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12020“Buy, buy most Americans buy”: country of reference (COR) effects and consumer purchasing decisionsChen, T.-T.; Wang, S.-J.; Huang, H.-C.; HENGCHIANG HUANG International Marketing Review55
22020重建關係之路:電商平台中消費者寬恕之特性與效果Lee, H.; Shih, C.-F.; Huang, H.-C.; HENGCHIANG HUANG NTU Management Review1
32020They support, so we talk: the effects of other users on self-disclosure on social networking sitesLin, C.-Y.; Chou, E.-Y.; Huang, H.-C.; HENGCHIANG HUANG Information Technology and People10
42020A prideful posting a day keeps admiring readers awake: voluntary bloggers in a self-construal frameworkPan, L.-Y.; Huang, H.-C.; Ko, C.-H.; HENGCHIANG HUANG Behaviour and Information Technology00
52019Relational bonds, customer engagement, and service quality [關係結合方式、顧客投入與服務品質關係之探討]Chang, C.-W.; Huang, H.-C.; Wang, S.-J.; Lee, H.; HENGCHIANG HUANG Service Industries Journal111
62019Brand community identification matters: a dual value-creation routes frameworkChang, C.-W.; Ko, C.-H.; Huang, H.-C.; Wang, S.-J.; HENGCHIANG HUANG Journal of Product and Brand Management38
72019Choose Foreign R&D Partners From Right Pools: A Synthesis FrameworkYeh, Chun-Ping; Hsiao, Yi-Chi; Jaw, Yi-Long; HENGCHIANG HUANG Ntu Management Review00
82017Rethinking Self-Control: How It Interacts with Goal Temporal Distance, Individual Time Orientation and Regulatory Focus江宜芳(Yi-Fang Chiang); 王仕茹(Shih-Ju Wang); 黃恆獎(Heng-Chiang Huang); HENGCHIANG HUANG 管理學報00
92016Fairness and devotion go far: Integrating online justice and value co-creation in virtual communitiesChou, E.-Y.; Lin, C.-Y.; Huang, H.-C.; HENGCHIANG HUANG International Journal of Information Management3052
102016Effect of digital transformation on organisational performance of SMEs Evidence from the Taiwanese textile industry's web portalChen, Ying-Yu Kerri; Jaw, Yi-Long; Wu, Bing-Li; HENGCHIANG HUANG Internet Research1723
112016發言或緘默:心理安全與自我效能在社會資本影響社群網站使用者知識分享行為上所扮演的中介角色王仕茹(Shih-Ju Wang); 黃恆獎(Heng-Chiang Huang); 楊昀璇(Carolyn Yun-Shiuan Yang); HENGCHIANG HUANG 臺大管理論叢10
122015Spatial mediation and moderated effect on FDI performance: Empirical study of Taiwanese firms in China (1999-2008)Hsu, Hsu-Wei; Jaw, Yi-Long; HENGCHIANG HUANG Asia Pacific Management Review10
132015How readers' perceived self-congruity and functional congruity affect bloggers' informational influence: Perceived interactivity as a moderatorWang, S.-J.; Hsu, C.-P.; Huang, H.-C.; Chen, C.-L.; HENGCHIANG HUANG Online Information Review1417
142015A self-construal model of voluntary bloggersHuang, H.-C.; Pan, L.-Y.; Ko, A.-H.; HENGCHIANG HUANG International Conferences on ICT, Society and Human Beings 2015, ICT 2015, Web Based Communities and Social Media 2015, WBC 2015 and Connected Smart Cities 2015, CSC 2015 - Part of the Multi Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems 20150
152015Enhancing the commitment of nurses to the organisation by means of trust and monetary rewardHsu, C.-P.; Chiang, C.-Y.; Chang, C.-W.; Huang, H.-C.; Chen, C.-C.; HENGCHIANG HUANG Journal of Nursing Management1312
162014全球品牌的國家文化向度張毓吟(Yu-Yin Chang); 黃恆獎(Heng-Chiang Huang); HENGCHIANG HUANG 多國籍企業管理評論00
172014How do business groups' small world networks effect diversification, innovation, and internationalization?Chen, Ying-Yu; Jaw, Yi-Long; HENGCHIANG HUANG Asia Pacific Journal of Management1720
182014Basing bloggers' power on readers' satisfaction and loyaltyHsu, C.-P.; Huang, H.-C.; Ko, C.-H.; Wang, S.-J.; HENGCHIANG HUANG Online Information Review1317
192012虛擬社群成員識別匿名性與群體規範之研究:外在自我覺察與社群認同之中介效果吳壽進(Sou-Chin Wu); 方文昌(Wen-Chang Fang); 黃恆獎(Heng-Chiang Huang); HENGCHIANG HUANG 資訊管理學報00
202012Managing innovation in the creative industries - A cultural production innovation perspectiveJaw, Yi-Long; Chen, Chun-Liang; Chen, Shi; HENGCHIANG HUANG Innovation-Management Policy & Practice1511
212012How to manage strategic alliances in OEM-based industrial clusters: Network embeddedness and formal governance mechanismsLin, H.-M.; Huang, H.-C.; Lin, C.-P.; Hsu, W.-C.; HENGCHIANG HUANG Industrial Marketing Management3734
222012Understanding what determines consumers' expanded use of mobile videophonesChen, W.-K.; Huang, H.-C.; Chou, S.-C.T.; HENGCHIANG HUANG Behaviour and Information Technology917
232012Social capital and knowledge sharing: Effects on patient safetyChang, C.-W.; Huang, H.-C.; Chiang, C.-Y.; Hsu, C.-P.; Chang, C.-C.; HENGCHIANG HUANG Journal of Advanced Nursing4349
242012Brand community participation in Taiwan: Examining the roles of individual-, group-, and relationship-level antecedentsTsai, H.-T.; Huang, H.-C.; Chiu, Y.-L.; HENGCHIANG HUANG Journal of Business Research6069
252012How experience-driven community identification generates trust and engagementHsu, C.-P.; Chiang, Y.-F.; Huang, H.-C.; HENGCHIANG HUANG Online Information Review4544
262011Embedding strategic alliances in networks to govern transaction hazards: Evidence from an emerging economyLin, H.-M.; Lin, C.-P.; Huang, H.-C.; HENGCHIANG HUANG Asian Business and Management89
272011The relationships among social capital, organisational commitment and customer-oriented prosocial behaviour of hospital nursesHsu, C.-P.; Chang, C.-W.; Huang, H.-C.; Chiang, C.-Y.; HENGCHIANG HUANG Journal of Clinical Nursing2938
282010Using discrete choice experiment to elicit doctors' preferences for the report card design of diabetes care in Taiwan - A pilot studyChen, T.-T.; Chung, K.-P.; Huang, H.-C.; Man, L.-N.; Lai, M.-S.; HENGCHIANG HUANG Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice1010
292010Influences of inter-organisational relationships in technology diffusion: The network perspectiveLin, H.-M.; Huang, H.-C.; Tseng, S.-Y.; HENGCHIANG HUANG World Review of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development00
302009管理學,第二版黃恆獎 ; 王仕茹; 李文瑞
312009Asymmetric effect of distribution intensity on marketing performance: The moderating role of brand awarenessLiu, H.-W.; Huang, H.-C.; Lin, Y.-L.; HENGCHIANG HUANG Asia Pacific Management Review1
322009Building global dynamic capabilities through innovation: A case study of Taiwan's cultural organizationsChen, Chun-Liang; Jaw, Yi-Long; HENGCHIANG HUANG Journal of Engineering and Technology Management3328
332009Online consumer loyalty: Why e-tailers should seek a high-profile leadership positionTsai, H.-T.; Huang, H.-C.; HENGCHIANG HUANG Computers in Human Behavior87
342009Corporate elite characteristics and firm's internationalization: CEO-level and TMT-level rolesJaw, Yi-Long; Lin, Wen-Ting; HENGCHIANG HUANG International Journal of Human Resource Management6164
352008Embedded ties and the acquisition of competitive advantageHuang, H.-C.; Chang, C.-W.; HENGCHIANG HUANG Journal of Intellectual Capital220
362008Using Specific Assets to Facilitate Knowledge Transfer in Contract Manufacturing: The Case of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)Wang, Hui-Mei; Hengchiang Huang Academy of International Business 2008 Annual Conference
372008A Model of Mobile Service RecommendationsChen, Wen-Kuo; Hengchiang Huang ; Seng-Cho T. ChouHawai'i International Conference on System Science
382007Determinants of e-repurchase intentions: An integrative model of quadruple retention driversTsai, H.-T.; Huang, H.-C.; HENGCHIANG HUANG Information and Management168136
39200720世紀行銷學思想演進與意涵黃恆獎(Heng-Chiang Huang); 李冠志(Guann-Jyh Lee); HENGCHIANG HUANG 文大商管學報00
402007Relational Embeddedness,Network Centrality, and Incremental InnovationChang, Chia-Wen; Hengchiang Huang Academy of InternationalBusiness, 2007 Annual Conference
412007Determinants of Incremental Innovation: A Process View Incorporating Theories of Transaction Cost, Social Exchange and EmbeddednessChang, Chia-Wen; Hengchiang Huang 臺大管理論叢00
422006Understanding the Antecedents of Repurchase Intentions蔡顯童(Hsien-Tung Tsai); 黃恆獎(Heng-Chiang Huang); HENGCHIANG HUANG 台灣管理學刊00
432006Why on-line customers remain with a particular E-retailer: An integrative model and empirical evidenceTsai, H.-T.; Huang, H.-C.; Jaw, Y.-L.; Chen, W.-K.; HENGCHIANG HUANG Psychology and Marketing114101
442006Why Customers Stay with aParticular Service Provider:An Empirical Model from a Consumer PerspectiveHsien-Tung Tsai; Hengchiang Huang Academy of InternationalBusiness, 2006 Annual Conference
452005What determined success during the Asian economic crisis?-the importance of experiential knowledge and group affiliationWang, H.-M.; Huang, H.; Bansal, P.; HENGCHIANG HUANG Asia Pacific Journal of Management290
462005產業網路鑲嵌與網路動態性演化方世榮(Shyh-Rong Fang); 黃恆獎(Heng-Chiang Huang); 江季芸(Chi-Yun Chiang); HENGCHIANG HUANG 關係管理研究00
472005知識經濟指標之構念模型陳智凱(Chih-Kai Chen); 黃恆獎(Heng-Chiang Huang); HENGCHIANG HUANG 智慧財產評論
482005知識經濟指標之構念模型陳智凱(Chih-Kai Chen); 黃恆獎(Heng-Chiang Huang); HENGCHIANG HUANG 智慧財產評論
492005To Commit or Not To Commit? A Contract Manufacturer's PerspectiveWang, Hui-Mei; Hengchiang Huang Academy of International Business, 2005 Annual Conferenc
502005Why Do Firms in IC industry of Developing Market Embrace Asymmetric Alliances: The Influence of Technological Network Position and Dyad Firm AttributesLin, Hsin-Mei; Hengchiang Huang ; Sheng-ya TsengAcademy of International Business, 2005 Annual Conferenc
512005合作行銷網絡之形成與動態變化黃恆獎; 黃恆獎 
522005What Determined Success During the Asian Economic Crisis? The Importance of Experiential Knowledge and Group AffiliationWang, Huimei; Hengchiang Huang ; Pratima BansalAsia Pacific Journal of Management 
532005Multinational MarketExpansion and Entry Timing Strategies: AnEmpirical Test of American Movie IndustryWang, Shih-Ju; Hengchiang Huang Academy of International Business, 2005 Annual Conferenc
542004認同卡策略行銷聯盟之效益分析梁琬琪; 黃恆獎 臺灣行銷科學學會學術研討會
552004The Research on Cross-Group Invariance of Knowledge-Based Economy AssessmentChen, Chih-Kai; Hengchiang Huang Academy of International Business, 2004 Annual Conference
562004來源國形象、母國導向主義與憎惡情感對消費者購買行為交互影響之整合性研究金寶玲; 黃恆獎 第二屆全國當代行銷學術研討會
572004Rethink the Role of Relational Embeddedness:The Supplemental Role ofNetwork EmbeddednessLin, Hsin-Mei; Hengchiang Huang AOM/IAOM 
582004A Measurement Model for Assessing Knowledge-Based EconomyHengchiang Huang ; Chih-Kai ChenThe International Conference on Knowledge Management (ICKM), 2004 Annual Meeting
592004Network Embeddedness and the Governance of International AlliancesLin, Hsin-Mei; Hengchiang Huang Academy of International Business, South East Asia Regional Chapter, 2004 Annual Conference
602003跨組織關係之水平整合與垂直反整合黃恆獎; 黃恆獎 
622001Does Relation-Specific Investment Contribute to Competence Building? A Supplier's Perspective王慧美(Hui-Mei Wang); 黃恆獎(Heng-Chiang Huang); 李吉仁(Ji-Ren Lee); HENGCHIANG HUANG 台灣管理學刊00
661997產品績效指標、消費滿意度及購後行為之整合分析黃恆獎(Heng-Chiang Huang); 李佳璋(Chia-Chang Lee); HENGCHIANG HUANG 臺大管理論叢00
671995綠色行銷與消費者購買行為之結構性分析黃恆獎(Heng-Chiang Huang); 蕭廣中(Goang-Jong Shiau); HENGCHIANG HUANG 管理評論00