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12016Institutional Reforms and the Effects of Family Control on Corporate GovernanceYUNG-CHIH LIEN ; Teng, CC; Li, SMjournal article106
22015The Non-Linear Relationship between Inter-Organizational Relationship, Overseas Market Orientation and Overseas Performance: Moderations of Internationalization Degree and Learning OrientationLin, KH; YUNG-CHIH LIEN ; Peng, YPjournal article00
32015Ownership characteristics as determinants of FDI location decisions in emerging economiesYUNG-CHIH LIEN ; Filatotchev, Ijournal article1818
42015R&D internationalization and innovation performanceHsu, CW; YUNG-CHIH LIEN ; Chen, HMjournal article5039
52014Professionalization of Family Business and Performance EffectYUNG-CHIH LIEN ; Li, SMjournal article1412
62013Does diversification add firm value in emerging economies? Effect of corporate governanceYUNG-CHIH LIEN ; Li, SMjournal article3021
72013International ambidexterity and firm performance in small emerging economiesHsu, CW; YUNG-CHIH LIEN ; Chen, HMjournal article5253
82009Insider Control and the FDI Location Decision Evidence from Firms Investing in an Emerging MarketStrange, R; Filatotchev, I; YUNG-CHIH LIEN ; Piesse, Jjournal article2931
92007FDI by firms from newly industrialised economies in emerging markets: corporate governance, entry mode and locationFilatotchev, I; Strange, R; Piesse, J; YUNG-CHIH LIEN journal article201197
102005Corporate governance and performance in publicly listed, family-controlled firms: Evidence from TaiwanFilatotchev, Igor; YUNG-CHIH LIEN ; Piesse, Jeniferjournal article1660
112005台商大陸投資採購當地化的概況與影響因素-以電子業為例劉孟俊; 連勇智 ; 陳靜怡journal article
122005The role of corporate governance in FDI decisions: Evidence from TaiwanYUNG-CHIH LIEN ; Piesse, J; Strange, R; Filatotchev, Ijournal article7875