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12022Kiss the baby for the nurse's sake? - Guaranteeing employees' stock purchase against loss programXiao, MF; Cao, J; Chiang Yao Min INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF FINANCIAL ANALYSIS10
22022Confucianism and IPO underpricingLiu H; Chiang Y.-M.; YAO-MIN CHIANG Pacific Basin Finance Journal32
32022Overinvestment, ownership structure, and directors' and officers’ liability insuranceChiang Y.-M; Chang P.-R.; YAO-MIN CHIANG International Review of Economics and Finance11
42021Negotiating or regulating executive compensation: application of Benford’s lawYang Y.-H; Chiang Y.-M; Liu H.-M; Huang L.; YAO-MIN CHIANG Applied Economics Letters00
52020Pension policy and the IPO marketTsai, H.-J.; Chiang, Y.-M.; YAO-MIN CHIANG Finance Research Letters00
62020The impact of loan rollover restrictions on capital structure adjustments, leverage deviations, and firm valuesLiu, H.; Chiang, Y.-M.; Tsai, H.-J.; YAO-MIN CHIANG Pacific Basin Finance Journal97
72019The Heterogeneity of Bidders' Valuation to the Determinants of a Bidding Premium: Evidence from Land Auctions of Taiwan王健安; 姜堯民; YAO-MIN CHIANG 財務金融學刊0
82019The information advantage of underwriters in IPOsChiang, Y.-M.; Lowry, M.; Qian, Y.; YAO-MIN CHIANG Management Science75
92018IPO Lockup Expiration and Institutional Investors Trading黃柏凱; 張邦茹; 姜堯民 財務金融學刊00
102017Pre-market trading and IPO pricingChang, Chun; YAO-MIN CHIANG ; Qian, Yiming; Ritter, Jay R.Review of Financial Studies4643
112016台灣股票初次上市櫃相關研究文獻回顧姜堯民 ; 戴維芯經濟論文叢刊 00
122015財金資訊的整合與應用張邦茹; 姜堯民 會計研究月刊00
132014A Flexible Franchise Fee Scheme in a BOT ProjectYao-Min Chiang; YAO-MIN CHIANG International Real Estate Review 
142014Using prospect theory to explain the setting of the expected rate of return on pension assetsHsu, Pei Hui; YAO-MIN CHIANG Journal of Applied Business Research10
152014Optimal Mortgage Contract Choice Decision in the Presence of Pay Option Adjustable Rate Mortgage and the Balloon MortgageYAO-MIN CHIANG ; Sa-Aadu, JarjisuJournal of Real Estate Finance and Economics55
162013台灣新股上市穩定價格操作的效果張邦茹; 黃柏凱; 姜堯民; 江禎泰; YAO-MIN CHIANG 證券市場發展季刊 00
172012Empirical Test of Market Timing on Taiwan’s Listed High-Tech FirmPang-Ru Chang; Ying-Ju Chan; Yao-Min Chiang; YAO-MIN CHIANG Journal of Innovation and Management 
182012Mortgage Contract Choice Decision in the Presence of the BalloonYao-Min Chiang; Jay, Sa-Aadu; YAO-MIN CHIANG 2012 AsREs-AREURA Joint Conference 
192012台灣高科技公司市場擇時之實證研究張邦茹; 詹英汝; 姜堯民 創新與管理00
202011Evidence on the Endogenous Entry of Bidders in Land AuctionsYao-Min Chiang; YAO-MIN CHIANG 2011 China International Conference in Finance 
212011Do investors learn from experience? Evidence from frequent IPO investorsYAO-MIN CHIANG ; Hirshleifer, David; Qian, Yiming; Sherman, Ann E.Review of Financial Studies8582
222010Essentials of Financial Management, 2nd EditionDr. Eugene Brigham; Dr. Joel F. Houston; Dr. Yao-Min Chiang; Dr. Hon-Sing Lee; Dr. Bany Ariffin; YAO-MIN CHIANG 
232010玩遊戲學理財姜堯民; YAO-MIN CHIANG 
242010The ripple effect of house price movements between Taipei City and Taipei County.Yao-Min Chiang; Ching-Chih Lu; YAO-MIN CHIANG The 15th AsRES Annual Conference 2010 
252010Endogenous entry and partial adjustment in IPO auctions: Are institutional investors better informedYAO-MIN CHIANG ; Qian, Yiming; Sherman, Ann E.Review of Financial Studies7061
262009財務軟體應用 第四版姜堯民; YAO-MIN CHIANG 
272009Using Earnings Management and Prospect Theory to Explain the Setting of the Expected Rate of Return on Pension PlansYao-Min Chiang; Pei Hui Hsu; YAO-MIN CHIANG 2009 China International Conference in Finance 
282009The Dynamic Behavior of Chinese Housing PricesChangrong Deng; Yongkai Ma; Yao-Min Chiang; YAO-MIN CHIANG International Real Estate Review 
292009Underpricing, Partial Adjustment and the Effects of Entry on IPO Auctions: Evidence from TaiwanYAO-MIN CHIANG; YIMING QIAN; ANN E. SHERMAN; YAO-MIN CHIANG AFA 
302008財務計算機教學光碟姜堯民; YAO-MIN CHIANG 
312007現代財務管理 第十一版姜堯民; YAO-MIN CHIANG 
322007財務管理原理 第二版姜堯民; YAO-MIN CHIANG 
332007財務管理概要姜堯民; YAO-MIN CHIANG 
342007Cointegration of House Price and Land Prices - An Inter-area Comparison in ChinaYao-Min Chiang; Changrong Deng; Yongkai Ma; YAO-MIN CHIANG The 12th Asian Real Estate Society (ASRES) Annual Conference and The 2007 AREUEA International Conference 
352007興櫃交易對初次上櫃績效的影響姜堯民; 戴維芯; YAO-MIN CHIANG 證券櫃檯雙月刊 
362006Market condition, number of transactions, and price volatility: Evidence from an electronic, order driven, call marketTai, Vivien W.; YAO-MIN CHIANG ; Chou, Robin K.Managerial Finance00
372006Number of Transactions and Price Volatility: Evidence from an Electronic, Order Driven, Call MarketYao-Min Chiang; Tai, Vivien W.; Robin K. Chou; YAO-MIN CHIANG Managerial Finance 
382006The Value of Abandonment Option on the Subsidiary BusinessYao-Min Chiang; Jay, Sa-Aadu; YAO-MIN CHIANG The Asian Real Estate Society (AsRES) and AREURA joint International Conference 
392005BOT案附屬事業放棄選擇權的價值黃劉乾; 姜堯民 住宅學報00
402004The Pricing of Purchase Discount Options in Taiwanese Housing MarketYao-Min Chiang; Chia-Hsin Huang; Jay Sa-Aadu; YAO-MIN CHIANG The 9th Asian Real Estate Society (AsRES) International Conference 
412003日本經驗對台灣發展不動產證券化市場的啟示游千慧; 姜堯民 住宅學報00
422002日本不動產證券化之發展章倩儀; 游千慧; 姜堯民; YAO-MIN CHIANG 立法院院聞 
432002Focal Changes in Taiwan’s real estate education – from policy orientation to market orientationYao-Min Chiang; Chin-Oh Chang; YAO-MIN CHIANG Real Estate Education Throughout The World, Past, Present and Future.
442002Taiwan-REITs成功的關鍵在流動性姜堯民 台灣金融財務季刊00
452001不動產投資-理論與實務姜堯民; YAO-MIN CHIANG