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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12021Risk analysis of reservoir sedimentation under non-stationary flowsTsai C.W; Yeh T.-G; Hsu Y; Wu K.-T; Liu W.-J.; YAO-WEN HSU Journal of Flood Risk Management0
22015Opportunism-focused transaction cost analysis of public-private partnershipsPing Ho, S.; Levitt, R.; Tsui, C.-W.; Hsu, Y.; YAO-WEN HSU Journal of Management in Engineering3951
32014Bid compensation theory and strategies for projects with heterogeneous bidders: A game theoretic analysisHo, S.P.; Hsu, Y.; YAO-WEN HSU Journal of Management in Engineering1522
42010Staging of venture capital investment: A real options analysisHsu, Y.-W.; YAO-WEN HSU Small Business Economics1618
52008Active ERP implementation management: A Real Options perspectiveWu, L.-C.; Ong, C.-S.; Hsu, Y.-W.; YAO-WEN HSU Journal of Systems and Software5645
62008Knowledge-Based Organization EvaluationWu, Liang-Chuan; Ong, Chorng-Shyong ; Hsu, Yao-Wen Decision Support Systems 2020
72007ERP implementation: A quantitative model for organisational learningWu, L.-C.; Hsu, Y.-W.; Ong, C.-S.; YAO-WEN HSU International Journal of Information Technology and Management40
82007Preemptive patenting under uncertainty and asymmetric informationHsu, Y.-W.; Lambrecht, B.M.; YAO-WEN HSU Annals of Operations Research3536
92006ERP Investment Evaluation Based on Options TheoryWu, Liang-chuan; Ong, Chorng-shyong ; Hsu, Yao-wen Journal of Information Management 00