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12017A first near real-time seismology-based landquake monitoring systemHONGEY CHEN ; YIH-MIN WU journal article1111
22016Transient deformation induced by groundwater change in Taipei metropolitan area revealed by high resolution X-band SAR interferometryHONGEY CHEN journal article33
32016Distributions of landslides, vegetation, and related sediment yields during typhoon events in northwestern TaiwanHONGEY CHEN journal article1111
42016Relationship between landslide size and rainfall conditions in TaiwanHONGEY CHEN journal article1412
52015Congratulatory messageHONGEY CHEN journal article0
62015從資料整合與資訊加值的工作到智慧防災之實現與展望HONGEY CHEN journal article
72015序言HONGEY CHEN journal article
82015林邊溪流域河川化學性質、輸砂量與山崩之關係HONGEY CHEN journal article00
92014地表振動之偵測技術應用於大型山崩之研究HONGEY CHEN journal article00
102014台2線68K八斗子落石災害致災成因初探HONGEY CHEN journal article
112014基隆市八斗子落石災害之機制探討HONGEY CHEN journal article00
122014Large Scale Rainfall induced Potential Landslide Analysis and Monitoring from DInSAR-A Case Study after Heavy Rainfall Event in 2006, Central TaiwanHONGEY CHEN journal article0
132014The mechanism of rockfall disaster: A case study from Badouzih, Keelung, in northern TaiwanHONGEY CHEN journal article1615
142013臺灣地熱潛能之發展HONGEY CHEN journal article
152013Continuous catchment-scale monitoring of geomorphic processes with a 2-D seismological arrayHONGEY CHEN ; YIH-MIN WU ; YUE-GAU CHEN journal article2020
162013Implications of river chemistry variations on an orogenic, subtropical island - A preliminary studyHONGEY CHEN journal article0
172013Recurrence of hyper-concentration flows on the orogenic, subtropical island of TaiwanHONGEY CHEN journal article33
182013The sources and fluxes of dissolved chemistry in a semi-confined, sandy coastal aquifer: The Pingtung Plain, TaiwanHONGEY CHEN journal article32
192012Discussion: Predicting rainfall-induced landslide potential along a mountain road in TaiwanHONGEY CHEN journal article
202012台灣山嶺集水區之工程地質特性與邊坡災害之相關性HONGEY CHEN journal article00
212012Climatic and geomorphic controls on the erosion of terrestrial biomass from subtropical mountain forestHONGEY CHEN journal article4747
222012濁口溪流域的地表作用與曲流地形間之相對應關係HONGEY CHEN journal article
232012Various links between landslide debris and sediment flux during earthquake and rainstorm eventsHONGEY CHEN ; SAULWOOD LIN journal article78
242012The relationships between earth surface processes and meandering forms along the catchment of the Jhuokou RiverHONGEY CHEN journal article1
252012The relationship of rainfall energy with landslides and sediment deliveryLin, Guan-Wei; HONGEY CHEN ; Chen, Hongey journal article1613
262012Effects of free convection and friction on heat-pulse flowmeter measurementCHEN-WUING LIU ; Lee, Tsai-Ping; HONGEY CHEN ; Chia, Yeeping; YEEPING CHIA ; Chen, Jiun-Szu; Chen, Hongey ; Liu, Chen-Wuing journal article52
272011Erosion-driven drawdown of atmospheric carbon dioxide: The organic pathwayHovius, Niels; Galy, Albert; Hilton, Robert G.; Sparkes, Robert; Smith, Joanne; Shuh-Ji, Kao; Hongey, Chen ; In-Tian, Lin; West, A.Joshuajournal article68
282011Effects of topography, lithology, rainfall and earthquake on landslide and sediment discharge in mountain catchments of southeastern TaiwanHONGEY CHEN ; Chen, Hongey ; Lin, Guan-Wei; Lu, Ming-Hsiang; Shih, Tsun-Ying; Horng, Ming-Jame; Wu, Shuei-Ji; Chuang, Binjournal article2525
292011Impact of rainstorm-triggered landslides on high turbidity in a mountain reservoirHONGEY CHEN ; Lin, Guan-Wei; Chen, Hongey ; Petley, Dave N.; Horng, Ming-Jame; Wu, Shuei-Ji; Chuang, Binjournal article2223
302011Prolonged seismically induced erosion and the mass balance of a large earthquakeHovius, Niels; HONGEY CHEN ; Chia, Seng; Meunier, Patrick; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Lin, Ching-Weei; Chen, Hongey ; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Dadson, Simon; Horng, Ming-Jame; Lines, Maxjournal article171172
312011頭前溪上游集水區地層滑動與植生分布在颱風事件中之關係HONGEY CHEN journal article00
322010台東鹿野溪流域之地層滑動與河川化性在卑南地震後之相關性HONGEY CHEN journal article00
332010The climatic signature of incised river meandersHONGEY CHEN ; Stark, Colin P.; Barbour, Jonathan R.; Hayakawa, Yuichi S.; Hattanji, Tsuyoshi; Hovius, Niels; Chen, Hongey ; Lin, Ching-Weei; Horng, Ming-Jame; Xu, Kai-Qin; Fukahata, Yukitoshijournal article5248
342010The isotopic composition of particulate organic carbon in mountain rivers of TaiwanHONGEY CHEN ; Hilton, Robert G.; Galy, Albert; Hovius, Niels; Horng, Ming-Jame; Chen, Hongey journal article7071
352009臺南菜寮溪河道的變化與其集水區流域之地層滑動及輸砂量之關係HONGEY CHEN journal article
362009台南菜寮溪河道的變化與其集水區流域之地層滑動及輸砂量之關係魏?瑋; 陳宏宇 journal article
372009Increase in basin sediment yield from landslides in storms following major seismic disturbanceChuang, Shan-Chieh; HONGEY CHEN ; Chen, Hongey ; Lin, Guan-Wei; Lin, Ching-Weei; Chang, Chung-Paijournal article2927
382009Magnitude-frequency distributions of boundary shear stress along a rapidly eroding bedrock riverHONGEY CHEN ; Barbour, J. R.; Stark, C. P.; Lin, C.-W.; Chen, H.; Horng, M.-J.; Ko, C.-P.; Yi, T.-C.; Tsai, T.-T.; Chang, W.-S.; Lee, S.-P.; Huang, C.journal article1413
392009Relationship between earthquake disturbance, tropical rainstorms and debris movement: An overview from TaiwanChen, H.; HONGEY CHEN ; Hawkins, A. B.journal article2720
402009山區原住民居住地在莫拉克風災後的初步安全評估工作HONGEY CHEN ; 陳宏宇 ; 林銘郎 journal article
412008台灣山脈剝蝕過程、現今侵蝕堆積作用與長時間沈積物總量收支估算-子計畫三:侵蝕作用與地質材料間之關係(2/3)陳宏宇 report
422008台灣山脈剝蝕過程、現今侵蝕堆積作用與長時間沈積物總量收支估算-子計畫三:侵蝕作用與地質材料間之關係(1/3)陳宏宇 report
432008數位地質圖鑑系統之開發陳宏宇 report
442008Effects of earthquake and cyclone sequencing on landsliding and fluvial sediment transfer in a mountain catchmentLin, Guan-Wei; HONGEY CHEN ; Chen, Hongey ; Hovius, Niels; Horng, Ming-Jame; Dadson, Simon; Meunier, Patrick; Lines, Maxjournal article9484
452008Tropical-cyclone-driven erosion of the terrestrial biosphere from mountainsHONGEY CHEN ; Hilton, Robert G.; Galy, Albert; Hovius, Niels; Chen, Meng-Chiang; Horng, Ming-Jame; Chen, Hongey journal article176171
462008Influence of typhoons and earthquakes on rainfall-induced landslides and suspended sediments dischargeHONGEY CHEN ; Lin, Guan-Wei; Chen, Hongey ; Chen, Yi-Hui; Horng, Ming-Jamejournal article6968
472007土石災害在坡地上之發生機制的探討-總計畫暨子計畫:坡地上土石災害與地質環境的關係 (新制多年期第1年)陳宏宇 report
482007山崩及土石流災害之探討-總計畫暨子計畫:侵蝕作用與坡地災害的關係(III)陳宏宇 report
492007臺灣中北部河流集水區之山崩與輸砂量之關係HONGEY CHEN ; 林冠瑋; 莊善傑; 袁承偉; 陳宜徽; 陳宏宇 journal article
502006土石災害與地質環境的關係HONGEY CHEN journal article
512006颱風地震如何改變台灣山脈HONGEY CHEN journal article
522006Controlling factors of hazardous debris flow in TaiwanHONGEY CHEN ; Chen, Hongey journal article2517
532006Recent rainfall-induced landslides and debris flow in northern TaiwanChen, Hongey ; HONGEY CHEN ; Dadson, Simon; Chi, Yi-Guanjournal article8971
542005災害後的國土復育HONGEY CHEN journal article
552005山崩及土石流之地質材料在台灣中部地區之特性 (II)陳宏宇 report
562005山崩瘠土石流災害之探討─總計畫暨子計畫:侵蝕作用與坡地災害的關係(I)陳宏宇 report
572005Hyperpycnal river flows from an active mountain beltHONGEY CHEN journal article8677
582005The impact of landslide and debris flows triggered by Typhoon Mindulle in TaiwanHONGEY CHEN journal article4141
592004The inspection of the triggering mechanism for a hazardous mudflow in an urbanized territoryHONGEY CHEN ; WEN-SHAN CHEN journal article85
602004地震、颱風影響下的台灣地貌HONGEY CHEN journal article
612004The effect of orientation and shape distribution of gravel on slope angles in central TaiwanChen, Hongey ; HONGEY CHEN ; Wan, Jui-Pinjournal article1112
622004第六節: 集集地震引發的地質災害, 九二一集集大地震, 第二章: 地震地質,HONGEY CHEN journal article
632004Earthquake-triggered increase in sediment delivery from an active mountain beltJIUN CHUAN LIN ; Dadson, Simon J.; Hovius, Niels; HONGEY CHEN ; Chen, Hongey ; Brian Dade, W.; Lin, Jiun-Chuan ; Hsu, Mei-Ling; Lin, Ching-Weei; Horng, Ming-Jame; Chen, Tien-Chien; Milliman, John; Sta, Colin P.journal article330311
642004邊坡破壞引發土石流之機制研究─子計畫:坡地災害中之地質環境特性探討(2/2)陳宏宇 report
652004台灣中部山崩及土石流地區的地質環境特性─山崩及土石流之地質材料在台灣中部地區之特性陳宏宇 report
662004大甲溪流域之初步勘災結果及建議林美聆 ; 陳正興 ; 林銘郎 ; 陳宏宇 ; 林俊全 ; 許銘熙journal article
672003Links between erosion, runoff variability and seismicity in the Taiwan orogenDadson, Simon J.; JIUN CHUAN LIN ; Hovius, Niels; HONGEY CHEN ; Chen, Hongey ; JYR-CHING HU ; Brian Dade, W.; Hsieh, Meng-Long; Willett, Sean D.; Hu, Jyr-Ching ; Horng, Ming-Jame; Chen, Meng-Chiang; Stark, Colin P.; Lague, Dimitri; Lin, Jiun-Chuan journal article594565
682003國家公園區內地質災害敏感之評估研究—台北縣地區為例HONGEY CHEN journal article
692003Some factors affecting the uniaxial strength of weak sandstonesHONGEY CHEN ; Chen, Hongey ; Hu, Zer-Yejournal article210
702003地震造成新山崩地質環境特性之研究─地震後新山崩之工程地質特性(Ⅲ)陳宏宇 report
712003邊坡破壞引發土石流之機制研究─子計畫:坡地災害中之地質環境特性探討(1/2)陳宏宇 report
722003國家公園區內地質災害敏感之評估研究-台北縣地區為例陳宏宇 ; 林俊全 ; 宋聖榮 journal article
732002土石流災害與地質環境探討林銘郎 ; 陳宏宇 conference paper
742002環境地質敏感度分析自動化系統開發HONGEY CHEN journal article
752002一些地質環境調查的步驟與方法HONGEY CHEN journal article
762002地質環境災害HONGEY CHEN journal article
772002The relationship between slope gradient and lateritic cobble orientation with respect to shape, northwestern TaiwanChen, Hongey ; HONGEY CHEN ; B.R. Tsaijournal article33
782002地震造成新山崩地質環境特性之研究─地震後新山崩之工程地質特性﹝Ⅱ﹞陳宏宇 report
792002邊坡破壞引發土石流之機制研究(一)─子計畫:坡地災害中之地質環境特性探討(Ⅰ)陳宏宇 report
802001東埔蚋溪及出水溪之土石流的地質特性HONGEY CHEN journal article
812001九九峰的石頭陳宏宇 book
822001Some case studies on the engineering geological characteristics of debris flows in TaiwanHONGEY CHEN journal article
832001影響軟弱砂岩抗壓強度因素之研究HONGEY CHEN journal article
842001Geological factors for hazardous debris flows in Hoser, central TaiwanChen, Hongey ; HONGEY CHEN ; Su, Ding-Yijournal article2221
862001土石流災害防治之研究(以南投縣陳有蘭溪為研究對象─子計畫:神木村南側出水溪上游土石流發生部之地質特性探討(Ⅲ)陳宏宇 report
872001地震造成新山崩地質環境特性之研究─地震後新山崩之工程地質特性(Ⅰ)陳宏宇 report
882000The geomorphological comparison of two debris flows and their triggering mechanismsHONGEY CHEN journal article50
892000土石流災害防治之研究(以南投縣陳有蘭溪為研究對象)─子計畫:神木村南側出水溪上游土石流發生部之地質特性探討(II)陳宏宇 report
902000新中橫公路沿線地質災害之研究─(總計畫及子計畫一)新中橫公路沿線地質環境之特性(Ⅲ)陳宏宇 report
912000台灣山崩之工程地質特性HONGEY CHEN journal article
921999土石流發生機制與地質環境之相關性HONGEY CHEN journal article
931999地質災害與山坡地開發HONGEY CHEN journal article
941999Initiation of the Tungmen debris flow, eastern TaiwanHONGEY CHEN journal article15
951999新中橫公路沿線地質災害之研究─(總計畫及子計畫一)新中橫公路沿線地質環境之特性(II)陳宏宇 report
961999土石流災害防治之研究(以南投示範區陳有蘭溪為對象)─子計畫:神木村南側出水溪上游土石流發生部之地質特性探討陳宏宇 report
971998The engineering geological characteristics of lake sediments in the Yuanshan area, Ilan City, TaiwanHONGEY CHEN journal article00
981998新中橫公路沿線地質災害之研究─(總計畫及子計畫一)新中橫公路沿線地質環境之特性陳宏宇 report
991997落石運動軌跡之現地調查與模擬分析案例介紹HONGEY CHEN journal article
1001997台北市南港地區之台北斷層兩側地質材料的力學特性研究陳宏宇 report
1011996Gravel orientation and their shapes distribution appear to effect slope grade in northwestern TaiwanHONGEY CHEN journal article1
1021996台北斷層在台北市信義計劃區內之延伸與其兩側松山層地質材料之機械行為的探討陳宏宇 report
1031995澎湖群島玄武岩殘積紅土的工程地質研究(Ⅱ)陳宏宇 report
1041995Geological properties of debris flow in its initiative mechanism at Tungmen village, Hualien areaHONGEY CHEN journal article2
1051994The Dip Slope Problem on the Mining DistrictsChen, Hongey conference paper
1061994預力損失的防治在岩錨握裹力和地質材料間之問題陳宏宇 journal article
1071994An application of an analytical model to a slope subject to rockfallsHONGEY CHEN journal article20
1081994澎湖群島玄武岩殘積紅土的工程地質研究(I)陳宏宇 report
1091994臺北縣鹽寮地區地質材料之岩石品質指標探討陳宏宇 ; 羅煥記; 林泗濱; 黃燦輝; 羅煥記; 林泗濱report
1101994Engineering treatment of a hazardous rockfall slope at Chunder area, TaiwanHONGEY CHEN journal article0
1111994桃園縣蘆竹鄉坑子段漢蔚公司廠房基地整地工程調查評估陳宏宇 report
1121994花蓮地區土石流之研究(二)陳榮河 ; 黃燦輝; 蔡丁貴; 范正成 ; 林美聆 ; 陳宏宇 report
1131994礫石之排列方式及形狀對於坡度穩定性的影響HONGEY CHEN ; 蔡秉儒; 陳宏宇 ; Chen, Hongey conference paper
1141994花蓮銅門村土石流災害之地質特性HONGEY CHEN ; 陳宏宇 ; 陳琨銘conference paper
1151993新奧工法岩石評分與計測系統電腦化之研究范正成 ; 黃燦輝; 陳宏宇 report
1161993岩石邊坡裂縫處理方式之探討陳宏宇 ; 陳榮河 ; 黃燦輝; 陳宏宇 ; 陳榮河 journal article
1171993The Natural and Induced Instability of Colluvium and Other Weak Rock During Urban Development in TaiwanChen, Hongey conference paper
1181993銅門村土石流材料特性之初步研究HONGEY CHEN ; 陳榮河 ; 林美聆 ; 陳宏宇 ; 陳榮河 ; 林美聆 ; Chen, Hongey journal article
1191993太魯閣國家公園崩塌地之調查及處理之研究陳宏宇 book
1201993臺灣西南部泥火山地質材料之研究陳宏宇 report
1211993花蓮地區土石流之研究(二)范正成 ; 陳榮河 ; 黃燦輝; 蔡丁貴; 林美齡; 陳宏宇 ; Fan, Jen-Chen ; 陳宏宇 report
1221993花蓮地區土石流之研究性質(二)黃燦輝; 蔡丁貴; 范正成 ; 林美聆 ; 陳宏宇 ; 黃燦輝; Lin, Meei-Ling ; 陳宏宇 report
1231993An Approach to Remedial Methods for a Rock Slope with Cracks陳宏宇 ; Chen, R. H.; Huang, T. H.; Chen, Hongey ; Huang, T. H.conference paper
1241993古湖泊沈積物之地質意義及工程性質秦德; 陳宏宇 ; 秦德; Chen, Hongey conference paper
1251993崩積土之敏感度的研究羅正彥; 陳宏宇 ; 羅正彥; Chen, Hongey conference paper
1261993古湖泊沉積物之地質意義及其工程性質秦德; 陳宏宇 ; Chen, Hongey conference paper
1271993台灣西南部泥火山地質材料之研究陳宏宇 report
1281992Appropriate Model for Hazard Analysis in Slope EngineeringChen, Hongey conference paper
1291992The Stability and Mechanical Behaviour of Colluvivm SlopesChen, Hongey journal article
1301992瓷土礦之力學行為及其採掘場穩定性之研究(11)陳宏宇 report
1311992明潭下池水庫車埕村鄰近民房基礎沈陷及邊坡坍塌之調查評估陳宏宇 report
1321992Some Engineering Characteristics of Quaternary Geology in Northern Taiwan陳宏宇 ; Chen, Rong-Her ; Chen, Hongey ; Chen, Rong-Her journal article
1331992太魯閣國家公園崇德地區坡面裂縫處理方式之研究陳宏宇 book
1341992臺灣西南部應菜龍斷層泥之研究陳宏宇 report
1351992The Stability and Mechanical Behaviour of Colluvium Slopes in TaiwanHONGEY CHEN ; Chen, Hongey book
1361992Geological Characteristics of the Debris Folw in the Hualian AreaChen, Hongey conference paper
1371992大臺北華城變電所預定地地質材料試驗及分析工作報告書陳宏宇 report
1381992太魯閣國家公園崇德地區坡面裂縫處理方式之研究陳宏宇 ; 陳榮河 ; 黃燦輝; 陳宏宇 report
1391992隧道支保設計與施工差異性之比較譚立平; 陳宏宇 report
1401992臺東寶華地區利吉層泥岩山坡地之穩定性探討HONGEY CHEN ; 許景富; 陳宏宇 ; 許景富; Chen, Hongey conference paper
1411992應菜龍斷層泥在工程地質上的意義HONGEY CHEN ; 陳豐昇; 陳宏宇 ; 陳豐昇; Chen, Hongey conference paper
1421992Prestressed Loss Prevention between the Working Bond of the Rock Anchor and the Weathering Geological Material陳宏宇 ; Chen, C. Y.; Chen, Hongey conference paper
1431992臺灣西南部泥岩地區斷層泥之工程特性HONGEY CHEN ; 陳豐昇; 陳宏宇 ; Chen, Hongey conference paper
1441992臺灣西南部泥火山物質在工程特性上的研究HONGEY CHEN ; 劉麒; 陳宏宇 ; Chen, Hongey conference paper
1451991花蓮地區土石流之研究(一)陳榮河; 黃燦輝; 蔡丁貴; 范正成 ; 林美聆 ; 陳宏宇 ; 陳榮河; 蔡丁貴; Lin, Meei-Ling report
1461991瓷土礦之力學行為及其採掘場穩定性之研究陳宏宇 report
1471991崩基地質材料之敏感度與崩塌機制之探討HONGEY CHEN ; 羅正彥; 陳宏宇 ; Chen, Hongey conference paper
1481991The Hazard Analysis of Colluvium SlopesChen, Hongey conference paper
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