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12019Constraints on millicharged particles with low-threshold germanium detectors at Kuo-Sheng Reactor Neutrino LaboratorySingh, L.; Chen, J.W.; Chi, H.C.; Liu, C.-P.; Pandey, M.K.; Wong, H.T.; Wu, C.P.; Agartioglu, M.; Deniz, M.; Li, H.B.; Lin, S.T.; Sharma, V.; Singh, M.K.; Singh, V.; Yue, Q.; JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article22
22019Kaon distribution amplitude from lattice QCD and the flavor SU(3) symmetryZhang, R.; Chen, J.-W.; Jin, L.; Lin, H.-W.; Sch?fer, A.; Sun, P.; Yang, Y.-B.; Zhang, J.-H.; Zhao, Y.; JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article910
32019Towards searching for entangled photons in the CMB skyChen, J.-W.; Dai, S.-H.; Maity, D.; Sun, S.; Zhang, Y.-L.; JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article12
42019Bell inequality in the holographic EPR pairChen, J.-W.; Sun, S.; Zhang, Y.-L.; JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article00
52018Proton Isovector Helicity Distribution on the Lattice at Physical Pion MassLin, H.-W.; Chen, J.-W.; Ji, X.; Jin, L.; Li, R.; Liu, Y.-S.; Yang, Y.-B.; Zhang, J.-H.; Zhao, Y.; JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article1315
62018Improved parton distribution functions at the physical pion massLin, H.-W.; Chen, J.-W.; Ishikawa, T.; Zhang, J.-H.; JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article1916
72018Parton distributions and lattice QCD calculations: A community white paperLin, H.-W.; Nocera, E.R.; Olness, F.; Orginos, K.; Rojo, J.; Accardi, A.; Alexandrou, C.; Bacchetta, A.; Bozzi, G.; Chen, J.-W.; Collins, S.; Cooper-Sarkar, A.; Constantinou, M.; Del Debbio, L.; Engelhardt, M.; Green, J.; Gupta, R.; Harland-Lang, L.A.; Ishikawa, T.; Kusina, A.; Liu, K.-F.; Liuti, S.; Monahan, C.; Nadolsky, P.; Qiu, J.-W.; Schienbein, I.; Schierholz, G.; Thorne, R.S.; Vogelsang, W.; Wittig, H.; Yuan, C.-P.; Zanotti, J.; JIUNN-WEI CHEN other5045
82018Parton distribution function with nonperturbative renormalization from lattice QCDChen, J.-W.; Ishikawa, T.; Jin, L.; Lin, H.-W.; Yang, Y.-B.; Zhang, J.-H.; Zhao, Y.; JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article4541
92018Parton distribution functions from reduced Ioffe-time distributionsZhang, J.-H.; Chen, J.-W.; Monahan, C.; JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article1313
102017Low-energy electronic recoil in xenon detectors by solar neutrinosChen, J.-W.; Chi, H.-C.; Liu, C.-P.; Wu, C.-P.; JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article66
112017Short-Range Correlations and the EMC Effect in Effective Field TheoryChen, J.-W.; Detmold, W.; Lynn, J.E.; Schwenk, A.; JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article1313
122017Universal relations between non-Gaussian fluctuations in heavy-ion collisionsChen, J.-W.; Deng, J.; Kohyama, H.; Labun, L.; JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article51
132017Pion distribution amplitude from lattice QCDZhang, J.-H.; Chen, J.-W.; Ji, X.; Jin, L.; Lin, H.-W.; JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article6354
142017Improved quasi parton distribution through Wilson line renormalizationChen, J.-W.; Ji, X.; Zhang, J.-H.; JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article5239
152016Universal relations between nongaussian fluctuations in heavy-ion collisionsJIUNN-WEI CHEN working-paper
162016Nonlinear Chiral Transport PhenomenaJIUNN-WEI CHEN working-paper1312
172016Engineering Holographic Superconductor Phase DiagramsJIUNN-WEI CHEN working-paper
182016Atomic ionization by sterile-to-active neutrino conversion and constraints on dark matter sterile neutrinos with germanium detectorsJIUNN-WEI CHEN working-paper89
192016Engineering holographic phase diagramsChen, J.-W.; Dai, S.-H.; Maity, D.; Zhang, Y.-L.; JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article33
202016Atomic ionization by sterile-to-active neutrino conversion and constraints on dark matter sterile neutrinos with germanium detectorsChen, J.-W.; Chi, H.-C.; Lin, S.-T.; Liu, C.-P.; Singh, L.; Wong, H.T.; Wu, C.-L.; Wu, C.-P.; JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article89
212016Coherency in neutrino-nucleus elastic scatteringKerman, S.; Sharma, V.; Deniz, M.; Wong, H.T.; Chen, J.-W.; Li, H.B.; Lin, S.T.; Liu, C.-P.; Yue, Q.; JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article2526
222016Nucleon helicity and transversity parton distributions from lattice QCDChen, J.-W.; Cohen, S.D.; Ji, X.; Lin, H.-W.; Zhang, J.-H.; JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article9170
232016Nonlinear chiral transport phenomenaChen, J.-W.; Ishii, T.; Pu, S.; Yamamoto, N.; JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article1312
242015Robust characteristics of nongaussian fluctuations from the NJL modelJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article224
252015Electronic and nuclear contributions in sub-GeV dark matter scattering: A case study with hydrogenJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article65
262015Strong Coupling Expansion of the Entanglement Entropy of Yang-Mills Gauge TheoriesJIUNN-WEI CHEN working-paper
272015Baryon susceptibilities, non-Gaussian moments, and the QCD critical pointChen, J.-W.; Deng, J.; Labun, L.; JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article1817
282014Constraining neutrino electromagnetic properties by germanium detectorsJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article1819
292014Entanglement Entropy and Quantum Phase Transition in the $O(N)$ $\\sigma$-modelJIUNN-WEI CHEN working-paper
302014Baryon susceptibilities, nongaussian moments and the QCD critical pointJIUNN-WEI CHEN working-paper
312014Constraints on millicharged neutrinos via analysis of data from atomic ionizations with germanium detectors at sub-keV sensitivitiesJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article3637
322014Flavor Structure of the Nucleon Sea from Lattice QCDJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article11396
332013Kinetic equations for massive Dirac fermions in electromagnetic field with non-Abelian Berry phaseJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article3837
342013Atomic ionization of germanium by neutrinos from an ab initio approachJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article2121
352013Negative off-diagonal conductivities in a weakly coupled quark-gluon plasma at the leading-log orderJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article89
362013Ionization of hydrogen by neutrino magnetic moment, relativistic muon, and WIMPJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article1011
372013Fermi gases with imaginary mass imbalance and the sign problem in Monte Carlo calculationsJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article1110
382013Parity violating quantum kinetic theory in (2+1)-dimensionsJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article54
392012Shear and bulk viscosities of a weakly coupled quark gluon plasma with finite chemical potential and temperature: Leading-log resultsJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article96
402012Berry Curvature and Four-Dimensional Monopoles in the Relativistic Chiral Kinetic EquationJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article147143
412012Imaginary polarization as a way to surmount the sign problem in $Ab$ $Initio$ calculations of spin-imbalanced Fermi gasesJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article1615
422012Near Threshold Proton-Proton Fusion in Effective Field TheoryJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article1819
432012Novel Parity Violating Transport Coefficients in 2+1 Dimensions from HolographyJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article1615
442011A Holographic Model For Hall ViscosityJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article2121
452011Shear and bulk viscosities of a gluon plasma in perturbative QCD: Comparison of different treatments for the gg↔ggg processJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article1616
462011$d+id$ Holographic SuperconductorsJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article1214
472011Investigation of growth behavior of Al-Cu intermetallic compounds in Cu wire bondingChen, Jiunn ; Lai, Yi-Shao; Wang, Yi-Wun; Kao, C.R.journal article3531
482011The UV-Cutoff effects on the chiral critical surface in hot and dense QCDJIUNN-WEI CHEN conference paper00
492011Erratum: How perfect can a gluon plasma be in perturbative QCD? (Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology (2011) 83 (034031))Chen, J.-W.; Deng, J.; Dong, H.; Wang, Q.; JIUNN-WEI CHEN other75
502011How perfect can a gluon plasma be in perturbative QCD?Chen, J.-W.; Deng, J.; Dong, H.; Wang, Q.; JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article2020
512010On the Quark Mass Dependence of Two Nucleon ObservablesJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article1110
522010How Perfect a Gluon Plasma Can Be in Perturbative QCD?JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article75
532010Minimum Shear Viscosity over Entropy Density at Phase Transition?: A CounterexampleJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article99
542010Shear Viscosity in Weakly Coupled N-Component Scalar Field TheoriesJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article22
552010Model analysis of thermal UV-cutoff effects on the chiral critical surface at finite temperature and chemical potentialJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article32
562010Solar fusion cross sections II: the pp chain and CNO cyclesJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article407393
572010Towards A Holographic Model of D-Wave SuperconductorsYING-JER KAO ; JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article8981
582009Model analysis on thermal UV-cutoff effects on the critical boundary in hot QCDJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article66
592009Peak-Dip-Hump from Holographic SuperconductivityYING-JER KAO ; JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article2525
602009Space and time-like electromagnetic pion form factors in light-cone pQCDJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article1111
612009Shear Viscosity of a Gluon Plasma in Perturbative QCDJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article3431
622009Mixed Action Effective Field Theory: An AddendumJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article2220
632009U(A)(1) Anomaly in Hot and Dense QCD and the Critical SurfaceJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article2623
642008pi-pi Scattering in Twisted Mass Chiral Perturbation TheoryJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article87
652008Shear Viscosity of a Non-Relativistic Conformal Gas in Two DimensionsJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article00
662008Phase transitions and the perfectness of fluidsJIUNN-WEI CHEN conference paper01
672007Bulk viscosity of a gas of massless pionsJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article4341
682007Phase Transitions and the Perfectness of FluidsJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article311
692007Universality of mixed action extrapolation formulaeJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article2728
702007QCD viscosity to entropy density ratio in the hadronic phaseJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article7674
712007Laudation: Shin-Nan YangChen, J.-W.; Tiator, L.; JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article03
722007Current and strain-induced spin polarization in InGaN/GaN superlatticesChang, H. J.; Chen, T. W.; Chen, J. W.; Hong, W. C.; Tsai, W. C.; Chen, Y. F.; Guo, G. Y.; JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article24
732006Generalised parton distributions of the pion in partially-quenched chiral perturbation theoryJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article1212
742006Two Meson Systems with Ginsparg-Wilson Valence QuarksJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article6145
752006BEC-BCS Crossover in the Epsilon ExpansionJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article2424
762006Shear viscosity to entropy density ratio of QCD below the deconfinement temperatureJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article7374
772006Leading chiral corrections to the nucleon generalized parton distributionsJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article3127
782005Model-independent results for SU(3) violation in twist-3 light-cone distribution functionsJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article1914
792005Ginsparg-Wilson pions scattering on a staggered seaJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article034
802005Fixing two-nucleon weak-axial coupling L(1,A) from mu- d captureJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article2116
812004Twisted valence quarks and hadron interactions on the latticeJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article9162
822004Universality of the EMC effectJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article1717
832004Deuteron Compton scattering in effective field theory and spin-independent nucleon polarizabilitiesJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article76
842004Deuteron Compton scattering in effective field theory: Spin-dependent cross sections and asymmetriesJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article98
852004Inequalities for light nuclei in the Wigner symmetry limitJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article3426
862004Drell-Hearn-Gerasimov sum-rule for the deuteron in nuclear effective field theoryJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article54
872004Effective field theory in nuclear astrophysicsJIUNN-WEI CHEN conference paper00
882003Model independent results for SU(3) violation in light cone distribution functionsJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article3425
892003A Lattice theory for low-energy fermions at finite chemical potentialJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article6452
902003Soft pion emission in DVCSJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article109
912003Connecting the quenched and unquenched worlds via the large N<inf>c</inf> worldChen, J.-W.; JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article00
922003Connecting the quenched and unquenched worlds via the large N(c) worldJIUNN-WEI CHEN conference paper00
932002Constraining the leading weak axial two-body current by SNO and super-KJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article127
942002The Chiral extrapolation of strange matrix elements in the nucleonJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article1816
952002Constraints on two-body axial currents from reactor anti-neutrino deuteron breakup reactionsJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article3230
962002Connecting the quenched and unquenched worlds via the large N(c) worldJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article66
972002Erratum: Constructing parton convolution in effective field theory (Physical Review Letters (2001) 87 (152002))Chen, J.-W.; Ji, X.; JIUNN-WEI CHEN other2211
982001Leading chiral contributions to the spin structure of the protonJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article5449
992001Baryons in partially quenched chiral perturbation theoryJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article7974
1002001Matrix elements of twist-2 operators in quenched chiral perturbation theoryJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article2322
1012001Constructing parton convolution in effective field theoryJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article146
1022001Large N(c) quark distributions in the delta and chiral logarithms in quark distributions of the nucleonJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article1919
1032001Is the Sullivan process compatible with QCD chiral dynamics?JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article7768
1042001Comment on `Subleading corrections to parity violating pion photoproduction'JIUNN-WEI CHEN working-paper
1052001Proton proton fusion in effective field theory to fifth orderJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article4949
1062001Neutrino deuteron scattering in effective field theoryJIUNN-WEI CHEN conference paper10
1072001Parity-violating pion-nucleon coupling h<inf>πNN</inf>(1) from π+-electroproton production near the thresholdChen, J.-W.; Ji, X.; JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article1717
1082001Measuring the P-odd pion-nucleon coupling h<inf>πNN</inf>(1) in π+-Photoproton production near thresholdChen, J.-W.; Ji, X.; JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article1919
1092001Neutrino-deuteron scattering in effective field theory at next-to-next-to-leading orderButler, M.; Chen, J.-W.; Kong, X.; JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article118109
1102001Parity violation in γ + (Hyphenation point)p compton scatteringChen, J.-W.; Cohen, T.D.; Kao, C.W.; JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article1918
1112001Neutrino–deuteron scattering in effective field theoryChen, J.-W.; JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article10
1121999n p ---> d gamma for big bang nucleosynthesisJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article383
1131999Elastic and inelastic neutrino deuteron scattering in effective field theoryJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article6665
1141999Suppressed amplitudes in n p ---> d gammaJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article4348
1151999Nucleon-nucleon effective field theory without pionsJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article206199
1161998Tensor polarized gamma - deuteron Compton scattering in effective field theoryJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article97
1171998Gamma - deuteron Compton scattering in effective field theoryJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article4550
1181998The Polarizability of the deuteronJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article5356
1191997Hadronic and electromagnetic interactions of quarkoniaJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article1915
1201997Non (1/m()b**n) power suppressed contributions to inclusive B ---> X(s) lepton+ lepton- decaysJIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article4536
1211994Inclusion of Parton Transverse Momentum Effects in the Proton Structure FunctionsChen, Jiunn-Wei ; Hwang, W-Y.P.journal article
1221994Higgs boson production via the Bjorken process e+ e- ---> H0 mu+ mu- at high-energy e+ e- collidersW-Y HWANG ; JIUNN-WEI CHEN journal article22