO[feaf]max) Field Test to Evaluate Individual Aerobic Capacity林信甫 ; 莊泰源 ; 林正常
652003跑步經濟性及其相關影響因素探討林信甫 ; 莊泰源 中華體育季刊00
662003體育時勢系列圓桌論壇—中華男籃兵敗哈爾濱,我們應該學到什么教訓?林信甫 中華體育季刊00
672003體育時勢系列圓桌論壇─大專體育的未來發展林信甫 中華體育季刊00
682002減量訓練策略對運動訓練效果的影響林信甫 運動科學與訓練 : 運動教練手冊
692002體育時勢系列圓桌論壇─國中基本學力測驗加考體育的可行性初探林信甫 中華體育季刊00
702002體育時勢系列圓桌論壇─中央體育行政組織調整之理想方向林信甫 中華體育季刊00
712002最大攝氧量跑步速度於中、長跑選手訓練之應用林信甫 運動科學與訓練 : 運動教練手冊
722002特殊群體的運動林信甫 運動生理學
732001運動按摩 : 神經與肌肉的疲勞消除法林信甫 ; 林煉傑; 黃勝裕; 鄭景峰
742001大陸申奧成功,我們應有的省思圓桌論壇記錄林信甫 中華體育季刊00
7520001600公尺跑與1600公尺快走預測最大攝氧量之研究=Correlation Among 1600m-running, 1600m Fast-walking and Maximal Oxygen Uptake林信甫 體育學報00
761999身體活動對病毒性肝炎肝功能的影響林信甫 中華體育季刊00
771999少棒肘之發生與預防處理林信甫 ; 王百川中華體育季刊00