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32014Ultrawideband 1-b Digital SpectrometerTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article00
42014Cosmic structure as the quantum interference of a coherent dark waveTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article215224
52014Probability friends-of-friends (PFOF) group finder: Performance study and observational data applications on photometric surveysTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article1113
62014A 77-118 GHz resonance-free septum polarizerTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article22
72014New near-infrared observations and lens-model constraints for UM673TZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article32
82014Understanding the Core-Halo relation of quantum wave dark matter from 3D simulationsW-Y HWANG ; TZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article109116
92014A new method for computing self-gravity in an isolated systemTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article00
102014A 4 GHz cryogenic amplifier in 0.18 μm general purpose BiCMOS technologyTZI-HONG CHIUEH conference paper22
112014A 77-118 GHz resonance-free Septum polarizerTZI-HONG CHIUEH conference paper02
122012Time delay between images of the lensed quasar UM673TZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article109
132012Environmental dependence of the galaxy merger rate in a λcDM universeTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article2525
142012Cryogenic analog-to-digital converters using spread spectrum technology for coherent receiversTZI-HONG CHIUEH conference paper00
152012Directionally unsplit hydrodynamic schemes with hybrid MPI/OpenMP/GPU parallelization in AMRTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article1211
162012The design of wideband DC-35GHz IF modules for 78-113GHz receiver arrayTZI-HONG CHIUEH conference paper268
172011Vortex turbulence in linear Schrödinger wave mechanicsTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article11
182011GAMER with out-of-core computationTZI-HONG CHIUEH book10
192011Isotopic composition of light nuclei in cosmic rays: Results from AMS-01TZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article4628
202011Multi-science applications with single codebase - GAMER - for massively parallel architecturesTZI-HONG CHIUEH conference paper40
212010Where do wet, dry, and mixed galaxy mergers occur? a study of the environments of close galaxy pairs in the DEEP2 Galaxy Redshift SurveyTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article6159
222010Gamer: A graphic processing unit accelerated adaptive-mesh-refinement code for astrophysicsTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article8064
232010Ultra-broadband IF/LO system of NTU W-band interferometer arrayTZI-HONG CHIUEH conference paper00
242010AMiBA: Sunyaev-zel'dovich effect-derived properties and scaling relations of massive galaxy clustersLiao, Yu-Wei; TZI-HONG CHIUEH ; JIUN-HUEI PROTY WU ; Wu, Jiun-Huei Proty ; Ho, Paul T. P.; Huang, Chih-Wei Locutus; Koch, Patrick M.; Lin, Kai-Yang; Liu, Guo-Chin; Molnar, Sandor M.; Nishioka, Hiroaki; Umetsu, Keiichi; Wang, Fu-Cheng ; Altamirano, Pablo; Birkinshaw, Mark; Chang, Chia-Hao ; Chang, Shu-Haojournal article77
252010Effects of nonuniform input spectra on signal-to-noise ratio in wide-bandwidth digital correlationTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article33
262010Photonic generation of millimeter-millimeter-wave white-light at W-band using a very broadband and high-power photonic emitterTZI-HONG CHIUEH ; Shi, J.-W.; Kuo, F.-M.; Chiueh, Tzihong; Teng, Hsiao-Feng; Tsai, Hsuan Ju; Chen, Nan-Wei; Wu, Mount-Learnjournal article63
272010Real-time Tbps digital correlator in NTU-arrayTZI-HONG CHIUEH conference paper00
282010Relative composition and energy spectra of light nuclei in cosmic rays: Results from AMS-01TZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article4832
292010AMiBA: Scaling relations between the integrated compton-y and X-ray-derived temperature, mass, and luminosityTZI-HONG CHIUEH ; JIUN-HUEI PROTY WU journal article1414
302009The AMiBA hexapod telescope mountKoch, Patrick M.; TZI-HONG CHIUEH ; JIUN-HUEI PROTY WU ; Kesteven, Michael; Nishioka, Hiroaki; Jiang, Homin; Lin, Kai-Yang; Umetsu, Keiichi; Huang, Yau-De; Raffin, Philippe; Chen, Ke-Jung; Ibañez-Romano, Fabiola; Chereau, Guillaume; Huang, Chih-Wei Locutus; Chen, Ming-Tang; Ho, Paul T. P.; Pausch, Konradjournal article3227
312009The yuan-tseh lee array for microwave background anisotropyW-Y HWANG ; Ho, Paul T. P.; Altamirano, Pablo; TZI-HONG CHIUEH ; CHIA-HSIANG YANG ; Chang, Chia-Hao ; TAH HSIUNG CHU ; Chang, Shu-Hao; Chang, Su-Wei; Chen, Chung-Cheng; Chen, Ke-Jung; Chen, Ming-Tang; Han, Chih-Chiang; Ho, West M.; Huang, Yau-De; Hwang, Yuh-Jing; Ibañez-Romano, Fabiola; Jiang, Homin; Koch, Patrick M.journal article3032
322009High-resolution simulation on structure formation with extremely light bosonic dark matterWoo, T. P.; TZI-HONG CHIUEH ; Chiueh, T.journal article9192
332009AMiBA: System performanceLin, Kai-Yang; TZI-HONG CHIUEH ; JIUN-HUEI PROTY WU ; Li, Chao-Te; Ho, Paul T.P.; Huang, Chih-Wei Locutus; Liao, Yu-Wei; Liu, Guo-Chin; Koch, Patrick M.; Molnar, Sandor M.; Nishioka, Hiroaki; Umetsu, Keiichi; Wang, Fu-Cheng ; Wu, Jiun-Huei Proty ; Kestevan, Michael; Birkinshaw, Mark; Altamirano, Pablojournal article1616
342009Array for microwave background anisotropy: Observations, data analysis, and results for sunyaev-zel'dovich effectsWu, Jiun-Huei Proty ; TZI-HONG CHIUEH ; JIUN-HUEI PROTY WU ; Ho, Paul T. P.; Huang, Chih-Wei Locutus; Koch, Patrick M.; Liao, Yu-Wei; Lin, Kai-Yang; Liu, Guo-Chin; Molnar, Sandor M.; Nishioka, Hiroaki; Umetsu, Keiichi; Wang, Fu-Cheng ; Altamirano, Pablo; Birkinshaw, Mark; Chang, Chia-Hao ; Chang, Shu-Haojournal article2121
352008The Yuan Tseh Lee AMiBA projectTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article463
362008AMiBA: First-year results for Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effectTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article255
372008Graphic-card cluster for astrophysics (GraCCA) - Performance testsTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article2319
382008The redshift evolution of wet, dry; and mixed galaxy mergers from close galaxy rairs in the deep2 galaxy Redshift SurveyTZI-HONG CHIUEH ; Lin, L. W.; Patton, D. R.; Koo, D. C.; Casteels, K.; Conselice, C. J.; Faber, S. M.; Lotz, J.; Willmer, C. N. A.; Hsieh, B. C.; Chiueh, T.; Newman, J. A.; Novak, G. S; Weiner, B. J.; Cooper, M. C.journal article151158
402007Cosmic-ray positron fraction measurement from 1 to 30 GeV with AMS-01TZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article289260
412007AEGIS: Enhancement of dust-enshrouded star formation in close galaxy pairs and merging galaxies up to z ∼ 1TZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article6882
4220060.6-M antennae for the AMiBA interferometer arrayTZI-HONG CHIUEH conference paper77
432006Strong lensing on high-redshift galaxiesTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article22
442005Calibration system of AMiBA projectTZI-HONG CHIUEH conference paper9192
452005A study of cosmic ray secondaries induced by the Mir space station using AMS-01TZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article11
462004Interferometric measurements of annulus-filtered polarizations patterns in the CMBTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article1510
472004Simulation of a combined SZE and weak lensing cluster survey for AMiBA experimentTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article305
482004Effects of preheated clusters on the cosmic microwave background spectrumTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article1312
492004The amiba projectTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article311
502004Clusters in preheating simulation and its effect on CMB spectrumTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article210
512002An analytical approach to the spin distribution of dark halosTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article11
522002The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) on the international space station: Part I - Results from the test flight on the space shuttleTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article413365
532002Bias and conditional mass function of dark halos based on the nonspherical collapse modelTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article77
542002Future island universes in a background universe accelerated by a cosmological constant and by quintessenceTZI-HONG CHIUEH ; XIAO-GANG HE journal article1313
552002The annulus-filtered E and B modes in cosmic microwave background radiation polarizationTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article87
562002Dynamics of multicomponent, multifield quintessenceTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article32
572001Determining the geometry and the cosmological parameters of the universe through Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect cluster countsTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article1023
582001Radial density and temperature profiles of the intracluster gas constructed jointly from the X-ray surface brightness measurement and the universal density profileTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article35
592001On the nonspherical nature of halo formationTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article2424
602000Velocity-Anisotropy-Driven Bending Instability in the Galactic Stellar DiskChiueh, Tzihong; Wu, Jun-Mein; Tseng, Yao-Huan; ChiuehTzihong journal article
612000On the matter distribution of galaxy clusters containing a compact coreTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article611
622000Leptons in near earth orbitTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article247229
632000Influence of the environmental dark matter on QSO-cluster associations and on cluster mass estimatesTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article12
642000Helium in near earth orbitTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article172153
652000Velocity-anisotropy-driven bending instability in the galactic stellar diskTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article12
662000Protons in near earth orbitTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article180175
672000Emergence of embedded magnetic flux and its connections to the solar dynamoTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article2154
682000Cosmic protonsTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article271267
692000Fluid Lagrangian approach to the classical-quantum transitionTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article112
701999Arch for antihelium in cosmic raysTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article4832
711999Quantum vortex sheetsTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article43
721999Quasi-periodic vertical structures of dusty plasma crystalsTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article12
731999Quiescent prominence equilibriaTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article1720
741998A comparison of different cluster mass estimates: Consistency or discrepancy?TZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article2362
751998Dynamical quantum chaos as fluid turbulenceTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article1412
761998Central NGC 2146: A firehose-type bending instability in the disk of newly formed stars?TZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article3644
771998A critical analysis of ideal magnetohydrodynamic models for Crab-like pulsar windsTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article4157
781998Ambipolar diffusion-driven tearing instability in a steepening background magnetic fieldTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article78
791998Nonlinear ionization wavesTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article30
801997Exotic atom: Double-helix positroniumTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article2712
811997Fluctuations in stellar winds and their possible connections to the wind mass fluxTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article684
821997Charged magnetosonic solitons propagating in gentle density gradients and wave breakingTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article163
831997Discoid solitons and solitary wave trains in an expanding collisionless local universeTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article44
841997Resonant excitation of density waves in Saturn's rings : The effect of spatial inhomogeneityTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article11
851997Multiband photometry of selected areas in a study of galactic structureTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article32
861997Integrability and topology of three-dimensional vector fieldsTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article2472
871996Deep wide-field spectrophotometry of the open cluster M67TZI-HONG CHIUEH ; WEI-HSIN SUN journal article187201
881996Suppression of the edge interchange instability in a straight tokamakTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article171
891996Observational constraint on the build-up and relaxation of magnetic fields in the solar atmosphereTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article41314
901996Magnetic critical phenomena in the stellar coronaTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article1
911996Secular instability of Saturn's ringsTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article3213
921996Solitary gravitational sound waves in the WIMPSTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article21
931996Rotation-driven shear flow instabilitiesTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article132
941994Constructing the Lagrangian in the Eulerian coordinate for relativistic hydrodynamicsTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article87
951994The weakly nonlinear theory of density waves in a stellar diskTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article1617
961994Nonaxisymmetric three-dimensional instability in thin accretion disksTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article77
971994Self-similar, spherical collapse of a nonrotating magnetized cloudTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article2418
981993Anomalous energy and momentum transfer of intense neutrinos in supernova explosionsTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article87
991992Electromagnetically driven relativistic jets: A class of self-similar solutionsTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article289260
1001992The effects of radiation drag on radial, relativistic hydromagnetic windsTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article7
1011991Asymptotic structure of hydromagnetically driven relativistic windsTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article16102
1021991Magnetosonic soliton in a relativistically hot plasmaTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article69
1031989Relativistic solitons and shocks in magnetized e - E+-p+ fluidsTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article1216
1041989Expansion of shear flow and vortex merger in a two-dimensional turbulent mixing layerTZI-HONG CHIUEH journal article1414