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12018體育課程實施課後運動評分後大專生運動行為的變化=The Change of College Student Exercise Behavior after Implementing the Grading of Exercise after Class in Physical Education Course蘇玫尹 ; 吳明翰 ; 曾郁嫻 journal article00
22017探討大學生於水肺潛水運動中認真性休閒之相關因素=To study Serious Leisure of Undergraduates in Recreational Diving Activities蔡鋒樺; 蘇玫尹 ; 王宏義journal article00
32014Epinephrine inhibits the Activity of AMP-activated Protein Kinase and reversed the effect in growth suppression induced by AICAR in H460 Lung cancer cellsMei-Yin Su ; Jia-Ming Changconference paper
42014咖啡因對中高強度間歇運動後超額攝氧量的影響=Effect of Caffeine on Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption after Moderate-High Intensity Interval Exercise黃香萍; 蘇玫尹 ; 林嘉志; 謝伸裕; 王鶴森journal article00
52011腎上腺素對H460肺癌細胞之AMPK路徑的影響蘇玫尹 dissertation
62010The relationship between energy status and AMP-activated protein kinase in human H460 lung cancer cellsSu, M. Y. ; Hsieh, S. Y.; Lee, Y. R.; Chang, M. C.; Yuan, T. T.; Chang, J. M.journal article55
72010Delayed onset muscle soreness after a bout of yoga practiceSu, M. Y. ; Lai, C. H.; Lin, C. C.; Hsieh, S. Y.conference paper
82009Energy status and AMP-activated protein kinase in human H460 lung cancer cellsSu, M. Y. ; Chang, J. M.; Hsieh, S. Y.; Chang, M. C.; Juan, T. T.conference paper
92008運動與吸菸對氧化壓力的影響=Effects of Exercise and Smoking on Oxidative Stress蘇玫尹 ; 林嘉志; 黃香萍; 謝伸裕journal article00
102008瑜珈重拾的知識-以舞動瑜珈提斯運動教學為例蘇玫尹 journal article00
112006重碳酸鹽攝取對重複高強度無氧運動後EPOC的影響蘇玫尹 ; 黃香萍; 林嘉志journal article
122006以下肢長度調整階高之登階測驗的效度與信度分析=The Validity and Reliability of a Step Test with Adjusted Heights According to Leg Lengths蘇玫尹 ; 林嘉志; 謝伸裕journal article00
132006衰竭運動誘發之氧化壓力對有規律運動習慣吸菸者的影響蘇玫尹 ; 林嘉志; 謝伸裕conference paper
142005重碳酸鹽攝取對重複高強度運動後EPOC的影響蘇玫尹 ; 黃香萍; 張嘉珍; 謝伸裕conference paper
152004探討運動介入對感覺統合障礙問題孩童之影響-以X染色體脆折症孩童為例蘇玫尹 ; 黃香萍; 林嘉志conference paper
162003小腿長高對登階測驗最大攝氧量預測的影響蘇玫尹 ; 盧彥夆; 林嘉志conference paper
172003改良式登階測驗的效度與信度分析蘇玫尹 ; 盧彥夆; 林嘉志conference paper