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12015Revisiting borehole strain, typhoons, and slow earthquakes using quantitative estimates of precipitation-induced strain changesYUE-GAU CHEN journal article1010
22014Paleohydrological changes in northeastern Taiwan over the past 2ky inferred from biological proxies in the sediment record of a floodplain lakeYUE-GAU CHEN ; KUO-YEN WEI journal article88
32014Low-cost computer mouse for the elderly or disabled in TaiwanShiao, Jen-Chieh ; JIN-SHIN LAI ; Chen, C. -C.; Wang, Shi-Wei; Chen, W. -L.; Chen, B. -N.; Yokawa, Kotaro; Ichinokawa, Momoko; Shih, Y. -Y.; Takeuchi, Yukio; Lai, J. -S.; Chen, Y. -L.; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Shen, Chuan-Chou journal article33
42014Coseismic thrusting and folding in the 1999 Mw 7.6 Chi-Chi earthquake: A high-resolution approach by aerial photos taken from Tsaotun, central TaiwanJ. BRUCE H. SHYU ; YUE-GAU CHEN journal article33
52014Luminescence characteristics of quartz from Hsuehshan Range (Central Taiwan) and implications for thermochronometryYUE-GAU CHEN journal article63
62014Optically stimulated luminescence dating of young fluvial deposits of the middle elbe river flood plains using different age modelsYUE-GAU CHEN journal article1212
72014Late Pleistocene sedimentary history of multiple glacially dammed lake episodes along the Yarlung-Tsangpo river, southeast TibetYUE-GAU CHEN journal article108
82014Deciphering cumulative fault slip vectors from fold scarps: Relationships between long-term and coseismic deformations in central Western TaiwanYUE-GAU CHEN journal article119
92014Lateral variations in the long-term slip rate of the Chelungpu fault, Central Taiwan, from the analysis of deformed fluvial terracesYUE-GAU CHEN journal article44
102014Impacts of arc collision on small orogens: New insights from the Coastal Range detrital record, TaiwanYUE-GAU CHEN journal article20
112014Campaigned GPS on Present-day crustal deformation in northernmost Longitudinal Valley preliminary results, Hualien TaiwanYUE-GAU CHEN journal article710
122014Structural model of the central Longmen Shan thrusts using seismic reflection profiles: Implications for the sediments and deformations since the MesozoicYUE-GAU CHEN journal article2721
132013Continuous catchment-scale monitoring of geomorphic processes with a 2-D seismological arrayHONGEY CHEN ; YIH-MIN WU ; YUE-GAU CHEN journal article2019
142013A seismological study of landquakes using a real-time broad-band seismic networkYIH-MIN WU ; YUE-GAU CHEN journal article2525
152013Structural inheritance and erosional controls on thrust kinematics in western TaiwanYUE-GAU CHEN journal article11
162013Corrigendum to "Along-strike variation of the frontal zone structural geometry of the Central Longmen Shan thrust belt revealed by seismic reflection profiles" [TECTO 580 (2012) 178-191]YUE-GAU CHEN journal article11
172013Deep subducting slab reconstruction and its geometry, kinematics: a case study for the Tonga-kermadec slab from tomographyYUE-GAU CHEN journal article33
182013Low-temperature and temperature stepped-combustion of terrace sediments from Nanfu, TaiwanYUE-GAU CHEN journal article50
192012Pliocene-to-present morphotectonics of the Dien Bien Phu fault in northwest VietnamYUE-GAU CHEN journal article1413
202012Late pleistocene evolution of Lake Manas in western China with constraints of OSL ages of lacustrine sedimentsYUE-GAU CHEN journal article109
212012Estimation of rupture processes of the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake from joint analyses of two regional seismic arraysYUE-GAU CHEN journal article11
222012Late Cenozoic metamorphism and mountain building in Taiwan: A reviewYUE-GAU CHEN journal article2524
232012A feasibility study on the application of luminescence dating for quartz from different rock types as a thermochronometerYUE-GAU CHEN journal article55
242012Metabolic stratification driven by surface and subsurface interactions in a terrestrial mud volcanoLI-HUNG LIN ; SHENG-RONG SONG ; PEI-LING WANG ; HUNG-CHI KUO ; YUE-GAU CHEN journal article219
252012Along-strike variation of the frontal zone structural geometry of the Central Longmen Shan thrust belt revealed by seismic reflection profilesYUE-GAU CHEN journal article1715
262012The seismic velocity and attenuation structure beneath the Tatun volcanic area, TaiwanYUE-GAU CHEN journal article66
272012Interseismic deformation and earthquake hazard along the southernmost Longitudinal Valley fault, Eastern TaiwanRAY Y. CHUANG ; J. BRUCE H. SHYU ; YUE-GAU CHEN journal article33
282012Ontogenetic vertical migration of grenadiers revealed by otolith microstructures and stable isotopic compositionYUE-GAU CHEN ; Lin, Hsien-Yung; Lin, Hsien-Yung; JEN-CHIEH SHIAO ; Shiao, Jen-Chieh ; Shiao, Jen-Chieh ; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Iizuka, Yoshiyukijournal article1918
292012Seismotectonics of northeastern Taiwan: Kinematics of the transition from waning collision to subduction and postcollisional extensionJ. BRUCE H. SHYU ; Huang, Hsin-Hua; Shyu, J.Bruce H.; YIH-MIN WU ; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Wu, Yih-Min ; Chang, Chien-Hsin; Chen, Yue-Gau journal article2018
302011The effect of typhoon induced rainfall on settling fluxes of particles and organic carbon in Yuanyang Lake, subtropical TaiwanYang, Tien-Nan; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Lee, Teh-Quei; KUO-YEN WEI ; Meyers, Philip A.; Fan, Cheng-Wei; Chen, Rou-Fei; Wei, Kuo-Yen ; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Wu, Jiunn-Tzongjournal article1311
312011Variations in monsoonal rainfall over the last 21 kyr inferred from sedimentary organic matter in Tung-Yuan Pond, southern TaiwanYang, Tien-Nan; LUDVIG LOWEMARK ; Chien, Yi-Ling ; Lee, Teh-Quei; SHENG-RONG SONG ; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Meyers, Philip A.; KUO-YEN WEI ; Song, Sheng-Rong ; Kao, Shuh-Ji; Lowemark, Ludvig ; Chen, Rou-Fei; Chen, Huei-Fen; Wei, Kuo-Yen ; Fan, Cheng-Wei; Shiau, Liang-Jian; Chiang, Hong-Wei; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Chen, Min-Tejournal article2525
322011Groundwater-seawater interactions off the coast of southern Taiwan: Evidence from environmental isotopesYUE-GAU CHEN ; Lin, In-Tian; Wang, Chung-Ho; SAULWOOD LIN ; Lin, Saulwood ; Chen, Yue-Gau journal article1310
332011Variations of methane induced pyrite formation in the accretionary wedge sediments offshore southwestern TaiwanLim, Yee Cheng; Yang, Jing-lan ; CHAR-SHINE LIU ; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Lin, Saulwood ; Chen, Shiau-yee; Yang, Tsanyao Frank; Chang, Chein-wei ; SAULWOOD LIN ; Lin, Jiu-jenq ; Lin, Jiu-jenq ; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Liu, Char-Shine journal article4444
342011Magnetic signature of Siaolin Village, southern Taiwan, after burial by a catastrophic landslide due to Typhoon MorakotYUE-GAU CHEN ; Doo, W-B; Hsu, S-K; Chen, C-C; Hsieh, H-H; Yen, H-Y; Chen, Y-G; Chang, W-Yjournal article56
352011Prolonged seismically induced erosion and the mass balance of a large earthquakeHovius, Niels; HONGEY CHEN ; Chia, Seng; Meunier, Patrick; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Lin, Ching-Weei; Chen, Hongey ; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Dadson, Simon; Horng, Ming-Jame; Lines, Maxjournal article171168
362011The influence of sediment cover variability on long-term river incision rates: An example from the Peikang River, central TaiwanYanites, Brian J.; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Tucker, Gregory E.; Hsu, Han-Lun; Chen, Chien-chih; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Mueller, Karl J.journal article3434
372011Controls on fluid flow in transpressive orogens, Taiwan and New ZealandYUE-GAU CHEN book140
382011A study of crack propagation measurement on sandstone with a single inclined flaw under uniaxial compressionYUE-GAU CHEN journal article
392011The precursory significance of tectonic stress field transformation before the Wenchuan Mw7.9 earthquake and the Chi-Chi Mw7.6 earthquakeYUE-GAU CHEN ; Diao, Gui-Ling; Xu, Xi-Wei; Chen, Yuegau; Huang, Borshouh; Wang, Xiao-Shan; Feng, Xiang-Dong; Yang, Ya-Qiongjournal article137
402011Linking Taiwan's subcritical Hsuehshan Range topography and foreland basin architectureYUE-GAU CHEN ; Wilcox, T.; Mueller, K.; Upton, P.; Chen, Y.G.; Huang, S.T.; Yanites, B.J.; Tucker, G.journal article55
412010Pliocene onset of rapid exhumation in Taiwan during arc-continent collision: New insights from detrital thermochronometryYUE-GAU CHEN ; Kirstein, L.A.; Fellin, M.G.; Willett, S.D.; Carter, A.; Chen, Y.G.; Garverz, J.I.; Lee, D.C.journal article2019
422010Young orogenic gold mineralisation in active collisional mountains, TaiwanYUE-GAU CHEN ; Craw, Dave; Upton, Phaedra; Yu, Bing-Sheng; Horton, Travis; Chen, Yue-Gau journal article2624
432010龙门山褶皱逆冲带中前山逆冲带之新期构造及断层运动学YUE-GAU CHEN journal article
442010Nitrogen as the carrier gas for helium emission along an active fault in NW TaiwanYUE-GAU CHEN ; Hong, Wei-Li; Yang, Tsanyao Frank; Walia, Vivek; Lin, Shih-Jung; Fu, Ching-Chou; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Sano, Yuji; Chen, Cheng-Hong; Wen, Kuo-Liangjournal article1514
452010Incision and channel morphology across active structures along the Peikang River, central Taiwan: Implications for the importance of channel widthYUE-GAU CHEN ; Yanites, Brian J.; Tseng, Tai-Chung; Liu, Chun-Jen ; Tucker, Gregory E.; Yang, Hung-Chih ; Mueller, Karl J.; Chen, Chi-Ling ; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Yang, Wan-Ting; Wilcox, Tarka; Tsai, Cheng-Shiue; Huang, Shao-Yi; Shi, Kuo-Wei; Kuo, Stephanie Fang-Tzu; Verbree, Femke Carolien; Su, Tung-Hung ; Wang, Chia-Chi; Liu, Chen-Hua ; Chen, Pei-Jer ; Chen, Ding-Shinn ; Kao, Jia-Horng ; 陳定信 ; 劉振驊 ; 高嘉宏 ; 楊宏志 ; 蘇東弘 ; 劉俊人 ; 陳培哲 ; 陳祈玲 journal article7470
462010The East Asian monsoon during MIS 2 expressed in a speleothem δ18O record from Jintanwan Cave, Hunan, ChinaYUE-GAU CHEN ; Cosford, Jason; Qing, Hairuo; Lin, Yin; Eglington, Bruce; Mattey, Dave; Chen, Yue Gau ; Zhang, Meiliang; Cheng, Haijournal article88
472010Residual luminescence in modern debris flow deposits from western Taiwan: A single grain approachYUE-GAU CHEN ; Wu, Tzu-Shuan; Jaiswal, Manoj Kumar; Lin, Yunong Nina; Chen, Ya-Wen; Chen, Yue-Gau journal article96
482010Bedrock detection using 2D electrical resistivity imaging along the Peikang River, central TaiwanYUE-GAU CHEN ; Hsu, Han-Lun; Yanites, Brian J.; Chen, Chien-chih; Chen, Yue-Gau journal article3224
492010汶川地震之震源破裂过程YUE-GAU CHEN journal article
502010Testing inferences from palaeocurrents: Application of zircon double-dating to Miocene sediments from the Hengchun Peninsula, TaiwanKirstein, Linda A.; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Carter, Andrew; Chen, Yue-Gau journal article97
512010利用卫星影像获得汶川地震之同震地表变形来探讨其断层几何模型YUE-GAU CHEN journal article
522010How rivers react to large earthquakes: Evidence from central TaiwanYUE-GAU CHEN ; Yanites, Brian J.; Tucker, Gregory E.; Mueller, Karl J.; Chen, Yue-Gau journal article6560
532010Change of the ENSO-related δ18O-SST correlation from coral skeletons in northern South China Sea: A possible influence from the Kuroshio CurrentChiang, H.-W.; CHUAN-CHOU SHEN ; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Chen, Y.-G.; Fan, T.-Y.; Shen, C.-C.journal article54
542010Natal origin of Pacific bluefin tuna Thunnus orientalis inferred from otolith oxygen isotope compositionCHUAN-CHOU SHEN ; Shiao, Jen-Chieh ; Wang, Shi-Wei; YUE-GAU CHEN ; JEN-CHIEH SHIAO ; Yokawa, Kotaro; Ichinokawa, Momoko; Takeuchi, Yukio; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Shen, Chuan-Chou journal article1918
552010Isotopic constraints of vein carbonates on fluid sources and processes associated with the ongoing brittle deformation within the accretionary wedge of TaiwanLI-HUNG LIN ; Wang, P. L.; SHENG-RONG SONG ; Wu, J. J.; PEI-LING WANG ; Yeh, E. C.; Song, S. R.; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Chen, Y. G.; Lin, L. H.journal article65
562010Reevaluation of surface rupture parameters of the 5 • 12 wenchuan earthquake and its tectonic implication for tibetan upliftWEN-SHAN CHEN ; YUE-GAU CHEN journal article420
572010Deep submarine groundwater discharge indicated by tracers of oxygen, strontium isotopes and barium content in the Pingtung coastal zone, southern TaiwanYUE-GAU CHEN ; Lin, In-Tian; Wang, Chung-Ho; SAULWOOD LIN ; You, Chen-Feng; Lin, Saulwood ; Huang, Kuo-Fang; Chen, Yue-Gau journal article1815
582009Portable broadband seismic network in Vietnam for investigating tectonic deformation, the Earth’s interior, and early-warning systems for earthquakes and tsunamisHuang, Bor-Shouh; Le, Tu Son; Liu, Chun-Chi; Toan, Dinh Van; Huang, Win-Gee; Wu, Yih-Min ; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Chang, Wen-Yenjournal article
592009Constant-slope alluvial fans and source basins in TaiwanLin, Z; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Liu, Chen-Hua; Liu, Chun-Jen; Oguchi, T; Huang, Chung-Feng; Chen, YG; Saito, K; Lin, Jou-Wei; Dai, Chia-Yen; Liang, Cheng-Chao; Huang, Jee-Fu; Hung, Peir-Haur; Tsai, Hung-Bin; Tsai, Meng-Kun; Lee, Chih-Yuan; Chen, Shih-I; Yang, Sheng-Shun; Su, Tung-Hung; Yang, Hung-Chih; Chen, Pei-Jer; Chen, Ding-Shinn; Chuang, Wan-Long; Yu, Ming-Lung; Kao, Jia-Horng; 陳定信; 劉振驊; 高嘉宏; 楊宏志; 蘇東弘; 李志元; 劉俊人; 陳世宜; 陳培哲; 蔡孟昆; 林昭維; 蔡宏斌journal article98
602009Origin of methane in high-arsenic groundwater of Taiwan - Evidence from stable isotope analyses and radiocarbon datingYUE-GAU CHEN journal article55
612009The crustal deformation of the Ilan Plain acted as a westernmost extension of the Okinawa TroughHou, Chin-Shyong; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Hu, Jyr-Ching ; JYR-CHING HU ; CHING-HUA LO ; Ching, Kuo-En; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Chen, Chien-Liang; Cheng, Li-Wei; Tang, Chao-Lung; Huang, Shin-Hua; Lo, Ching-Hua journal article2020
622009Touhuanping Fault, an active wrench fault within fold-and-thrust belt in northwestern Taiwan, documented by spatial analysis of fluvial terracesYUE-GAU CHEN ; Ota, Yoko; Lin, Yu-Nung Nina; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Matsuta, Nobuhisa; Watanuki, Takuya; Chen, Ya-Wenjournal article75
632009Origin of methane in high-arsenic groundwater of Taiwan – Evidence from stable isotope analyses and radiocarbon datingLiu, Tsung-Kwei; Chen, Kuan-Yu; Yang, Tsanyao-Frank; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Chen, Wen-Fu; Kang, Su-Chen; Lee, Chih-Pingjournal article
642009Luminescence characteristics of quartz and feldspar from tectonically uplifted terraces in Kashmir Basin, Jammu and Kashmir, IndiaJaiswal, Manoj K.; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Bhat, M.I.; Bali, B.S.; Ahmad, Shabir; Chen, Y.G.journal article88
652009Three-dimensional numerical models with varied material properties and erosion rates: Implications for the mechanics and kinematics of compressive wedgesYUE-GAU CHEN journal article1111
662009Long-term crustal movement caused by the Chiuchiungkeng Fault in southwestern Taiwan: Constraints from luminescence datingChen, Y.W.; WEN-SHAN CHEN ; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Chen, Y.G.; Murray, A.S.; Watanuki, T.; Chen, W.S.; Yang, C.C.B.; Liu, T.K.; Lin, C.W.journal article32
672009Optical dating of a sedimentary sequence in a trenching site on the source fault of the 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake, TaiwanChen, Yue-Gau ; WEN-SHAN CHEN ; Chen, Ya-Wen; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Chen, Wen-Shan ; Lee, Kun-Jie; Lee, Long-Sheng; Lu, Shih-Ting; Lee, Yuan-Hsi; Watanuki, Takuya; Lin, Yu-Nung N.journal article66
682009The 2005 Ilan earthquake doublet and seismic crisis in northeastern Taiwan: Evidence for dyke intrusion associated with on-land propagation of the Okinawa TroughLai, Kuang-Yin; YIH-MIN WU ; Chen, Yue-Gau ; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Wu, Yih-Min ; Avouac, Jean-Philippe; Kuo, Yu-Ting; Wang, Yu; Chang, Chien-Hsin; Lin, Kuan-Chuanjournal article1717
692009Uncertainty propagation of hydrodispersive transfer in an aquifer: An illustration of one-dimensional contaminant transport with slug injectionShih, David Ching-Fang; YIH-MIN WU ; Chen, Yue-Gau ; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Lin, Gwo-Fong ; Wu, Yih-Min journal article33
702009Portable broadband seismic network in Vietnam for investigating tectonic deformation, the Earth's interior, and early-warning systems for earthquakes and tsunamisYIH-MIN WU ; YUE-GAU CHEN journal article1410
712009Relocation of the 2006 Pingtung Earthquake sequence and seismotectonics in Southern TaiwanWu, Yih-Min ; YIH-MIN WU ; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Zhao, Li; Chang, Chien-Hsin; Hsiao, Nai-Chi; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Hsu, Shu-Kunjournal article2726
722008東亞地函動力及板塊互動研究-藏東、雲南及北越地區構造地形分布、成因與年代之探討 (II)陳于高 report
732008東亞地函動力及板塊互動研究-藏東碰撞旋轉地塊之構造地形分布、成因與年代之探討 (新制多年期第1年)陳于高 report
742008台灣東部活動斷層-台灣東部活動斷層之長期滑移速率及其相關之構造地形 (新制多年期第1年)陳于高 report
752008地球科學學門地質研究發展及推動計畫陳于高 report
762008Seismogenic faults along the major suture of the plate boundary deduced by dislocation modeling of coseismic displacements of the 1951 M7.3 Hualien–Taitung earthquake sequence in eastern TaiwanChung, Ling-Ho; J. BRUCE H. SHYU ; YIH-MIN WU ; Chen, Yue-Gau ; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Wu, Yih-Min ; Shyu, J. Bruce H. ; Kuo, Yu-Ting; Lin, Yu-Nong Ninajournal article1815
772008Initial rupture processes of the 2006 Pingtung earthquake from near source strong-motion recordsYUE-GAU CHEN ; Huang, Bor-Shouh; Huang, Yi-Ling; Lee, Shiann-Jong; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Jiang, Juen-Shijournal article1010
782008Variations of helium and radon concentrations in soil gases from an active fault zone in southern TaiwanYUE-GAU CHEN ; Fu, Ching-Chou; Yang, Tsanyao Frank; Du, Jane; Walia, Vivek; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Liu, Tsung-Kwei; Chen, Cheng-Hongjournal article5243
792008High-pressure metamorphism in Taiwan: From oceanic subduction to arc-continent collision?YUE-GAU CHEN ; Beyssac, O; Negro, F; Simoes, M; Chan, YC; Chen, YGjournal article3230
802008Geomorphology of the southernmost Longitudinal Valley fault: Implications for evolution of the active suture of eastern TaiwanShyu, J. Bruce H. ; RAY Y. CHUANG ; J. BRUCE H. SHYU ; Sieh, Kerry; Chen, Yue-Gau ; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Chuang, Ray Y. ; Wang, Yu; Chung, Ling-Hojournal article2623
812008Assessment of long-term variation in displacement for a GPS site adjacent to a transition zone between collision and subductionShih, D.C.F.; Shih, David Ching-Fang; YIH-MIN WU ; Wu, Yih-Min ; Wu, Y.M.; JYR-CHING HU ; Lin, Gwo-Fong ; Lin, G.F.; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Hu, Jyr-Ching ; Hu, J.C.; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Chen, Y.G.; Chang, C.H.; Chang, Chien-Hsinjournal article55
822008New seismogenic source and deep structures revealed by the 1999 Chia-yi earthquake sequence in southwestern TaiwanChen, Yue-Gau ; YIH-MIN WU ; Kuo, Yu-Ting; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Wu, Yih-Min ; Chen, Hsiung-Lin; Chang, Chien-Hsin; Chen, Ron-Yu; Lo, Po-Wen; Ching, Kuo-En; Lee, Jian-Chengjournal article99
832008Sea level fluctuations on the east coast of Taiwan that overlie continental shelf breakYIH-MIN WU ; Shih, David Ching-Fang; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Lin, Gwo-Fong ; Wu, Yih-Min ; Jia, Yee-Ping; Ma, Chih-Mingjournal article00
842008Spectral decomposition of periodic ground water fluctuation in a coastal aquiferYIH-MIN WU ; Shih, D.C.F.; Shih, David Ching-Fang; Lin, G.F.; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Lin, Gwo-Fong ; Jia, Yee-Ping; Jia, Y.P.; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Chen, Y.G.; Wu, Y.M.; Wu, Yih-Min journal article1111
852008臺灣東北部海域養殖、野生與放流九孔碳氧穩定同位素關係之研究胡哲瑋; 李英周 ; 郭晃豪; 陳于高 
862007Detrital signal of early exhumation of the Central Ranges, TaiwanKirstein, Linda A.; Carter, Andrew; Chen, Yue-Gau journal article
872007台灣地震地質研究-台灣西南部活斷層研究-台灣西南部活動斷層之長期滑移速率及其相關之構造地形(3/3)陳于高 report
882007Relationships between topography and spatial variations in groundwater and soil morphology within the Taoyuan Hukou Tableland, Northwestern TaiwanLin, Yu-Shih; Lin, Yi-Wen; Wang, Yu; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Hsu, Mei-Ling; Chiang, Shou-Hao; Chen, Zueng-Sang journal article99
892007Paleoseismic evidence for coseismic growth-fold in the 1999 Chichi earthquake and earlier earthquakes, central TaiwanWEN-SHAN CHEN ; Chen, Wen-Shan ; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Lee, Kun-Jie; Lee, Long-Sheng; Streig, Ashley R.; Rubin, Charles M.; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Yang, Hsiao-Chin; Chang, Hui-Cheng; Lin, Chii-Wenjournal article1512
902007Prehistoric earthquakes along the Shanchiao fault, Taipei Basin, northern TaiwanHuang, Shao-Yi; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Rubin, Charles M.; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Liu, Huan-Chijournal article2524
912007Paleo-environmental evolution as revealed by analysis of organic carbon and nitrogen: A case of coastal Taipei Basin in Northern TaiwanYUE-GAU CHEN ; Ku, Huei-Wei; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Chan, Po-Shun; Liu, Huan-Chi; Lin, Chao-Chungjournal article
922007Mountain building in Taiwan: A thermokinematic modelYUE-GAU CHEN ; Simoes, Martine; Avouac, Jean Philippe; Beyssac, Olivier; Goffe, Bruno; Farley, Kenneth A.; Chen, Yue-Gau journal article7356
932007Kinematic analysis of the Pakuashan fault tip fold, west central Taiwan: Shortening rate and age of folding inceptionYUE-GAU CHEN ; Simoes, Martine; Avouac, Jean Philippe; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Singhvi, Ashok K.; Wang, Chien-Ying; Jaiswal, Manoj; Chan, Yu-Chang; Bernard, Sylvainjournal article4028
942007Coseismic fold scarps and their kinematic behavior in the 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake TaiwanChen, Yue-Gau ; WEN-SHAN CHEN ; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Lai, Kuang-Yin; Lee, Yuan-Hsi; Suppe, John; Chen, Wen-Shan ; Lin, Yu-Nong N.; Wang, Yu; Hung, Jih-Hao; Kuo, Yu-Tingjournal article5142
952007Coseismic deformation revealed by inversion of strong motion and GPS data: The 2003 Chengkung earthquake in eastern TaiwanHu, Jyr-Ching ; YIH-MIN WU ; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Cheng, Li-Wei; JYR-CHING HU ; Chen, Horng-Yue; Wu, Yih-Min ; Lee, Jian-Cheng; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Lin, Kuan-Chuan; Rau, Ruey-Juin; Kuochen, Hao; Chen, Hui-Hsuan; Yu, Shui-Bei; Angelier, Jacquesjournal article2826
962007Earthquake geology and hazards in TaiwanYUE-GAU CHEN ; Chen, Yue-Gau ; CHING-HUA LO ; Mueller, Karl; Lo, Ching-Hua journal article00
972007Evidence for prehistoric coseismic folding along the Tsaotun segment of the Chelungpu fault near Nan-Tou, TaiwanWEN-SHAN CHEN ; Streig, Ashley R.; Rubin, Charles M.; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Chen, Wen-Shan ; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Lee, Long-Sheng; Thompson, Stephen C.; Madden, Chris; Lu, Shih-Tingjournal article1819
982007Compositions and flux of soil gas in Liu-Huang-Ku hydrothermal area, northern TaiwanSHENG-RONG SONG ; Lan, Tefang Faith; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Yang, Tsanyao Frank; Lee, Hsiao-Fen; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Chen, Cheng-Hong; Song, Sheng-Rong ; Tsao, Shuhjongjournal article4238
9920072003 Mw6.8 Chengkung earthquake and its related seismogenic structuresKuochen, Hao; YIH-MIN WU ; Wu, Yih-Min ; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Chen, Rong-Yuhjournal article2826
1002007Slip rates on the Chelungpu and Chushiang thrust faults inferred from a deformed strath terrace along the Dungpuna river, west central TaiwanSimoes, Martine; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Avouac, Jean Philippe; Chen, Yue-Gau journal article3429
1012007Late Cenozoic metamorphic evolution and exhumation of TaiwanYUE-GAU CHEN ; Beyssac, Olivier; Simoes, Martine; Avouac, Jean Philippe; Farley, Kenneth A.; Chen, Yue-Gau ; Chan, Yu-Chang; Goffe, Brunojournal article115114
1022007River terrace development in response to folding above active wedge thrusts in Houli, Central TaiwanChen, Yue-Gau ; YUE-GAU CHEN ; Hung, Jih-Hao; Lai, Kuang-Yin; Lin, Yu-Nung N.; Wilcox, Tarka; Mueller, Karljournal article22
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