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12017Landslide warning system integrated with ensemble rainfall forecastsHo, Jui Yi; Lee, Kwan Tun; Huang, Xiu Man; CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article00
22017A study on the influences of low-frequency vorticity on tropical cyclone formation in the western North PacificCHUNG-HSIUNG SUI ; CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article11
32016季風環流圈環境下之熱帶氣旋形成初步研究CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
42016Synoptic controls of outer mesoscale convective systems with high impact rainfall in western north pacific tropical cyclonesCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article11
52015侵台颱風過山期間雨帶重建之初步研究CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
62015Systematic evaluation of the impacts of GPSRO data on the prediction of typhoons over the northwestern Pacific in 2008-2010MING-JEN YANG ; CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article86
72015Flash flood warnings using the ensemble precipitation forecasting technique: A case study on forecasting floods in Taiwan caused by typhoonsCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article2926
82015Blending of global and regional analyses with a spatial filter: Application to Typhoon prediction over the western North Pacific OceanCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article79
92014Coupling typhoon rainfall forecasting with overland-flow modeling for early warning of inundationYIH-CHI TAN ; CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article1614
102014Origin and maintenance of the long-lasting, outer mesoscale convective system in Typhoon Fengshen (2008)CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article1210
112014Influence of ENSO on formation of tropical cloud clusters and their development into tropical cyclones in the western North PacificCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article88
122014On tropical cyclone size and intensity changes associated with two types of long-lasting rainbands in monsoonal environmentsCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article66
132014單元 2.劇烈氣候變異與臺灣風險環境的形構─李清勝 、紀水上CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article00
142014同化GPSRO觀測對西北太平洋地區颱風路徑預報影響之系統性評估CHENG-SHANG LEE conference paper
152013Ensemble forecasting of typhoon rainfall and floods over a mountainous watershed in TaiwanMING-JEN YANG ; HUNG-CHI KUO ; CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article4036
162013Assessment of sewer flooding model based on ensemble quantitative precipitation forecastMING-JEN YANG ; HUNG-CHI KUO ; CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article2119
172013Improvement of watershed flood forecasting by typhoon rainfall climate model with an ANN-based southwest monsoon rainfall enhancementYIH-CHI TAN ; HUNG-CHI KUO ; CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article109
182012Development and evaluation of mei-yu season quantitative precipitation forecasts in Taiwan river basins based on a conceptual climatology modelCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article44
192012Application of WRF 3DVAR to operational typhoon prediction in Taiwan: Impact of outer loop and partial cycling approachesCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article4244
202012Evaluation of the relaxed eddy accumulation coefficient at various wetland ecosystemsCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article66
212012A study on the synoptic-dynamical characteristics of compact tropical cyclones in the western north pacificCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article44
222012Long-lasting convective systems in the outer region of tropical cyclones in the western North PacificCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article87
232011Advances in understanding the "perfect monsoon-influenced Typhoon": Summary from international conference on typhoon morakot (2009)CHUN-CHIEH WU ; CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article2120
242011A GIS-based Decision Support System for Typhoon Emergency Response in TaiwanCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article80
252011Some implications of core regime wind structures in western North Pacific tropical cyclonesCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article1414
262011An analysis of tropical cyclone formations in the South China Sea during the late seasonCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article129
272010Initial maintenance of tropical cyclone size in the Western North PacificCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article4041
282010The role of trade wind surges in tropical cyclone formations in the western North PacificCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article54
292010莫拉克颱風綜觀環境以及降雨特徵分析BEN JONG DAO JOU ; CHENG-SHANG LEE ; 鄭明典; 于宜強journal article
302008Heavy rainfall and southwesterly flow after the leaving of Typhoon Mindulle (2004) from TaiwanCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article3536
312008The eyewall-penetration reconnaissance observation of Typhoon Longwang (2005) with unmanned aerial vehicle, aerosondePO-HSIUNG LIN ; CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article2415
322008The secondary low and heavy rainfall associated with typhoon Mindulle (2004)CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article3031
332008Characteristics of rainfall during tropical cyclone periods in TaiwanCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article3229
342008Mesoscale features associated with tropical cyclone formations in the Western North PacificCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article3031
352007琳恩颱風(1987)與東北季風交互作用產生強降水之研究CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
362006A climatology model for forecasting typhoon rainfall in TaiwanCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article5955
372006Tropical cyclone formations in the South China Sea associated with the Mei-Yu frontCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article3125
382006Evolution of mesoscale convective systems during tropical cyclone formations in the Western North PacificCHENG-SHANG LEE conference paper0
392006A tropical cyclone rainfall climatology-persistence model for the Taiwan areaCHENG-SHANG LEE conference paper1
402006A study on the extratropical transition of Typhoon Xangsane (2000)CHENG-SHANG LEE conference paper0
412006Numerical Simulation of Typhoon Dot (1990) during TCM-90: Typhoon Dot's Discontinuous Track across TaiwanCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article87
422004敏督利颱風及七二水災降雨分析許銘熙; 李清勝 ; 陳宣宏; 林李耀journal article
432004伴隨強跨赤道流之熱帶氣旋形成的初步研究CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
442004A climatological model for forecasting typhoon rainfall in TaiwanCHENG-SHANG LEE book0
452003妮蔻兒颱風(Nichole,1998)侵台前路徑變化之研究CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
462002楊希颱風(1990)侵台的數值模擬與分析CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
472000南海季風實驗期間無人飛機探空之資料診斷PO-HSIUNG LIN ; CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
481999侵台歐菲莉颱風(1990)之數值模擬CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
491997雙中尺度渦旋交互作用之初步模擬CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
501997颱風環流維持機制之數值模擬CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
511995利用RAMS測試不同加熱作用對模式渦漩發展之影響CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
521995利用CAA都卜勒雷達資料分析四個侵台颱風伴隨雨帶之特徵CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
531994颱風運動之合成分析CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
541992影響大台北地區懸浮微粒濃度變化之氣象分析CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
551990西北太平洋地區颱風發展過程之分析CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
561990TAMEX期間台灣海峽之水汽和能量收支CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
571989Observational analysis of tropical cyclogenesis in the western North Pacific. Part I: structural evolution of cloud clustersCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article32
581989Observational analysis of tropical cyclogenesis in the western North Pacific. Part II: budget analysisCHENG-SHANG LEE journal article16
591989利用衛星紅外線資料分析颱風中對流之特性CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
601988台灣地區颱風路徑之預報分析CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
611988西北太平洋地區氣旋發展之合成分析CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
621988颱風之生成和發展CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article
641984The bulk effects of cumulus momentum transports in tropical cyclones.CHENG-SHANG LEE journal article2