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12019IL-29 promoted obesity-induced inflammation and insulin resistanceShen, Yin Chen; YU-HSIANG HSU; Wu, Chih Hsing; CHEN-HSIANG KUAN ; Lin, Tian Yu; Chiu, Chiao Juno; Chen, Fang HsuArticle
22018Glycosaminoglycan-based hybrid hydrogel encapsulated with polyelectrolyte complex nanoparticles for endogenous stem cell regulation in central nervous system regenerationCHEN-HSIANG KUAN ; JUI-SHENG SUN journal article
32017Multichanneled Nerve Guidance Conduit with Spatial Gradients of Neurotrophic Factors and Oriented Nanotopography for Repairing the Peripheral Nervous SystemJUI-SHENG SUN ; Chen-Hsiang Kuan journal article
42017Enzyme-crosslinked gene-activated matrix for the induction of mesenchymal stem cells in osteochondral tissue regenerationJUI-SHENG SUN ; Chen-Hsiang Kuan journal article
52017Tailored design of multifunctional and programmable pH-responsive self-assembling polypeptides as drug delivery nanocarrier for cancer therapyChen-Hsiang Kuan journal article
62016Multi-functionalized carbon dots as theranostic nanoagent for gene delivery in lung cancer therapyChen-Hsiang Kuan journal article
72016Integrated self-assembling drug delivery system possessing dual responsive and active targeting for orthotopic ovarian cancer theranosticsChen-Hsiang Kuan journal article
82015Prognostic factors of survival from intractable oronasal bleeding after successful transarterial embolizationYIN-YI HAN ; JIN-SHING CHEN ; Chen-Hsiang Kuan journal article
92014Tailored design of electrospun composite nanofibers with staged release of multiple angiogenic growth factors for chronic wound healingChen-Hsiang Kuan journal article
102014Sequential multi-layered hemostatic sutures for stepwise removal of arteriovenous malformations: The pineapple techniqueChen-Hsiang Kuan journal article
112012Giant Keratoacanthoma Development after Surgical Debridements on Chronic Leg Wounds-Case Report and Review of the LiteratureChen-Hsiang Kuan journal article
122010Soft Tissue Restoration with Reverse Forearm Flap in a Patient of Extensive High Pressure Injection Injury to the HandChen-Hsiang Kuan journal article
132010Acute surgical treatment of perforated peptic ulcer in the elderly patientsChen-Hsiang Kuan journal article