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12015Finding a new identify for teachersHsu, S. ; Hwang, chapter
22015Education as cultivation in Chinese cultureHsu, S. ; Wu,
32014談教師在資訊科技教育中的重要性徐式寬 journal article
42014應用雲端虛擬教室降低數位落差:Ezilla 雲端簡單龍徐式寬 ; 黃俊宏; 鄭國陽; 潘怡倫; 吳長興; 陳繼銘; 游錫恩; 陳惠珊conference paper
52014Developing and validating a follow-up scale for a study of teacher’s technology integration proficiencyHsu, S. conference paper
62013The impact of multilevel factors on technology integration: The case of Taiwanese grade 1-9 teachers and schoolsHsu, S. ; Kuan, P.-Y.journal article
72012從卓越師資培育特色議題計畫談起徐式寬 journal article
82012研究的後台分享—從研究開始到意義產生的過程徐式寬 conference paper
92011Who assigns the most ICT activities? Examining the relationship between teacher and student usageHsu, S. journal article3533
102011國民中小學教師資訊融入教學素養評量表之建構與調查徐式寬 ; 關秉寅journal article00
112010Developing a scale for teacher integration of information and communication technology in grades 1-9Hsu, S. journal article2123
122010Exploring concept learning in a wireless sensor networking environment: A Chinese language exampleYueh, H.-P.; Hsu, S. ; Lin, C.-T.; Liu, Y.-C.conference paper
132010長高─教學評量實踐知識的意象內涵與運作胡惠絮; 吳毓瑩; 徐式寬 journal article00
142010The relationship between teacher's technology integration ability and usageHsu, S. journal article
152010國民中小學教師推薦之優良網站分析徐式寬 journal article
162010創造力、智慧與信賴—文化生產的利基Dillon, P.; 徐式寬 book chapter
172010創造力、智慧與信賴Gardner, H.; 徐式寬 book chapter
182010The growing of teacher’s practical knowledge on learning assessment—as wise as water.Hu, H.-H.; Wu, Y.-Y.; Hsu, W.-T.; Hsu, S. conference paper
192010The process of learning to be a teacher: Extension, modification, and adoption of teacher's knowledgeHsu, S. conference paper
202010A study of teacher’s support and students’ Internet misusesHsu, S. conference paper
212010實習教師實踐知識成長之探究徐式寬 conference paper
222009線上影音資源與學生學習促進之研究:以臺大演講網為例胡秋帆; 岳修平; 邱立安; 徐式寬 ; 莊榮輝conference paper
232009School level and subject differences in teacher’s use of technology in TaiwanHsu, S. ; Kuan, P. Y.conference paper
242009The relationship between teacher ICT capability and design of student activities.Hsu, S. conference paper
252009學生使用線上演講影音資源及評估之研究:以臺大演講網為例胡秋帆; 岳修平 ; 邱立安; 徐式寬 ; 莊榮輝 journal article
262008台北縣市國中小教師資訊融入教學之方式與影響因素研究徐式寬 journal article
272008漫漫遙迢路:從新手到專家的教師成長之路徐式寬 book chapter
282008Teacher’s background and ICT uses at schools in Taiwan.Hsu, S. ; Kuan, P. Y.; Yang, C. H.conference paper
292008Designing a learning management system to support instructionYueh, Hsiu-Ping ; Hsu, Shihkuan journal article4725
302007Erratum: "Establishing a K-12 nanotechnology program for teacher professional development" (IEEE Transactions on Education)Lee, C.-K.; Wu, T.-T.; Liu, P.-L.; Hsu, S. journal article00
312007認識生活科技徐式寬 book chapter
322007Applying performance support system approach to LMS design in supporting a large scale university teaching.Yueh, H. P.; Hsu, S. conference paper
332007教師觀點中的學校科技設備豐富度—縣市及城鄉差異徐式寬 ; 關秉寅; 楊正宏conference paper
342007中小學教師資訊素養自評表應用調查結果徐式寬 conference paper
352007中小學教師資訊素養與其科技環境之關係徐式寬 ; 楊正宏conference paper
362006Establishing a K-12 nanotechnology program for teacher professional developmentLee, C.-K.; Wu, T.-T.; Liu, P.-L.; Hsu, S. journal article1416
372006教師利用資訊融入教學程度之探討—以台北縣市中小學教師為例徐式寬 conference paper
382006Reasons for Participation: Experiences from a student teacher web forumHsu, S. conference paper
392005Help-seeking behaviour of student teachersHsu, S. journal article2123
402005Learning from the pitfalls of a case sharing webHsu, S. conference paper
412005教師教學資訊尋求歷程研究與網路教學資源庫建置岳修平 ; 徐式寬 ; 李盈蓁journal article
422005從教師教學需求及資訊尋求過程探索教學資源庫之設計岳修平; 徐式寬 ; 李盈蓁conference paper
432004大學教師教學專業發展之資訊尋求行為研究李盈蓁; 岳修平 ; 徐式寬 journal article
442004Using case discussion on the web to develop student teacher problem solving skillsHsu, S. journal article2725
452004資訊融入教學的資料庫建置—台灣區遠距教學交流網中小學專區介紹徐式寬 ; 岳修平 ; 李盈蓁; 胡秋帆journal article
462003反省與回顧台灣政府近年來在電腦融入教學上的投資與努力徐式寬 ; 林珮貞journal article
472002從學習滿意度談遠距教學面對面的問題徐式寬 journal article
482002Examining the problems facing distance education with a focus on learner’s satisfactionHsu, S. journal article
492002Educational technology and teacher professional developmentHsu, S. journal article
502002An initial exploration of the achievement and problems of the government’s effort in computer-integrated instruction.Hsu, S. ; Lin, P. J.Presentation
512002Learning from the Pitfalls of a Case Sharing Web.Hsu, S. Presentation
522001Constructing a web from the communication need of student teachersHsu, S. journal article
532001Is matching the needs of students necessary? —A revist to the issue of satisfaction.Hsu, S. Presentation
542000Achieving interaction in distance education: A case study.Hsu, S. ; Banwart, W. L.; F. L. Mastnyjournal article
552000Examining Problems of Student Teachers to Build a Web-supported EnvironmentHsu, S. ; Wang, H.conference paper
562000From research to development: A content analysis of journal articles.Rath, A.; Hsu, S. conference paper
571999Conclusion: The need for systematic educational computing R&D.Rath, A.; Hsu, S. journal article
581999Learner satisfaction in distance education: Implications to learning in higher education.Hsu, S. conference paper
591998The missing borders: Pedagogical reflections from distance education.Hsu, S. ; Bruce, B.journal article
601998Case studies of using audioconferencing technology for distance course delivery in American universities.Hsu, S. Presentation
611998Individulaizing whole group instruction: Pedagogical insights from peer teaching.Rath, A.; Hsu, S. conference paper
621997The invisible barriers in teaching at a distance.Hsu, S. ; Sammons, M.conference paper
631997Recognizing and bridging the distance—A case study with visual teleconferencing.Banwart, W. L.; Hsu, S. Presentation
641996The process of distance education: A qualitative study.Hsu, S. Presentation
651994Where do the minds meet?--Expanding on Moore's three types of interaction.Hsu, S. Presentation