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12023Meteorology-driven PM<inf>2.5</inf> interannual variability over East AsiaWang, Chi Yun; JEN-PING CHEN ; Wang, Wei ChyungScience of the Total Environment11
22023Three-dimensional spatial inhomogeneity of traffic-generated urban PM<inf>2.5</inf> in street canyonsLee, Chia Hsin; Lung, Shih Chun Candice; JEN-PING CHEN Atmospheric Pollution Research10
32022Microphysical Perturbation Experiments and Ensemble Forecasts on Summertime Heavy Rainfall over Northern TaiwanJEN-PING CHEN ; Tsai, TC; Tzeng, MD; Liao, CS; HUNG-CHI KUO ; Hong, JSWEATHER AND FORECASTING00
42022Accurate parameterization of precipitation particles' fall speeds for bulk cloud microphysics schemesJEN-PING CHEN ; Hsieh, TW; Lin, YC; CHENG-KU YU ATMOSPHERIC RESEARCH00
52022Observing severe precipitation near complex topography during the Yilan Experiment of Severe Rainfall in 2020 (YESR2020)Su S.-H; Chang Y.-H; Liu C.-H; WEI-TING CHEN ; Chang W.-Y; JEN-PING CHEN ; Chen W.-N; Chung K.-S; Hou J.-P; Hsieh M.-K; Jang Y.-S; HUNG-CHI KUO ; Lee Y.-C; Lin P.-L; Lin P.-Y; PO-HSIUNG LIN ; MIN-HUI LO ; Wang S.-H; CHIEN-MING WU ; Yang J.-H; MING-JEN YANG Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society33
62021Role of Microphysics and Convective Autoconversion for the Better Simulation of Tropical Intraseasonal Oscillations (MISO and MJO)Dutta U; Hazra A; Chaudhari H.S; Saha S.K; Pokhrel S; Shiu C.-J; JEN-PING CHEN Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems55
72021Assessment of a microphysical ensemble used to investigate the owles iop4 lake-effect stormGAUDET L.C; SULIA K.J; TSAI T.-C; JEN-PING CHEN ; BLAIR J.P.Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences
82021Simulation of Aerosol Indirect Effects on Cloud Streets Over the Northwestern Pacific OceanWu C.-K; JEN-PING CHEN Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres
92021Integrated cloud macro- and micro-physics schemes with kinetic treatment of condensation processes for global modelsPi C.-J; JEN-PING CHEN Atmospheric Research11
102020The Impacts of cloud condensation nuclei on the extreme precipitation of a monsoon coastal mesoscale convection systemSu, Chun-Yian; WEI-TING CHEN ; JEN-PING CHEN ; Chang, Wei-Yu; BEN JONG DAO JOU TERRESTRIAL ATMOSPHERIC AND OCEANIC SCIENCES12
112020Impact of Mineral Dust on Summertime Precipitation Over the Taiwan RegionZhang, Y.; Yu, F.; Luo, G.; Chen, J.-P.; JEN-PING CHEN Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres65
122020Atmospheric ice nuclei concentration measurements over a high altitude-station in the Western Ghats, IndiaKumar, V. Anil; Pandithurai, G.; Kulkarni, Gourihar; Hazra, Anupam; Patil, Sachin S.; Dudhambe, Shrikant D.; Patil, Rohit D.; Chen, Jen-Ping ; Niranjan K.ATMOSPHERIC RESEARCH98
132020Multimoment ice bulk microphysics scheme with consideration for particle shape and apparent density. Part I: Methodology and idealized simulationTsai, T.-C.; JEN-PING CHEN Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences1618
142020Anthropogenic Aerosols Significantly Reduce Mesoscale Convective System Occurrences and Precipitation Over Southern China in AprilZhang, L.; Fu, T.-M.; Tian, H.; Ma, Y.; Chen, J.-P.; Tsai, T.-C.; Tsai, I.-C.; Meng, Z.; JEN-PING CHEN Geophysical Research Letters1619
152020Taiwan Earth System Model Version 1: Description and evaluation of mean stateLee, W.-L.; Wang, Y.-C.; Shiu, C.-J.; Tsai, I.-C.; Tu, C.-Y.; Lan, Y.-Y.; Chen, J.-P.; Pan, H.-L.; JEN-PING CHEN Geoscientific Model Development4749
162019Impacts of dust-radiation versus dust-cloud interactions on the development of a modeled mesoscale convective system over North AfricaHuang, C.-C.; Chen, S.-H.; Lin, Y.-C.; Earl, K.; Matsui, T.; Lee, H.-H.; Tsai, I.-C.; Chen, J.-P.; JEN-PING CHEN Monthly Weather Review1716
172019Efficient Determination of Cloud Drop Number Concentration Near the Cloud Base With Parameterization Based on Fundamental Theory and Parcel Model SimulationsWang, L.-J.; JEN-PING CHEN ; LIH-JIH WANG Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres22
182019Kinetic mass-transfer calculation of water isotope fractionation due to cloud microphysics in a regional meteorological modelTsai, I.-C.; Chen, W.-Y.; Chen, J.-P. ; Liang, M.-C.Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics32
192018「氣候變遷與健康調適」科學計畫龍世俊; 周淑婉; 陳正平 ; 溫蓓章; 蘇慧貞; 蔡宜君; 沈育生臺灣土地研究
202018Circulation responses to regional aerosol climate forcing in summer over East AsiaChen, G.; Wang, W.-C.; Chen, J.-P. Climate Dynamics2218
212017Role of interactions between cloudmicrophysics, dynamics and aerosol in the heavy rainfall event of June 2013 over Uttarakhand, IndiaHazra, Anupam; Chaudhari, Hemantkumar S.; Ranalkar, Manish; JEN-PING CHEN Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society
222016Potential impacts of electric vehicles on air quality in TaiwanJEN-PING CHEN Science of The Total Environment6861
232016Dynamic Feedback of Aerosol Effects on the East Asian Summer MonsoonJEN-PING CHEN ; I-Jen Chen; I-Chun TsaiJournal Climate
242016Meteorological and aerosol effects on marine stratocumulusLi, Z.; Xue, H.; JEN-PING CHEN ; Wang, W.-C.Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences
252016The effect of mineral dust and soot aerosols on ice microphysics nearthe foothills of the Himalayas: A numerical investigationHazra, A.,; Padmakumari, B.; Maheskumar, R.S.; JEN-PING CHEN Atmospheric Research
262016Surface fractal dimension, water adsorption efficiency, and cloud nucleation activity of insoluble aerosolLaaksonen, A.; Malila, J.; Nenes, A.; Hung, H.-M. ; JEN-PING CHEN Scientific Reports2421
272016Exploring the diabatic role of ice microphysical processes in UK summercyclonesDearden, C; Vaughan, G.; Tsai, T.-C.; JEN-PING CHEN Monthly Weather Review
282016Stem-root flow effect on soil-atmosphere interactions and uncertainty assessmentsKuo, Tzu-Hsien; JEN-PING CHEN ; Xue, YongkangHydrology and Earth System Sciences00
292016Triple-moment modal parameterization for the adaptive growth habit of pristine ice crystalsJEN-PING CHEN ; Tsai, T.-C.Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences
302015An observationally based evaluation of WRF seasonal simulations over the Central and Eastern PacificJEN-PING CHEN Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres77
312015Sources and formation pathways of organic aerosol in a subtropical metropolis during summerJEN-PING CHEN Atmospheric Environment66
322015Numerical investigation of the coagulation mixing between dust and hygroscopic aerosol particles and its impactsJEN-PING CHEN Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres88
332015Aerosol-stratocumulus-radiation interactions over the Southeast PacificChen, G.; Wang, W.-C.; JEN-PING CHEN Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences20
342015Modeling the Effects of Dust-Radiative Forcing on the Movement of Hurricane Helene (2006)Chen, Shu-Hua; Liu, Yi-Chin; Nathan, Terrence R.; Davis, Chris; Torn, Ryan; Sowa, Nicholas; Cheng, Chao-Tzuen; JEN-PING CHEN Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society
352015Atmospheric iron deposition in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean and its adjacent marginal seas: the importance of coal burningLin, Y.-C; JEN-PING CHEN ; Ho, T.-Y.; Tsai, I-C.Global Biogeochemical Cycle21
362015Adsorption of nitrogen and water vapor by insoluble particles and the implication on cloud condensation nuclei activityHUI-MING HUNG ; Wang, Kuan-Chih; JEN-PING CHEN Journal of Aerosol Science
372015Estimation of foreign versus domestic contributions to Taiwan’s air pollutionJEN-PING CHEN ; Yang, C.-E.; Tsai, I.-C.Atmospheric Environment
382014Operational Dust PredictionAngela Benedetti; JEN-PING CHEN et al Mineral Dust
392013Role of Interactions between Aerosol Radiative Effect, Dynamics, and Cloud Microphysics on Transitions of Monsoon Intraseasonal OscillationsHazra, Anupam; Goswami, B. N.; JEN-PING CHEN Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences
402013Study of cloud microphysical properties over India during CAIPEEX using a mesoscale model with new cloud microphysical scheme-Part IHazra, Anupam; Mandal, V.; JEN-PING CHEN Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics15
412013Investigation of radiative effects of the optically thick dust layer over the Indian tropical regionDas, S. K.; JEN-PING CHEN ; Ratnam, M. Venkat; Jayaraman, A.Annales Geophysicae
422013A statistical-numerical aerosol parameterization schemeJEN-PING CHEN ; Tsai, I-C.; Lin, Y. -C.Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
432013Interpreting aerosol lidar profiles to better estimate surface PM2.5 for columnar AOD measurementsChu, D. Allen; Tsai, Tzu-Chin; JEN-PING CHEN ; Chang, Shuenn-Chin; Jeng, Yung-Jyh; Chiang, Wei-Li; Lin, Neng-HuiAtmospheric Environment
442013Impact of aerosols on tropical cyclones: An investigation using convection-permitting model simulationHazra, Anupam; Mukhopadhyay, P.; Taraphdar, S.; JEN-PING CHEN ; Cotton, William R.Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres
452012Climate-Chemistry Interaction: Future Tropospheric Ozone and AerosolsWang, W.-C.; JEN-PING CHEN ; Isaksen, I.S.A.; Tsai, I.-C.; Noone, K.; McGuffie, K.The Future of the World's Climate
462012IMPACT OF AEROSOLS ON CONVECTIVE CLOUDS AND PRECIPITATIONTao, Wei-Kuo; JEN-PING CHEN ; Li, Zhanqing; Wang, Chien; Zhang, ChidongReviews of Geophysics609
472012Climate–Chemistry InteractionWei-Chyung Wang; JEN-PING CHEN ; Ivar S.A. Isaksen; I-Chun Tsai; Kevin Noone; Kendal McGuffieThe Future of the World's Climate
492012Dust transport from non-East Asian sources to the North PacificHsu, Shih-Chieh et al.; JEN-PING CHEN Geophysical Research Letters28
502011Analysis of the relationship between MODIS aerosol optical depth and particulate matter from 2006 to 2008 in TaiwanTsai, Tzu-Chin; Jeng, Yung-Jyh; Chu, D. Allen; JEN-PING CHEN ; Chang, Shuenn-ChinAtmospheric Environment 
512011Aerosol nucleation spikes in the planetary boundary layerJEN-PING CHEN ; Tsai, T. -S.; Liu, S. -C.Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 9
522011Climate and air quality: An East Asia-Pacific Rim conferenceShaw, D.; Hidy, G.; Cao, J.J.; Carmichael, G.; JEN-PING CHEN ; Chow, J.; Chou, C.-K.; Chu, S.-Y.; Feng, X.; Jacob, D.; Liao, H.; Tao, S.; Wang, Y.; Watson, J.; Zhu, T.EM: Air and Waste Management Association's Magazine for Environmental Managers
532011Fertilization potential of volcanic dust in the low-nutrient low-chlorophyll western North Pacific subtropical gyre: Satellite evidence and laboratory studyLin, I. -I.; JEN-PING CHEN ; I-I LIN Global Biogeochemical Cycles 7665
542010Sulfur cycle and sulfate radiative forcing simulated from a coupled global climate-chemistry modelTsai, IC; JEN-PING CHEN ; Lin, PY; Wang, WC; Isaksen, ISAAtmospheric Chemistry and Physics19
552010A Classical-Theory-Based Parameterization of Heterogeneous Ice Nucleation by Mineral Dust, Soot, and Biological Particles in a Global Climate ModelHoose, C; Kristjansson, JE; JEN-PING CHEN ; Hazra, AJournal of the Atmospheric Sciences272
562010Microphysical structure of a developing convective snow cloud simulated by an improved version of the multi-dimensional bin modelMisumi, R; Hashimoto, A; Murakami, M; Kuba, N; Orikasa, N; Saito, A; Tajiri, T; Yamashita, K; JEN-PING CHEN Atmospheric Science Letters
572010Simulation of the effects of increasing cloud condensation nuclei on mixed-phase clouds and precipitation of a front systemCheng, CT; Wang, WC; JEN-PING CHEN Atmospheric Research
582010On the Origin of Atmospheric Frontal Lines off the East Coast of Taiwan Observed on Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar ImagesAlpers, W; JEN-PING CHEN ; Pi, CJ; I-I LIN Monthly Weather Review10
592010Effects of acidic processing, transport history, and dust and sea salt loadings on the dissolution of iron from Asian dustHsu, Shih-Chieh et al.; JR-CHUAN HUANG ; JEN-PING CHEN Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres
602009Aerosol impact on the South China Sea biogeochemistry: An early assessment from remote sensingI-I LIN ; Wong, GTF; Lien, CC; Chien, CY; Huang, CW; JEN-PING CHEN Geophysical Research Letters23
612009Columnar optical properties of tropospheric aerosol by combined lidar and sunphotometer measurements at Taipei, TaiwanChen, WN; Chen, YW; Chou, CCK; Chang, SY; PO-HSIUNG LIN ; JEN-PING CHEN Atmospheric Environment29
622009Diurnally Asymmetric Trends of Temperature, Humidity, and Precipitation in TaiwanShiu, CJ; Liu, SC; JEN-PING CHEN Journal of Climate71
632009Temperature dependence of global precipitation extremesLiu, SC; Fu, CB; Shiu, CJ; JEN-PING CHEN ; Wu, FTGeophysical Research Letters186
642008Interaction between Aerosols and Clouds: Current UnderstandingJEN-PING CHEN ; Anupam Hazra; Chein-Jung Shiu; I-Chun Tsai; Hsiang-He LeeRecent Progress in Atmospheric Sciences 
652008Parameterizing ice nucleation rates using contact angle and activation energy derived from laboratory dataJEN-PING CHEN ; Hazra, A; Levin, ZAtmospheric Chemistry and Physics 93
662008Convective-radiative-mixing processes in the tropical ocean-atmosphereSui, C.-H.; Li, X.; Lau, W.K.-M.; Tao, W.-K.; Chou, M.-D.; CHUN-CHIEH WU ; CHUNG-HSIUNG SUI ; BEN JONG DAO JOU ; HUNG-CHI KUO ; I-I LIN ; JEN-PING CHEN ; MING-JEN YANG Recent Progress in Atmospheric Sciences: Applications to the Asia-Pacific Region00
672007Optical. properties of Asian dusts in the free atmosphere measured by Raman lidar at Taipei, TaiwanChen, WN; Tsai, FJ; Chou, CCK; Chang, SY; Chen, YW; JEN-PING CHEN Atmospheric Environment
682007Atmospheric fronts along the east coast of Taiwan studied by ERS synthetic aperture radar imagesAlpers, W; JEN-PING CHEN ; I-I LIN ; Lien, CCJournal of the Atmospheric Sciences
692007Aerosol input to the South China Sea: Results from the MODerate resolution Imaging Spectro-radiometer, the quick scatterometer, and the measurements of pollution in the troposphere sensorI-I LIN ; JEN-PING CHEN ; Wong, GTF; Huang, CW; Lien, CCDeep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography92
702007Study of relationship between water-soluble Ca2+ and lidar depolarization ratio for spring aerosol in the boundary layerChen, WN; Chang, SY; Chou, CCK; Chen, YW; JEN-PING CHEN Atmospheric Environment19
712007Photochemical production of ozone and control strategy for Southern TaiwanShiu, CJ; Liu, SC; Chang, CC; JEN-PING CHEN ; Chou, CCK; Lin, CY; Young, CYAtmospheric Environment57
722007Preface to the Special Issue on Climate-Chemistry Interactions: Atmospheric Ozone, Aerosols, and Clouds over East AsiaWang, W.-C.; JEN-PING CHEN Terrestrial Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
732007Lidar observations of the diurnal variations in the depth of urban mixing layer: A case study on the air quality deterioration in Taipei, TaiwanChou, CCK; Lee, CT; Chen, WN; Chang, SY; Chen, TK; Lin, CY; JEN-PING CHEN Science of the Total Environment
742007A modelling study of aerosol impacts on cloud microphysics and radiative propertiesCheng, CT; Wang, WC; JEN-PING CHEN Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society54
752007Preface to the special issue on climate-chemistry interactions: Atmospheric ozone, aerosols, and clouds over East AsiaWang, W.-C.; JEN-PING CHEN Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
762006Correlation between aerosol optical depth derived from CIMEL sunphotometer and surface particulate concentration in Northern and Southern TaiwanShiu, C.-J.; Chen, Y.-W.; Chen, J.-P.; Liu, S.C.; Lin, P.-H.; Lin, H.-J.; Chen, W.-N.; Chang, S.-Y.; Hazra, A.; Chou, C.C.K.; Lung, S.-C.; PO-HSIUNG LIN ; JEN-PING CHEN Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering20
772006Mineral dust emission estimated from satellite dataJEN-PING CHEN ; Lin, M.-L.; Lee, H.-H.Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
782006Application of lidar in the observation of atmospheric particulate pollutants in TaipeiChen, Y.-W.; Hazra, A.; Chen, W.-N.; Lin, M.-L.; Lin, P.-H.; Chou, C.C.-K.; JEN-PING CHEN ; PO-HSIUNG LIN Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering00
792005Atmospheric fronts off the east coast of taiwan studied by ERS synthetic aperture radar imageryAlpers, W.; Chen, J.-P.; I-I LIN ; JEN-PING CHEN International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium20
802004Tropospheric ozone over the North Pacific from ozonesonde observationsOltmans, SJ; JEN-PING CHEN Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres4950
812004Simulations of Asian yellow dust incursion over Taiwan for the spring of 2002 and 2003JEN-PING CHEN ; Wang, ZF; Young, CY; Tsai, FJ; Tsai, IC; Wang, GJ; Shieh, WC; Lin, HW; Huang, JY; Lu, MJTerrestrial Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
822004Aerosol characterization at Taiwan's northern tip during ACE-AsiaWang, CC; Lee, CT; Liu, SC; JEN-PING CHEN Terrestrial Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences21
832004Physically based two-moment bulkwater parametrization for warm-cloud microphysicsJEN-PING CHEN ; Liu, STQuarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society
842003Time accurate unsteady simulation of the stall inception process in the compression system of a US army helicopter gas turbine engineHathaway, M.D.; JEN-PING CHEN ; Webster, R.Proceedings - 2003 User Group Conference
852001SUNYA regional model simulation of radiative forcing and climate impact due to contrails over regions around TaiwanWang, WC; Gong, W; JEN-PING CHEN Terrestrial Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences2
862001Numerical simulation of contrail microphysical and radiative propertiesJEN-PING CHEN ; Lin, RFTerrestrial Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
872001A composite modeling study of civil aircraft impacts on ozone and sulfate over the Taiwan areaTsai, FJ; Sun, WS; JEN-PING CHEN Terrestrial Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
882001Estimation of contrail frequency and radiative effects over the Taiwan areaJEN-PING CHEN ; Lin, WH; Lin, RFTerrestrial Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
892001Inventory of Aircraft Emissions Over the Taiwan AreaPO-HSIUNG LIN ; Wei-So Sun; JEN-PING CHEN Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
902001Special Section for Aircraft Emission Effects on Atmospheric Environment-PrefaceJEN-PING CHEN Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences 
911999Simulation of cloud microphysical and chemical processes using a multicomponent framework. Part II: Microphysical evolution of a wintertime orographic cloudJEN-PING CHEN ; Lamb, DJournal of the Atmospheric Sciences
921999Particle nucleation by recondensation in combustion exhaustsJEN-PING CHEN Geophysical Research Letters
931997A modeling and observational study of the detailed microphysical structure of tropical cirrus anvilsJEN-PING CHEN ; McFarquhar, GM; Heymsfield, AJ; Ramanathan, VJournal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres
941996ReplyChen, J.-P.; JEN-PING CHEN Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres24
951996Microphysical examination of excess cloud absorption in the tropical atmosphereLubin, D; JEN-PING CHEN ; Pilewskie, P; Ramanathan, V; Valero, FPJJournal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres
1011990A modeling study of the effects of ice-phase microphysical processes on trace chemical removal efficienciesLamb, D.; JEN-PING CHEN Atmospheric Research
1021990A modeling study of the effects of ice-phase microphysical processes on trace chemical removal efficiencies.Lamb, D.; JEN-PING CHEN Atmospheric Research