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12018Corruption and business cycle volatility: a corporate governance perspective*Lin, C.-P.; Huang, C.-J.; Chuang, C.-M.; CHENG-MIN CHUANG journal article20
22018Re-Interpreting Signaling with Systems Thinking: A Concept for Improving Decision-Making QualityChang, C.-W.; Chuang, C.-M.; CHENG-MIN CHUANG journal article00
32016Corruption and brand valueLin, C.-P.; Chuang, C.-M.; CHENG-MIN CHUANG journal article57
42015The board of directors and corporate social performance under weak institutionsLin, C.-P.; Hsiao, L.-T.; Chuang, C.-M.; CHENG-MIN CHUANG conference paper53
52015The antecedents and consequences of local embeddedness: A framework based on the rice industry in TaiwanHan, I.; Chuang, C.-M.; CHENG-MIN CHUANG journal article22
62013「組織內與組織間治理」的本質與策略意涵莊正民(Cheng-Min Chuang) ; 方世杰(Shih-Chieh Fang)journal article00
72013A study of CEO power, pay structure, and firm performanceTien, C.; Chen, C.-N.; Chuang, C.-M.; CHENG-MIN CHUANG journal article127
82013Intra-and inter-organizational governance: the nature and strategic implicationsChuang, C.-M.; Fang, S.-C.; CHENG-MIN CHUANG journal article1
92012Internal Resources, External Resources and Environment, and Firm Performance: A Study on Taiwanese Small and Medium Sized Firms韓宜(I Han); 趙貞和(Mike Chen-Ho Chao); 莊正民(Cheng-Min Chuang) journal article00
102011Principal-principal conflicts and IPO pricing in an emerging economyLin, C.-P.; Chuang, C.-M.; CHENG-MIN CHUANG journal article5338
112011The impacts of R&D investment on company performance: US vs. Taiwanese technology-intensive industryHan, I.; Chuang, C.-M.; CHENG-MIN CHUANG journal article80
122010To teach or to compete? A strategic dilemma of knowledge owners in international alliancesWen, S.H.; Chuang, C.-M.; CHENG-MIN CHUANG journal article76
132010經濟性與社會性因素對決定台灣中小企業創新能力的實證研究韓宜(I Han); 莊正民(Cheng-Min Chuang) journal article00
142008國際合資的公司治理:合資風險來源與治理結構和機制莊正民 report
152008各國汽車供應商網路之治理與學習及其和績效關係之研究:以大陸地區為例 (新制多年期第1年)莊正民 report
162008Social capital and cross-selling within financial holding companies in an emerging economyLin, C.-P.; CHENG-MIN CHUANG journal article1617
172006How industry network and hierarchy positions influence innovation in global semiconductor industryYang, K.-S.; CHENG-MIN CHUANG conference paper1
182005策略觀點之組織間關係管理的研究莊正民(Cheng-Min Chuang); 方世杰(Shih-Chieh Fang); CHENG-MIN CHUANG journal article00
192003策略聯盟協調成本的管理與績效關係之研究─以台灣企業為例莊正民 report
202002企業聯盟管理控制機制的選擇與配適之研究莊正民 report
212001企業跨國技術引進模式、影響因素與學習績效關係之研究─交易成本興知識基礎理論之觀點莊正民 ; 方世杰journal article; journal article00
222001制度環境、任務環境、組織型態與協調機制-越南台商的實證研究莊正民 ; 朱文儀 ; 黃延聰journal article; journal article00
232001企業聯盟管理結構與管理機制之研究:交易成本理論、資源依賴理論與社會網路理論之整合觀點莊正民 report
242000信任機制與企業聯盟關係之研究莊正民 report
252000跨國技術引進模式、移轉機制、互動過程與績效之研究莊正民 report
261999Managerial Roles of Country Managers and Coordination Mechanisms: An Empirical Research of Transnational Corporations in Taiwan莊正民(Cheng-Min Chuang) ; 朱文儀 journal article00
271999企業國際合作型式選擇決定因素之研究-成本交易理論與知識基礎理論之比較莊正民 report
281999Decision-Making Autonomy and Divisional Effectiveness in Multibusiness Firms: From Contingency Perspective to Cultural Control Perspective朱文儀(Wen-Yi Chu); 莊正民(Cheng-Min Chuang) journal article00
291998企業國際合作型式、控制機制、與合作績效關係之研究莊正民 report
301998International collaboration of law firms: Modes, motives and advantagesChang, T.-L.S.; Chuang, C.-M.; Jan, W.-S.; CHENG-MIN CHUANG journal article128
311998台灣會計師事務所的國際化柯承恩; 莊正民 
321995在台服務業外商的進入動機, 進入策略及精營策略莊正民 report
331993國內會計師事務所國際化策略及未來發展方向莊正民 ; 柯承恩journal article
341993外商在臺分支機構的國際經營策略莊正民 report